Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling Themes      

      1973:            Open Theme (with Elliott Murnick Intro)

1974-1976:    Opening Theme     Closing Theme

1977-1979:    Opening Theme     Closing Theme

                1979-1986:    Opening Theme     Complete "Crockett Edit"    

The 1977-1979 Theme: Theme from Good King Bad (excerpt) performed by George Benson

The 1979 - 1986 Theme edited from "Got to Have Loving" performed by Don Ray



NWA Pro Wrestling Theme (1986 - 1990s)


Bob Caudle sign-off / Commercial Consideration

"Let's Take time for this commercial message..." (voiced by WRAL's Bob Debardelaben)


"Theme From Good King Bad", the music used for the Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Theme from 1977-1979, garnered musician/songwriter George Benson a Grammy Award for Best Rhythm & Blues Instrumental Performance in 1976.