(L) The Freebirds!    (R) Dallas contemplating his run-in.


What a nice surprise at the gym today!


Brian Bosworth's school pictures!


 Lucy and Charlie Brown forgot their football!



My grandson Dallas teaching me how to take "selfies"...what??

I love this boy!!



My beautiful girls allowing me to watch Dallas Cowboys where they work.

(Why do they keep telling me to hold down the noise?)







Abba fishing. Very Bruce Springsteen-ish, boardwalk at New Jersey shore-ish.


Dallas at Heroes Convention. He thinks he's in heaven!!




Me and my baby girl Scarlett. I love her so much!


Garrett, Scarlett, and George Jr.



Holy Birthday Cake, Batman!



Little George and his two beautiful children Makayla and Dallas (Tully and Baby Doll) in Gatlinburg TN


Dallas at first WWE event; Maverick at Halloween


My girls are so beautiful and doing so good! Both working and both have cars now.

I am very proud of them!


Happy Halloween 2013!




George Jr. set national record in his weight class!



I love this boy so much! Thank you, Jesus!



Paw Paw with Tully and Baby Doll



"I'm gone fishin' again....."









Tag Champs Abba and little George


Not sure which one is little George!!





Very Von Erich-ish on the Ranch











Spiderman Visits the South Boys!




Putting up the Christmas Tree at the Headlock Ranch

December 5, 2012








Brock and Amy and Maverick



"Oooooooooooh, what a rush!"




Abigail rattled some cages at the Panthers game.


Garrett and Little George



Tully and Babydoll



Homecoming 2012

Abba, I am so proud of you!








Secret NWA meeting before Cowboys broke my heart.



Little Romo



The Grand Wizard of Wrestling?


I love this little boy.


Very Cool Mountain Dew ice bin!



Spider Boy!

Wish I had this stuff when I was a kid!

Almost Game Time!


My beautiful Sotos: Abigail and Scarlett South - Senior Pictures



Makayla's first day in real school! I can't take it!!




Very Superstar Billy Graham-ish



Me and my babies. Why did they have to grow up??

(But I'm so proud of them.)


Me and Little George with Ted DiBiase!



Yep. It's almost football season!




Brock and Amy


Maverick South.

As Harley Race might say, "the prettiest grandbaby on the face of God's green earth!"


July 2012


Oh my goodness. There just aren't words....

June 2006


Talk about a bear hug! Dallas South

June 2006


Makayla and new teddy Bear. Paw Paw spoils me rotten!

June 2006


At Steak 'n Shake with Dad's book!

June 2006



I love listening to Journey on my iPod!

June 2006




Where did my little baby girls go?

June 2006





How we dress when Mama is home, and how we dress when Mama isn't home.

May 24, 2012


Makayla Graduation. What???

May 24, 2012


J.J. with Tully and Baby Doll

May 2012


Tully and Baby Doll

May 2012


I want more fries!!

May 2012


Makayla's first modeling job.

Oh man, Jesus is so good to me!



Captain America!

May 2012

2 out of 3 Falls!


Maverick South! May 2012







Prom Night 2012


George with "Tully and Babydoll"

April 2012


What happened to my two little girls playing on the

playground at Chick-Fil-A?

Before the Prom, April 2012



"I remember how rough your hand felt on mine on my wedding day
And the tears cried on my shoulder I couldn't turn away
Well so much has happened to me that I don't understand
All I can think of is being five years old following behind you at the beach
Tracing your footprints in the sand
Trying to walk like a man"


- Bruce Springsteen "Walk Like A Man"



Me and the Sotos at R.O.'s BBQ in Gastonia NC

April 2012


I'm not sure, but I think Dallas is getting ready to put the

claw hold on his mother.



Raisin' this youngun' right!  R.O.'s BBQ in Gastonia NC



Just in case you didn't know my name!

April 2012



Holy Bat-Baby, where's my mask?

April 2012



The Big Catch!

April 2012



Dallas on Easter Weekend

April 2012


"This is how Johnny Weaver did it, Paw Paw"

April 2012


The Hawaiian Punch!

April 2012



Bear Buddies


Yep.    Very George South-ish.

March 2012


"Paw Paw bought me a new swimming pool!"


We all love the Cowboys!

Enjoying time with Maverick and Brock


George and grandson Maverick South 3/4/2012



Very Tony Romo-ish on the sidelines after an interception.


World's Prettiest Grandbaby


Tag Team Champions Dallas and Makayla South



Batman & Robin, Feb. 25, 2012


.... and Superdog.



Welcome to the world Maverick Chandler South!

Born February 23, 2012


"In a world so hard and dirty, so fouled and confused,

Looking for a little bit of God's mercy, I found living proof."

- Bruce Springsteen



February 2012

George with Vikings basketball star Scarlett South!

I'm trying to stay positive about my Cowboys, but even at a year old, Dallas Edward knows better!


"No Paw Paw, I'm No. 1!"

Dallas South, December 2011


Santa Claus and his favorite Reindeer

December 11, 2011

Already learned to put on wrist tape. Hasn't mastered lacing up boots yet, still wearing the kind with velcro straps!

Photos from Brock's Wedding


George celebrates his birthday with grandchildren Dallas and Makayla.



George Jr., Garrett (TE), George Sr., and Makayla


Takes a better bump than most outlaw goofs!


Nature Boy?








The Four Horsemen


Dallas in the ring!





Photographs by George South, Jr.


Beach June 2011








Abigail and Jordan, Prom Night



Makayla and Paw Paw at McDonald's


Hurricane Makayla (The Calm After the Storm)


Already got gig marks?


Big mess of brownies!

Photos from March 2011

Photos from the Anderson Brothers Classic 5 Feb. 25, 2011

Photos from the Anderson Brothers Classic 5 Feb. 25, 2011


Me and my grandson Dallas.

Dallas & Scarlett

Me and my grandbabies

Me and the prettiest girls in the world -

Scarlett, George, and Abigail on Valentine's Day, 2011.


Makayla grabs a side headlock on Scarlett



More Family Photos: Click Here!