Garvin: Pure sabotage. Because the fact is, Kevin played such a great evil person. And Patti was so innocent. And then Kevin got the valet later, remember, that girl? His wife actually!


Now, let me ask you…how far could we have gone with that? We could have done another Texas! What do you think would have happened with Kevin and his valet and me and Patti?


Chappell: I see what you’re saying…it had ‘Texas’ written all over it.


Garvin: Yeah, but it could have been even bigger than Texas. But, they would NEVER let it happen…they would never let it happen.


Chappell: Do you think the deal there was mainly the personality of Dusty…if it got really hot, he had to be in it or he wouldn’t push it?


Garvin: He had to squash it…because how could he follow it? He wasn’t involved in the angle, so how does that make him look?


Dusty wanted to be the star; Dusty wanted to be the one that draws. He’s the one that wanted to be the ‘Big Daddy.’ And it always was that way…always.


Dusty never really liked me anyway. Because I knew what he was made of…and he knew that I knew what he was made of.


Chappell: And you would never bow down to him…


Garvin: He could kiss my ass…and so could anybody else that acted like that.


Chappell: To hear a lot of people tell it…Dusty pretty much had Jimmy Crockett mesmerized.


Garvin: Oh yeah…without any doubt.


The damn thing with Wahoo was sabotaged…it was cut short. The Tower Of Doom with Kevin was the same way. It was just pathetic…Dusty sabotaged that SO bad. You know…it could have been SO incredible.


Chappell: Weren’t you set to be in a major program with Magnum TA before he was hurt in the motorcycle accident?


Garvin: Terry Allen and I were getting ready to do something, but you know what was going to happen there?


Chappell: Dusty again? Magnum was Dusty’s boy, wasn’t he?


Garvin: Terry’s a good friend of mine…


Chappell: Still is, right?


Garvin: Yes, very much so. But David, the main thing to remember when I’m talking about this stuff…is that I’m not sour at all. Because I had a great 23 year career. I just call a spade a spade.


I’m a happy person, and I had a great career. But the bastards that were there that pulled that sh*t…they’d tell you one thing to your face, and then they’d go behind the curtain and do completely the opposite. I was never that way…my Daddy didn’t raise me that way. And I refused to be that way…to the very end.


Chappell: I know all of our readers appreciate your candor, Jimmy. Certainly, I don’t think anybody is going to fault you for sticking to your guns and not playing the political games…even if it meant that you weren’t featured with Crockett in the mid/late 80s as much as you could or should have been.


Garvin: These guys were trying to live off of other people’s blood…and trying to live off of other people’s talent.


David, the most important thing I can say is the fact that all I was…was an artist. And all I wanted was a canvas and some paint. And, I really didn’t care about too much else. I knew that I just wanted to paint some, and that I had a message, or an angle or a story to tell.


I was just an artist, trying to work. And it was unfortunate, that I had to deal with those jerks.


Chappell: You were an artist…not a politician!


Garvin: Yes! I’ve got a good one about Ric Flair real quick…


Chappell: Fire away!


Garvin: When Hurricane Hugo came through, it destroyed my house. It put an oak tree through two stories, and a microburst came out of it and took the house 20 degrees off the foundation…


Chappell: Oh man…


Garvin: Thank God I was home…I happened to be off that night. I was with my family watching the weather, so I knew what was coming with my aviation background. I put everybody in the basement at about 3:30 in the morning…underneath a brick stairwell type thing.


When the storm hit, the microburst came out and it just completely destroyed my house. It caved in everything. Luckily nobody was hurt, but I couldn’t go to work because my family had no place to stay. I mean, I had to get hold of my insurance company and try to salvage what we had in the house, because it was all getting flooded with the rain.


And you know, Ric Flair tried to fire me three times for not showing up for work…


Chappell: What?


Garvin: Yes…


Chappell: You mean, using that as an excuse to try to get rid of you?


Garvin: Yeah…I just wrote that on one of the Message Boards---Wrestling Classics or Kayfabe Memories…


Chappell: I go on those occasionally. It’s nice to see you posting on those type of fan forums…under your real name no less! (laughs)


Garvin: Yeah…hell yeah! Again, I just tell it like it is. I ain’t got nothin’ to hide.


But yeah…Flair tried to fire me, man. Three times, when he was working for Turner (Broadcasting System). He was in the office, and he actually sent a message to me by Michael Hayes that if I don’t come to work I’m fired. Well, my family was in the street, man. I was just trying to find them a place to stay.


Chappell: I’m sure something like that is impossible for you to forget.


Garvin: It was just a shi**y thing to do. So, I don’t have really great feelings towards him.


Chappell: I can imagine!


Well, we were talking about Magnum TA a few minutes ago. Please tell us about Magnum.


Garvin: We are still very close, to this day. We still ride motorcycles together. I talk to him every couple of weeks on the phone.


I had his last match in Greenville, South Carolina.


Chappell: I was wondering if you worked his last match, since they were hooking you two up right before his accident.


Garvin: Yeah…the last match Terry ever had was with me. And we were friends from way back…from Oklahoma. He was in Oklahoma driving me around!


Chappell: (laughs)


Garvin: Before he was really in the business. He was driving me around, just trying to break in. And, we were just great friends from the beginning.


Chappell: What did the promotion have on tap for you two, before his accident cut it short? How would it have gone had it been able to play out?


Garvin: Well, you know, because Dusty was involved with it, I would have been fighting and struggling to make anything happen with it.


I’m sure something good would have happened with it, because we would have had GREAT matches. I think the quality of the matches would have been exceptional…


Chappell: Surely…


Garvin: Because of his talent and mine…and with Patti there I think the angle would have been good.


But I think, sooner or later, Dusty would have screwed it up…


Chappell: (laughing)


Garvin: I feel very certain about that. He would have, because no angle could get better than his angle. Because, then, he doesn’t look that good.


You know, Dusty didn’t know a friggin’ wristlock from a wristwatch. He couldn’t wrestle his way out of a paper bag.


Chappell: That certainly sounds like a likely scenario with you and Magnum…some good matches but probably not a lot more.


Garvin: It would have been killed…it would have been killed.


Chappell: In the time frame we’re talking about Magnum, there are so many ‘what ifs.’ What if he hadn’t been in the accident? The landscape of Jim Crockett Promotions could have been significantly different.


Garvin: Right…he would have gone far.


Chappell: As we wrap up Jimmy, I did want to touch on a couple of more angles you were in with Crockett in the mid and late 1980s.


Garvin: Okay…


Chappell: One was with ‘Space Mountain’ in ’87…Flair and Precious.


Garvin: Oh God!


Chappell: At the time, Flair seemed to be so over the top with the thing with Precious. And to now learn from you that you and Flair didn’t get along anyway! How was it like living through that angle?


Garvin: (pauses) Well, Ric was being Ric. And I don’t think he was doing anything like weird, you know? Anyway, no more weird than he normally was…


Chappell: (laughing)


Garvin: (pauses) I don’t know…it was a good angle. I think they knew before they started with it, that they weren’t going that far---too far, that is.


Chappell: Those were some of the first ‘modern’ style vignettes that I remember…much like what you see today. The camera is there, and there’s no attempt to shy away from the fact that the camera is there and filming the angle.


Garvin: Yeah…with Miss Atlanta Lively and Ronnie comin’ in the door…


Chappell: (laughing) A comedic vignette, to be sure!


Garvin: Actually, [the promotion] was kinda starting to catch on that this was how it works. But unfortunately, because of their friggin’ narrow-mindedness and jealousy, they couldn’t expand on it any. They wouldn’t allow it to be expanded on.


So, that was really a limited thing too.


Chappell: You just mentioned Ronnie, and I thought it was interesting that during this same time frame they tried to hook you two together as ‘brothers’ in an angle. I think the Midnight Express burned Ronnie’s eye.


It’s even more interesting now, as we now know you two were never close in real life!


Garvin: Right…I came out in Charlotte and became a babyface.


Chappell: How was that angle for you?


Garvin: That was crap! (laughs hard)


Chappell: (laughing)


Garvin: (still laughing) That was all crap! Again, that was stuff like…let’s cut a tree and put it across the road. That had no business happening, because they didn’t plan on doing anything with it. And the reason why they didn’t plan on doing anything with it…is because they knew they couldn’t do anything with it.


It was nothing there between Ronnie and I.


Chappell: It really couldn’t have gone anywhere.


Garvin: No, it couldn’t have gone anywhere…and anybody could have realized that.


Again, it was an office thing. I’m telling you, I was a beaten man before I started! You gotta really realize what I’m saying here, David! (laughs)


Chappell: Hard to get out from behind that eight ball!


Garvin: I was a marked man. And don’t ask me why…except the fact that they all knew that I thought they could just kiss my ass.


I’ll do my work in the ring, I’ll do my work out there…but don’t ask me to kiss your ass. Don’t ask me to come to the office and bow to you, because that ain’t gonna happen.


Chappell: Tell us what it was like when, a little later, you actually became a member of the Fabulous Freebirds.


Garvin: Yeah…I took a year off and Michael Hayes called me up and said, ‘Do you want to come and join me?’ And I said, ‘Hell yeah!’ I knew we’d have a good time.


Chappell: I bet you all had a blast!


Garvin: Oh my God…yeah. I’m so glad just to be alive after that!


Chappell: (laughing)


Garvin: (laughing hard) That was just a lot of fun…we had a LOT of fun!



Chappell: You wound down with WCW in the early 90s, and actually did something unique as opposed to almost all of your peers. You retired from wrestling at a set time…age 40. And you stayed retired!


Garvin: When I was 26 years old, I said that when I turned 40 I was quitting! And I did…on my birthday just about.


Chappell: Before we finish up, Jimmy, you currently have a really unique item for sale on your website…


It’s backstage footage you shot yourself from the Great American Bash…it’s really a neat thing. Please tell us a little about it.


Garvin: It’s stuff that I took behind the scenes with my video camera at the Bash…I think people will really like it. It’s different!


For some reason, I just thought about taking film of the guys. And it’s just a real inside look at behind the scenes at the Bash---what the guys were doing in the dressing room to entertain themselves and entertain each other. You know, keeping a good frame of mind and keeping an upbeat kind of attitude before the big event.


Chappell: This DVD is really unique…I know I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s like having your own Backstage All-Access Pass…through Jimmy Garvin !


Garvin: Exactly…


Chappell: You had the foresight to bring your camera in there all those years ago!


Garvin: It’s beautiful footage…


Chappell: Good quality…


Garvin: Yeah, it’s shot the way it’s shot. Some of it is dark, because I was in the dark corners of the dressing room…because they were doing sh*t in the dark! And I just happened to have the camera there…


Chappell: You went where the action was!


Garvin: Yeah…it’s all really good. And as you said, it can be found on my website.


Chappell: And we have a link to your site on the Gateway’s main page.


I understand that you have some more similar DVDs on the way?


Garvin: Yeah…we have a ‘Behind The Scenes’ in Africa in production right now. That’s gonna be fabulous, with Kevin von Erich, Chris Adams, Jimmy Snuka and the Iron Shiek. Yeah, that’s gonna be fabulous!


Chappell: So, stay tuned to for more backstage antics, courtesy of Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin !


Garvin: Absolutely! And, David , shortly I’m going to be doing a campaign for Multiple Sclerosis, and try to raise some money for them on my website. I’m going to have one of my robes, that I want people to put a donation up for…for that charity. And then they’ll be entered into a drawing to win that jacket.


Chappell: What a great prize, and certainly it’s for a wonderful cause.


Garvin: There’s a multi-function to my website, and eventually a big part of it will be used to try to raise money to help people out.


Chappell: It certainly says a lot about you that you are using your fame and celebrity as a vehicle to help others.


Garvin: It’s my pleasure to do that…it makes me feel good at night and makes me sleep good.


Chappell: Tell us about Patti and what you’re doing now.


Garvin: Patti’s doing great, and she’ll be in Fayetteville with me on August 14th and 15th for the NWA Fanfest. Which is amazing…she’s actually coming out there.


Chappell: I know everybody will love seeing her again. I’m going to come up and introduce myself, and tell her I was the one that kept Jimmy on the phone so long!


Garvin: (laughs) Yes, please do…so she can give you sh*t!


Chappell: (laughing)


Garvin: But she’s doing great, and my two daughters are doing great. I have a 26 year old who lives in Manhattan and is a photographer. And I have a 21 year old who is currently in college.


Chappell: Sounds like the family is doing great! What is Gorgeous Jimmy up to these days?


Garvin: I’m a Captain on the sixth largest airline in the world. I have a great job…I fly for a great Company. I fly state of the art aircraft. It’s just wonderful.


Chappell: In closing, anything you’d like to say to all your fans from the Mid-Atlantic area and Jim Crockett Promotions?


Garvin: Well, I appreciate all their support. It was a great experience wresting here in the Carolinas. Obviously, so much so that I settled here and made my home in Charlotte. I could live anywhere in the world, and I live in Charlotte, North Carolina for a reason…and I’ll leave it at that!


Chappell: Yeah, I’d say that’s a pretty strong endorsement of your feelings for the old Crockett territory…you stayed here!


Garvin: Absolutely.


Chappell: Jimmy, we’re glad you stayed here, and thanks so much for talking with the Gateway at length tonight. It’s been great, and I hope we’ll do it again soon. Look forward to seeing you in Fayetteville at Fanfest.


Garvin: Same here, Dave. Thank you brother. Call me anytime.