November 9, 1975    Greensboro Coliseum  Greensboro, NC


Page for 11/9/75 from George Scott's Datebook/Planner

George Scott's notes reflect the planning and follow-up to the event. The "74.919" notation is believed to be the gate ($74,919) which set a record for the southeastern United States at that time. 

The notes in heavier black ink were made later.

On the right hand column, "Stevens" is lined out and "Weaver" written in. Ray Stevens had travel difficulties and missed the card. Weaver filled in for him and wrestled Gene Anderson.

The two main columns reflect those who worked the event. The names below the two main columns reflect those wrestlers who were on "stand-by" in case of no-shows or other difficulties. You will note that Weaver's name is scratched out and moved to the main colum on the right. Larry Sharpe and Spoiler 2 were added to this list later.

Other names listed below the tournament participants include the Missouri Mauler, Klondike Bill, Steve Keirn, Mike "The Judge" Dubois, Larry Sharpe, and Spoiler #2, (Angelo Mosca is lined out later). There is a notation at top that says "Hamilton off" which may indicate that the Mauler (Larry Hamilton) was not there. 

The referees for that night, Angelo Martinelli and Greg Peterson, are also noted.

No idea what the notation "Lopez Owe $30" means!

Special thanks to Greg Price and George Scott for a peek inside the 1975 Datebook. Thanks also to Dave Routh.