J. S. Dorton Arena





Satellite view of Dorton Arena




Raleigh's Dorton Arena was home to regular Tuesday night Mid-Atlantic Wrestling cards for decades. The building's distinctive shape and design was revolutionary for its time, and still serves as an architectural wonder. (See photos below.)


The combination of weekly Tuesday night cards at Dorton Arena and weekly wrestling tapings at the  WRAL channel 5 studios made Raleigh a special place to be a wrestling fan. (See other info below.)


Satellite image of Dorton Arena


Other info:


Dorton Arena was and is still owned by the state of North Carolina's Agriculture Department, so it was only used during the State Fair in October by the state. That meant the Murnicks could use it throughout the year and had storage space and everything else at Dorton. Plus, cheap rent since they were one of the few that used it. It was a good deal for the Dept. of Agriculture and for Joe Murnick. Believe it or not, "Papa" Joe and his sons promoted a lot of concerts in Dorton Arena even though it had no A/C and HORRIBLE acoustics.  -RockRambler from the KM Board.