This Individual Suits the Family Just Fine

Is there a new kid in town? There might even be three “new folks” on the block. For starters, Gene Anderson has returned to the mat scene of the Mid-Atlantic area, and in a relatively short period of time, created some shocking waves throughout the southeast. Gene was best known as half of the Anderson Brothers tag team that held the World Tag Team Title for about three years. After the tandem lost the title and failed to regain it in the recent tournament, observers and fans figured the Andersons were through. Ole would go his separate way and launch individual campaigns and Gene would fade into obscurity. These plans suited the observers and fans just fine, but they forgot to ask a couple of people their opinions. Namely, Ole Anderson and, most importantly, Gene!

To put things very straightforward, Gene Anderson has put himself back at the top! He is seriously challenging such talents as Steamboat, Dick Murdoch, Paul Jones and others. Anderson is in top physical shape and has pulled out a whole arsenal of weapons from his vast knowledge and experience. The Anderson Brothers as a tag team were renown for their use of arm holds and leg techniques. Gene has carried on this methodology and whenever he enters the ring, he works relentlessly on the limbs of his opponents. He picks one point of the opposition, arm, leg or back, and works to weaken it until the opponent is at a disadvantage or not able to perform at full capacity. Then he moves to put his man away. These may not be the prettiest or the most spectacular tactics, but no one who has ever entered the ring with Anderson will deny their effectiveness.

Gene Anderson, although on an individual campaign in the Mid-Atlantic area, has brought some company with him. “The Family”, a term that was dreaded in the wrestling world several years ago, is once again an applicable term describing a formidable triad of power. Ric Flair, Ole and Gene Anderson are once again a unit dedicated to the protection of each other, both as a group and individually. “I am expecting Ole to return to the area real soon,” Gene Anderson declares. “We should be working as a tag team and combine our forces with Flair to get rid of that punk Steamboat, and particularly, Mr. Blackjack Mulligan. We will make those two sorry they ever had enough guts to challenge anyone as powerful as “The Family.”

Blackjack Mulligan and Ricky Steamboat have their work cut out for them in dealing with the Family. The Andersons will do their best to weaken the opposition and Flair has publicly stated that he plans to put Mulligan in such bad shape that he can never wrestle again. All three members of the triad do not mind employing whatever tactics are necessary to accomplish their mission. Gene Anderson seems to be issuing a challenge and a warning to the Mid-Atlantic area……"Beware! For the Family is not to be dealt with lightly!" And watch out for the new kid in town; Gene Anderson has plenty to rely on in his arsenal.


This article is believed to have been written by Woody Smith.

Thanks to Peggy Lathan for transcribing this article for us from Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Magazine



Originally published in Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Magazine