The Mulligan Wing

  of the George South Online Museum







by Dick Bourne


2005 VISIT

George South and Dick Bourne recently visited Blackjack Mulligan at his home in central Florida. Blackjack gave us several gifts to share with others through the Online Museum we set up on the Mid-Atlantic Gateway.


We had to bring in the demolition crew to knock down a few walls so that the construction crew could expand the "Mulligan Wing" of the museum, which just got a lot bigger!


Read Dick Bourne's account of the visit here.


Many thanks to Blackjack for sharing his career memorabilia with all of us! (Visit Blackjack's BBQ for photos and more!)

2004 VISIT

George South recently visited with Blackjack Mulligan in Florida. George told Blackjack about his garage full of wrestling memorabilia, but didn't have the guts to directly ask him for something for it. But during that short visit, George and Bob and Julia Windham hit it off. A connection was made and a friendship established. A few weeks later, George came home to find a package left on his porch. "I saw who it was from, and I froze," George told me. "I was almost afraid to open it." 


Inside were treasured items that Blackjack gave to George, and they are shared with all of us here.        

-D. Bourne


Japanese Ceremonial Sash

Japanese ceremonial sash given to Blackjack Mulligan during tour of Japan with All Japan Pro Wrestling. Worn in the ring during opening ceremonies.

Blackjack's Classic T-Shirts

A collection of t-shirts worn in the ring. Several are rare shirts produced by Championship Wrestling from Florida for big events there, including "Lords of the Ring" and the final event at the famous Ft. Hesterly Armory in Tampa.

Claw Gloves

Custom buckles and belts worn in bunkhouse matches.


Custom buckles and belts worn in bunkhouse matches.


A set of spurs that Blackjack occasionally wore in bunkhouse style matches.

Boots   UPDATED!

Two legendary colorful pairs of Blackjack's wrestling boots.

Ring Jackets

Various ring jackets belonging to Blackjack Mulligan including the famous "Battle of the Belts II" show in St. Petersburg in February of 1986.

Red Man Tobacco...saved from the 70s!

Actual tobacco that was found in the bottom of a box of Blackjack's 70s ring worn memorabilia.


Several bandanas worn by Blackjack Mulligan to the ring or in bunkhouse matches.

"Blackjack Brawl" Leather Vest

A leather vest with art work commemorating the UWF's "Blackjack Brawl" PPV event in 1994.

The famous "Horseshoe/Texas" shirt

An immediately recognizable shirt that Blackjack wore to the ring, especially later in his career in the WWF and in WCW. (He's seen wearing it in the photo above.)


The big man's trunks, battle tested!

Autographed Photo

Signed by Blackjack during George's visit.

George and the Complete Exhibit

The Mulligan Wing of the George South Wrestling Museum!

All Photographs on this and linked pages by Dick Bourne, 2004-2005 Mid-Atlantic Gateway