November 27, 1975    Greensboro Coliseum  Greensboro, NC


Newspaper Clippings


  Unlike the excellent coverage the tournament received three weeks earlier, the Thanksgiving show received the usual neglectful reporting by the local newspaper. Paul Jones won the US Championship that night to a thunderous ovation, but it would have been easy to almost miss that reading the clip above.

This would be the next-to-last NWA title defense Jack Brisco would make in the Mid-Atlantic area. His last night in the territory during his title reign was the following night in Charleston, where he defended against Rufus R. Jones. A few weeks later, Brisco dropped the title to Terry Funk in Miami Beach, Florida. After his brief reign as the US champ and the classic battles with Paul Jones, Funk was set for good business and numerous defenses in the Mid-Atlantic area.