Les Thatcher

(circa 1975)

From the Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Magazine Archives:

Wrestler's Eye View

by Les Thatcher


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In the mid-70s, Les wrote a brief editorial in each issue of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Magazine (as well as serving as editor), a publication we feature prominently on this web-site. What follows is his editorial in the early 1976 issue (Vol. 2 Issue 1) of the magazine, focusing on the big event of the first quarter of 1976, Blackjack Mulligan's US Title win over Paul Jones.

Wrestler's Eye View by Les Thatcher

(Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Magazine, 1976)


Welcome to the first issue of the Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Magazine for 1976. We invite your comments, so please drop us a note on any subject of interest to you. We look forward to hearing from you.


This issue could be called the championship issue because we have tried to cover all of the major and regional titles. As you see on our title page, we give a brief rundown on the titleholders.


One title that changed hands recently is of particular interest to me. On March 13, 1976, Blackjack Mulligan defeated Paul Jones for the U.S. Heavyweight Championship in Greensboro. This is the same arena where Mulligan lost a shot at the title in that One Night Tournament. The question is, "Blackjack, how long can you keep it?" The pressure is just now beginning, "Mully". They will be coming at you from every side. Everybody who can walk and fight will want a shot at that belt. At the top of that list will be some of the toughest, meanest cowboys in the business like Wahoo McDaniel, Rufus Jones, Paul Jones, Tim Woods, Harley Race, etc. You better dig in the heels of your scuffy boots and get a grip on that line. This will be rougher than fighting in the street in front of Papa Guyo's Beer Hall; or winning the bull riding contest at the RCA Rodeo in Milwaukee or winning the hand of the fair Sarah Jo.


No one has ever ridden this one to the whistle Mulligan, so think about it.


The cover of Volume 2, Issue 1 of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Magazine


Page 4 of that issue, which featured Les's editorial (text at left), the Table of Contents, and issue credits.


US Champion

Blackjack Mulligan