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Smoke Filled Rooms

Great Memories of Days Gone By

Richmond Reflections

by David Chappell

Blood, Sweat, and Payin' The Price in Colonial Heights - 35 Years Ago  

Strawberry Hill

Goodbye to "Mr. Mid-Atlantic" Johnny Weaver

Reunited, And It Feels So Good

Happy New Year from an Empty Richmond Coliseum 

Wahoo McDaniel: One of The Family Passes Away

Remembering Big Swede Hanson

Johnny Valentine - The Champ

Super Destroyer: A Cut Above the Rest

A Hot August Night  

Prom Night, April 30, 1976

Learning Your Way Around the Richmond Circuit


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Richmond's Top 15


Watered Down Cokes and Stale Popcorn

Little Stories of Respect I want to hang On To. Will be updated periodically.

by Dick Bourne



Featured Articles by Gateway Contributors

Real Heat by Bruce Mitchell

A Night at the WRAL Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Television Tapings by Bruce Mitchell

Big Bill's Playhouse: Remembering Bill Ward and WBTV by Mike Cline

Charlie Harville: His Remarkable Journey by Wayne Brower

Wrestling 101: Discovering Wrestling on Television in the 1960s by Wayne Brower

Johnny Weaver's Title Chase by Mike Cline

Friday Night at 8:15 by Andy McDaniel

All Out of Bubble Gum by Eddie Fulton

Meeting Abe Jacobs by Don Holbrook

Flair & Valentine: On The Air by Don Holbrook

My Secret Charlotte by Kyra Quinn

WGHP Memories by Michael Roach

Gateway Guide to Great Food on Your Great Wrestling Road Trip

Price's Chicken Coop, Charlotte NC

South 21 Drive-In, Charlotte NC

The Beacon, Spartanburg SC 

Ric Flair WWE Retirement Updates 2007-2008

by Jim De Medeiros


Flair Proves He's Still Wrestling's MVP

Happy Woo Year!

Ric Flair's Last Run Derailed?

Flair Promises to "Go Out in a Blaze of Glory"

Ric Flair: The Final Countdown

Staying The Man

On The Backstreets

by Dick Bourne 

Images Reclaimed 

Three U.S. Champs That Never Had their Photos Made With the Red Strap U.S. Belt - Until Now

Jimmy Snuka Remembers the U.S. Belt

Jesus, Elvis, and All-Star Wrestling: One Amazing Week at the Charlotte Coliseum

Five Reasons I'm Most Looking Forward to Charlotte 2010

Arena Lost: The Life and Times of the Richmond Arena (featured in Classic Venues)

Rocking the Cradle: the Mystery of the Wrestlers in the Mid-Atlantic Open

A Letter From a Childhood Hero

Losing Jack Brisco

The Beacon Drive-In: Great Memories A-Plenty Part of the Gateway Guide to Great Food on Your Great Wrestling Road Trip!

Check Your Local Listings

I Still Owe Harley Race a Beer

Fate (Or Something Like It)

The Pride of the Peacock

South 21 Drive-In: A Charlotte Wrestling Tradition

Part of the Gateway Guide to Great Food on Your Great Wrestling Road Trip!

The Greatest Finish Man Ever (Blackjack Mulligan Reminisces On Johnny Weaver) 

Saying Goodbye to Johnny Weaver

Ole & Solie: The Evolution of TV Wrestling in Georgia After Black Saturday

Thanksgiving Tradition

The Return of Pvt. Jim Nelson

A Legend Comes Home: Johnny Weaver Returns to Mid-Atlantic Wrestling in 1975

In The Woods of North Georgia: A Visit with Ole Anderson in 2007

Worlds Collide: The Anderson Brothers vs. The Mongols in 1976

The Unexpected Gift

A Simpler Time

The Lost Title Reign of Tiger Conway, Jr. and Steve Keirn

The Little Ol' Lady Ringside

Historical Controversy: Should Paul Jones' victory over Johnny Valentine for the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship be recognized?

The Chicken Coop

Part of the Gateway Guide to Great Food on Your Great Wrestling Road Trip!

The Original Minnesota Wrecking Crew

I Believed in Gene Anderson

Backed by the Jack: A Visit with Blackjack Mulligan

Black Saturday

The Birth of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling on Television

The Origin of the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship

Perfect Storm: The Legend of The Hat and Robe

Starrcade's Magic Moments

Giving Thanks in Spartanburg

Full Circle