Ricky Steamboat poses in Charlotte on 8/9/08 with the original United States championship belt that he held in 1984. Steamboat won the title from Dick Slater in April of that year. This version of the U.S. belt was put in service in 1983 (Greg Valentine) and was retired in March of 1986 (Magnum T.A.)

The belt is now part of a collection of original period belts at Dave Millican Belts, and was on special display at this show.


Ricky Steamboat Jr. defeated Mr. Florida to win the EWA Florida Heavyweight Championship

Bobo Brazil Jr. defeated Jack Funk

"Young Lion" Jason Jones defeated George South Jr. to win the EWA Jr. Heavyweight Championship

"Asian Sensation" Mike Lee defeated Ethan Cage

Special Guests:

Ricky Steamboat, Jim Nelson, and Mr. #1 George South

Ring Announcer:

Ralph Harkey

Mr. Florida

Now the former Florida Heavyweight Champion

Photos by Blake Arledge

and Dick Bourne


Franklin County News

Roanoke VA

Ricky Steamboat raises the hand of his son in celebration after the big win in Charlotte.

Joining in the celebration were Mike Lee and Jason Jones.





Steamboat proudly holds the Florida title belt after his victory in Charlotte.



Ricky Steamboat Jr. defeated Mr. Florida to win the Florida Heavyweight Championship.

It was the first time a Florida title had been defended outside the state of Florida since Paul Jones met Buddy Colt in Charlotte on Thanksgiving night in 1972.


Jason Jones defeated George South Jr. for the EWA Junior Heavyweight Championship. Jones is a former EWA heavyweight champ as well, making him the only man to have held both EWA world titles in both weight classes.



Mr. Florida confronts Ricky Steamboat Jr. early in the show.