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Wrecking Crew History!

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Ten Pounds of Gold

by Dick Bourne with Dave Millican

Big Gold

by Dick Bourne with Dave Millican

Mid-Atlantic 1975 Yearbook






by Jack Brisco and William Murdoch

Dad You Don't Work, You Wrestle

by George South with James, Jewell

National Wrestling Alliance

by Tim Hornbaker




To Be The Man

by Ric Flair with Keith E. Greenberg

King of the Ring

by Harley Race with Gerry Tritz

Wrestlers Are Like Seagulls

by James J. Dillon with S.Teal, P.Varriale


Reunion at County Hall

by Andy McDaniel

The Strap

by Roger Deem

Minnesota Wrecking Crew

by Dick Bourne




Legends of Pro Wrestling

by Tim Hornbaker

Mid-Atlantic Memories

by Mike Mooneyham

Pro Wrestling Ratings 1973-1986

Compiled by Mark James




Inside Out

by Ole Anderson with Scott Teal

The Last Rassler

by Dick Bourne

Midnight Express Scrapbook

by Jim Cornette with Tim Ash


Rags Paper and Pins

by Jim Cornette and Mark James

Heroes & Icons

by Greg Oliver and Steven Johnson

More Than Just Hardcore

by Terry Funk with Scott E. Williams


Wrestling Record Book: JCP 1980-88

Compiled by Mark James

Woo...Mercy Daddy!

by Jimmy Valiant with Angel

Wrestling Record Book: JCP 1970-79

Compiled by Mark James


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The three versions of the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship which was recognized from 1973-1986.

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