Wendi Weaver congratulates the 2009 Weaver Cup Winner The Kamakazi Kid

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Final Results:

The Kamakazi Kid defeated Ric Converse

Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium    Burlington NC    August 15, 2008


Congratulations to CWF Mid-Atlantic Wrestling on their 6th year of presenting the Weaver Cup, now named the Johnny Weaver Memorial Cup.

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Semi-final action in the 2009 Johnny Weaver Memorial Tournament kicked off CWF Mid Atlantic action at Burlington NC's Mid Atlantic Sportatorium, pitting former Weaver Cup champion Jesse "El Fuego" Ortega against former five-time Mid Atlantic Champ "the 1st" Ric Converse. Main event action broke out in the opening bout as the two veterans, seconded by Gemini Kid and William L. Cross respectively, took it to the canvas despite a "mutual understanding" worked out prior to the bell between the two teams. Both competitors displayed their skills as they went to battle in spurts, backing away occasionally to maintain the spirit of their "agreement". The match went back and forth until Gemini Kid climbed onto the ring apron and produced his brass knuckles. The ring official met him before he could get into the ring, but the crafty veteran dropped the weapon into the ring in front of Ortega. As Ortega grabbed the knucks, Cross passed a collapsable baton to his man and as Ortega turned to attack, was instead the victim of a clubbing at the hands of Converse, allowing him to advance to the main event final.

The second semi-final followed with the masked Kamakazi Kid going up against current heavyweight champ and defending Weaver Cup champion Brass Munkey. All bets were off as the two friends locked up and began a hard-hitting battle to advance to the main event. Munkey started strong, using a gameplan to keep Kazi off of the ropes and on the canvas. Kazi, however, had a plan of his own and initiated it with bone-jarring impacts. It could have been the luck of the draw, or fate, but Kamakazi seemed to connect with the most vicious of moves, whether a flip from the turnbuckles or a flying sidekick to the mouth. The man who originally returned from a broken back for "one match" yet found himself working an almost regular schedule for a couple of months, the Kamakazi Kid, suddenly found himself staring at the 2009 Johnny Weaver Memorial Tournament main event final with a pinfall win over the heavyweight champ.

CWF Mid Atlantic Hall of Famer "Pride of the USA" Don Kernodle entered the arena and told of how the legend Johnny Weaver had taken him under his wing when he had first entered the pro wrestling profession, and went on to tell of several personal stories about how Weaver had helped him become a professional "and a man". Kernodle then called out red-hot Arik Royale and told him that he wanted to do the same thing for him that Johnny Weaver had done for him, by becoming a mentor for him. Royale accepted this honor humbly and expressed his thanks for the opportunity to make a name for himself with the help from the fans and Don Kernodle.


The final match of the 2009 Johnny Weaver Memorial Tournament began as the Kamakazi Kid was introduced and made his way toward the ring. The second finalist, "the 1st" Ric Converse, didn't wait for an invitation, attacked before the masked fan-favorite could get to the ring. After a few moments the referee called for the bell and began counting until both men entered the ring. Converse started fast, even allowing manager Cross a handful of shots at his masked opponent before deciding that this match was near its end. Hoisting Kazi up for his Ric-Tor Scale finisher, Converse looked totally baffled as the masked star slid out of his grasp and behind him, locking on the move made famous by Johnny Weaver, the sleeper. Converse tried to fight back, but Kazi finally got him down to one knee and finally rolled over on the canvas. Referee Redd Jones kept a close eye on the five time former heavyweight champion and at the 8:32 mark of the no timelimit final made the decision that Converse was no longer capable of defending himself and called for the bell.


The daughter of pro wrestling legend Johnny Weaver came to ringside with the Weaver Cup trophy and presented it to the Kamakazi Kid on behalf of her late father and the legendary history of Mid Atlantic wrestling. Kazi seemed almost shocked upon the final bell, but realized immediately his name would now be a permanent part of the history and in particular, the honoring of Johnny Weaver.


(This report was written by Randy Hedrick for Indy Insiders ( and was edited from a larger report about the entire show. Visit  for more information on the whole show.)


2009 Johnny Weaver Cup Champion The Kamakazi Kid


Mid-Atlantic Legend Don Kernodle made a special appearance.

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