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Merry Christmas! I cant believe another year has gone. You know this world tells us to stop saying "Merry Christmas", even the stores who want our money don't even say it anymore. The one reason we have it to begin with , "Christ" , they want to leave out! I pray that all you will keep Jesus in your Christmas.

We have been so busy this year, I want to share how good Jesus is . Everyone knows my love for the Dallas Cowboys, I can remember being 10 years old and thinking I was Roger Staubach, but that was only during football season. The rest of the time I was No. 1 Paul Jones! Last month I was told in Statesville N.C., there is a guy Vinson Smith who had played for the Cowboys, and even went to the Super Bowl with them. Now, being in the wrestling business almost 30 years, I don't believe anything or anybody. Well, can you believe the night of the show, here I am in my Cowboys jersey, Vinson Smith walks in! What a great guy, he gives me his football card, signs my cowboys helmet and now - listen to this - he had his Superbowl ring on!!  I couldn't believe it! He asked me if I wanted to see it. Before I could answer, he pitches it to me. It was beautiful, I have many pictures that I hope to get up soon. Now, that may not have done anything for you folks, but, Jesus still is in the miracle business!

Thanks to all 300 plus fans for coming to my Wahoo Show. What a great time! The school was very happy, all my guys worked so hard. Several young fans said they were going to look up Wahoo on the internet when they got home.  Now do you see why I do a Wahoo show, why I do all these shows in memory of our guys? If only one person goes home and looks Wahoo up on the internet and learns something about him, it is all worth it.

It is so good to have Ricky Steamboat Jr. back from Harley Race's camp. What a great kid, he has worked so hard for everything. It is so exciting to see what Jesus has planned for him. Me and his Dad had him in the ring before my Mooresville show, it felt so good to lock up with him again. Years ago Ric Flair would just walk in the dressing room and see Ronnie Garvin, Magnum TA , or Steamboat, and just start locking up with them. Sometimes for hours. I now know why he did it!

Oh, and make sure and congratulate Ricky Jr. on winning both the EWA Missouri state title while at Harley Race's camp, and the Georgia title from Bobby Eaton at the Wahoo tribute show. Man, that kid is going to win every state title I can come up with!

Check out the Steamboat's new website at www.RickyTheDragonSteamboat.com .

Blackjack Mulligan is doing so good, his book is selling great, he loves football on a Sunday afternoon. My Mulligan ring truck is running great also!

My twins will be 14 years old this month. I love them so much. My grandbaby Makayla has started saying '"Abba" to Abigail. Jesus has been so good to me!

I took Dick Bourne and Dave Millican to the Skyland Family Restaurant in Charlotte several weeks ago. This was an old wrestler hang out years ago, they are still open 24 hours a day. They still have all these 8x10 photos of wrestlers on the wall, guys all the way back to Rip Hawk and Swede Hanson and Johnny Weaver, right up to today's guys. Man, we ate too much. And Dave Millican paid! He is so good to me. Me and Dick Bourne had to be rolled out of there in a wheel barrow. What the heck!!??

I have my new George South training school t-shirts in now, please let me know about getting one. You can see more information by clicking here.

Now before I get to my "Anderson Slam" for this month, I want to say that Jesus loves you folks so much. I know everyone of us wished there were things we could go back and change from last year, maybe we have lost loved ones. Maybe this Christmas won't bring nothing but tears and hurt. But hang on, help is on the way! Jesus counts every tear, every feeling in our hearts, he knows. That baby in the straw bed has grown up. He now is King of Kings! Will you have room for Him this year?

Anderson Slam! Listen! YES! By this weekend I am hoping to have this wrestling ring sold! If one more person asks me "What kind of ring is it?" WHAT???? I am going to explode, what kind of stupid question is that? You people have made up these terms for a ring I have never heard of!Stop It! There is not a menu like at  R.O.'s BBQ for you to choose from. It is a wrestling ring! PERIOD! It is steel and boards , yes, it is hard, it hurts, and since most of you have never had Ole Anderson, Dick Slater or Barry Windham suplex you, you don't understand anyway!

One last thing, what the heck would I do without my web guy? He hates me mentioning his name, he likes to stay under the radar. You know who you are, Gateway, and you know how much I appreciate what you do here.

Let me know about ring rentals, youth rallies, church speaking, or just prayer. God Bless and Merry Christmas!


* * * * * * * * * *

Updated 12/4/08: Here is a wonderful letter I recently received. Please keep Mr. Gravley in your prayers.

Mr. South,

I met you a few years ago in Pickens S.C. at the Rec. Center. You were so nice to me and my dad. I just read your message to the fans for December. I always read it every month. My Grandmother passed away over the weekend, she was 82 years old, but the good thing is she got saved when she was 13 years old. She was ready to go see Jesus.

My Grandpa is having a hard time even though he knows he will see her one day in heaven. You would like him; he still talks about Skull Murphy and Brute Bernard even to this day. Just keep us in your prayers.

Thanks & God Bless,

David Gravley


Happy Thanksgiving! What is it that makes you thankful? Money, cars, things? You may even think for me, that I would have a lot. My museum, Paul Jones's first pair of boots, Blackjack Mulligan's belt buckle (which wraps around me three times!), or my five beautiful kids! Even watching Garrett score his first TD was something I will never forget. What is Mr. No. 1 really thankful for more than anything? 2000 years ago, there was this old rugged tree, I had been so mean, so dirty, ''I thought I was good enough'', I had sinned! I was to be nailed to that ugly tree in the morning ....., When the sun came up, I was told, "You are FREE!" It Is finished!" Jesus had took my place, He took all my sins to that cross, now, do you get it? As we finish this old year, what a great thing, that Jesus lets us start over!

All you may wonder what is going on about my ring for sale, I had over 30 contacts about it. Who ever gets me the money first, it is yours. Listen, you folks stop asking me , why am I going out of business?" Are you nuts? This is another ring I had!

My Cowboys are hurting right now, we get Romo back next week, only good thing, when they are losing, I can find their jerseys marked down everywhere!

Our training is going great. Reid Flair in a few years is going to be very good. His dad still works out as hard as any young guy. Believe me, his chops hurt just as much in an training building with 10 people!


Little Ricky Steamboat called this week from Harley Race's camp. He will be coming home this month. Where does the time go? He has been out there almost three months.

My son Garrett has finished his football for this year. I am so proud of him. They won their ''bowl'' game last Saturday. I cant tell all I went though to get it, but I have the '' football'' that he scored his first TD with! I am so thankful to Jesus for giving me that ball. We have no food in the house, no lights, but man, I got that ball! 

This month also is my tribute to Wahoo McDaniel, The War Dance Never Dies show at Independence High School. Please try and come out. I am already putting shows together for next year, the EWA is growing and I am very grateful. Jesus is so good to me, I am still just a small kid sitting in front of the T.V. cheering for Paul Jones.

I also will be getting new George South t-shirts this week. Can't wait for y'all to see them.

I talk to Blackjack Mulligan almost every day. His new action figure should be out very soon. My truck I got from him is doing great, throw up a hand if you see me in it!

Now, I know it is Thanksgiving. I was troubled over should I do an Anderson Slam this month?  You know, where I just get to run my mouth. I never make this stuff up, there is so many goofs in wrestling, I lost count many years ago. I can't leave it out, if I did, I would hear Ole yelling at me. So here goes.  Me and my guys go to this show, and as we got there, they were waiting for them to unlock the dressing room. This idiot walks up to my guys and does that stupid outlaw handshake! My guys don't do that stupid outlaw handshake, so then he says, "I guess George didn't teach y'all the wrestler handshake."   WHAT????? Listen goof, there is no wrestler's handshake! How many times do I have to say that? You don't believe me, go up to Ric Flair and try to shake his hand like that. He stopped a line of 200 people in Columbia to show this outlaw goof how to shake hands! I loved that! Don't insult other wrestlers, don't insult yourself! Oh yeah, does it even matter how you shake hands if your match stinks anyway?

Please email me for anything, ring rentals, youth rallies, prayer....... God Bless See you at the matches.....




Has the world gone nuts? Me and my twins went into one of the drug stores here in town, we were there to pick up only a few pictures. Being in a hurry as I sometimes am, the older lady never said '' hello'', but she did say, "Can I have your phone number?" Now most of you I am sure have been asked this. I said ''No ma'm,  you cant."  WHAT??? I think the store stopped everything! She said , " but sir, you have to give your phone number." I said, "No, m'am I don't." I even asked her, "will it save me some money?" She said ''No!" Now, my twins had walked away from their Dad at this time!  But all I wanted to do was pay for my $2 pictures! The lady finally said, "Sir, I wouldn't give my number out either!"  WHAT???

Now before all of you think I am crazy, I want you to know, very soon. Their will be another line, one much more important. This line will before ''God'', we all will answer for everything we have ever done. "No deals made, no second chances, only "what have you done with Jesus? Please accept Him today!

I love Blackjack Mulligan. I wish I could really explain how it feels to drive up his ''dusty dirt road" going into the Headlock Ranch. His wife is the most wonderful woman. They always make us feel so at home. Having that giant of a man put the claw on me, may come close to only my babies being born as my greatest moments! He gave me one of his NFL Players Association cards. Only current and former NFL football players gets these. I keep it in my bible to remind me to pray for him everyday.

Jesus is so good to me. Can you believe for last two months I worked out with Ricky Steamboat, and now Ric Flair?! There is no way I deserve this. Ric Flair is the greatest, I said this over 25 years ago, and will say it now! I have never seen someone so in shape, all of my students, can do anything, but the Nature Boy has us all looking for water! He loves pro wrestling , there is only one way. Period. The right Way.  My Cowboys are doing good, I age about fifty years watching their games. Tony Romo needs to keep his mind on football!

Last weekend I got to see Susan Green and Judy Martin , two of my all time favorite woman wrestlers. There was none tougher!

One of my twins Scarlet hit a triple, and made a double play at second in softball last week. I was going crazy!  I am now trying to buy the softball!

Now for "The Anderson Slam" -  and let me tell you, it ain't pretty! If you have ever been here to my headlock ranch, which only a few have. you know we look like Sanford and Son. I love wrestling rings, just messing with them, and if you count Garrett's toy rings, they may be close to 50 rings around here. Well I have put one together, an old training ring, great for a school or shows! We put this on the website for sale and . . . . aree you people idiots? I have gotten 45 calls and e-mails telling me how sorry they are I am going out of business! WHAT?? Has the world gone nuts! Even one guy said he cant believe I finally quit! But what a run! WHAT?? I want to choke somebody! Where do y'all get this? Listen, if all you promoters that owe me ring money, all you outlaw shaking-hands idiots, all you outlaw goofballs that don't help me set up my ring but then ask can you roll around in it, all you women nursing your babies at ringside, all you boogie wannabes who wanna fight me after I've left the building, if you haven't made me quit yet, don't worry, it ain't happening now! Since Ole Anderson may retire soon, someone has got to take his place.

Special thanks to the Gateway. You always help so many of us out, and never ask anything in return.

I have some big shows coming up, please try come out! God Bless , See You Next Month!   



O.K. , once again I know I am late getting my web site updated, thank all of you that have reminded me of this! I hope everyone had as great of a time at Fanfest as I did! Getting to spend time with Paul Jones is one of my favorite things ever. I become speechless sometimes around him. If you can believe that! Everyday of my childhood revolved around that man! I am 46 years old, and I couldn't wait to show Paul my new scrapbook that I had on him!

This Sunday is going to be great, not only my birthday, but my Cowboy's play their first game, the summer has been good, but I am ready for "Tony Romo and friends" please just leave Jessica at home!

My grandbaby is so beautiful, I taught her to say her first word, no it wasn't ''Blackjack Mulligan", we are still working on that. It was ''ball''. Now everything she sees is a ball! I knew that schooling of mine would payoff!

My youngest son Garrett has started playing boys club football. Can you believe they have only asked me to leave once? He doesn't even know which way to run, but boy, he looks like Deion Sanders! I still ain't too sure if those $30 gloves help him catch better, but if Deion wears them, they must work! Now my Soto twins have made the softball team. Now lets see, three pair of cleats, at $75 each . . . I need another Mountain Dew!

I had a good prayer time today, I needed it. Things have been so busy, I wasn't spending the time with Jesus, I knew I was messing up. I got on my knees before my bible, and ask Him to forgive me! Jesus Christ is my very best friend! He is, and will always be the "only way" to heaven!  I want you folks to know, it doesn't matter what you have done wrong, me and Blackjack have figured it out, "get out of bed, wash your face, put on a clean shirt, put one foot in front of other, and get going! If us two old polecats can get it, anybody can!

Now my favorite part, "The Anderson Slam!" What if you wanted to run a wrestling show, there isn't many that haven't. You put out your posters, rent a building, get a few outlaw wrestlers, and open the doors! Getting lucky, you have a good crowd. BUT, Mr. No. 1 George South just decides to not show up with the ring! Yep, no ring, no reason either, just decided to not come. I would be the worst scum of the earth! Well, would one of you goofs  (can't believe I have only used that word once) explain to me how you "promoters" don't have my ring money before the shows? That ring is the most important thing, not the wrestlers! I will not stand around anymore till 10:30 at night waiting on my money. I will not accept, "Sorry George" anymore! I will not be the one leaving empty handed.

Tomorrow, Ricky Steamboat Jr. will be leaving for Kansas City and to begin training with Harley Race. Almost 30 years I have been in Pro Wrestling, their aren't many things I haven't seen. I have heard more lies and bull than I care to talk about. What has always amazed me, how do you marks, you fans, expect to out work us? I mean, we are the greatest liars, bull shooters in the world! What I am saying, I know what is real! Less than four months ago, Ricky Steamboat called and asked me to train his son. What an honor this was, I had met this kid before, when he would come with his dad. I really didn't know what to expect. After our first work out, little Ricky asked the rest of my guys, "Can I buy ya'll a drink from the store?" WHAT? That just don't happen in wrestling, I mean, someone caring about others. I knew then, something special was fixen to happen! This kid has worked his butt off, period. He has heard me yell, scream and even laugh. Especially when someone thought it was always his "first match'', and I got to correct them! I am so excited to see what the Lord has planned for Little Ricky. He told me Saturday night riding to a town together, "George , I feel so comfortable in the ring now." If this kid never wrestles another match, never trains another day, he has walked right in "the circle"that only Blackjack and a few others understand!

Need ring rentals (have my money!), youth rallies, church shows, fund raisers, prayer, just let me know. God Bless , till next month.    - George


Sept. 5 Ray stevens / Sept. 6 Barbarian / Sept. 7 George South / Sept. 8 Great Kabuki / Sept. 10 Superstar Billy Graham / Sept. 10 Steve Keirn / Sept. 12 Road Warrior Animal / Sept. 19 Jerry Brisco / Sept. 20 Greg Valentine / Sep. 21 Ricky Morton / Sept. 22 Johnny Valentine / Sept. 22 Ole Anderson / Sept. 23 George South Jr. / Sept. 25 Jimmy Garvin / Sept. 30 Ben Alexander




I want to begin this month's letter just reminding everyone what I believe! I am a sinner, period, their is no good in me at all. I was on my way to Hell. There was no hope for me, but  Jesus, the Son of God, not the one everyone makes fun of, or uses His name in a cuss word - but the King of Kings!Jesus, went to a cross, for me, He died on that tree, man tore off his cloths, spit in His face, and throwed Him in a dark cold cave. After 3 days, the world would never be the same! The devil's biggest nightmare just happened! Jesus came up from the grave! He is Alive! The cave is empty! Jesus has taken my sins away! Now the fun part, Do you believe this or not ? It is up to you, Forever depends on it. WHEW that felt good, just in case someone aint too sure what I believe in!

This month is going to be great, me and my son Garrett went and picked out his first pair of football cleats. I was so excited, there may not be any food in this house, but he has some nice cleats. Remember what that great '' theologian '' Deion Sanders once said, "you may not can play football, but you sure can look like you can!''

Saturday. Aug. 9, here in Charlotte is going to be one special night. Ricky Steamboats Jr. vs. Mr. Florida with his dad there as my special guest! The return of the Hawaiian Punch; that is what he will always be to me.

I want to thank Jesus this moment: at my training school this past week, I had Ricky Steamboat Jr., Reid Flair, and Bobby Eaton's son Dillon and all of my great guys in the ring together. What a great group of kids!  I made sure I got a picture this time!

Reid Flair, Ricky Steamboat Jr., George South, and Dillon Eaton

George South Training School / Rings Training, Highspots, Charlotte NC


I am waiting any day now to get my book by Blackjack Mulligan in the mail, I cant wait. Hope you folks have ordered your copy. Hope also to see everyone at this year's NWA Fanfest, this is one of my favorite weekends , with Paul Jones being there, ''Watch Out'', I get to see him first!

My grandbaby Makayla turned one year old in July. We had a big party on the Headlock Ranch, I personally arranged for her to see a special guest. Other kids get Batman or SpongeBob at their party - - my grandbaby gets Mr. Florida!

Thank all of you for coming to my shows each week, over 25 years, I have been running my own shows! This is where my guys learn. Please support them.

Now for my favorite part, "The Famous Anderson Slam'': For those who don't get this, let me explain, the Anderson Slam is my time, my words, me fussing, period! If you ever meet Ole Anderson, you will understand! First, nobody can video tape my shows with out asking me, period! You can not have people send money for my shows with out even asking me! What really ticks me off, I don't even get a copy! Nobody has even asked what I thought about this, but see, when ya'll sell them DVD with bad lighting, with no sound, who do you think they contact? ME!! No more!!

Now, for the ''lady" who decided to breast feed her baby at ringside last week at my show, what the heck was you thinking? Has the world gone nuts? As I was walking toward the lady to confront her, three fans walk up, ''Oh George, that's not what she is doing." ....... WHAT??? Listen you goofs, after five kids, I know what breast feeding looks like! I asked the lady to go in the bathroom, she said, "No, thank you. We are about finished." ........WHAT??? I started yelling, I throwed the lady and her kid out! And so why does this not surprise me: it was one of the wrestler's wives!!

Call about birthday parties, ring rentals, need prayer, let me know.... God bless ...

- George


JULY 2008


What a month already, how bout this for a road trip, Thurs. Big Otter WVA, Friday, Mooresville N.C. then drove all night, over 1000 miles to Waterloo Iowa, wrestle, got to preach with Nikita Koloff, saw 150 people give their lives to Jesus. Got in van and drove back here to headlock ranch. 2000 miles in 5 days! Gas $4.00 a gallon! Haven't been to bed, kids won't let me!

I hope every ones summer is going grea. I haven't even opened Sotos and El Rayos pool yet, maybe that is why they are mad at me. This month I get to sign up Garrett for his first year of football. He is so excited, he already knows what gloves, and shoes he wants! What??''

Ricky Steamboat, George South Jr., Richie Steamboat, and George South (More Photos)

Now I want to answer everyone's questions at once! Yes, I am training Ricky Steamboat Jr. What an honor to be asked personally by his Dad to train him. I love his dad so much. This kid is very special, he is working so hard, I can not even think of the pressure that Little Ricky must be under. I tell him all the time, "You know, it might have helped if your dad wasn't the greatest wrestler ever!"  We are doing it the right way, little Ricky setting up the ring, cleaning up buildings, dealing with the biggest ''goofs'' I have ever met. Listen, the next goof that asks little Ricky to take a tape of one of their matches to his dad, I am going to run over somebody with my ring truck! His dad would lose his job, I would lose mine, and I dont even have one! Most of you guys couldn't "work" if Walmart hired you! I guess what I am saying is, stay away from Ricky Jr!

You think I make this stuff up? Example, guy walks up to little Ricky at my show, tells him, I found your mothers pocket book at food lion last year, now I don't want any money or anything, but can you please tell your dad, it was me. WHAT'?? Where is my keys to my ring truck?! And you folks think I  am the one that is nuts.

I cant wait for Blackjacks Mulligan's book, hope you all have ordered your copy.

If anyone needs anything, ring rentals, shows, training, please let me know. Also, check out this web site of a church we got to do a show at - www.RockPulaski.com  They were so good to me and my guys.

I am nothing folks. I mess up every day. I am a sinner. But the Blood of Jesus makes me white as snow! I hope you folks are covered by it to.  God Bless.

- George


JULY BIRTHDAYS July 4, Barry Windham / July 9, Tommy Young / July 15, Mil Mascaras / July 16, Mighty Igor / July 19, Robert Gibson / July 20 Sonny Fargo / July 21 , Nelson Royal /July 26, Tommy Rich



JUNE 2008

I know, I know, this letter is late. Here we go...these two dogs, "Ole and Gene", they hate me, they are put outside, my Mountain Dews are cold, I've been fussed at by Ole Anderson last weekend, got to keep my grandbaby yesterday! So I'm ready for this letter and a big Anderson slam!

I love that baby so much, next month she turns 1 year old! Going to be the biggest birthday party ever. Already trying to get loan to pay for it all. Me and her are going to eat cake and watch film of Paul Jones vs. Blackjack Mulligan all day!


Summer time is here, my babies are so glad. Just two months before my Cowboys play. Does anybody know if Tony Romo and Jessica are still together ? I hope not!  That boy needs to get his mind on football!

I cant believe how good Jesus is to me, I was on my way to Hell, period!  Folks, I have done so much wrong, but Jesus took His blood and covered me! That's it! My ticket to heaven is written in that blood. Aint it funny how some people don't believe this? But yet, they go spend 10 dollars to buy a movie ticket. So why should Heaven be any less? You have to have that ticket folks!

I got to spend time with old friends of mine The Mod Squad last weekend. It had been over 15 years, we talked about our Kansas City days, and when their manager Bill Dundee was with them! Seeing Ole Anderson was great, when he walked in, I had the Anderson brothers trophies, signs and pictures waiting on him.

How about this for my ''Anderson Slam" for this month? There is always this depressing mood that follows Ole, not him, just big mouths who have never said anything to me, but always behind my back, you know the kind?  These people who have never taken one bump, set up one ring, sold one ticket, but have an opinion on everything! They must have really hated me telling Ole I loved him, as he was leaving! See, that is why Jesus is so good, these goofs can't take away what Jesus has let me do. I did hold Chief Wahoo's hand and prayed with him, I have run around in my sock feet in Ole Anderson's house, and ate a big bag of Hardees burgers on Blackjack's back porch! Jesus is so good!

There is no secret how much Ricky Steamboat has meant to me also, maybe the most class guy I have ever met. Over the last few weeks I have really gotten to know his son, "Little Ricky" -  what a great kid! This weekend he spent time here at the Headlock Ranch visiting the museum! What a great picture of him in front of his dad's gym sign!

I want to wish Brad Armstrong a Happy Birthday this month. My training center is going great, I will surprise everybody soon with one of my new students.

If you need ring rentals, youth rallies, guest speaker, or just prayer, please let me know. Without Jesus , their is no hope. See you next month, God Bless!

- Mr. No. 1



June Birthdays: Friday June 6, Rip Hawk, Sat. June 7, Suepstar Billy Graham / Tuesday, June 10  Magnum T.A. / Thursday, June 12, George Two Ton Harris / Sunday, June 15 , Brad Armstrong / Thurs. June 19 , Wahoo McDaniel / Sat. June 21, Mark Youngblood / Thurs. June 26, J.J. Dillion / Saturday June 28, Paul Jones /  Monday, June 30, Terry Funk




MAY 2008


''WOW'' , What a day. My grandbaby "Makayla Mulligan" just left. Ole and Gene, the two dogs who hate me, have been fed.  Church starts in 20 minutes, and I got to finish this note!

I am so ready for summer, a few more weeks and here at the headlock ranch north, our swimming pool will be open!

Everyone knows how much I loved Jay Youngblood, I have spoken to his brother Chris, what a joy it was, just to tell him how much Jay meant to me. Him and Ricky Steamboat were like ROCK STARS around here!

I also have been in touch with my all time favorite girl wrestler, Susan Green, who is in a hospital in Columbia S.C.  She is doing much better, please keep her in your prayers. The very first wrestling match I ever went to live, some 25 years ago, here in Charlotte -  she was there!

What a great turn out for my 1st annual Paul Jones training day, pictures are now up from that event on my web site. We are already getting mail on when will be the next one. This month is very busy for me and the EWA, I really thank Jesus for what He has done for me. One of my students, Deion Davis, made it to WWE Raw a few weeks ago. Deion played the part of Barrack Obama in that presidential skit. I was very proud of him.

 Our birthday shows are really picking up, if anyone would like a ''Live '' wrestling show brought to their front yard, please contact us. I hope everyone has seen the pictures of my favorite wrestler Paul Jones on the Gateway! He looks so good, I will have him put the ''Indian Death lock'' on me before I die.

Well, I got 5 minutes, I want to do two things, first, tell everyone how much Jesus loves you !!!! His blood was shed for us, 'but the grave was empty, ever notice how the ''goofs''of the world, don't want to touch that?

Finally, for my "Anderson Slam" of this month! What are you goofs thinking? if I am paying rent, it is my show, what makes yall think, you can just show up, run your stupid little ''workshoot'', as yall call it! Are you nutts?  I am telling you, there are no MARKS left in the crowd, they are all in the dressing room! This guy at my show was touching a window that he wasn't suppose to, I yelled at him, he said, he would close it back before he left. Guess what? The goof left, no window was shut, guess who got fussed at by Armory? ME! From now on, outlaws, I don't care if the building is burning to ground, leave those windows alone!

Headed to church, let me know, ring rentals, birthdays, anything, prayer! God Bless



APRIL 2008


It is about 1 am in the morning, rain is falling against the window, I got my Sotos and El Rayo sleeping in the floor. Those two dang  dogs that don't like me never sleep! I have named them Ole and Gene for all the right reasons. The only one missing is "Grandbaby Makayla Mulligan" who will be here in a few hours.

I have been asked several times over the last few weeks by several radio interviews what do you think of Ric Flair retiring? I never could answer them, see, I just never wanted to let him. Ric Flair is not only the greatest NWA champion ever, but also proud to call him my friend. I have known him for over 20 years. Pro Wrestling will never be the same! His early matches with Ricky Steamboat are my favorites.

I have been blessed to get in the ring with him. It was our great match on TBS that fans still ask me about! Believe me, it wasn't anything I had done, Ric Flair made me look like I was winning that NWA World Title.  But then he chopped me, and changed my mind! I even drove everyone of his beautiful robes to Atlanta GA. for him. I still can't get over having about $40.000 worth of robes in my 800 dollar Nissian! Something just didn't seem right about that.

There was even the time I got knocked out on a TBS TV taping, I couldn't move my arms or legs. Laying their waiting for somebody to check on me, Ric Flair walked up to me and put a 50 dollar bill in my hand, just in case I needed it.

Yes, the last of my Mid-Atlantic Hero's has retired, there will never be another Nature Boy! Being able to train with his sons, David and Reid was always a big honor to me. I guess in some way, I wanted to give back to Ric. What will sum up his career ? The interviews, the feuds with Steamboat, Paul Jones and Blackjack. To me, it would be that one night WCW had came to the old Charlotte Coliseum, we were sitting up in these stands were all the wrestlers sat, there was a knock on the back door - Chief Wahoo McDaniel and his son were coming in and a young secuity guard stopped him! He had no idea who he was. Wahoo was getting ready to introduce himself as only he could! We were feeling the hurt Wahoo must have felt. We were in shock! Then, as all heroes do, the Nature Boy walked up and asked the young guard, "Do you not realize who this guy is?" As Ric and Wahoo walked away together, I knew then why Ric Flair will always be "The Man"! I always called Ric the ''champ'', those words will never be used again for anyone else. May our Lord bless you and your family Ric, I love You!

Please let me know about ring rentals, church events, and make plans for my Anderson Brothers Classic . See you next month....



MARCH 2008


I am so thankful for all Jesus has given me, I have rushed all the kids off to school, my grandbaby is on her second Mt. Dew ....just kidding...... she has her first tooth coming in, so now she don't want to sleep. Me and her sit up and watch my match with Brad Armstrong from the Spartanburg Legends show. She loves this music video I have of it , I think she evens says "WOW" after Brad throws one of his dropkicks!

One time Les Thatcher was holding a training day in Shelby N.C. with me, Ricky Steamboat and Terry Taylor. Brad and his family had just gotten there, before he had even put his little girl down, they ask him to help with the students. I saw Brad get in the ring, after driving over four hours, with blue jeans on, throw one of the prettiest dropkicks I had ever seen. My point is, once you got it, you got it!

I was so glad to be in town for Johnny Weaver's viewing, he was a special man. I will never forget sitting in front of my T.V. as a kid , watching all these legends that I would soon get to know. Me and Johnny tagging that one time for Mid Atlantic Wrestling will always be special. Having him come to that legends show and being one of the first guys he put the sleeper on since he had retired, those are "Jesus moments".

I have a good friend in Ohio who is a police chief there, Ron and his family are great people. He is running for city office, can you believe folks there are trying to use his involvement with helping us do wrestling outreaches against him? I ask that you pray for him and his family.

Me and Ted DiBiase had a great time in Seagrove N.C.  He has such a heart for God!

I am so proud of my students there at Highspots!  Even the ones that have threw up a few times. I will put them in the ring with any body , to have "Ragin Bull" come over to me there in Seagrove after wrestling one of my boys, and tell me how good he did. That is what counts, there are so many guys that will never hear that! I have the best ring out there, not because it is mine, but because it is a Mid Atlantic ring! If half these goofs knew what they were doing , they would see that.

Please call me if you need a ring , also with warm weather coming. Our church events are getting ready to begin, let me know if your church needs anything!

Blackjack Mulligan, Denny Brown, Terry Taylor are all doing good, please keep Lex Luger in your prayers.

Jesus is coming very soon, all through the book of 'Jeremiah,  Jesus talks about if only Jerusalem and Judah would turn from their ways. Guess what ? They don't, my Bible even says, they were not even ashamed any more! Sure sounds like the world today.

Keep praying, call me if I can help out, God Bless.




Johnny Weaver was my tag tam partner.

See, what a lot of people don't know is Johnny always carried his boots and trunks in the back of his car. Even years after he retired, he was always ready. One of my favorite Mid Atlantic towns was Florence S.C., which also Johnny worked for Jim Crockett. There is this one big gas station near I-95 that Johnny always used to stop at, even today some 25 years later, when I take my family to the beach, I always stop their at that gas station. A tag team called "The Rising Suns had just started here and their first town was Florence. Well some of the guys were late and I will never forget Johnny coming over to me, words I have waited to hear all my life...."Kid, I need a partner." 

That night me and Johnny were tag team partners. Tagging Johnny's hand very hard may have been why I had to stay on the apron most of the match, but when he said "double sleeper", I knew he needed me!

I had been doing the sleeper since I was five years old and Ms. Hoke sent me home from day care, but this night, my mind went blank! The Rising Sun came off the rope and we just looked at each other! Johnny won the match for us, and told me, "George Becker doesn't have anything to worry about!"

I loved Johnny Weaver.  My family always hated when I would swim at the beach in my wrestling trunks. Well a few years ago I was told that when Johnny went to the beach, he would wear his green trunks also. See, we were tag team partners. Having him put the sleeper on me a few years ago at the legends show in Spartanburg, hearing that crowd yell for Johnny, he was still the 'best.

Jim Crockett had just hired one of World Class Wrestling's top bad guys, he drove all the way to Charlotte, his first match was against Johnny Weaver. He didn't want to do what was right, and I'll never forget Dusty Rhodes said to him "You don't mess with Babe Ruth!" Johnny Weaver was that Babe Ruth! It was late when I got to the funeral home, many of Johnny's friends had already left, as I looked over his pictures, I said a short prayer, "Jesus, take care of Johnny, my tag team partner!"

We Love you........






"Before you were born, I knew your name!"

What a great way to start off this months letter . It doesn't matter what you are going through right now, Jesus cares. It may seem like there is no hope, no answer, but I can tell you Jesus isn't asleep. If there is one person that reads this, and hasn't accepted Jesus as your Savior, you need to do it now! Do you know that after you die, it is too late?

Me and the Sotos and El Rayo will be watching the Super Bowl here at the Headlock Ranch. I still haven't gotten over my Cowboys going home! I have a small official NFL football that my grandbaby, "Miss No. 1'' plays with to get me to next season. I love this kid so much, now if I could just find a claw glove to fit her!

I hope everyone has noticed the Bible Verses on my web site, what a great idea. It changes every day! Gods word is so good, maybe it can help you folks get going in the mornings.

My wrestling school is doing great, we train two days a week and travel on the road on the weekends.  Please give me a call if anyone is interested. I just never can understand why guys that haven't come from my school think I can use them on my shows. It just doesn't work like that. I tell them, "some other guy got your money,  and then I get you? He got the best part!"

Now another thing before I cool off. On my web site I have a guestbook. It is something I really enjoy, I get so many great letters from fans all over the world, just saying how they miss the good days of Mid Atlantic wrestling. How they wished there were still heroes like Paul Jones, Blackjack Mulligan, and Wahoo McDaniel. And for you goofs that get on there and say things that you think offend me, listen, I have been cussed out by Ole Anderson, you think what you have to say is going to matter to me? What do you think your words do? Find your own web site. What is funny to me, you goofs never leave a name! You would think that if you had so much to say, you would be proud to sign it!. I am all over the place, running shows, ring rentals, changing diapers, fan fest, and not one of you goofs have ever came up to me to say anything to my face, or to show me this famous video that everyone has! (I haven't forgotten, still waiting.)

WHEW, that felt good.

For ring rentals, youth rallies, church events, call anytime, God bless!

God bless,




John Studd Feb. 19 , Buddy Rogers Feb.20 , Rufus R. Jones Feb. 21 , Ric Flair Feb. 25 , Ricky Steamboat Feb. 28 , Swede Hanson Feb. 27




Happy New Year! Let me start this letter off by giving thanks to my Savior Jesus Christ, for letting me make it through another year. I am sitting here at the Headlock Ranch, my babies are gone with their mother to see family. I have my official '"Blackjack Trip CD" Best of Journey playing, a cold Mountain Dew and a picture of Steamboat and Youngblood and my Grandbaby beside me! There isn't much more a man needs.

I am a sinner, I have messed up so many times last year, even when I try to do good. The Bible says I am "filthy as a rag." I deserve to go to  Hell, we all do. BUT...if that was the end of the story, there would be no hope. Jesus is alive! My past is forgotten, I am going to Heaven when I die, PERIOD!

I have told a few friends about getting my first ticket to see Jim Crockett wrestling, I was about 10 years old and I carried that ticket in my hand for a week.  I knew, even at that young age, I couldn't see Paul Jones if i didn't have a ticket! Well, heaven is no different.  You can not get in by being good. You have to be covered by the Blood of Jesus, nothing else will do!

I love my grandbaby so much, can you believe she is almost 6 months old? Her favorite match is Paul Jones vs. Blackjack from one of my old VHS tapes .

My Cowboys have had one great season, now the play-offs start. I might still be married when they are over!

At my training school last week, David Flair brought his younger brother Reid Flair by, he began training with me. What a great kid. They both look just like their dad. Reid will be moving down to Florida to start their with WWE this month. I am hoping to get some pictures of us together before he leaves.

Please continue to pray for Lex Luger, he is doing much better, but still has a long way to go. The doctors are still trying to find out what caused all of it.

Now here comes my part of my letter I am going to start calling "The Ole Anderson Slam." It is going to just be were I yell alot. I know most of you think I make up these stories of these goofs that I meet. I promise, all of it is true. Wrestlers are not too smart to begin with, so these goofs that shouldn't even be in the ring, much less loose on the street! This one guy walks up to me last weekend, he asked if I remembered his uncle who was a secuity guard for Jim Crockett around 1950. WHAT??? I mean , I know I am getting older, but I wasn't even born yet!

This part goes to all the goofs that asked me last year to get in my ring after just sitting there and watching me do all the work to set it up. Last month, in Laurenburg N.C., at 30 minutes before bell time, this goof walks over to me. "Is the ring ready?" WHAT??? I said, "you ain't getting in my ring!" What did that goof think he was going to do? What is bad, is this guy is being trained by a former WCW and WWE wrestler. What really ticks me off, no one sticks around to help take it down. They have even asked my guys what size the ring is ? WHAT??? They don't know what they are doing to begin with. In a bigger ring, they just have more room to make the fans want their money back!

And if one more person walks over to me, and does this silly,stupid, wrestler handshake, I am going to punch them! Where do they get this stuff?

And if one more guy calls himself the "booker" - - there ain't no such thing anymore! A booker was somebody like George Scott who booked three towns a night, seven days a week almost 365 days a year and put together two TV shows 52 weeks a year to run those towns off of. It ain't one goofball outlaw wrestler running one show a month!!! I cant take it!

Wrestling is still my life, Jesus has given me everything I have. Please let me know about training, ring rentals, church events, babysitting, we do it all here at 'Team Blackjack South"

God bless,



Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to Jesus! I hope everyone has been saying "Merry Christmas", and not leaving out the most important part, ''Jesus''. Aint it something, how 2000 years ago, they had no room for him, and even now, families still have no room!

Were did this year go? What is so good, it doesn't matter how you finish this year, Jesus says, if we confess our sins, we are ''New''. I remember almost 28 years ago when I got my first pair of wrestling boots, until that time I had borrowed many old timers, but getting my first pair of new ones, I was so excited! That's what Jesus is talking about, you may feel like an old pair of wrestling boots after this past year, but come to Jesus, his blood is stronger than any sin!

I love my grandbaby so much, she is almost 6 months old and can name all of Paul Jones' tag team partners. From this picture, though, I think I've figured out she likes the Four Horsemen!

We may have gotten the biggest Christmas tree ever this year. If it falls over, it may go right through the floor. I have made Ernest and Chevy Chase very proud.

I watched my Cowboys defeat Green Bay last night, it was so exciting. To see Roger Staubach and all the other older Cowboys there at half time. I wished wrestling was like that. Did you know that wrestling is the only sport were as you get older, people treat you like crap?  In every other sport, the old timers are treated with respect. I wish Paul Jones, Dick Slater, Wahoo, Blackjack and so many more were taken care of. I love them guys so much.

Now..... I have been calm for last two letters, but that is fixin to change:

I have been wrestling almost 30 years. I have took more showers, set up my ring more times than most of these wrestlers have years of being alive. I was asked on Thanksgiving Day for a ring rental and to bring 6 of my guys to a show on Thanksgiving Day. To smarten up you outlaw guys, this is how I make a living, I do not wrestle one day a month. Me and the guy agreed on a price, and at 12 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day, me and my guys were setting up my ring while everyone else is eating Turkey. Where was all these kind hearted outlaw guys at? I left my family at 10 am that morning. Now it gets good:

I really hate the dressing rooms now. I used to love going in them, now I get dressed out at my gimmick table. I call it "Idoitville" in there, a bunch of goofs sitting around with no gear, no training, no common sense, talking over their matches. By the way, do you idiots think cussing makes you a wrestler? Anyway, I was asked around 6 p.m. from the guy, "would you be mad if I didn't have your money?" WHAT?? I told him "would you be mad if I hadn't showed up with my ring?" My guys still worked and had the best matches on the show. The next day, one of the goofs from that show had put all these lies on the stupid internet. What I never understand, I was there for 6 hours, ---- SIX HOURS --- can't somebody say this to my face? Nobody with guts can, that's for sure. Oh yeah, I love how they bring up me being a Christian! Like they even know what it means, just because I love Jesus, doesn't mean you outlaw guys aint idiots!

I lost over 125 dollars. Yes, the promoter gave me a few magazines. You got that right, I got paid in wrestling magazines. I am sure when I don't pay my power bill, Duke Power will let me pay them with wrestling magazines.

They even said something about my ring. Well, most of the guys didn't know how to take a bump, anyway, but what the heck, you think I am going to let you goof idiots bleed all over my good canvass, wrestle in thumbtacks, break light bulbs, track mud in there, me clean it all up...and I aint even getting paid? Are you nuts? I even had this lady from humane society tell me that night, "It's for a good cause." I said, "Lady, mind your own business!" She said, "You must not like animals." ......WHAT??? I said , "Lady, I got 5 of them at home, Garrett, Abba, Scarlet, Brock, and little George and they are hungry!"

You goofs, especially the ones trying to be like Boogie, Shawn Michaels, Assassins, stay out of my business!

Oh, next year is going to be good. Now that I've got that off my chest, please, when you meet people, say "Merry Christmas!" If one more person says "Happy Holidays", I'll go nuts. Jesus is the reason for the season, and the season is CHRISTMAS!! So dad burn it, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

 Now, let me know about ring rentals, church events, .... God Bless - George



Can anyone believe there is only two months until Christmas? It has even started to get colder, now it feels like football weather. I am writing this as I pack for a trip to Meridian MS. I have been wrestling over 25 years and never get used to leaving my babies. Tonight Garrett was finding things of his and putting them in my bag, told me it would make me think about him!

I want to thank Jesus for all He has given me. If I got what I really deserved, it would be Hell, which nobody talks about anymore. Just what if the Bible is true, and Jesus means all He has said, the blood has to cover you, or their is no hope!

There is one of my matches on You Tube, vs. Flying Brian Pillman. I loved Brian. WCW used to sell this big poster of him and me, we always joked to see who got paid for it first! He was such a good looking kid.

My grandbaby is wonderful, almost five months old soon. She already knows what belts Paul Jones has held. Has Tony Romo hit the jackpot? Something like 67 million dollars!  Watching the Cowboys play is one of my favorite things in the world.

I met the greatest guy, at this flea market event a few weeks back, an old timer named Al, he used to own a food place in Greensboro N.C., he would keep his place open after the matches for Crockett and feed all the guys. He became great friends with Wahoo and alot of them. He brought me some newspaper clippings from 1973. Aint it amazing how Mid Atlantic Wrestling can bring two old guys together?

Please let me know if you need prayer, ring rentals, or anything else. I want to be sure and wish Blackjack Mulligan a Happy Birthday this month. God Bless......

- George


First: a sincere thanks to all the workers that participated in the gathering for Gloria show and to Randy Heddrick for announcing, Brad Stutts for running the back and to George South and his boys.

Second: to all the peoples - workers, promoters, whoever that are talking out of their butts - posting messages on boards and myspaces - that do not know what they are talking about and spreading lies and gossip - these are the facts of what went down.

Steve Burcham called me in July - told me the bad news about Gloria and said the first indy show she came to was one of my shows in Pfafftown. He said he would like to do a memorial show for her there - I said ok, Iíll help out if you want. He said, can he do a show for a $1000 - I said yes, easily - I asked if he had a $1000, he said absolutely. He said heíll book the building - I gave him the # and said for me to get a ring, I called George South, he said he would bring his ring and guys for $400, I called Steve, he said book him - I did. George came, brought the ring and guys as promised. Along the way, Steve lied about things, never advertised as he said he would, showed up with no money, a complete lack of effort on his part, didnít clean the building, to this day has not paid the building rent, only paid George part of his money. I did what I did, brought the PA, played some music, helped out where needed, paid 2 refs $55 out of my pocket, ďsoldĒ Steve two autographed pics for Brad - Brad didnít get them, nor I the money for them. George hardly knew Gloria like we did, so why expect him to donate the ring? I never asked for any money for myself - and wouldnít have. To everybody that said they had rings, concessions, PAís to donate, why did you not step up and do it - did you ask about it - NO you didnít. George got a few mags - Steve told him to get them. I didnít demand anything except the $75 he owed me, he gave me some stuff - basically worthless - that I cared nothing about - if any body wants it, they can have it. And all the boys, talking junk about George - and me, why did you not say anything to us that night? - typical of you to post a lot of junk on boards later. These are the facts of the show - not the lies and junk you are spreading about.

This is the only post Iíll put up, if anybody wants to call me, my # is 778.2616 or you can catch me at a show. And, Iím very easy to throw these days.

- Ken Spence




Jesus Is coming back, what better way to start off this letter. I have made it through my first two weeks of keeping  my  ''South grandbaby''.  As I am feeding her, she looks right at me, probably wondering what has she gotten into!  I pray out loud to her, I cant wait to see what Jesus has planned for her life. I just know her first words are going to be ''Airplane Spin" or "Paul and Wahoo."

I hope everyone has seen my new pictures with Ricky Steamboat and Sgt. Slaughter. Going to Richmond last week was a dream come true for me. See, I hadn't seen both of them in so long.  One of my favorite Mid Atlantic angles ever, the famous cage match in Greensboro, Steamboat and Youngblood vs. Sgt. Slaughter and Don Kernodle. I wanted to go to Richmond and just talk about all this with them. 

We had just set up the ring, I was going out back door, in walks the ''Hawaiian Punch'' himself. Ricky put down his bags and gave me a big hug.  He looked great, so in shape. I wanted him to arm drag me right then! Things were getting busy, but I was going to get my time with them. I can never get over one of these wrestling greats sitting by their self in dressing room. All this knowledge, and nobody wants it. But here I go, Ricky was sitting on these stairs and I was able to sit down with him for 30 minutes and just talk. I swear I thought it was just me and him in that big coliseum. After almost 30 years in wrestling, I was still learning! I always love hearing Steamboat talk about Jay Youngblood, remember when Ricky used to press slam Jay on top of someone? I was talking a mile a minute, finally Earl Hebner came over, and asked, "George can we have him back now?"  Sgt. Slaughter is the greatest, he told me thought so much of Jay Youngblood. I got excited hearing Sarge talk about listening to the radio that famous day, and hearing them talk about Greensboro being sold out!



Jesus Is coming back, what better way to start off this letter. I have made it through my first two weeks of keeping  my  ''South grandbaby''.  As I am feeding her, she looks right at me, probably wondering what has she gotten into!  I pray out loud to her, I cant wait to see what Jesus has planned for her life. I just know her first words are going to be ''Airplane Spin" or "Paul and Wahoo."

I hope everyone has seen my new pictures with Ricky Steamboat and Sgt. Slaughter. Going to Richmond last week was a dream come true for me. See, I hadn't seen both of them in so long.  One of my favorite Mid Atlantic angles ever, the famous cage match in Greensboro, Steamboat and Youngblood vs. Sgt. Slaughter and Don Kernodle. I wanted to go to Richmond and just talk about all this with them. 

We had just set up the ring, I was going out back door, in walks the ''Hawaiian Punch'' himself. Ricky put down his bags and gave me a big hug.  He looked great, so in shape. I wanted him to arm drag me right then! Things were getting busy, but I was going to get my time with them. I can never get over one of these wrestling greats sitting by their self in dressing room. All this knowledge, and nobody wants it. But here I go, Ricky was sitting on these stairs and I was able to sit down with him for 30 minutes and just talk. I swear I thought it was just me and him in that big coliseum. After almost 30 years in wrestling, I was still learning! I always love hearing Steamboat talk about Jay Youngblood, remember when Ricky used to press slam Jay on top of someone? I was talking a mile a minute, finally Earl Hebner came over, and asked, "George can we have him back now?"  Sgt. Slaughter is the greatest, he told me thought so much of Jay Youngblood. I got excited hearing Sarge talk about listening to the radio that famous day, and hearing them talk about Greensboro being sold out!

Photograph by Blake Arledge

I got both of them to sign a magazine from that night, both of them made me feel like I was in the ring that night in Greensboro. Sarge also talked about Jim Nelson and how he did such a great job in that also. I think I schooled Steamboat and Sarge both when I told them word for word what that famous contract signing with Sandy Scott was about. Those famous words of Steamboat's, "Mr. Scott, can I have a minute to discuss this with Jay?" .....Oh how I miss Mid Atlantic Wrestling!

Have a great month, Pray, Read your Bible, need ring rentals, let me know. God bless -

- George

P.S. I've got a lot to Fuss about, but will save it till next time.


I got both of them to sign a magazine from that night, both of them made me feel like I was in the ring that night in Greensboro. Sarge also talked about Jim Nelson and how he did such a great job in that also. I think I schooled Steamboat and Sarge both when I told them word for word what that famous contract signing with Sandy Scott was about. Those famous words of Steamboat's, "Mr. Scott, can I have a minute to discuss this with Jay?" .....Oh how I miss Mid Atlantic Wrestling!

Have a great month, Pray, Read your Bible, need ring rentals, let me know. God bless -

- George

P.S. I've got a lot to Fuss about, but will save it till next time.


Were did the summer go? Now time to get all my Dallas Cowboy jerseys out. All these South kids are glad to get back in school. or away from their Dad one! I am so proud of one of my Soto twin, Scarlet, this was her first year trying out for softball and she made it! I told her, I didn't care if she had to fill water bottles all day, she made the team! Believe me , after Abigail not making cheerleading, the South Headlock Ranch couldn't take another NO!

Do you know Jesus also has a team? You are either on it, or you are not. PERIOD. He lets us make the decision, their is no second string! I finally have gotten the George South Museum caught up to date, we can now even eat at the kitchen table. I have over 15 scrapbooks on Paul Jones, I know more about him than he does. Thanks to everyone for the nice things said about me and little George's match at Fanfest.  I just didn't have enough time to say all the old timers names. After the match, Playboy Gary Hart came back and told me he was headed to his room, but wanted me to know I sure was entertaining him! 

This month, I have a birthday. Jesus has been so good to me, I got to keep my grandbaby last week for the first time, just me and her. After we watched Paul Jones and Wahoo McDaniel vs. the Andersons, I had to give her back. She may not learn math or English, but she sure is going to know who Brad Armstrong and Blackjack Mulligan are.

I have a big show coming up on Christmas night. Details coming real soon. I love my old wrestling magazines, if anyone has any they want to get rid off, please let me know! Just don't tell my wife! I will never forget the first time I got my picture in one, I bought about 20 copies. 

Now, my favorite part. Time to yell at idiots. The wrestling business is almost dead, what are these guys thinking? In the last three months I have seen the worst matches in the world. I am so tired of this. It's sad. No Gear, no boots, fake belts, everybody wearing black, loud music, it makes me sick. I really try and watch, but I can't! And if I hear one more guy say he is the "booker" again, I am killing somebody. There are no bookers left! Hasn't been for years!! Oh, for Jay Youngblood to be here.

Have a great month, wish me a Happy Birthday, need ring rental, training, prayer, let me know. 

God Bless,   - George


A Tribute to #1 Paul Jones: The Indian Death Lock

More Fanfest match photos here.







Jesus is so good. What better way to start off this months letter, I am so blessed, for the two people left that may not know about the "New South", here she is! Makayla Hope South.

I love this baby so much, Jesus is so good to me. Listen folks, I am about as sorry of a Dad as you can be.  I am set in my ways, hate change, yell alot , might can count my friends on one hand, but Jesus still loves me . This baby is a gift from Him, I do not deserve nothing but Hell, my sins were taking me there! But Jesus reached over - just like Youngblood tagged Steamboat - and touched me. He saved me from that place! Nobody ever talks about that any more, even some preachers won't preach on it. Hell is a very real place. If you are not covered by the Blood of the Savior, this will be your resting place forever.

I am very excited about the NWA Legends Fanfest this month. I can't wait to see some of my friends. I spoke to Blackjack Mulligan, Superstar Billy Graham and Terry Taylor this week, they all wanted me to let everyone know they are all doing great. Can you believe summer is almost over? The Sotos and El Rayo are excited about school starting. My Cowboys are getting ready, things been quiet so far, even T.O. , hasn't said much! I still miss getting ready for high school football with my son Brock!It has been two years, and I still am having a hard time!

We are doing our church wrestling events all over, me and Ted DiBiase just returned from Kentucky, we saw over 100 people give their heart to Jesus .

Now I am going to get this off my chest. I was in Great Falls S.C. about three weeks ago, we did a youth rally their at First Baptist Church.  Well after the event, as I was getting ready to take my ring down, I noticed the biggest goof I have ever met in my ring! Yes, this guy was in my ring, trying to show this other goof a few wrestling moves.  WHAT?? My head almost exploded! I mean this grown man had not asked me, had not even helped with setting it up, and sure wasn't going to help take down. I have never yelled so loud in my life, I mean ,what was this guy thinking? Next time I'm there, I am going to just get in his car, drive all his gas out, leave it on side of road! What I am getting at, is , next to my new grandbaby and my Paul Jones scrapbooks, my ring is my favorite thing, so stay out of my ring!! Oh yeah, then this guy comes up and wants to talk to me. Mot a chance!

If you need a ring, someone to talk about Jesus, or just prayer, let me know. talk to you soon, God Bless .  - George


JULY 2007


Summertime is here, it is very hot and Jay Youngblood and Ricky Steamboat are on my mind. I love this warm weather, believe it or not the ''Soto's and El Rayo haven't yelled "I'm Bored" one time this summer.

How can I thank everyone for the hard work put into my Ivan Koloff show? It was great, all the wrestlers were great, even the fans, except a few of them, didn't drive me nuts. Ivan and his wife were very thankful for all that was done.

Being a wrestling fan at this time can be very heartbreaking, we have lost so many of those we love. Their is no answer on this earth, but very soon, everything will be made clear, every question, every worry, every fear, will be answered! Jesus says, just hold on, ''I will come back!" There is so much "evil" in this world, so much bad! Hope is on the way, Jesus overcame everything that was put in front of Him, even death! If you know the Savior, you win. 

I am so excited about football season coming soon.

I want to address this here, if you folks call me, and I don't answer, don't freak out! I never want to hear someone say again, "George , if you don't pick up, I aint calling back!" I dare any one of you to spend a day in my wrestling boots! Keep five kids busy, and from killing each other, run off other kids next door who I don't even know, train wrestlers, run shows, yell at students, listen while some guy tries to tell you he used to tag with Paul Jones, then call him a goof!  OK, I will call you back, just give me time!

Let me know about ring rentals, youth rallies, anything I can do. Pray for this world, it is the strongest weapon we have. See you at the matches..........

- Mr. No. 1

P.S. My top favorite wrestling moves ever... 5. Ric Flairs Figure Four. 4. Wahoo's war dance. 3. Brad Armstrong's drop kick. 2.Blackjacks claw. 1. Paul Jones Indian death lock. (Now if you ask me tomorrow, it will all change.)




June 2007

The ring has been loaded, chairs put back on racks, lights turned off. The Mooresville Armory sits empty till EWA comes back to town.

The main thing left is the THANK YOUS.

Putting on an wrestling event is never easy, and even having a Free one doesn't come without goofball promoters, wrestlers and everyone else wanting to mess things up. What would I do without my few friends? I mean the ones who really love what we do! I know I will forget someone, but here goes.

My thanks to Bobby Eaton, Boogie and Angel, Bobby Fulton, Jackie Crockett, Nikita, Gene Ligon, my students, Little George, Brad Thomas, Jeff Pillars and John Boy and Billy, Frank Dusek, Scrappy McGowan, Rich Landrum, Dick Bourne, Steve and Carroll Hall, and so many others. Thank you Uncle Ivan for letting us help out, we raised $850.00 when the night was over.

Jesus really used a bunch of wrestlers this night. Thank you everyone, talk to you soon. God Bless, 

- George


JUNE 2007

I love Jesus so much, I got to preach last week at Lowes Motor Speedway here in Charlotte, after our matches, I get to just start preaching , there are about 200 people around the ring by this time. The church I work with are giving away free food, and water. Some of these folks are drinking beer, some are just hungry. But they listen, I tell them how much Jesus loves them, what is so wonderful, it doesn't matter how far these folks, or you and me have fallen. The blood of Jesus says I have a second chance!

I want to wish my all time favorite wrestler a Happy Birthday this month. No. 1 Paul Jones. Oh what I would give to see him use the Indian Death Lock again!

I will also be going to New Jersey this month , not as a wrestler, but as the biggest '' Fan'' ever. See, I have never meet Mil Mascaras. Every wrestling magazine I got as a kid, Mil was on the cover. I am so excited, I don't know what to expect, I have heard he is very old schoolish! I may come back feeling like I did in fourth grade when Paul Jones lost U.S. Title to Blackjack. I stayed home from school for three days. I am going to try and get my picture with him, the rent may be late, light bill aint paid, kids hungry , but I am getting that picture!

Please everyone come out to my wrestling show for Ivan Koloff on the 18th of June. We are going to have a great time, we have over 15 NWA stars coming to help out. All proceeds will go to Ivan . I pray for Ivan everyday, believe me, getting over the car wreck is only half the battle!

My Soto's and El Rayo are so ready for summer, also I want to say how proud I am of my sons , Brock and Little George and their buddies. they joined this touch football league here, and went all the way to super bowl and won! Calling their self the ''Cowboys'' sure helped. Hope to get some pictures up soon of the team!

Aint it funny how i have been running shows for over 20 years without a penny to my name? Yet, so called promoters who are suppose to have money, cant even book one building? Maybe George South aint so dumb.

Please ask Jesus to save you , if you have not. Let me know about ring rentals, youth rallies, booking George Jr. , what ever I can do. God Bless



JUNE 2007 - Part 2

Well, I got to meet Mil Mascaras! Prayers were answered and I thank you all for that so much. It was a thrill to meet him, he was one of my childhood favorites!


Now, folks, don't miss my big show to benefit Ivan Koloff on Monday Night, June 18 in Mooresville at the National Guard Armory. Lots of great matches planned. We are even going to have hot dogs!



JUNE 2007 - Part 3

By now the ring has been loaded, chairs put back on racks, lights turned off. The Mooresville Armory sits empty till EWA comes back to town.

The main thing left is the THANK YOUS.

Putting on an wrestling event is never easy, and even having a Free one doesn't come without goofball promoters, wrestlers and everyone else wanting to mess things up. What would I do without my few friends? I mean the ones who really love what we do! I know I will forget someone, but here goes.

My thanks to Bobby Eaton, Boogie and Angel, Bobby Fulton, Jackie Crockett, Nikita, Gene Ligon, my students, Little George, Brad Thomas, Jeff Pillars and John Boy and Billy, Frank Dusek, Scrappy McGowan, Rich Landrum, Dick Bourne, Steve and Carroll Hall, and so many others. Thank you Uncle Ivan for letting us help out, we raised $850.00 when the night was over.

Jesus really used a bunch of wrestlers this night. Thank you everyone, talk to you soon. God Bless, 

- George



MAY 2007


Let me first thank everyone who has called or emailed me about the 4 Horseman DVD letting me know that a clip of me and Flair was on there. I am very thankful to Jesus for that. You know the Bible tells us that one day everything we have ever did, good or bad, will be viewed before our eyes! Now I have met many people that don't believe this. Do you ever wonder that if Vince can come up with a match of me and Ric Flair from 20 years ago, can't the maker of the Universe put together my life story?

We have another month until summer is here, what a great time. My Sotos and El Rayo have already thrown away their shoes!

I have just read  ''Tales from The Dallas Cowboys'' written by Cliff Harris and Charlie Waters. What a great book. All through the book you can just see how the players loved coach Tom Landry. Roger Staubach wrote the forward for the book and says all Coach Landry wanted was for his players to someday say "He was right." Roger then says, "Coach , you were!"

On the road last week, I got a call from Nature Boy Buddy Landel. I think the world of Buddy. I have been in the ring with him so many times, from WTBS wrestling to Smokey Mountain. I told him I had really been praying for him. I was in Statesville N.C. one night, and Little George was about 7 years old. I had to go to the ring, and Jr. had gotten sick and was cold. Buddy covered up little George with his robe and watched him while I wrestled. I have never forgotten that. My son is now 21 years old.

I want to thank Johnny and Pastor Bill from Glenn View Baptist Church in Winston Salem for our show last week. What a great time, over 300 people got to see the best wrestling in N.C. plus hear about Jesus!

Ain't it funny how now, all of a sudden, nobody is talking about any video tapes they have?

This may be a little early to say anything , but their isn't much of anything left in pro wrestling for me to get to do. I am still the biggest mark in the world. One thing that has never happened for me is the chance to meet Mil Mascaras. All my childhood, on the front of all my wrestling magazines, I wanted to meet him. Well Jesus is so good. Next month, if all goes right, I may get that chance! Please pray for this, I sure am. I will keep everyone updated.

Please let me know about my wrestling school, ring rentals, church events, whatever I can do. Turn your life over to Jesus today. See you at the matches . God bless,   -George


APRIL 2007


It is about 6.30 a.m. on this Sat. morning and I have already loaded my ring for today, we have a Birthday Party today in Greensboro. Can you believe I take my ring, set it up in front yards all across the Carolinas and let kids and adults have the time of their life? I remember when I first started doing these, I would take my students to have a match for the kids. Well they got mad, they didn't care about us, all they wanted to do was get in ring! I need to trademark this idea, it want be long before you start seeing ''outlaw'' birthday shows. I still feel a little guilty sometimes, like Ole Anderson is looking over my shoulder saying "WHAT ARE YOU DOING ??"


It is all to believe my babies will be out of school in a month, I am getting my "Steamboat and Youngblood" summer tour T-shirt ready. I want to thank Jim Ross for the nice things he said about me on his website, with all he has going on, just to think of me was a blessing. Also to be voted "best interview" by fans of "In Your Head Radio'' was a great treat. Most of you know I love talking, especially about Jesus and Wrestling.


Two new things I have added to my museum, remember the '' Johnny Valentine school of professional wrestling" that used to be in the back of our wrestling magazines? Well I have been able to get my hands on the complete book. It is wonderful. It has pictures of the Funks and Briscos going over the moves as Johnny writes about each move! Also, I got my hands on this letter from a business in New York, they had Kerry Von Erich there for an autograph signing. The letter was written to WWF, thanking them for Kerry's help. It said their were over 1500 fans there, and Kerry and his wife were so nice to everyone. I sure miss Kerry, we all only wished things could have been different. Meeting Kevin last year in Florida was an all time '' great'' for me.


I saw a ''so called Pastor'' on the News this week, this guy had written a book, saying how there wasn't really no hell, or really no sin. Just that we are all o.k. What a Goof!  See folks, I am betting all that I am that there is a HELL, their is sin, and Jesus says, we must choose! Me and this guy both cant be right. I pray as you read this letter, the Blood of Jesus will cover you. You can't get into heaven without it!


I watched my best of Paul Jones tape for 400th time this week, it is better than anything I have seen in last ten years! Spoke with Terry Taylor this week, still think something is wrong with wrestling, when it doesn't have Terry in the ring. Before I go, special note..... "TOP 5 WRESTLERS EVER 5. Brad Armstrong 4.Harley Race 3.Wahoo McDaniel and Ole and Gene Anderson 2. Ricky Steamboat 1. No.1 Paul Jones [my favorite].... also got to add Blackjack Mulligan, Barry Windham, Tully,...Oh, can't stop but got 100 kids waiting on a wrestling ring! Please write if I can pray , rent you a ring, what ever yall need. See you at the matches , till next month God bless!


- George

MARCH 2007

What a wonderful way to start off this months letter by announcing the new date for my Wahoo McDaniel Tribute show! It will be Thursday April 5th, 2007. Even more exciting is the host city will be Salisbury N.C. The National Guard Armory will be the place where the "War Dance Never Dies For Will's Play Land" is going to take place.

William Dunn was a special, loving little boy who loved to run and play every chance he had. Will died at the young age of seven due to a tragic automobile accident. As a way to honor the precious memory of Will , a playland is going to be built at First Baptist Church of Gold Hill N.C. This is the church Will and his family attended. That's were my EWA comes into play. Everyone knows how much I loved Wahoo McDaniel, what a very special time for me to make my Wahoo tribute show a fund raiser for Will's Playland. All proceeds from our show that night, plus any 'donations made are going to this playland. I hope everyone will come out and see a great night of wrestling. We have two big title matches, hotdogs and a very special offer. Fans can get the Wahoo War Dance Package which is a ringside ticket, Wahoo legend figure, plus Wahoo's shoot interview for only $ 22.00. Again all this will go toward the playland. Even if some fans can't make it to the show, they can still order the package, just e-mail me, call with any questions.

There isn't much left in pro wrestling that makes it as special as when I was getting throne out of the Charlotte Park Center as a child, but in a very small way, I think Jim Crockett Sr. and Wahoo both are smiling right now.

I love Jesus so much, I have been doing good with reading my Bible every day. it is battle!  I dare anyone to spend a day in my shoes just try putting the Sotos and El Rayo to bed after 13 cookies, cake and cereal.

Jesus is my best friend. Please e-mail with anything, Pray always! God Bless!

- George


SNOW, SNOW, SNOW! That is what I woke up to this morning. The Sotos and El Rayo (Garrett, Abigail and Scarlet) they are so excited that school is cancelled. They have been in and out about three hundred times today, frost bite, numbness in their fingers, red cheeks, soaking wet! But they wouldn't trade it for anything. Now their Dad, on the other hand, needs to relax. It is OK if there is mud, snow, and water everywhere all over my floor. RIGHT!

I remember the very first time I got a ticket to go see Mid-Atlantic Wrestling, I was just as excited as my kids this morning. I carried that ticket with me for two weeks before the event, and was heartbroken when I had to give it to the guy at the Park Center to get in!

I really have always loved what the snow does, it just makes everything look so clean, so fresh, so second chance-ish. See, that is what Jesus is all about, no matter what you or I have done, His Blood will cover us, make us white as snow! You can start all over, yesterday is forgotten with Jesus. What is great is this snow will melt when the sun comes out, out but Jesus will last forever.

Me and the Gateway got to spend the day with Ole Anderson two weeks ago. If I was told as a kid that one day I would be sitting in Ole's living room, I would have never believed it. He treated us so nice. What was funny, I had mailed Ole a Christmas card back before Christmas. He ask me to get his mail out of his mailbox as we stopped to pull in his driveway. Guess what was in his mail box? My dadburn Christmas card! Two weeks late!  Ole looked at me like I was nuts! I still think he thought - that crazy George South just now put that card in my mailbox.

Be looking for my Wahoo tribute show in the next few weeks.  I also have spoken to Superstar Billy Graham, he is doing great and wanted me to tell everyone hello. Please e-mail, call or yell, for ring rentals, youth rallies, whatever you need. God Bless. 

- George




Headed to Seagrove N.C. this past Saturday, this was one wrestling event I became very excited about, I knew the building would be sold out. And I was getting in the ring with the "Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff. But the one thing I couldn't wait for was 8 Time World Heavyweight Champion, NWA World Champion Harley Race.

They were having a Fan Fest that afternoon and I hurried up and set up my ring so I could get over to the Days Inn. After 27 years in the wrestling business, I still was as excited as the first time I went to Mid-Atlantic Wrestling. I saw Ricky Morton first, and as I was talking to him in the hallway, I heard that voice, the same voice that had challenged Paul Jones, put a bounty on Ric Flair's head, and now was telling me "Kid , move out of the way!" I hugged Harley, asked how he was, and then sat back as the Fan Fest began.

This time was very special as we all got to go around the room, just telling how much Pro Wrestling had meant to us. Harley shared how he felt like Ole and Gene Anderson were one of the toughest tag teams in the world, Masked Superstar told how he first broke into wrestling, Boogie and Angel lighted up the room with their smiles, and before long, everything was over, another great show by Jerry and Tim.

I now had the pleasure of bringing Harley Race back to Charlotte, to spend the night and catch his early flight out the next morning. He didn't mind waiting on me to take the ring down, as he runs alot of shows in Kansas City. All of the road trips we had taken over the years, but none ever together.

We got into my truck, I offered him a Mountain Dew, put Journey in the CD payer, and became a young kid again. See, running around the yard dressed up like Paul Jones didn't seem so long ago as Harley began to speak. He talked about how he loved wrestling Ric Flair, said Wahoo and Blackjack Mulligan hit him harder than anybody, told me how Jim Crockett Sr. treated him very well. Defending the NWA Title over 300 times a year, how much he missed Rufus R. Jones! He even told me how polite my son George Jr. had been to him that night.

I tried my best to drive as slow as I could, I wanted this to last! Harley asked me several times, "How far did you say Charlotte was?"

Before I knew it, our Mountain Dews were gone, Journey had finished and it was time for me to let Harley get some rest. Walking him into the motel, I was able to tell Harley "Thank you." He said, "For what? I need to thank you for bringing me back." I said, "Harley Race, we may have gotten older, wrestling may have changed, but you are still the NWA World Champion."  He said ''I love ya, kid."

Jesus does hear our prayers..............

See photos of me and Harley and my match with Ivan Koloff with special referee Tommy Young!



Happy New Year! Just those words sound good. If your house is like the ''Charlotte North Headlock Ranch '' then your Christmas tree must still be up. We haven't even thought of taking ours down. I know the 'Soto's and El Rayo keep looking for more presents! But ain't it great that we don't need a tree, or lights or gifts to worship Jesus? If you know Him, everyday is Christmas.
The one thing I really want to do this year, I am really going to try and read my Bible everyday. I mean every day. Now saying that around this crazy place could be as dangerous as getting in the ring with Ole and Gene. We all get busy, but I want to spend time with Jesus every day.

I also want to finish writing my book. I have had this in the works for last 25 years, my problem is, Jesus has let me do so much , I don't want to leave out anything. From wrestling a real bear, to almost asking Ricky Steamboat for a dance (just kidding). (Ricky Steamboat and Jay Youngblood had walked into this club many years ago, and without giving away what happened, I saw 300 men suck in their bellies and grab their dates!) I even snuck in Dallas Cowboys Stadium, even got to ask Roger Staubach so many questions, he finally said ''George, let somebody else talk!"
I am so thankful to Jesus, I love Him so much, the one thing I am doing for sure, I am going to load up my Gateway pal and we are going to hang out with some 'Mid Atlantic Legends. Nobody has really lived unless you have sat on Blackjack Mulligan's back porch and ate big ol hamburgers.
I really enjoyed being on "In Your Head Radio" a few weeks ago, I talked for over two hours. One question I always love to answer, I am always asked, ''Who would I wrestle if I only had one match left?" Without any thought, Brad Armstrong. He just gets it! He can take an old timer like me, and make my stuff look so good. Being in the ring with him, that is all that is ''right'' with pro wrestling.

I want to preach more this year, train more guys, and love on all these kids more than I have ever! Please let me know about ring rentals, youth rallies, or just a prayer. God Bless.

- George




Our Wahoo tribute show is something that I wanted to do last year, just to have people talk about Wahoo, and what he meant to them. I have a good friend Charlie, he is over the Shelby Rec. Center and has been their for years. He told me a story that years ago, after a Jim Crockett show their, he was cleaning up, and went into the bathroom, Wahoo was standing their in front of a mirror, sewing up his own forehead! He had been busted open and was using needle and thread to close the cut!  Wahoo had told Charlie, "Beats going to doctor." That was Chief Wahoo, maybe the toughest man I have ever known.

I remember when I had him sign his NFL rookie card for me, he was so proud of it. Me and Wahoo became good friends over the years, I had him come to a show in Gaffney S.C. once.  I called him and left a message, said how I was building a museum at my house and would love to have maybe an old kneepad from him. I never heard back until that night. It was an outside show. Chief wahoo McDaniel came walking across this field, there was one of his famous headdresses in his hand. He gave it to me, and said, ''hang on to it kid, their ain't many left!" Remember for you Dads, when your first child was born, and the Doctor finally lets you hold it, that was me, I took this gift, this Warrior's present to me, locked it in my trunk, and asked a local police officer to watch it!

Tully Blanchard has said everyone is a wrestler, but Wahoo was a Star. That was so true.

Every year in Lincolnton N.C., I did a fun feast at this church, I mean , we used to have over 1000 kids at this thing. I always brought Wahoo to this show.  Well on one night, I was wrestling Ricky Morton and he told me, "Come with me!" I had no idea what he wanted, the match had just started. Next thing I knew, Ricky had brought me over to Wahoo's table, Chief Wahoo stood up, and gave me one of the greatest chops anyone has ever heard, the place went crazy, over 1000 people chanting "Wahoo, Wahoo, Wahoo!"

All of this means the world to me, but getting to hold that big Indian's hand, praying with him and telling Wahoo how much Jesus loved him will always be my favorite event ever. You see, things change, we all get older, even Pastor Mike Stein, who loved Wahoo as much as I did there at the church in Lincolnton, has passed away. This is why I do the Wahoo show. The Wardance will never die!

God bless,

- George



I want to start this letter off as we end this year by saying thank you to everyone who has contacted me through my site. It is very hard to believe that Christmas is here. By the way, never say or write Merry Xmas, that gets BIG HEAT with me, remember, Christ is the only reason for Christmas!

If you are like me, I am sure their are alot of things we wished we could go back and change or do over, I know that I haven't spent the time with Jesus, as I should! We get so busy sometimes, even doing stuff for Him, that we all forget, to just ''Be Still, And Know He Is God'' May this Christmas be a time, that we all just come back to our '' First Love'', I love Jesus so much, without Him, their is no hope.

Two things that really make me mad. First, what makes these outlaw wrestlers think they can just walk into one of my shows and get to wrestle? I mean, it don't work like that!, Where are these same guys only a few minutes before as I am setting up the ring ? Their isn't one wrestler out there on any shows within 100 miles of Charlotte that I want to use! My students are all I need, they work hard, they hear me yell alot, has anybody ever wondered why I never leave a show with anybody's phone numbers?

Now the second thing, when I run a wrestling show, there are maybe two people I ask to help me, the rest have to BUY A TICKET! I don't understand what people are thinking, nobody gets in FREE! I appreciate all my regulars who always buy tickets, I'm not yelling at you. I'm yelling at people who walk in the back door and think I don't notice them. Do people think there is no rent, no guys to pay? And STAY OUT OF MY OFFICE, TOO! Man, this new year is going to be different! I know it looks like the Grinch wrote this, and I may be the only one at my shows, but it won't matter, nobody buys a ticket anyway!

Thanks to you special people who do things for me and you buy a ticket too, you know who you are, from my website, to helping with the door, to playing the music and getting the ring jackets back to the dressing room, to those wonderful cold bottles of Mountain Dew.
I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, let me know about ring rentals, youth speaking, what ever I can do.

God Bless, Merry Christmas.


Last night I was able to get the Sotos and El Reyo in the bed before midnight. I fixed myself two of the biggest peanut butter sandwiches ever, I had found my "Best of Mid Atlantic Wrestling" show from 1978, this was my favorite time to love wrestling. And after only five minutes, I remembered why! Ricky Steamboat is the greatest babyface wrestler of all time. Period. Having Ric Flair challenge him right there on TV for the U.S. belt. I forgot that I had watched it about a thousand times, and I had to sit up from the couch, I was yelling at 2 a.m. in the morning. What a special time.

Paul Jones had just turned also on Steamboat, Paul will always be my favorite wrestler, I remember when he turned Bad, I thought as a kid, I had to be mean to everyone now, cause see, Paul Jones was! To hear Bob Caudle's voice again, Blackjack Mulligan was Wrestling John Studd, what interviews, Blackjack told John Studd, there is only room for one big man!
I hope we all remember what we have to be thankful for. I Love Jesus so much. I had a man tell me today that he thought his father was in heaven because he never said a cuss word. Listen to me, It aint got nothing to do with cussing or not. Jesus said, I am the only way, believe He is who he says He is. Period!

We all have so much to share, please let me know if I can rent my ring, speak to youth, even yell at some wrestlers that don't know what they are doing. Just let me know.
God Bless, Happy Thanksgiving.



As I write this, I am sitting here with all the windows open, My Sotos and El Reyo are playing in the front yard. You can tell my house, there is no grass growing there. They have killed it all. It does look like I live in a desert sometimes.

The wind can blow through this window and for a moment, I lose my breath. I can think of Paul Jones, Wahoo, Blackjack, just hearing the crowd when Ricky Steamboat came to the ring. All of this comes back to me. I am getting older and I wish I could walk up to the ring one more time and see Ole and Gene locking up with Mr. Wrestling. Things are so different now, kids don't know how to "Dream", they just try and figure things out. Maybe Jesus don't want us to figure things out, maybe we are to just trust Him and dream of taking one of Brad Armstrong's dropkicks or Blackjacks claw. Yep, that's what I will do till I go home to see Jesus, I can see Wahoo going into his war dance now.

Till next month, please write or call about anything, ring rentals, youth speaking, anything.
God Bless,


Birthdays: Oct. 1 Hector Guerrero Oct. 3 Bob Armstrong Oct. 6 Krusher Krushev '' Barry Darsow '' Oct. 9 Eddie Guerrero Oct.10 Thunderfoot 2 Oct. 11 Sam Houston Oct. 12 dusty Rhodes Oct. 14 dan Spivey Oct. 20 Scott Hall The Amercian Starrship ! Oct. 24 Italian Stallion Oct. 28 Les Thatcher Oct. 22 Bill Apter


Were did our summer go? How fast time passes by when the kids are out of school. So often I am asked why it takes me so long to call folks back, well here is the answer: for almost 27 years, I have never been under contract with any wrestling promoter, have never had an agent, heck, never even had a ring crew. So what all this means is, I do it all. I book my towns, train my guys, hang posters, drive ring truck, set up ring, wrestle, do a lot of yelling, take ring down, get home about three in morning.

Now, with school starting, your former EWA world champ has to take the '' Soto's and El Reyo to school. Well, today around 9 AM, I was able to do something I had been wanting to do for weeks. I called Ole Anderson. Yes, you read that right, Ole Anderson.

I wish everyone could have that chance. He still loves talking about wrestling, no matter who starts, we always end up talking about him and Gene vs. Wahoo and Paul. I have never understood the folks that cant get along with Ole, I have worked for him, been around him since my third week in the business. I wished their were more like him. He told me today that I talked more than he did! He has always spoke his mind, and has even let me speak mine, the look on his face when I told him I wanted to be an Anderson was priceless. In a way I think he was excited to hear we are doing our third Anderson Brothers tournament in a few months.

I told him today that I had been praying for him, we said goodbye and after hanging up, I still cant believe this is the same Ole that threw Wahoo's head into Gene to save the World tag belts. See, Jesus lets the smallest things become blessings.

How exciting this Fall is going to be, my Cowboys play soon, cooler weather is coming, me and the Gateway are headed back down to Headlock ranch, and just maybe, I may find time to call some folks back...

Please call me for youth rallies, ring rentals, anything I can do. God Bless.

- George


I have been asked many times over the years, what one thing in the ''George South Wrestling Museum '' means the most to me? Their is Wahoo's headdress that he gave me, a bench from the Dallas Sportatorium, a pair of Wally Dusek's tights from 1950, Paul Jones watch from being Wrestler of the Year in Mid-Atlantic Wrestling, thousands of old wrestling magazines, many old posters from years gone forever, Blackjack Mulligan's own personal wing, with his boots, claw glove, and everything else that great man had, Masked Superstar's boots and mask, many autograph pictures signed to my babies, from Lou Thesz, Gordon Solie, Brian Pillman, Swede Hanson, George ''Two Ton" Harris, even my old NWA Crockett check stubs. Getting Steamboats Gym sign was a big highlight for me.

But almost 30 years ago my wife bought me a Bible, God's precious word. This same Bible has been with me on every road trip, read before every match, been a friend in many old motels , their are notes from all my babies, many pages are torn from reading over and over how Jesus can love me so much. I even have an autographed Paul Jones picture and Mid-Atlantic sticker that I keep in there, my Bible may very well be the greatest gift I have ever gotten.

It will never fade away, this same Book, I have held on to tight during the deaths of my friends, Tim Mr.. wrestling Woods, Nelson Royal, Wahoo, Ray Traylor, Eddie Guerrero, and so many more. See, I love Jesus with all my heart, if you don't have this book, please find and read a Bible.
Let me know about ring rentals, our training school, anything else, god bless!


JULY 2006

I hope everyone is having a great summer. The Sotos and El Reyo have been keeping me busy. Tonight we just got back from a wrestling show at a fair here close to home. I never thought three kids could spend so much money. Garrett is still wired from all the cotton candy he ate.

Now because this is my site, I can say what I want: Some Wrestling Fans Need to GET A LIFE! There was not one fan tonight that knew how to have a good time, all I kept hearing was how fake and how bad wrestling is. ''The ring is padded" they kept saying, even this old lady from a group who was singing later put her two cents in: ''They don't really get hurt ", she said.

Finally, I had enough! Here I was standing with three kids full of junk food, no money left, and I did the best yelling interview that would have made Black Bart proud. I started telling everyone that this old lady and her group lip-synced, that it really wasn't them singing. "Their music ain't even theirs, they sing other peoples songs!" This lady was so mad, I told every kid their, the next fake word I hear, I am shutting down the whole fair grounds. Not that I could, but they sure believed this old wrestler with cotton candy all over his Blackjack Mulligan t shirt.

My point to all this, Pro Wrestling is the toughest thing I have ever done, my body hurts every day. Paul Jones, Superstar, Wahoo, Blackjack, the Armstrongs, Tio Tio, Ole , Gene and Brad Anderson, we all have paid a price. As long as Jesus lets me live, their won't be any old ladies talking about wrestling.

Please let me know what you need , ring rentals, youth rallies, training. Jesus is coming soon, God bless.


JUNE 2006

In just a few days my son Brock will be graduating from high school. It is just so hard to believe, were does time go? Just the other day I was taking him to football practice at the boys club. I remember teaching him to ride his bike, how he ran into everything. His very first touchdown run. and how I ran down the sidelines with him. I remember one game where the referee had ask me to help carry the chains to mark the first downs. I said I would, but if Brock had a good run, the chains are dropped! Well, sure as I said that, Brock had a 45 yard run and I threw down the chains! Their goes Brock, me ,and the referee all running down the sidelines. The referee was so mad, he never asked me to help again.

Just as all things change, the more they stay the same. Brock is now listening to all the great hair bands that I did. He loves KISS, RATT, etc. Man I should have held on to all them old records!
Pro Wrestling has been my life for almost 30 years, it has never gotten old to me. Getting in the ring with the real Masked Superstar (no, you never have to ask!) reminds me of why I am a pro wrestler. He is such a class act. I used the claw on him with the same glove Blackjack Mulligan used nearly 28 years ago. In my own way, I try to make their feud live on through me.
My matches with Brad Armstrong will always be my favorite. There is no better dropkick anywhere, period.

Dick Bourne has created a new t-shirt for me that may rank as one of my all time favorites. I cant wait to get it. "Summertime is for Steamboat and Youngblood" ... need I say more?
This month is also the birthdays of some of the greatest wrestlers ever, Paul Jones and Wahoo McDaniel. Oh, how I wished I could sit ringside one more time.

I Love Jesus with all my heart, all of the above don't matter if we don't know Him as our savior. Please write or call for anything, ring rentals, youth rallies, we do it all.....

God bless!



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