November 9, 1975    Greensboro Coliseum  Greensboro, NC


Event Poster


The event poster for the November 1975 United States Tournament at the Greensboro Coliseum.


There are several unusual things about this poster.  First, notice it announces "17 big matches." That was never the plan, 17 matches would have made for a long night. Perhaps the person designing the poster meant "17 Participants" since 17 are listed on this poster for the tournament.


Which leads us to the 2nd unusual thing: there were actually only 16 participants (as there are in any evenly-distributed four-round tournament.)


The only person not appearing on this show as announced on this poster was Ray Stevens, who had transportation problems out of Atlanta. He was replaced in the tournament by Johnny Weaver.


Red "Bastion" should have been (of course) Red Bastien.



(Thanks to John Hitchcock for allowing us to photograph this poster, which is part of his personal collection.)