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Andersons Plan to Get Becker and Weaver

in Thursday Match

January 4, 1968, Elon College, Burlington, NC

A big grudge match and a six-man tag team bout highlights the best professional wrestling program ever presented in Alamance County Thursday night.

The action will begin at the Elon College Gymnasium at 8:15 o’clock. Spectators are urged to come as early as possible to assure getting good seats. Huge crowds have attended all matches held in the county.

The main event Thursday has the Anderson Brothers, Gene and Lars, against the popular duo of Johnny Weaver and George Becker.

On TV programs last weekend, the Andersons told a huge TV audience that they would murder Weaver and Becker.

“We have college educations,” said Lars, “and we’re smarter than Weaver and Becker. They are not in our class. We’re going to show them up for what they are - just third-rate wrestlers who have been getting by on the easy competition for years.”

Frankly, the Andersons are about the dirtiest fighters around and will try to use their roughhouse tactics and dirty tricks to beat Becker and Weaver. The match will be best of three falls with an hour time limit.

The semifinal match rivals the main event for six well-known stars will be featured. The Masked Infernos and their cowardly manager, J. C. Dykes, will face Chief Little Eagle, Bobby Red Cloud and Nelson Royal in a six-man tag match.

The Infernos have drawn much criticism for their extremely cruel tactics which have even included burning their opponents. The Infernos are from Europe, and Dykes usually stays on the outside of the ring and gives instructions to his boys with a whistle. But he’ll have to leave the whistle at home Thursday night and take his chances in the ring.

To open the action, very popular Roger Kirby faces newcomer Hiro Matsuda, a very tough Japanese grappler.

Advance tickets are on sale at Alamance Sporting Goods, Eckerd’s and Rose’s at Curn-Park Plaza, Fairchild Baseball Park, Lilien and Lee and Graham Soda Shop. To avoid lines at the box-office Thursday night, fans are urged to get tickets in advance, if possible.