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The Richmond, VA Circuit

4/1/76 - 6/30/76

research by David Chappell

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April 2, 1976 (Coliseum)

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Klondike Bill d. Jim Lancaster

Bill White d. Randy Colley

Mike Dubois d. Larry Zbyszko

The Mongols d. Tiger Conway & Swede Hanson

Tim Woods d. Angelo Mosca

Blackjack Mulligan d. Paul Jones by DQ


April 9, 1976 (Arena)

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Jack Evans v. Klondike Bill---Draw

Tiger Conway & Ronnie Garvin v. Mike Dubois & Jacques Goulet---Draw

Angelo Mosca d. Johnny Weaver

Wahoo McDaniel d. Ric Flair by Count Out


April 16, 1976 (Arena)

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Doug Sommers d. Two Ton Harris

Bill White v. Klondike Bill---Draw

Ronnie Garvin d. Steve Strong

Tiger Conway d. Angelo Mosca by DQ

Rufus R. Jones & Wahoo McDaniel d. Gene & Ole Anderson by DQ


April 30, 1976 (Coliseum)

Prom Night!

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George McCreery d. Greg Peterson

Pete Sanchez d. Angelo Poffo

Dino Bravo d. Bill White

Roberto & Manuel Soto d. The Mongols by DQ

Wahoo McDaniel, Rufus R. Jones & Andre The Giant d. Ric Flair & Gene & Ole Anderson


May 7, 1976 (Arena)

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Tio Tio v. Doug Sommers---Draw

Pete Sanchez d. Doug Gilbert

Ronnie Garvin d. Jim Lancaster

Mike Dubois & Jacques Goulet d. Johnny Weaver & Bill Dromo

Ric Flair v. Rufus R. Jones---Double DQ


May 14, 1976 (Arena)

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Tio Tio d. Jim Lancaster

Klondike Bill d. Doug Gilbert

Jack Evans d. Tony Atlas

Ronnie Garvin & Tiger Conway d. The Mongols

Dino Bravo d. Ric Flair---Reversed Decision

Angelo Mosca d. Tim Woods by DQ


May 21, 1976 (Arena)

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El Gaucho v. Greg Peterson---Draw

Jack Evans d. Randy Colley

Larry Zbyszko d. Angelo Poffo

Mike Dubois & Jacques Goulet d. Johnny Weaver & Pete Sanchez

Blackjack Mulligan d. Paul Jones

Dino Bravo & Mr. Wrestling d. Gene & Ole Anderson


May 28, 1976 (Arena)

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Tio Tio d. Jim Lancaster

Tony Atlas d. Joe Turner

Mike Dubois, Jacques Goulet & Big Jimmy d. Roberto & Manuel Soto & Little Love

Rufus R. Jones d. Angelo Mosca

Ric Flair d. Rufus R. Jones by DQ


June 4, 1976 (Arena)

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Angelo Poffo d. Pete Sanchez

Haiti Kid d. Lord Littlebrook

The Mongols d. Tony Atlas & Dr. Fuginami

Mr. Wrestling d. Ole Anderson by DQ

Dino Bravo d. Gene Anderson

Paul Jones d. Blackjack Mulligan by DQ


June 11, 1976 (Arena) Attendance: 2,300

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Mr. Hayashi d. Greg Peterson

Professor Boris Malenko v. Manuel Soto---Draw

Hans Schroder d. Dr. Fuginami

Tony Atlas d. Jack Evans

Mr. Wrestling & Dino Bravo d. Mike Dubois & Jacques Goulet

Blackjack Mulligan d. Paul Jones


June 19, 1976 (Coliseum) 

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Klondike Bill v. Bill White---Draw

Larry Zbyszko d Two Ton Harris

Danny Miller d. Hans Schroder by DQ

Tiger Conway & Ronnie Garvin d. Mike Dubois & Jacques Goulet

Ric Flair d. Wahoo McDaniel by DQ

Blackjack Mulligan d. Rufus R. Jones