Ole Anderson Stabbing Case Suspect Sought





Greenville News

Wednesday, May 26, 1976

The Greenville Police Department is seeking an unidentified suspect in connection with the stabbing Monday night of a wrestler during a fight after a match at Greenville memorial Auditorium.

A 79 year old man charged in connection with the scuffle with two professional wrestlers is recovering in Greenville Memorial Hospital.

Dept. Capt. Earl Watson are waiting for Oscar Henry Ramsey of Rt. 4 White Horse Road to recover before arresting him on an assault and battery with intent to kill warrant.

"The man is 79 and under a doctorís care at the moment so we havenít served the warrant," Watson said.

Ramseyís head hit the floor during the fight. He was taken to Greenville General Hospital where he was in fair condition. Police are seeking a second man in connection with the fight. Professional wrestler Ole Anderson was stabbed in the arm and chest Monday night as he and his brother gene were headed to the dressing room at Greenville Memorial Auditorium. They had lost an exhibition match against Dino Bravo and Tim Woods.

Anderson was in Charlotte Tuesday recovering from the stab wounds.

Both Ramsey and Anderson were bleeding heavily at the scene of the fight.

Det. Billie Crain said doctors worked on Anderson four hours to sew back cut tendons in his arm.

Crain said a second person was being sought in connection with the fight. "He reportedly started the thing. I have a name, but thatís all Iíve got to go on."

Reportedly some young spectators threw chairs in the path of the wrestlers and they pushed them back.

"The more I get into the investigation, it seems a discussion had gone on between the spectators, and Ramsey had been pushed or shoved and apparently thatís when the knife was used," Watson said.

"It wasnít a one-on-one situation," he said. "It may have been that he (Anderson) thought he was defending himself." 

The fight was apparently provoked by someone else. At a wrestling match, tempers are up anyway and emotions are high," Watson said.