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Les Thatcher runs down the entire February 21, 1976 card at the Richmond Coliseum

Les Thatcher

(circa 1975)






George Scott Gets the Book

Les explains how Scott's approach changed the Mid-Atlantic area forever.

WRAL TV Promos

Learn what went into taping those classic promos in the WRAL TV studios in Raleigh, NC

Wrestling Ric Flair

Ric Flair's First Match in the Mid-Atlantic area was against Les Thatcher

Spartanburg & Columbia, SC

Remembering those great, loud crowds in those classic old buildings. 

Les Thatcher Interview

on Solie's Vintage Wrestling

interview conducted by Jeremy Hartley

In 1974, Les was given an award by the the Wrestling Fans International Association (WFIA). On the back of this photo, Gene Gordon (who took the photo described below) wrote:


"Les had just received a trophy when photo was taken, as being voted one of the outstanding wrestlers of 1974 by members of the Wrestling Fans International Association Convention held at Atlanta, GA this past June. Thatcher was also the Master of Ceremonies during the Awards Banquet Dinner at the White House Motor Inn where the convention took place."



If you grew up as I did watching Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling in the mid-70s, you knew very well the distinctive voices of two special people: Bob Caudle and Les Thatcher.


There were other important voices (David Crockett, Ed Capral, TV ring announcer Joe Murnick, to name a few), but Caudle and Thatcher anchored down the show. 

It was Caudle, of course, who hosted Mid-Atlantic Wrestling for two decades and was such a comfortable presence in

 Les Thatcher & Bob


our living rooms each week, but it was Les Thatcher who got down to the important business of telling us who was going to appear in our local arena or high school gym each week. Thatcher was the consummate pro, and like Caudle, related well to almost anyone watching his promos, taking the subject at hand quite seriously, never talking down to his audience.


The thing I liked about Thatcher was he never took you for granted. He always gave you a specific reason to want to be at the arena that Friday night. He also was respectful of the wrestlers, and unlike far to many announcers today, never tried to be the show himself. He just made the thing work.


Not only a special voice, Les was also a wrestler for nearly 18 years, including former Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champion with Danny Miller. A journalist, TV and radio producer, and promoter, Thatcher is still a force in Wrestling today, operating Elite Pro Wrestling Training with Harley Race and Tom Pritchard, conducting wrestling training seminars all over the country.


-Dick Bourne 1999

Updated 2005


"Wrestler's Eye View" Columns from Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Magazine

Volume 2 Issue 1

Les's column featured a word of caution for new US Champion Blackjack Mulligan.


Mulligan is New US Champ

Spring 1976