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November 1974

by David Chappell

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November of 1974 began pretty much as October of 1974 ended, with “The Eighth Wonder of the World,” Andre the Giant, flexing his muscles around the Mid-Atlantic area! On November 1st at the Richmond Arena in Richmond, Virginia, Andre teamed with the highly popular Sonny King to throttle the duo of Ric Flair and Johnny “The Champ” Valentine. The next night in Spartanburg, South Carolina Andre teamed up with “young lion” Tiger Conway, Jr. to devastate the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions Rip Hawk and Ric Flair. In both November cards involving Andre, the buildings were packed to the rafters.

Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Johnny Valentine had an active month during November. “The Champ” had to face challenges for his Title during the month from top contenders, Sonny King and Paul Jones. Valentine had bruising battles against King in Roanoke, Virginia on November 2nd, and in Charlotte, North Carolina on November 4th. On November 18th in Greenville, South Carolina, Valentine and King were both disqualified in a wild melee. These two closed the month out with a classic 60 minute draw at the Scope Exhibition Hall in Norfolk, Virginia.

Towards the end of the month, a new challenger emerged to go after Valentine’s prestigious Mid-Atlantic Championship belt in the person of “Number One” Paul Jones. These two titans battled over the Mid-Atlantic Title on successive Tuesday nights in Columbia, South Carolina. On November 19th, Valentine and Jones fought to a violent double disqualification in a bloody confrontation that really didn’t settle anything. When the two came back to Columbia for the return match on November 26th, the contest between Valentine and Jones was again ferocious, but the two managed to keep from being disqualified for 60 minutes, and the bout ended up as a draw.

And speaking of one hour draws, the day before the Columbia rematch on November 26th, Valentine and Jack Brisco battled to an exciting one hour draw in Charlotte’s Park Center. The November 25th match in Charlotte was for Brisco’s coveted NWA World Heavyweight Championship. While Brisco retained his belt, Valentine had the World Championship within his grasp several times during the bout.

Johnny “The Champ” was also active during the month of November defending his 2000 silver dollars. Valentine defeated the likes of Mr. Ota, Tommy Seigler and Bob Bruggers in television bouts for the 2000 silver dollars during the month. However, Valentine’s stiffest challenge for his 2000 silver dollars during November came in a televised match against the dynamic Sonny King. Valentine and King were both out of control during the match, prompting referee Walter Buckner to eventually disqualify both participants. Valentine hit King over the head with a steel chair, while King repeatedly head butted the “Champ.” Buckner finally had enough when both combatants were battling outside the ring, and wouldn’t return to the squared circle!

Johnny Valentine also had to pay a substantial fine in November, which was levied by the NWA for Johnny’s breaking Tim Woods’ leg in a televised match on October 2, 1974. Valentine said that he didn’t mean to break Woods’ leg, but that Woods had hit him in the ear during the match, and that he couldn’t hear Woods screaming that he gave up while in Johnny’s figure four leg lock. This “explanation” was completely contrary to Valentine’s actions on October 2nd, but Johnny had his story and he was sticking to it!

Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions Rip Hawk and Ric Flair maintained a hold on their belts during the month of November. The team that Hawk and Flair had the most trouble with during November was the dynamic team of Swede Hanson and Tiger Conway, Jr. Particularly at the end of the month, Rip and Ric had huge problems with the “Big Swede” and Tiger. On November 23rd in Roanoke, Swede and Tiger dominated the Champs in a non-title bout. Two days later in Charlotte, Hawk and Flair were beaten decisively by the Hanson/Conway duo in a rugged bout. Skip ahead to November 30th in the Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium, and the Champs still had their hands full with Hanson and Conway. In this Title match, the Champs had to get themselves purposely disqualified to maintain their belts into the month of December.

Hawk and Flair also had a memorable defeat on Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling television during the month of November. The dynamic duo of Wahoo McDaniel and Tiger Conway, Jr. faced the “blond bombers” in a non-title TV bout. Just as it seemed Hawk was going to secure a victory for his team, Wahoo turned the tables in an instant. Hawk had Tiger up in his controversial piledriver, but just as Rip was going to drop Tiger on his head, Wahoo dropkicked Rip, and Tiger fell on Hawk for the pin! The studio audience went wild, and Hawk and Flair were completely dumbfounded!

An interesting intersection of old versus new came about during the month of November. Johnny Weaver, a long-time mainstay on the “good guy” side of Jim Crockett Promotion’s talent ledger met the upcoming and rising star, the villainous Ric Flair. These were intriguing matchups, seeing the aging star Weaver take on the ultra talented, but inexperienced, Flair. Youth was served in these matchups, as Flair pinned Weaver in the Richmond Arena on November 15th and again at Raleigh’s Dorton Arena on November 19th. Weaver put up vigorous fights in both bouts, but could not stop the relentless Flair!

November was an outstanding month for the viewers of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling television. In addition to the captivating television battles over Johnny Valentine’s 2000 silver dollars, and the Hawk/Flair against Wahoo/Conway bout mentioned earlier, several other TV matches during the month stand out. The top rated tag teams of the Super Destroyer/Ivan Koloff and Paul Jones/Wahoo McDaniel had a knock down drag out battle on TV in November. After a period of non-stop action, the Super Destroyer saved his partner twice, leading to an automatic disqualification of the “bad guys.” Another memorable television bout pitted young Tiger Conway, Jr. against the wily veteran, Rip Hawk. Not surprisingly, Hawk’s partner Ric Flair interfered in the match right before Tiger was about to capture the pinfall. Hawk claimed Conway “fouled” him with a low blow, and Ric maintained he only got involved to keep law and order. But to everyone else, it appeared Tiger had the “Ripper” beaten fair and square!

A truly unique event on television that culminated in November was “The Mid-Atlantic Television Arm Wrestling Tournament.” After several week of arm wrestling, the final three contestants were The Avenger, Paul Jones and the Super Destroyer. The President of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling, Jim Crockett, Jr., was the play by play in-ring announcer for the finals. Paul Jones, sporting an injured shoulder, and the Super Destroyer were paired initially. Jones’ shoulder gave way on him, and the Super D. took the contest with relative ease. Immediately thereafter, the Avenger and the Super Destroyer arm wrestled for the Championship. A back and forth battle ensued, with the Avenger ultimately prevailing! A massive trophy was then presented to the winner of the hard fought tournament, the masked Avenger.

Mid-Atlantic Television Champion Ivan Koloff was busy in November fending off the challenges from former TV Champion Paul Jones. In fact, from November 18th until the end of the month, Koloff battled Paul five times with the Championship on the line. Roanoke saw two bloody battles between these two in successive weeks, with the Title on the line. On November 23rd the Starland Arena saw a real donnybrook between the archrivals, with the match officially being called a No Contest. While the November 30th match had No Disqualification stipulations, the action was no less fierce. The only thing that was really established was that these two really hated each other! As an aside, in between the bitter battles in Roanoke between Jones and Koloff, Paul wrestled NWA World Champion Jack Brisco to a riveting 60 minute draw in the Richmond Arena on November 29th.

The career of the wildman Brute Bernard appeared to get a real shot in the arm during November, when the “King of Wrestling,” the Super Destroyer confirmed rumors that he had in fact bought the Brute’s contract, and would become his “manager.” The early reviews were mixed, however, as to whether this infusion of “brainpower” to the Brute was going to work. A case in point occurred during a television match during the month. In this bout, the Super Destroyer was wrestling young Tommy Seigler. The Brute interfered, for no good reason, costing the Destroyer the match. To make matters worse, Bernard’s meddling drew the Avenger and Wahoo McDaniel into the fray, and the “bad guys” got the worst end of that fracas!

The tradition of Jim Crockett Promotions having a super spectacular card in Greensboro on Thanksgiving Day certainly continued in November of 1974. 11,268 boisterous fans on November 28, 1974 saw NWA World Champion Jack Brisco save his Title by throwing challenger Wahoo McDaniel over the top rope when things got heated. On that same card, Swede Hanson bested arch enemy Rip Hawk in a Fence Match, with former boxing champion Joe Louis as the referee. And if that wasn’t enough, the battle of the masked men saw the Avenger top the Super Destroyer by disqualification! What a card to top off Thanksgiving Day!

In addition to their Fence Match in Greensboro, Rip Hawk and Swede Hanson had a series of Fence Matches during the month of November. Swede demolished Rip in Fence Matches on November 4th in Greenville, on November 7th at the Norfolk Arena and on November 15th at County Hall in Charleston, South Carolina. And in addition to their battle of the masked men in Greensboro on Thanksgiving night, the Avenger and the Super Destroyer met again on November 30th, this time at the Hampton Roads Coliseum in Hampton, Virginia. The Avenger pulled out a win via disqualification in Hampton, and the feud between these two was really ready to take off!

The month ended with Jim Crockett Promotions encouraging fans to send in their votes for the “Wrestler of the Year---1974.” This contest would run through December, and it didn’t take long for wrestlers to start lobbying for the fans’ votes. The first “lobbyist,” not surprisingly, was the flamboyant Ric Flair! Ric told the Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling television audience soon after the contest was announced, specifically the “pretty ladies,” to vote for him! The upcoming month of December would yield answers to that plea, and to many other hot topics involving Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling.


1. Johnny Valentine---“The Champ” was on quite a roll during November, successfully defending his Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship and his prized 2000 silver dollars with equal vigor. And Johnny even had time to go after Jack Brisco’s NWA World’s Heavyweight Title during the month!
2. Avenger---The muscular masked man from parts unknown snared the Mid-Atlantic Television Arm Wrestling Championship trophy in November. But even more significantly, the Avenger stood toe-to-toe with the Super Destroyer, and took two DQ wins from the Destroyer later in the month. This feud between the Avenger and the Destroyer looked to have all the makings of a classic showdown!
3. Paul Jones---Mr. “Number One” was putting on quite the push at the end of the month to recapture the Mid-Atlantic Television Title from Ivan Koloff. And Paul gave Jack Brisco all he could handle in a World Title Match at month’s end. Jones and partner Wahoo McDaniel also had a great month on the tag team side of the ledger.


1. Rip Hawk---“The Ripper” continued to have all kinds of problems with his former partner, big Swede Hanson. Rip dropped numerous Fence Matches to Swede during the month, and was beginning to drop singles matches to different opponents more frequently. Even maintaining a share of the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Titles was becoming a real chore for Hawk.
2. Johnny Weaver---Johnny came up short in several bouts with the loud-mouthed Ric Flair during November, much to the chagrin of his legions of fans. Rather than a springboard to another main event run, the losses to Flair seemed to solidify Weaver’s status as a mid-card performer.
3. Chuck O’Connor---The giant from California continued to slip in November from the months earlier in the year when he was a borderline main eventer. With his sheer size alone, it was baffling that O’Connor wasn’t more of a major player in Jim Crockett Promotions.




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