November 27, 1975    Greensboro Coliseum  Greensboro, NC


Page for the Thanksgiving Show from George Scott's Datebook/Planner


The line-up and other notes for the Thanksgiving show can be seen in this full spread image from George Scott's datebook. You also see the line-up for the other big annual show in Norfolk that took place each Thanksgiving night. Andre the Giant and Superstar Billy Graham, as well as appearing in the six-man main event, also met in a special arm wrestling contest. We have some rare photos of that contest courtesy of photographer Bill Janosik, in his photo album on the Mid-Atlantic Gateway.

Some bonus material here, just for fun. You see the line-up for the TV taping that took place the night before at the studios of WRAL in Raleigh, as well as a spot show the same night in Smithfield NC. One of the interesting things we learned from the 1975 datebook was the existence of spot shows on TV taping nights. I had always assumed that they didn't run a show on Wednesday night when they taped two hours of TV, but they almost always (at least during that year) ran a small spot show in a town near Raleigh. In this case, Smithfield NC is about 25 miles from Raleigh. You can see here that several of the guys did TV shots, and then hustled over to Smithfield for that show.


Special thanks to Greg Price and George Scott for a peek inside the 1975 Datebook.