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MAY 2015

WOW! This year just keeps going by faster and faster. A new month is here for us to try get a few things right this time. One of my favorite Bible verses is "Be strong & courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord God is with you.'' Joshua 1:9 Everything we do, Jesus is with us. We all messed up last month, but that's done. It's time to look ahead. I love this warm weather and summertime is just a few months away.

My beautiful grandbabies spent the day with me Sunday and I didn't want it to end. When I told Makayla how pretty she looked in her new dress, Dallas said, "What about me, Pawpaw??"  Yep, he's a South!!


  • What a great time everyone had at my seventh Anderson Brothers Classic show (ABC7) show in Lincolnton, N.C. My guys worked so hard and having Brad Anderson's son Carter Anderson (Gene Anderson's grandson)  with me made it that much more special. Carter brought his grandfather Gene's famous boots with him which means so much to me. Winning the trophy with Tessa Blanchard and having "Boogie" Jimmy Valiant there with my EWA championship belt and Baby Doll there, too, gave it such a Mid-Atlantic touch. Thanks to "Bullitt" Jake Manning and Caleb Konley for giving us such a good match. I'm so proud of all of them.

  • I really am proud of everyone that helped the EWA raise over $1000 for relay for life in Lincolnton. Pro Wrestling is still the greatest fund raiser for any high school or football team.

  • It was so good to see the Mid-Atlantic Gateway and crew well represented at ABC7. Guys from three different states came in! We even had "cousin Luke" there! Thanks to all those guys for their support (and for taking great pictures!)

  • Be sure to check out all the great pictures from ABC7! You can see them by clicking here.

  • My wrestling school t-shirt is fast becoming one of the best selling t-shirts I have ever had. Thanks again to Tessa for being a big part of that. Every time she wears my t-shirt to the ring, I get 20 or more people wanting one. And NO you goofs, she does not come with it!

  • I spoke to great friends Ivan Koloff, Magnum T.A. and Ricky Steamboat this past weekend. What a great group of guys. We really do have a special friendship that has stood the test of time.


Only three months until pre-season football begins. And then one month later my Cowboys have their first regular season game on Sunday Night Football! Tell the Gateway to warm up the Batcave and get the pizza and chicken wings ready!

The Cowboys drafted cornerback Byron Jones in the first round. He played at Connecticut. WHAT?? They play football in Connecticut?? I want some monster from Alabama or LSU or Nebraska! CONNECTICUT???

So let me get this straight, Dallas signs Greg Hardy for one year, knowing his troubled past. He just now gets suspended for the first 6 games! O.K., glad to see things are back to normal in Big D.

Hey, Tony Romo - -  save me a fishing pole!!


Just in case somebody has landed a space ship here and didn't know, I have written my life story which I am very proud of. ''Dad you don't work, you wrestle'' has sold way better than I could have ever imagined. Thank you great fans for getting it and the wonderful feedback I have received. I knew it would do good, but I also wanted it to do good for Mark James. Can you just imagine putting up with me for a year? Well, Mark did, and we have become the best of friends. Without him, their would not have been a '' 2nd greatest book ever written."

So guess what? Some idiot contacted Mark, not me, this past week, and told him, ''you should write this wrestler's book, I know it will out sell George's.''......WHAT???????? Wrong thing to do, that's like saying your old wrestling territory's wrestling is better than Mark's Memphis wrestling he grew up on. How stupid can people be? Thank you Mark for ''putting that goof'' in the idiot bag for me!



I hope everyone has a great month and if I can rent you a ring, sing Happy Birthday or sell you a great book, just let me know. Jesus loves you so much. I hope you know that. See you at the matches!

- George


APRIL 2015


WOW! Where has this year gone to? This is one of my favorite months. JESUS is alive!!! Because He defeated death, we can, too. To think that I will never die, never be put into the cold ground just gets me all excited. I tell people all the time, Easter changes everything. If the grave still had Jesus, if the stone was not rolled away, then just do what you want, who cares? But He got up, He won, so we can, too. One of my favorite verses is 1 Tim. 1:15 Christ came into the world to save sinners. What better way to begin a new month.


  • Thanks to everyone first for getting my brand new George South wrestling school t-shirt. We sold out in record time and I pick up a new shipment this Friday.

  • My good friend Jeff Clayton of the rock and roll band Antiseen wore his for their big 25th Year Anniversary show last weekend. Now that was cool.

  • I just got the greatest note from my good friend Terry Taylor. He has been such a great friend for many years and what a blessing to hear from him. He still works for the WWE and could probably still out work half of their roster now. He was always one of my favorites to watch in the ring.

  • The AML shows on Sundays in Winston-Salem have been so much fun. I want to thank Tracy, Brian, Tim and Will for letting me be a part of them. With summertime on its way, I have been doing a lot of ring rentals. I have the best ring in pro wrestling and me and my guys can set it up anywhere.

  • My wrestling school has 4 new students since my last letter and a lot of that has to do with Tessa, but all that ends real quick, the first time she gets in the ring with them. I am so proud of her. Magnum T.A. came in and watched her train a few weeks ago. I think I was as nervous as she was.

  • My favorite event of the year is coming up soon, yes Wrestlecade, but also '"ABC7", my Anderson Brothers show. I hope everyone can come out to West Lincolnton High School on April 24. You can get all the details BY CLICKING HERE. Me, Jimmy Valiant, George South, Jr., Tessa Blanchard, and even Mr. Florida in action! Should be fun.


Can you believe it is only a few months away from football season? My Cowboys are taking a chance on Greg Hardy but I think it was a good move. Heck, even Jerry Jones likes to prove everybody wrong anyways!


Yep, let's all hope it was 1985 again, we are in high school listening to Van Halen on our 8 tracks, Mary Lou beside us cruising down the road......! Wait... I know we can't but let's say Van Halen plays their first live concert in years, yes Eddie and David together again, live and free, yes free on T.V.! You don't have to pay parking, buy a ticket or even hold up a lighter! Well, we don't have to pretend....That's what just happened! Now guess what you stupid fans did? Everyone talked about how bad it was! How old they looked and one idiot woman even said "Wolfgang needs to lose weight." WHAT???????? I hate rock and roll fans acting like that as much as I do wrestling fans acting like that! Just shut up and enjoy the moment!!

Whew, now excuse me, Makayla, Dallas, and Maverick as we "Dance the night away!"


 Have a great Easter and if I can beat you up, sell you a great book, or get you to buy supper, just let me know. See you at the matches! God bless you!

- George





Speaking at Bounty Land Baptist Church in Seneca, South Carolina


MARCH 2015

Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. 1 Tim. 1:15 !!!

A brand new month, and a brand new chance to get it right. We all messed up last month but I am so thankful that Jesus don't keep score.

I hope everybody has had enough snow for a while. I love it, but after being snowed in last week in Bluefield WV with the Nature Boy, I can now die a happy man.


  • Big Time Wrestling puts on one great wrestling show. Ricky Steamboat may just be the "prettiest man" I have ever seen! Just first class.

  • I wrestle Jimmy Valiant both nights and it was like a night off. Boogie can still control a crowd better than anyone.

  • I got to see my old friend Mark Canterberry after almost 15 years and it was so special. He thanked me for all I had done for him. We are going to have him at Wrestlecade this year along with Ricky Steamboat.

  • AML continues to run first class shows also in Winston Salem once a month. Me and Tracy Smothers had so much fun in our match last month.

  • My wrestling school t-shirts are all sold out, but we have more ordered. Thanks to everybody that got one. I knew getting Tessa Blanchard to take a picture with one on was a smart idea!

  • We have 30 students now and they all are doing great. I was told my name was mentioned on the ROH PPV last night and I want to thank their announcing crew.

  • Please continue to remember Brad Armstrong's family. They are doing great but I know they appreciate the prayers. Brad was just THE BEST.

Me and Bullitt taking "Dad You Don't Work You Wrestle" TV show on the road!



My Cowboys are taking their own sweet time on the Dez, Murrary drama. Waiting on Romo to get back from the lake. Glad they put the franchise tag on Dez!


So, I get my gimmick table set up, all ready to sale some books. I've got all my Bob Holly figures just were I want them. And here comes the biggest idiot in the world. A grown man, walks up, knocks half my table down, grabs a mask and puts it on in front of his ugly wife. I said, "oh no buddy, that ain't how it works."  He said, "oh we don't get to try them on?" I said, "No, idiot, did you try on your wife before you got her?? BAM!!!!!!!! Shut them up. Folks don't step on Elvis' shoes, and don't mess with my gimmick table!


I hope everybody has a great month and if I can rent you a ring, do a birthday party, or have Makayla and Dallas come by and destroy the place, just let me know! God Bless...See you at the matches!!!

- George





"Who His own self bare our sins in His own body on the tree. - 1 Peter 2:24.

What a great way to begin my new letter. Jesus took every sin to that tree with him. We are forgiven, Jesus is alive, Cowboys are undefeated and everything is going to be o.k.!

I am on my way to my wrestling school now and want to say thank you for everyone that has ordered my new wrestling school t-shirts. I also want to say thank you to Chad at American-Air for getting them done.

I am so proud of my website. I can't believe how long my good friend Dick Bourne at the Mid-Atlantic Gateway has been keeping it updated for me. Time does not stand still, that's for sure.

I spoke to two of my favorite people in the world yesterday, Lori and Jillian, Brad's family and they are doing so good. I am so proud of both of them.


  • Tessa Blanchard continues to show everyone what I knew over a year ago. She is something special.

  • On my way to the gym today I got a great phone call from my good friend "Krusher Krushev" who just wanted to say hello. I was so excited to talk with him. It is friendships like that which make me really miss ''Mid-Atlantic Wrestling''.

  • This month I have two shows with Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat together. Now, I know I am going to heaven when I die, but about a little heaven on earth!

  • Both of my books are doing great and last weekend at the "AML" shows in Winston-Salem I sold over 4 books. It is always a blessing when somebody comes up to me at the shows and gives me a great review.

  • Come out to a show this month and say hello. I'll be at my table with my books and lots of wrestling stuff to buy. Here is a list of most of the places where I'll be this month: Appearances and Events



Romo already fishing, but I can't wait to see if my Cowboys keep Dez and Murray. Yeah, I watched the Super Bowl, and still can't believe the Seahawks passed! Now, was that football deflated?


My Seagrove Supershow this past Saturday was a huge success. We raised money for the knockouts softball team. But wait!! You know, everything in the world has an ''intermission''. Movies, football games, and even a high school dance. So my ring announcer in Seagrove announces "15 minute intermission'', and half the bleachers start leaving because they think the show is over! I'm sorry, but all of you are idiots! Aaaaaaaaaah, everybody was freaking out like it was my fault! So, I saved the day. I got on the microphone and said, listen stupid people, the show is not over! Yep, things are so bad going to have to tell people what goes on at a wrestling match.


My birthday party shows have already began with two next month. Summertime is almost here. My grandbabies are all growing, keeping me broke and I would not trade it for anything. Jesus has blessed me with way more than this ol' wrestler deserves.

Have a great month, wish my son Brock a Happy Birthday if you run into him, and give me a call if you need a great book. God Bless........

- George




HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Going forward and forgetting the past. One of my favorite Bible verses for the new year is this: ''Behold I make all things new'' Rev. 21:5. What a great time to start over. Nobody has messed up last year more than me. But' Jesus knows my name, He loves me and has given me a brand new year to start over. I am so thankful that Jesus has blessed me with another year of life.

I was in 'Bojs' today and not that i was checking up on people, but it really shocked me the people that sat down to eat and did not say a blessing before they ate!! Now, don't worry I didn't go over to them and ask them 'why not?' But it was just sad. God has given me everything I have and the least I can do is say thank you.

My grandbaBys had a great Christmas and I have missed my lunch dates with them as their school has been on break. We start back in a few days so I'm sure Makayla will put her "bluetooth laptop" down long enough to eat with me.


  • I heard from Paul Jones, Jimmy Valiant, Terry Taylor, Ricky Steamboat and Lori and Jillian (Brad Armstrong's beautiful family) over Christmas and they all are doing great.

  • I am so proud of my DYDWYW greatest T.V. show on the computer as me and Bullett just past our 100th episode. We sold 4 books just last Tuesday before training and I was so thankful. People always ask me "What's your show about''? And my answer is always the same - -Nothing!!

  • My pro wrestling school has over 30 students now, about half of them seen in the picture above. We are always looking for more! It really is the best wrestling school in the world. Tessa Blanchard is doing so great. She and her dad recently made a appearance together and I know how excited she was.

  • I heard also from Ricky Steamboat Jr. yesterday and he is doing great. I have so many former students that I love and miss so much.

  • Come out to a show this month and say hello. I'll be at my table with my books and lots of wrestling stuff to buy. Here is a list of most of the places where I'll be this month: Appearances and Events


My Dallas Cowboys have a playoff game in a few days and it has been so much fun.

I went to watch one of their games last week and as I was leaving after their victory against the Redskins (can I still call them that?), the lady told me that a couple from Texas had paid for my meal!


YES, Christmas time, my favorite. I have my kids, my grandbabys and Wahoos Headdress enjoying ''Journeys Christmas CD'', and this idiot calls me 15 times about my wrestling school. I mean all on the same day! But of course I don't answer, or reply. (Dont act surprised). Finally after Makayla asks, "Paw Paw, should I get that?", I talked to the goof and just to get rid of him, I say "my school cost $1000 up front", just knowing he would pass out from shock. But no, this goof says........"WELL YOUR WEBSITE SAYS IT COST THIS MUCH''! WHAT???????????AAAAAAAAAAAH!!! The goof had already found all the answers, heck he was even telling me things I didn't even know about my own wrestling school. So why did the goof need me?????? Whew, Dallas, paw paw needs a hug.

I hope everyone has the best year of their life, just keep praying. Buy my great book and that should help!

God Bless!

- George


"Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel.'' (Matthew 1:23) MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone. This is my favorite time of the year. Yes, I did say Christmas, so I guess I offended somebody, but who cares, its my web site!

Please pray for those who may not have anyone this Christmas. My church is really reaching out this year to those who just may be hurting. If you can buy a toy, cook a meal or just go an visit somebody, it will be you that gets the blessing.

My grandbabies are so excited about Christmas this year. Ain't it funny how all they care about are the smallest things? Maybe us adults can learn something. The greatest gift I ever received is "that sweet baby born in a barn." He grew up for one reason, to do whatever it took to save me! But, of course my '' Big JIM'' action figure was pretty cool, too!



With Jackie and Bob Caudle. Bob was the voice of my youth!

"Hi, wrestling fans, welcome to another exciting hour of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling!"

"That'll do it for this week fans. We'll see you next week and until then, so long for now."


WOW, did this year go by faster than Todd Champion running the ropes, or what? Wrestlecade also has passed by, but what an event. We had over 130 pro wrestlers under one roof, and nobody died! It was so great to see Bob Caudle, Black Bart, Ron Bass, and so many of my friends. Tommy Young also refereed a match and I swear, he looks the same as he did 30 years ago. Over 3000 fans came through those doors and a lot of money was raised for Christmas Toy Fund. Just wait, next year will be even bigger!

Thanks to everyone that has ordered the world's 2nd greatest book, ''Dad you don't work, you wrestle'' for Christmas gifts. I am still so thankful to Mark James for all he did for me.

Come out to a show this month and say hello. I'll be at my table with my books and lots of wrestling stuff to buy. Here is a list of most of the places where I'll be this month: Appearances and Events


Oh, don't worry I ate fast on Thanksgiving! Whew, to think they play the Eagles again in a week! I can't believe hw fast this season has flown by.


What is it about "Merry Christmas" that gets some people so up tight? I mean really, a guy leaving the gym today, said "Happy Holidays!" Why is everything so hard now? Remember in school when it was ''Christmas Break''? Well now they can't call it that! WHAT?????????? Yep, that's right, poor kids don't even know why they're getting out of school for a week around Christmas. Well, it will always be Merry Christmas to me, just glad I got out of school when I did. Happy Hannuak is just to hard to spell!

Me and the book want to wish everyone a ''Merry Christmas'' and please, remember the reason for the season. And if you need a ring, want to be a pro wrestler or have a Christmas present for me, just let me know! God Bless!

- George




"As for me, I call to God, and he saves me.'' Psalm 55:16. WOW and WOW, were did the year go? Yep, I know I am late with my letter for this month but man, that election mess shut down the "batcave" for a few days. The time has changed. Why, I have no idea. Some outlaw wrestler must have come up with it but as it gets colder, I want to remind everyone to get involved with the local men's shelter in their town. It doesn't take much to help out those men. A old preacher friend of mine used to say, "we are all just one pay check away from needing help ourselves''.

My twins are so excited about Christmas being just a month away. I bet the tree will be up this week! My beautiful grandbabies are doing great. Dallas now has lunch at his school after Makayla and I make both of them. "So what", you may ask? Two different schools across town from each other. God is so good and gets me to both.

I try to always be thankful every month but this month is real special. Jesus has been so good to me. What I am most thankful for, is that a sinner like me can be cleaned up, and have his name written in heaven!



  • I just got Ricky Steamboat to take a picture with the 2nd greatest book ever written and what a class guy. He may just be one of my all-time favorite people.

  • I spoke to Ronnie Garvin who just returned from a hunting trip. And I also spoke to Bill Eadie this week. Those guys were a big part of my career when I started and I make sure I thank them when I can.

  • Everyone is talking about the "greatest show of a lifetime" in just a few weeks: WRESTLECADE! I have never seen anything like this. What a great fan fest and show for all wrestling fans. I always have my favorites that I haven't seen in years. It's just a blessing to be part of it.

  • Come out to a show this month and say hello. I'll be at my table with my books and lots of wrestling stuff to buy. Here is a list of most of the places where I'll be in November: Appearances and Events


OK NFL, why cant the football season be just 6 games? Hahaha , my Cowboys were looking so good. Don't think we can blame the last two games on Jessica!!


Well, let see. You work on a show for 6 months, book a ring, a steel cage and 15 guys. You pay for the posters after confirming the wrestlers, which means nothing to the wrestlers that you just confirmed. You agree on the money, get to the building, do all the work, put the wrestlers up in a nice motel, they eat steak...yes I said steak...while I get a hamburger with my carnys. They sell their gimmicks for two days. And then and while their music is playing to go to the ring, they refuse to go! Yes, they just get undressed and leave! Anybody that books a "wrestler" for a wrestling show is an idiot!! Just almost got it figured out how to do a wrestling show, without wrestlers!!!!!

Have a great Thanksgiving and if there is any turkey left over, please bring me some. Jesus loves you so much and wants to be a friend, ask him and see what happens. Ring rentals, birthday parties or piledrivers, I do it all!

Happy Thanksgiving! God bless.

- George




"Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners." 1 Tim. 1:15

This is a great way to begin my new letter as we head into a new month. I can't believe this year is almost over. My son Brock who loves Christmas-time has already let me know that Wal-Mart didn't waste anytime with the Christmas tree and lights displays. I had a great birthday last month and thank everyone for the cards and phone calls. My beautiful twins got me a new Cowboys jersey and I love it. I also want to say thank you to Pastor Derik and his family for showing me so much love on my recent trip to Michigan. It was a great 3 days and getting to pray and speak to the high school  football team before their big rival game will always be one of my favorite moments and memories. We had over 1000 fans come to our wrestling event and over 200 came forward to turn their lives over to Jesus. (See photos here.) I am just so thankful for the wonderful people that Jesus has brought into my life. It really is amazing how you can meet people for the first time and feel like you have known them forever!


  • I just got back from Clayton, N.C. last weekend and got to see some old friends, Justin Credible and Jackie Crockett. They both are doing great and it was good to get caught up. Justin is a huge Mid-Atlantic wrestling fan from years ago and with Jackie telling old Wahoo stories, it was a wonderful night.

  • I got to speak to WCW manager Sonny Ono for a few minutes and he told me a great story, how when Kodak films contacted WCW and wanted to give them $100,000 if they would let him use their film on t.v. with the camera gimmick he was doing! Guess what? WCW said no! Yep, and we wonder what happened to WCW?

  • My pro wrestling school has over 30 students now. I am so thankful! A new kid came to me last night, the first time he fell back, he yelled out a big cuss word.  We all laughed, oh right, it doesn't hurt!

  • Tessa Blanchard continues to work harder than anyone and getting to see Magnum T.A. when he is able to drop in and watch her training is such a honor. Thanks to  good ol' J.R. Jim Ross for mentioning me on his podcast interview with Magnum when they were talking about Tessa and her training. "George South is a great fundamental teacher," J.R. said. I was very honored to be recognized by him in that small way.

  • My two greatest books ever written ("Dad You Don't Work, You Wrestle" and "The Last Rassler") are doing so well at the gimmick table. An old friend Danny Jenkins from my old neighborhood just got him copy and I cant wait to hear what he thinks.


I am so excited about my Dallas Cowboys doing so good for a change. It does make everything so much better when they win. Tony Romo has cut back on the prozac and fishing and seems to have calmed down! Maybe he stepped up the prozac, is that how that works? Heck I don't know. And  Demarco Murray is unbelievable! They are even talking about him for NFL MVP this early. Of course this time next month I may have a few Romo jerseys up on eBay! So stay tuned! Thanks to Mid-Atlantic Gateway's NFL Sunday Ticket and Westwood One Division for keeping me up to date on Cowboy's games on Sundays when I'm appearing at churches!


Please keep me in your prayers folks as I keep on keeping on! Jesus is coming back very soon and I have so much to do for Him. If  DYDWYW can rent you a ring, sell you a book or punch you in the head, like this goof I'm fixin' to write about, just let me know! God Bless see you next month.


OK, here goes - - and warning - - the "Idiot Bag" on my top rated internety TV show with Bullitt Jake Manning is sure starting to get full!


 FACEBOOK. Yes, it is of the devil! I say that jokingly, but sometimes the devil works through it. Anybody that knows me understands that I am not going to accept someone on Facebook just because they ask me to. That's one of the things wrong with Facebook to begin with! I could be wrong here, but ain't that why its called MY Facebook? It's MY Facebook page! I don't have to accept you as a friend! You don't have to accept me! This idiot .... not a goof, mind you ..... but an IDIOT named JEFF SMITH sent me a friend request. I did not accept it. I don't have to. I don't even know him. Well this idiot writes me, cussing and calling me names, at 7 a.m. in the morning because I didn't accept him. Then he writes my son, cussing him and even ask my son to tell me I sucked. What a idiot JEFF SMITH is. After cussing my son, he then sends HIM a friend request WHAT???? Guess what my son did? Yeah, Jeff you idiot, it may be a game to you, but to my crazy wrestling friends, it's not! Get a life, goof!!!!


Whew! That feels better. Please keep me in your prayers folks as I keep on keeping on! Jesus is coming back very soon and I have so much to do for Him. If  DYDWYW can rent you a ring, sell you a book, or punch you in the head (like this goof I just wrote about) just let me know! God Bless you and see you next month.

 Now, what time is Sunday's Cowboys game? I gotta get my popcorn ready.

- George



HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! To me and Little George!!! This is my favorite month. I will be 52 years old and I want to say thank you to JESUS for all He has done for me. Without Him, I would be nothing. He has blessed me with so many great friends and the greatest kids and grandbabies in the world. I have been able to do something I love for almost 40 years. The first time I saw Wahoo and Paul wrestle the Anderson Brothers, I knew that was what I wanted to be!

This year has gone by so fast. Garrett, my beautiful son, is in the 10th grade this year. I am so very proud of him. Please continue to keep Lori and Jillian James on your prayer list. Brad's family is doing so good and I love them so much. I still haven't gotten over what Andy McDaniel did for me a couple weeks ago. That belt he gave me is one of my most cherished gifts.


  • Speaking of belts....a big congrats goes out to Tessa Blanchard on winning the EWA world heavyweight title. She has worked so hard and I am so proud of her. Can you imagine the pressure that young lady is under? To have me, her dad and Magnum T.A. watching her! She has handled it with great class.

  • My training school has over 30 students now and there is talk of having to look for another building. God has blessed me with legends that I have learned from and been able to pass on to my students.

  • The EWA had over 500 people at our annual "Pastor Jim's" get-together at his church in Summerville, SC last weekend. It was so great to see Del Wilkes, the one and only original Patriot, and his wife again. They are wonderful Christian people who I count as a blessing to know.

  • Wrestlecade will be here before you know it. I am very excited about seeing Buddy Landel again. We spoke this week and he can't wait to see his Mid-Atlantic fans again.

  • My 2nd and 3rd greatest books ever written continue to do so well. Thank everyone that has let me know how much they enjoyed them.


Just a few short days away from my Cowboys' first game. I know we didn't win a preseason game, but its a new day now. Everybody is undefeated now!! Get your popcorn ready! Get the Batcave ready! Romo, get the fishing pole put up! It's game time!!!


If I would have known that putting my EWA world title on Tessa was going to get this many idiots talking, I would have done it months ago. I hate wrestlers! Or, should I say, I hate the ones that wrestle one day a month and call themselves wrestlers. They are idiots. They wrestle 10 minutes from their house in front of a few family members and think they have a right to an opinion on what I'm doing. What I don't understand is everybody knows were I am going to be; it's no secret, it's posted right here on the greatest website in the world. Why do these idiots get on stupid Facebook and say something? Not one of you goofs have ever come up to me and said to my face what you say on Facebook. I sure miss those days when I worked for Jim Crockett, we all took care of each other. Of course all you idiots won't understand, you and YOUR 5 cage match promotion never did!


If I can rent you a ring, train you, or sell you a book, just let me know. Headed to eat lunch with my pretty grandbaby Makayla. God Bless and see you at the matches!

- George





WOW, I sure am glad JESUS ain't as rough and as unforgiving as you wrestling fans. I know, I know.... my website update is a few days late, but relax people. Believe it or not, sometimes more important things happen.  Just in case a space ship has landed on earth and someone may not know how I feel, I LOVE JESUS with all my heart. I really do. He gave everything He had for me. If I was the only one, He would have still died on that tree. Just amazing!

What a great surprise this past weekend in Charlotte at the University Place Hilton when my friend Andy McDaniel who lives in Arizona presented me with a special championship belt that commemorated my wrestling career. It was beautiful! So many of my friends were there, including Mike Mooneyham and a bunch of the Mid-Atlantic Mafia. It was great seeing everyone. Thank you Andy for this great recognition, it means so much to me. I've shown the belt to so many people, all my guys love it. It's just so special. See more photos by clicking here.)

Where has this year gone? Makayla told me this week, Paw Paw, Christmas is only a few months away! I have been so busy this past month trying to get caught up with my 2 ''greatest books" ever written orders. I really do try and get them mailed out as soon as I can. This goof had bought one of my books off my website last month and after only a week, he got on Facebook and asked, ''Has anybody else had a problem getting their book from George South''!!!! WHAT????


  • My training school has over 30 students now and I am so proud of all of my kids. They work so hard for me every week. Tessa Blanchard continues to work so hard. Imagine the pressure on her when she has me, Tully, and Magnum T. A. watching how she is doing.

  • Check out the "third greatest book ever written" The Last Rassler, a collection of stories about my adventures with my friend Dick Bourne as we hit the road to visit Paul Jones, Blackjack Mulligan, Ole Anderson and many others. Plus a tribute to Brad Armstrong. You can order it online right here: The Last Rassler Online. You can also get one from me at any of my shows or anywhere I am appearing.

  • A friend told me that Jerry Brisco and Paul Orndorff watched her this past weekend and had great things to say to her. They told her that she is doing great and to tell me hello.

  • Check out my new belt! A gift from Andy McDaniel presented to me recently in Charlotte. (Thanks to Peggy Lathan for the photo!)

  • I spoke to Ronnie Garvin, who now lives in West Virginia on top of a mountain and he continues to wrestle and still loves the fans. Ronnie was always one of the toughest men I have ever been in the ring with.

  • This month I will also be using Del Wikes, The Patriot, at some of my shows. Yes, he is the real one. We spoke this week about how upsetting it is to see someone use his picture on a poster but its not him.

Tony Romeo is just about done fishing, my Cowboys first preseason game is this Thursday night. I read this week were Jerry Jones has sent out ''Super Bowl'' letters already to season ticket holders. Uh oh, this can't be good! So get your popcorn ready, me and Gateway looking for new secret Batcave!

So last week at my training school, we had over 25 people show up for class. When we got done, I had a great picture of all of us taken. On my Facebook page that night, I posted the picture and these words: "George South training school SOLD OUT''. ( Like who really listens to what I say anyway, right?). The next day, a GOOF calls me, says "Dang, brother, I really wanted to sign up and give you some money, but I see where your school is sold out." WHAT?????? @goofs money spends to!

Please begin praying for a huge show I have next month in Bridgman Mich. We are working with over 5 churches in that area for a huge outreach. God is so good. If I can rent you a ring, train you to be a wrestler or just sell you a great book or two......let me know. God Bless! And don't forget next month is my birthday!!!

- George



JULY 2014


With Lori and Jillian (Brad's family) at 2nd Annual Brad Armstrong tribute show in Knoxville TN 7/13/14

"Winning isn't everything, but wanting to is."

What a great way to start off my new letter and a new month. Summertime is here folks. I still get excited thinking back when I was a young "Paul Jones", and school would let out for summer. That's when I would go on the road (walk to a friends house) and defend my homemade U.S. heavyweight title. Oh, life was so good! Jesus has been so good to me and watched over me during some of the dumbest times of my life. As I think back, the one thing that has never left me, was Jesus. Have you ever accepted Him as your personal savior? I spoke with a guy this week who said that he believes if you are a good person, you will get into heaven. I told him, heck,  that ain't even enough to get you into my house! Folks it ain't based on anything but the blood of Jesus. If you are covered by that "precious blood" then you have a place in heaven. So simple that even this hard headed wrestler gets it.

My grandbaby Maverick got his first haircut last month. Bock told me at a recent wedding of one of his best friends that Maverick and Dallas were the only two kids throwing rocks. Yep, just hard to hold the South boys back!


  • My 2nd and 3rd greatest books ever written are doing so good. Thank everyone this past weekend in High Point, N.C. who not only bought a copy (sold 5) but also those who come up to my gimmick table and tell me how much they have enjoyed reading them. "Dad You Don't Work, You Wrestle" and "The Last Rassler" are on sale wherever you can find me! Or buy them online at the links above.

  • I now have a new page on Facebook that covers my pro wrestling school. I know, how many pages can one guy have? Please go to it and ''LIKE'' it if you get the chance. It has been up only 2 days and already has 323 likes!

  • Tessa Blanchard and I were guests on Bill Apter's podcast this past Tuesday night. It was great to talk with Bill and introduce the world to Tessa. I am so very proud of her. Me and Magnum T.A. were there to watch her first match and she did great.

  • I got to do a show with "Wildfire" Tommy Rich last week and talking with him about Harley Race was such a blessing. For all you ''marks'' out there that may have heard as I did, that Tommy didn't know he was going to win the NWA world belt that night - - wrong! Tommy buried that so fast, said of course he knew!

  • Wrestlecade is fast becoming the biggest wrestling event I have ever been a part of. Just such a blessing to be on the same page with folks that understand how to talk to people. It's Saturday November 29 in Winston-Salem. This year's events will once again feature stars from the WWE, WWF, WCW, nWo, TNA, ROH, SMW and the AWA as well as some of your favorites from the glory days of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling and the NWA.

  • I want to say how great is was to hear about my good friend Bob Cook, getting back into the ring again in Florida this weekend. Bob is one of the best and should be in a wrestling ring.

  • My wrestling canvas business is also doing unbelievable sales over the summer. I can beat anybody's price on any size. One goof from Tennessee said I was too high, and that he could get one for 50 bucks. I wonder what Wal-Mart he gets his shower curtains from?



Tony Romo only has about 70 more days to fish before the season starts! I can't wait. DYDWYW and Mid-Atlantic Gateway got to find a new Batcave. We still miss Smoky Bones! Why do things have to change? My Cowboys' first game is going to be on DYDWYW's birthday. Just sayin'!!

Ok, get your popcorn and Mountain Dew favorite part is next!


This one will be short but to the point. I got Makayla going into Mickey D's to get our chicken mcnuggetts and she gets hot at Paw Paw if I share her time with anybody.

Are people stupid or what? I could write a book on just stories from my gimmick table. A goof walks up and asks me 300 questions about my book, tells me how bad he has wanted one and would I sign it for him. After saying yes and answering all the idiot's questions, when I tell him how much, he says "I AIN'T GOT ANY MONEY!" WHAT???????? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


If I can rent you a wrestling ring, do a birthday party, babysit your kids, train you to be a wrestler or sell you a book, just let me know. God Bless and see you at the matches! 


- George






JUNE 2014


NEW EWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion Zane Dawson!

Zane won a 20 man over-the-top battle royal to win the vacated championship!

EWA Jr. Title History


JOHN 3:16 - FOR GOD SO LOVED ''GEORGE SOUTH'', THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY SON........!!!!!! WOW! What a great way to start off my new letter. Yes, I know I'm a few days late. Regardless of what my great books says, Dad does work!! I am so thankful for all Jesus is doing in my life. I have messed up so many times, in the ring, heck in life as a dad, but JESUS never throws us away!

I am so excited this month to talk about the 3rd greatest book ever written.  Yes the 3rd greatest book! You know the first two!! It is so special to me. You know the first two!! My best friend Dick Bourne has done it again. Maybe his finest work. "The Last Rassler" is just a fun book about some of the great wrestlers and places we have shared together. The dedication page is my favorite. Can't wait for my friends Lori and Jillian to see it. Something special in there for them. The Sotos like the chapter dedicated just ot them! Yeah, he's written classics like "Ten Pounds of Gold" and "Big Gold" and even "Minnesota Wrecking Crew", but this is his best, because after all it is the 3rd greatest book ever written! You can order yours right here: The Last Rassler.

Today, I had my last 1st grade lunch with Makayla. She will be a 2nd grader in a few weeks , and it breaks my heart. Please pray for Paw Paw, as she told me today "she has tan lines''.....!!!!  WHAT????

Dallas got to go fishing for the first time and I just know Wahoo would be so proud.


I got to share with Chavo Guerrerro Jr. this past weekend "Dad you don't work, you wrestle'', and we talked about how much Eddie meant to me. I have been able to share with these legends or somebody in their family, through my much these guys meant to me. I will never forget when Big Bubba's wife saw it for the first time. I can never thank Mark James enough.

 Talking about a starting line up, how bout Boogie, Rock & Roll, Barbarian, Ted DiBasie, and the Hardy Boys all on one show? What a great time this past Sunday in Hickory. I finally got to share my great book with Jeff Hardy. He thanked me for all I had done for him and Matt.

Tessa Blanchard is fast becoming one of the fastest learners I have ever had in my wrestling school. She has worked so hard. Magnum T.A. has came by several times to watch her train. What a class act he is. He told her, she is just where she needs to be training!

I will be attending the Brad Armstrong 2 tribute show in a few weeks. Terry Landel there in Tennessee does such a great job with this show. 

Remember, if you want to be a pro wrestler, get trained by a pro. My school is the best around!!!!


 Dallas Cowboys.....  Oh man, this can't be good......Shawn Lee out for the season. WHAT????? But, wait, the biggest save since Steamboat saved Youngblood could happen. The Cowboys have talked to big #54 Brian Urlacher! Dick Bourne's heart just about stopped! But I think Jerry Jones is going to short-arm the tag! Meanwhile, Romo is back fishing!


Thanks to everybody that has got my great book, called me, or texted about my wrestling school. I still have a mess of ring canvas for sale. God Bless and excuse me why I yell at somebody next!


There are so many idiots that I meet on the road, maybe one day me and Dick Bourne may do a book on them. This past Sunday in Hickory N.C., can you imagine 400 people all trying to meet you and all the wrestlers I told ya'll about in my letter. Our tables are all beside each other, we only have a small amount of time to make our money. This goof walks up to another wrester, not me, in front of all these tables and says "Hey George South! Your cousin says hey!" That wrestler says "I'm not George," and points to me and says "That's George." The goof never pauses, turns to me same expression and says "Hey George South, your cousin says hey!" WHAT?????? I said, "You goof, you don't even know who I am!" So this guy goes home, gets on his mom's computer and writes me an ugly note saying how I'm supposed to be a Christian.  WHAT?????? Do you goofs think a Christian can't spot an idiot when he sees one? And you want to know the best part? I had no idea who the other goof (supposed to be my cousin) was! Aaaaaaaah have a nice day!!!!!

- George



MAY 2014 

Christ died for our sins.... 1 Cor, 15:3 BOOM!! What better way to start off a new month than to tell you folks this. Jesus has took care of it all. It doesn't matter what you have done, or what you hadn't done. GOD LOVES YOU. I was 13 years old before I ever heard that. It is the greatest news that anyone could hear today.

Oh summertime is so close. I cant believe that MAY is here already. Garrett told me today that he only has a few weeks left of school and it stopped me in my tracks. He will be driving soon and that really makes me ask, "Where does the time go?"

My own ''Soto twins'' are as beautiful as ever and working all the time. I had lunch with Makayla today and those cookies she talks me into buying are the best investment I ever made!


  • I will be leaving in the morning for the Strawberry Festival in Ft. Mill, S.C. for a huge two day wrestling event. Last year over 20,000 people came through and they are saying it may double this year. I sure am glad I just got a brand new case of "Dad You Don't Work You Wrestle" in this week. I want to say thank you to everyone that bought my 2nd greatest book ever written last month. I am so proud of it. I got a great review this week on me and Bullitt's long running T.V. show with the same name. Can you believe we are over 70 shows already? Poor Bullett!!!!!

  • Wrestlecade continues to become the greatest ''fanfest'' and wrestling show that has ever been around here. They just signed my old friend Sam Houston who I haven't seen in 20 years. Wrestlecade already has over 100 wrestlers signed to appear.

  • My student Jason Jones, who has become Harley Race's number one guy, called me this week to say hello. I am so proud of him. We both are working on getting me out there to hold a one day training camp at Harley's wrestling school near St. Louis.

  • I got to also see Meng this past Saturday in Gastonia, N.C. and it was such a blessing. Meng is a very strong Christian and we always enjoy talking about both our favorite topics - -JESUS! I was very proud of two of my students who had to wrestle Meng and Barbarian that night and had a heck of a match.

  • My pro wrestling school may soon be having another night during the week to train. We have grown so much that the ring is very crowded on Tuesday nights.

  • Tully Blanchard's daughter Tessa is doing so good. I am very proud of her.

  • I have the best wrestling ring of all time that i rent out for shows, birthday parties or just to let the kids powerbomb each other! (haha)

Abagail with her Dad's brand new Collectable Card!

Tony Romo has begun throwing the football so it won't be long now! The NFL draft is next week as I write this. I'm sure I'll have something to say about their choice next month! The schedule has been released and we're already planning our first big game at the Batcave. Still can't get over Smokey Bones closing.


Keep praying folks, its the strongest weapon we got. If I can babysit, cut your grass, or hit you in the head with a metal chair, just let me know.

OK, get your popcorn ready, pour a big glass of milk and make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I'm getting ready for my favorite part - - -


O.K., now everybody write down a list of my friends, my brothers in pro wrestling who have all passed away over the last few years. Without any regard for me, their families or their kids, lets just say ''they all died from drug use!." WHAT????? You may say, who would do such a thing? Without any research at all that is what was done. Yep, newswoman Nancy Goof did just that. That list was so wrong that it upset a lot of people. My good friend from my Kansas City days, D.J. Peterson passed away from a motorcycle crash ''Nancy Goof'', not drugs! Yep, believe everything the news says!



Oh my head hurts. Need Mountain Dew and Sonic ice and a box of Chicken Coop bad. God Bless, talk to you next month!

- George 


APRIL 2014 


JESUS is alive folks. The grave is empty and we have something to yell about! Do you know that everybody will live forever? Yep, in one of two places. Something to think about.

My prettiest grandbabies of all time are doing so good. I wouldn't trade my 1st grade lunches with Makayla for anything in this world!


  • I am so ready for summertime. What a great month of wrestling shows coming up this month. What I love with the warmer weather is the outside shows that we are able to do. it is so GreatAmericanBashish! We have the Strawberry Festival coming up in Fort Mill, S.C. next month, and last year they had over 50,000 people attend. My good friends, the Rock & Roll Express have already agreed to help out.

  • I want to say a big thank you to everyone, that took part in my latest video project, the "S Files"! We have received such great feedback from all the fans. One thing I will never do is let the wrestling fans forget all the legends that made this little kid want to become just like them. I tried to do it with DYDWYW (which is doing very well) and I also talk about all my favorites in the video series.

  • I spoke to Road Warrior Animal this past week and he is doing great. He and Hawk became my good friends early in my wrestling career and they did so much for me. Mostly not kill me! Hahahahaha!!!!!

  • I got to spend time with Ron Simmons this past weekend and we talked about his favorite N.C. towns that we worked in. Ron is a big Mid-Atlantic Wrestling fan and said to tell all his fans hello!

  • Please continue to pray for Blackjack Mulligan as he has asked on his Facebook page for everyone to remember him.

  • My pro wrestling school signed up 10 new members last month and Tully's daughter Tessa is going to be something special. If I can just get all the goof promoters to leave her alone.

  • It has been one year since we lost Reid Flair, and I miss him very much. He was such a special kid and I am very excited about seeing him again one day! That's all that matters folks. That's why April is my favorite month. Jesus defeated death and if you know HIM, then you know LIFE!



My Dallas Cowboys are still "gone fishing" with Romo. But can I ask everyone to pray for Jim Kelly? Remember him, the Bills QB who I always thought was a class act. He is having health issues and I know the prayers would be welcome.


If I can pray for you ,rent you a ring, sell you a canvas or body slam you, just let me know. Right now, I got to yell about something! Time for my favorite part:


 The thing I love the most about my Anderson Slam, is that nobody is safe from it. I meet so many goofs in this world that I could write a new story every day. It doesn't matter, and this month's is no different.

At the gym today were I might be the only person that actually lifts weights there anymore, these two ladies were talking, yes talking. I could care less what these two woman were talking about, except this caught my ear. This one lady, who looked just like Black Bart, was complaining about everything. Then she told the other lady what a good deal she got on a sofa. Yes, a sofa. It was priced at $6000. WHAT????? Yes $6000, but she was able to get it for $4500. WHAT??????!!!  Is the world nuts? Not a car, or Bojangles chicken, or a Ric Flair robe, but a SOFA! I hate old women, heck I hate SOFAS!

Whew! Yep, I need a life! God Bless, talk to you next month!


- George 


MARCH 2014 

Oh man, I am late again with my updates! This working for a living is hard. I have just arrived at ''DYDWYW'' headquarters (library) and here it comes!

I love the month of MARCH. Jesus talks about ''going forward'' and forgetting the past, that is what this month means to me. We had so much ice and snow that was just a big mess. But warmer weather is on its way!

My babies are doing so good. The twins are working all the time. Garrett will be starting drivers ed soon. WHAT????????? Jesus has been so good to me. I believe that he died on the cross for me and will be coming back soon, I'm ready. Are you?


  • I really love the updates that my best friend Dick Bourne has done to my website. That picture he put on the front page was from the huge Big Time Wrestling show in Spartanburg that sold out. Yeah, I know that everybody says their events are sold out. Folks, this one was! I even took the sign off the front door that said it, for my wrestling museum. (See photos.)

  • About 5 minutes before he was to walk out, me and Ric Flair stood behind the curtain and when his music hit, the place went crazy and Ric said, "Brother, this is Flair country." I about cried!

  • During my match as I was about to get the claw on my opponent, Brad Armstrong came to mind. This was the arena of one of our favorite matches and videos. I told Brad that I loved him at that very moment.

  • There is already talk of  "Big Time Wrestling" coming back to Spartanburg in October.

  • My pro wrestling school is doing so great. Most everyone knows I have Tully Blanchard's daughter Tessa training with me. What a sweet and hard working girl.

  • I got a special gift last Tuesday when my old tag team partner and friend Gary Royal stopped by to say hello. I had not seen him in many years and he now lives in Florida. Gary took such good care of me on the road and I learned so much from him. Yes, I might add, we are the REAL, ORIGINAL Cruel Connection and Gladiators.

  • Ricky Steamboat Jr. stopped in at some recent PWX shows and sat with me at my gimmick table. What a wonderful young man! I love all my students, but he will always be special.

  • I also spoke to Sam Houston this week and he said to tell everyone hello.

  • I get to work with Bill Eadie this month and I always enjoy that. He will be Demolition Ax this time, and not my favorite Masked Superstar. What do you think fans will say when Ax beats me with the famous Superstar cobra hold?


Still fishing!




The old lady here at the library that just told me I got 3 minutes left, could very well be included in this months Anderson Slam. If not, for another goof ball lady. You folks want to know why our country is falling apart? I took DYDWYW to McDonald's to get breakfast, and went through the drive through window to grab a fast biscuit. After getting my biscuit, I ask for STRAWBERRY jelly. And without any thought, the goof lady said, "I got grape." WHAT????????????? Lady, don't you think I would have asked for grape if that's what I wanted?Aaaaaaaaaaaah yep, I told her, no lady, I want strawberry. Yep, you guessed it, she was to lazy to reach other the counter and get strawberry! Well, after shutting down McDonald's and about going to jail, I got my strawberry jelly!! Ole and Gene would have been proud.


Have a great month and I will try to not be late again with my updates. Makayla, Dallas and Maverick may have other plans, though!  If I can rent you a ring, pray for you, babysit, just let me know!

God Bless!

- George 





I know, I know....I'm late a few days with my update. "WHEW" A new month is here already? It might still be late if Makayla at 1st grade lunch today, didn't say....Hey paw paw, don't you need to update your website?

"And him that comes to me I will in no wise cast out." - John 6 :37.

What a great verse to start off a new month. It doesn't matter how far we have fallen, Jesus will pick us back up! It is never too late to turn your life over to Him! And yeas, I know I still had my Christmas lights up on my web site. I love them. I have told my great web site 007 secret agent that if he takes them down, please don't tell me.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful son Brock and his little boy Maverick this month. I love you both so much.


  • I had 14 people at my pro-wrestling school Tuesday night. It is doing so good. I am so excited that Tully Blanchard's daughter is with me now. She is a sweet girl that listens and really wants to learn. I have to fight everyday to keep the buzzards... uh, I mean promoters away till she is ready. I have said it many times, there is no pro wrestling school anywhere that not only trains you the right way, but gives you more wrestling than you can stand!

  • My great book ''DYDWYW'' and telly-vision show by the same name is approaching 60 episodes! Poor Bullett! Thanks to everyone that bought my great book this past month. A brand new case has just arrived this week.

  • Can you believe we have already began booking the "biggest fan fest ever"  WRESTLECADE 2014. It is going to be bigger than last year, if that is even possible. I am still hearing from fans at my shows that come up and tell me how great it was.

Me and Tim Blaze with the Knockouts Softball Team at the Brad Armstrong show. Brad's wife and daughter sent us this big banner with brad on it for the show!

  • My Brad Armstrong tribute show was a huge success. We had over 250 fans and raised a lot of money for the Knockouts softball team. We still have a few DVDs of some of me and Brads best matches for sale if anyone wants one. He was the best ever! I love and miss him so much.

  • Word is K. von Erich leaving Charlotte territory to work Pittsburg territory again. What the heck, we ain't even had Chicken Coop with Gateway yet! Good luck, kid, I know you're headed for the main event.

  • I heard from Ricky Steamboat, Terry Taylor, Ted DiBiase and Buddy Landel all today, they were just saying hello and thanking me for praying for them. And some goof named Duran thinks I care what he says about me? And the goof in WV that saw my dumpster video and said how ''the mighty have fallen''? WHAT??? Get a life people! Whew, I'm sorry Dallas and Maverick, I know it's not time for that yet, but Paw Paw is taking that arm behind in that hammerlock getting ready for that slam! Not yet, not yet.....

Gone fishing!


 If I can rent you a ring, pray for you, babysit, heck, even have Cedrick superplex you (and he'll do it, he can't wait to do it, just try me) let me know. I'm loving this warm weather, so Makayla is on her way to pick me up for our Chicken McNuggets and french fry party, so, get ready - - - - biggest Anderson Slam of all time is coming up! After this station identification! (Oh! very Bob Caudleish!) See you next month!


I have been doing this a very long time, and just when you think you have seen it all, this happens. Before my Brad Armstrong tribute show in Seagrove, N.C., a local (outlaw) found me and asked if he could work my show. He could sell 100 tickets is what he said (side note: if that's true, then why do you need to work for me? Have your own show with your hundred tickets!) I ain't giving nothing away free JACK, so I mailed him a few tickets to try and sell and help out the show. Simple enough? We are talking ''GOOFS'' here. A hour before the doors are ready to open, here comes the goof and a guy he called his "manager". He said he sold 15 tickets. I asked for the money, and of course he ain't got it. I asked for my tickets. He ain't got them either.  This idiot goof named Tyler had given the tickets out and never got any money.  Yes you heard me right. He said don't worry, we'll get them at the door. WHAT??? Aaaaaaaaaah! I hate everybody named Tyler! Even the lead singer for Aerosmith (sorry). I throwed him and his stupid manager (who he said he couldn't wrestle without!) out the front door!!! WHEW. That felt so good! Have a nice day!!

- George 


WOW, WOW, WOW.......HAPPY NEW YEAR! Where did last year go? I am sure all of us wished we could go back and change some things from last year. Let it go. A good preacher friend told me one time to always "look through the windshield and not the rear view mirror!" A brand new year is here, we all can start over! JESUS can make all things new again. If you have not accepted Him as your Lord and Savior, what better time than at the beginning of a new year. He loves us so much and His blood has washed away all of our ''BAD'', but we have to ask!

I still haven't taken down my Christmas tree yet. I may just leave it up till next year. One of my favorite Christmas gifts was from my good friend Brad Anderson. He gave me one of his dad's famous sport coats that Gene Anderson used to wear when he was managing the world tag team champions Ray Stevens and Jimmy Snuka! I love it! What is so cool, it has Gene's name stitched right inside it. And if you ask, yes I have already wore it many times!

Makayla, Dallas and Maverick really racked up from Santa this year. Thanks to everyone who commented on the ''South Headlock Ranch Christmas Card." So many wrote to tell me how much it meant to them that I sent it.


My son Garrett and me with Mickie James in Charlotte


My Brad Armstrong tribute show will be next month in Seagrove, N.C. It is really going to be a special night. We raise money every year for the Knockout girls softball team and it just is so special to have Brad's name on it!

I got Christmas cards from Boogie & Angel, Susan Green, Lori & Jillian Armstrong and so many other great friends. I also got a card from my all time favorite wrestler, No.1 Paul Jones! He is the reason I wanted to become a pro wrestler. I still at 51 years old believe that him and Wahoo really hated the Anderson Brothers! Yeah, so don't tell Paul I'm wearing Gene's old coat!


Well, my Dallas Cowboys are finished for another year. I am kind of glad it's over. How much can us Cowboy fans take? It is always sad for me to pack up my T.O. jersey untill next year.


Yes, I know it is just January and the "goofs" have not had enough time to be "goofs" yet,....but wait. I have a real good friend who loves his family, works two jobs just to make it, and one of those jobs is parking cars at Cabarrus arena! He is the guy that you have to pay to park. Well this past Saturday as he was doing his job, a lady goof (yes, ladies can be goofs, too) who was going to a dog show at the arena asked him was he a homeless person begging for money?  WHAT????????? Now he doesn't look like Burt Reynolds, but what an idiot! Matter of fact, her dog is an idiot to! It really hurt my buddy's pride more than anything. Oh yeah, I would have punched her and her dog. Listen people, it ain't hard. Lift people up instead of tearing them down!P.S. - Who goes to a dog show anyway??? Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!


I hope everybody has a great new year and remember to get your copy of "Dad You Don't Work You Wrestle".  "Lift up" somebody instead of trying to tear them down! If I can rent you a ring, sell you a book, babysit or put you in a airplane spin......let me know! GOD BLESS!

- George 




MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  Yep I said it, and don't care if somebody tries to sue me! Matter of fact, if you take CHRIST out of Christmas, it just says "MERRY GOOFMAS", which is what half the world is! But I need to be nice for at least the beginning of my letter. Happy Birthday to my JESUS this month also. My favorite time of the year has finally arrived.

My great book "Dad You Don't Work, You Wrestle" book was a huge success at the Wrestlecade event and I am very thankful. It better have been because this month I may need to borrow some money. My "Soto" twins Abba and Scarlet turn 19 years old this month as does my grandson Dallas, who turns 3 years old. Time is moving so fast it seems. A new year will be here soon so why not start now? Turn your heart over to Jesus. A guy told me at the gym today that he just needs to stop cussing before he gives his heart to Jesus. I told him no you don't - give HIM the cuss words to!


  • WOW! That is the best word to describe WRESTLECADE that just happened over the weekend. Over 2000 wrestling fans and over 100 pro wrestlers got together in Winston Salem, N.C. and raised over 5000 dollars for the Winston-Salem area toy drive this year. Tracy Myers has become a great friend and without him, there would not have been a event. Just putting up with me for two days straight should get him a medal of honor!

  • It was so great to see Bob Caudle and his wife Jackie. When Bob opened the show, I almost cried. I knew we had something special.

  • This was the most Mid Atlantic guys I had seen together in along time. Bill Eadie, Tommy Young, Greg Valentine, Tony Atlas, Thunderbolt Patterson, Tully Blanchard and J.J. Dillon and so many others. It truly was a very special night.

  • One of my personal favorites was Kevin Sullivan, who has not made a appearance here in along time. He was so great with the fans and even walked to the ring with the Powers of Pain.

  • We are already planning on Wrestlecade 3 for 2014 and Tracy has already told me it will be even bigger!


Can my Dallas Cowboys keep winning into the playoffs? They looked so good on Thanksgiving but now, as Tom Landry used to say, the season is just beginning. if we can just keep Tony Romo's fishing pole hide until after the football season, we may stand a chance.



Would a wrestling show as big as Wrestlecade have any goofs this year? With somebody trying to sell steroids' to the wrestlers last year and the police having to pull me off of them, would they be the last of the idiot GOOFS? Naaaa. I was up two straight days at the convention center this year, setting up my ring, getting over 100 wrestlers were they needed to be, paying some of the guys, (which could fill up a page of goofballs in itself.) So this year when everything was over, the music had stopped, the lights had come back on, and all of the wrestlers and most of the fans had left (I say most, because there is always that one fan, you know, the one who just waits around for the wrestlers, or goes through trash dumpsters looking for belts, hint hint) - - Well, as me and my two guys (wow, where did the other 100 guys go?) were taking down the ring, I had plywood in one hand and a ring post in the other and this GOOF walks up to me and says, "What would you charge me to get me an autograph of the GREAT MUTA? ----- WHAT????????????  You idiot, get away from me! I hate you! We had 105 wrestlers on the show and this goof asks for the one who ain't there!  At 11:30 at night! Everybody have a Merry Christmas, except this goof!


I hope everyone has the Merriest Christmas ever, and just remember, even the Grinch turned his life around. There is still hope for you! Let me know if I can rent you a ring, train you to wrestle, sell you a book or open your presents for you.


God Bless & see you next year!

- George 



"For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" - Mark 8 :36

 Were did this past year go? WOW, it's that time of year again where we all start thinking about "STUFF". We either want it, or have begun getting it for everybody else. This year may we remember what the Bible has said: stuff don't really matter unless you give it away. Lets all try to do a little more for others over the next two months.

By now the wrestling world knows that the EWA (my favorite wrestling company) has a new world champion. Chase Stevens defeated Mr. No. 1 this past weekend in Tarboro, N.C. at the huge downtown fall festival. Check out his photo with the belt below, and take a look at the modern day EWA title history by clicking here. One of my favorite pages on this great website! What a great show this was. Allan and Mike always take such good care of me and my guys. Ivan Koloff also made a appearance for me and fans still love coming up and talking to him about his ''mean Russian days'' as they call it.

Several wrestling fans have written me to ask how Little George (who isn't so little anymore) has been doing. Well, he just entered his first ''powerlifting contest'' and won his weight class and just last weekend played in a high school tackle football alumni game.

My beautiful Soto twins Abba and Scarlet are working and just got them both their first cars. Yep, Abba got a NISSAN and Scarlet got a CHEVY TRUCK! My 1st grade lunch dates with Makayla are one of my most favorite times of the week. I love that little girl so much. Keeping her "cookie account" updated is a full time job so thanks to everybody that has bought the 2nd greatest book ever written!



  • I spent a Sunday afternoon with the Rock & Roll Express last month, and it still is amazing how many fans love them.

  • My good friend and student Charlie Dreamer with his wife Jenna just had their first child. ''Little Dreamer'' is doing great, and I'm hoping to get him in my wrestling school in a few years!

  • Ricky Steamboat Jr. is doing great and is taking "special appearance" bookings through my great website. If you are interested, let me know.

  • Two of my favorite girls in the world, Lori and Jillian, Brad Armstrong's family are also doing great and just appreciate everyone's love and prayers. Jillian is so beautiful and I cant wait to see what plan God has for her.

  • I get to wrestle with Butch and Luke of the Bushwackers in a few weeks and can't wait to see them. They have a special story in ''DYDWYW''.

  • I spoke to Tully Blanchard a few days ago and he said to tell everyone hello. It's also great to see Magnum T.A. making appearances where new fans get a chance to meet him.

  • I still think Jerry Lawler driving around Memphis in a Batmobile is one of the coolest things ever. I'm so jealous!


HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  I want to wish that now because I am sure after my Cowboys play, I will hate everybody. Can you believe 1 point, yes 1 point is what they lost to the Lions last Sunday? In the final minute of the game! Nobody loses by 1 point anymore!  Yeah, Dez freaked out, but that's how I act every Sunday when they lose, throwing my arms out and cussing Romo! So go easy on Dez!

Speaking of freaking out and throwing a fit, get's time for my favorite part!


Yes, I know its the "Holiday Season" fast approaching so surely the ''goofs'' are on vacation, right? NOPE!And neither am I! What is wrong with people? OK, does it really matter what postage stamps the ''goof'' lady at the post office was asking about as she held up the long line for 40 minutes? It ain't like she gets to keep them! Why does McDonald's (Makaylas favorite place to eat) have a McDouble that costs $1.00 and a Double Cheeseburger that costs $3.00? Aaaaaaaaaaah! You telling me that cheese costs two extra bucks? And listen you "goof" young kid that works at Taco Bell, my twins are not on the menu! I enjoyed explaining that to him as I had to eat by myself after the world's prettiest twins drove off and left me! Dad embarrassed them again! Yep, Grandbabies, Paw Paw needs a hug!

I hope everyone eats a lot of Turkey.  I sure do miss John Madden giving out that Turkey leg award. Oh, the good ol' days!

God Bless! Need a ring rental, birthday party, or suplexed on your head, just let me know. See you at the matches, and until then so long for now!




OCTOBER 2013  - Lost in the sands of time.





WOW......HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me! Yes, Mr. No. 1 turns 51 years old this month. Talk about where has the time gone? Don't you remember when we were all little, me as a little Paul Jones, and how we all thought 50 was so old? Makayla still thinks it is when it takes me about four days to get up out of the floor from playing barbies with her! Jesus has been so good to me. One of my favorite verses from the Bible is "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his soul?" That sums up my life, folks. Nothing matters if Jesus ain't in it, even wrestling for over 30 years.

  Dallas is getting so big and loves coming to ''Platform Gym'' with me and his dad. Makayla is now in the 1st grade and I get to begin eating lunch with her next week. I will spend my birthday with Terry Funk and then the day after - - "Are you ready for some football?" Oh, better not say that to loud, the NFL will fire me for some of my views on my great TV show!

"Dad you don't work you wrestle" has been the hottest selling book that I have ever wrote for many months now. Thank you everybody that has bought a copy. Don't worry, we can make more. Yes, very lays potato chipish!


  • This month is going to be so busy with us finishing up the Fair shows and youth rallies with Ivan and Nikita Koloff.

  • Man, just take a look at who all I'll be working with this month on my events page: The Koloffs, Terry Funk, Ricky Steamboat, Jr., Bob Orton, Jr., Ronnie Gaervin, Matt Hardy, Ricky and Robert, and all my great guys.

  • Little Ricky Steamboat is home now and so happy. Anyone wanting to book him for autographs can contact me here, and I will make sure he gets the message.

  • Dustin Rhodes sent me a nice note on how much he enjoyed me ''Without The Mat'' video. There have been over 4000 people watch it on YouTube. I am so very proud of my guys. Someone made the comment that I was very lucky to have the guys that could do it. Well, yeah, but luck wasn't really involved. When you are trained the right way to begin with, the canvas really don't matter!

  • Another good friend Bob Cook who lives in Florida, will be helping me with a huge show next month.

  • My Cowboys play their first game Sunday night on NBC against the Giants. Everybody watch! The Mid-Atlantic Batcave is so secret, I ain't even sure were it is yet, but brother, we are going to have some fun.

  • Can't believe football season is finally here. Romo just came off the golf course, that was right after coming off the lake fishing. To quote Cowboy Bill Watts, it's time to hook 'em up!

  • Dick Butkus stopped in Cowboys training camp last week to meet linebacker Sean Lee, who I love. I just know his jersey will be one of my birthday presents.....hint, hint!

  • My son Little George, also has a birthday this month so I'm sure he will remind me of what Cowboy jersey he wants.


Please let me know if I can pray for anybody, I love talking to Jesus. Also ring rentals, birthdays, babysitting, and I also have the greatest wrestling school of all time! O.K. It's my birthday so surely their is no Anderson Slam this month, right. WRONG! Goofs don't take a break and neither do I!

When a ring truck breaks down and you've got 220 kids waiting and book bags to give out, most people would just cancel. Well, I sure ain't most people! (AMEN, Makayla just yelled at me.) Me and my guys went on with the show, yes on the dirt. The kids had the time of there life and can you believe that 3 GOOFS had the nerve to post they didn't like it....WHAT? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I hate everybody! I'm sure those same 3 goofs don't believe in Santa either.

Now to the other goof that made the comment under the picture of my friend Jerry Lawler driving his Batmobile, that he must be going to get hair transplants...WHAT???? I hate you buddy! Even if he was, he going to get them IN THE BATMOBILE!! Jerry Lawler is awesome! Some people just can't help casting their miserable lives on everyone else. Yep, the world has gone nuts, and I'm trying to hurry it along!

 Pray for me folks, the idiot bag is almost full.....!  Watch the show here.




AUGUST 2013 

"Fear not, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.'' Luke 2:10

I love Jesus so much. An old preacher asked me many years ago, why is it that the front windshield is so big, and the rearview mirror is so small? Well, just knowing the answer had to have something to do with Steamboat and Youngblood, I was wrong. He said, it's because Jesus cares more about were you are going than were you have been!" Oh man! I stole it from the old preacher and have never forgotten it, and I hope you don't either.

Where has the summer gone? Garrett will be going into his first year of high school and the Sotos have done their time, as Scarlet says. I am so proud of both my girls. "Dad may not work'', but both of them sure do! Dallas loves going to "Platform Gym" with me and his daddy, already he knows how to work the ladies there to get a free Gatorade! Pretty scary. Makayla is teaching me how to use her "smart phone" in between our weekly lunch dates. I love that little girl so much. Maverick has begun walking now and doesn't fear anything. Even scarier!

Paw Paw with Tully and Baby Doll


  • Lori and Jillian Armstrong are two of my favorite people in the world! I love them and pray everyday for them. Brad was the greatest friend in the world.

  • I spoke to Buddy Landel last week and he is doing great.

  • Pat Tanaka has a birthday this month and said to tell his fans hello.

  • I got to spend time with my good friends Mark James and Dave Millican at supper and guess what we talked about? Yep, my great book!

  • J. J. Dillon, who may be the most first class guy of all time, took a picture with my book and the wall of fame keeps growing.

  • My student Ricky Steamboat Jr. will be making some special appearances for me at my EWA shows over the next few weeks. This kid is very special to me.

  • My training school is the best in the world and I had Steve Corino's son Colby come to class last week. What a great kid. I have one of my students in TNA, and two with Ring Of Honor so I better have the greatest wrestling school of all time!

My Dallas Cowboys looked great in the Hall of Fame game against Miami. Who cares if Romo didn't play? Heck, I didn't have to throw one brick at the TV! The "Cowboys Central" board of directors which consist of Makayla, Dallas, and Maverick are hard at work entertaining  bids from several "wings" food places to host our Cowboy games this year.  Still heartbroken over Smokey Bones closing down. Me and Gateway may never get over it.

Now, buckle up goofs, my favorite part is next!!


There are so many idiots and goofs in this world that it gets hard sometimes for a guy like me to keep up with them. Don't even get me started on the NFL and how they tell the Eagles' linebacker to ''go face'' the media and say your sorry. Well, he did, said it was a mistake and even Michael Vick forgave him, yes Michael Vick! So for being honest and speaking from his heart, they fine him, don't let him practice and tell him that he must "seek treatment".....WHAT? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! OK, Makayla just smacked me and brought me around.

Now, the real reason I hate everybody - - My EWA Sports Illustrated first class camera picture taking guy, who just so happens to be one heck of a web guy also, took the greatest picture of my son Little George and Reid Flair from when they won my Anderson Brothers tournament a few years back. It is one of my favorite pictures. He had posted it to Facebook for everyone to enjoy, and guess what? The biggest goof in the world, asked "How did Reid die?" WHAT? You big goof, and the bigger goof who answered want to know that, look it up on the internet yourself, don't ask that on a picture trying to celebrate Reid! ....Aaaaaaaah, smack me again Makayla! That made me so mad, I don't like neither one of them goofs, heck I don't even know them! Of all the things to say about that picture. Yeah, ''Dad don't work, but he sure can spot a GOOF!


OK. Whew! Got to calm down. Next month will be my 51st birthday and I feel so blessed. God has given me a lifetime of dreams and it ain't over yet, not till the fat lady holding my great book sings!

Birthday parties, ring rentals, wrestling training, heck if you just want me and bullet to talk bad about you on my great TV show, just let me know. God Bless & send all birthday presents when you can!

God Bless



My August update will be a few days late until I take care of some business in Charlotte. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Hilton! August update coming next week!

JULY 2013 

WHEW! Dad may not work, but he sure is busy and enjoys a good hotdog! Happy July 4th everyone, it still is o.k. to say that ain't it? Heck, I am sure I offended somebody by saying that. I think I'm going to start getting offended by people who get offended.

Summertime is in full swing here at the Headlock Ranch. My letter is a few days late because I have been at the fairgrounds in Faith N.C. for the last 6 days and headed back there tonight. When the ''CARNY'' folks want to hear my stories, you know that you have finally made it.

My beautiful grandbaby Makayla has a birthday this month. I ain't sure how old she is because in between her asking for a "smart phone" and make up, she may be 18 already.

My Cowboys begin training camp in a few days and I can't wait. Pre-season games begin in less than a month! Now, to just got to check out their web site and see who got traded so I can order their jersey for half price! Can't wait for secret Gateway football Batcave parties.  Me and Gateway get along fine until Peyton Manning plays my Cowboys, JACK! Oh, and we have a new member of secret club coming to town soon!

Now, if I could just get Romo off the golf course!


I was so excited to hear from Bobby Eaton last week. It was a special moment for me as I told him that he was the best I have ever been in the ring with. And I meant that. There has never been anybody better.

Please keep the families of Jackie Fargo and Matt Borne in your prayers. They both were always so nice to me. I also saw Sweet Stan Lane at the service for Jackie and he said to tell everyone hello.

I got the greatest text from Buddy Landel today and he just wanted to see how I was doing. Buddy is one of my favorite people in the wrestling business. Jesus has been so good to me. I have been blessed with the greatest friends anyone could have.

My book, ''Dad you don't work, you wrestle'' is doing so good. I just mailed one to an old friend in Canada so between there and Japan, the 2nd greatest book ever written is getting to travel.

My TV show is one of the most watched shows on the internet. That has a lot to do with my great co-host, "Bullett" Cher Manning!


WHAT? The world has gone nuts!  This Paula Dean lady tells the truth....yes the truth people! Now she has lost about everything. Walmart and Target have dropped her, TV sponsors have throwed her under the bus and then backed up over her! And all she did was tell the truth! Are you people nuts? The poor lady sold us BACON for years and that was o.k. i guess. What happen to us being human? Well I sure am glad Jesus ain't like this world. He forgives and forgets about any wrong we have done. People get a life! Take Mr. No.1's advice, if you are ever backed in a corner like Paula Dean was .........LIE!!!


I hope everyone has a great summer, this is short but Dallas, Maverick and Makayla have gotten into the fireworks and Garrett gave them a match........''KABOOM!'' Very Road Runner and Coyote-ish!

God Bless


JULY #1 2013

My July update will be a little late this month! Been at fair for two weeks with sword swallower, bearded lady, and 300 lb. midget! What the heck?? Selling some books, though. You know you've made it when carny people are asking to hear YOUR stories!

I'll update the website after the 4th of July holiday. Enjoy celebrating Independence Day while we still have independence!

Happy 4th of July! God bless,

- George

JUNE 2013

''Summertime is for Steamboat and Youngblood!"  Yep, it is here folks. What a great busy month this is going to be. I am so proud of my twins, Abba and Scarlet ( the Sotos) will be walking that aisle one last time in a few months. They are so excited! I say this all the time, but it is true, it just seems like I was taking them to elementary school a few days ago. Were does time go? Jesus has some big plans for those beautiful girls. They made me promise not to try and sell the world's "second greatest book ever written" at their graduation. Makayla will be going into the 1st grade and Dallas and Maverick are not far behind. I love my kids so much, they are my life.

Can you believe that in less than 100 days until my Dallas Cowboys will be playing? Oh man, Gateway HQ better get ready for the Cowboys Express to roll into town!


  • My pro wrestling school is doing so great. I have another 2nd generation wrestler with me now. Dakota Darsow,  who is the son of Krusher Khrushchev has now become one of my students. What a great kid.

  • I spoke to Little Ricky Steamboat this past week and he said to tell everyone hello.

  • My old friend Mark Flemming emailed me to also check on me. Mark has a great fitness center there in Norfolk VA.

  • I ran into Nikita Koloff and Gene Ligon a few days ago at the Platform Gym in Concord and they both are doing great.

  • This month is also my very best friend Brad Armstrong's birthday. I miss him so much. His wife and beautiful little girl Jillian are doing so good. I drive them crazy with all my texts, but I love them so much.

  • Please continue to pray for Bobby Eaton who had some tests done on his heart. Steve Keirn said one year at Fanfest that Bobby was the very best he had ever seen, and I agree.

  • I have ring canvas for sale now and nobody can beat my prices. Just email me if I can help.

  • My great book continues to do so good. I sold a case during our great shows at the Charlotte Speedway last week. "Dad you don't work, you wrestle" TV is still the greatest show in the world. I had one guy ask me what the show was about? I said "absolutely NOTHING!" Move over Seinfeld.


Anybody that knows me understands that I could care less about what people think or say about me. I never have and never will. Wow, if the world just had a bunch of ''ME's'' living in it, I sure would be happy but I don't think anyone else would. I got a email this week from the biggest ''goof'' in the universe. Kenneth, you are a idiot. I could not use your last name because you failed to put it in your stupid letter. Kenneth found one of my comic tracts at a gas station, took it home and read it. After going to my web site , this idiot wrote to tell me he saw nothing that would point anyone to Jesus. He called me prideful, all about promoting me instead of Jesus and, at least he got this part right, called me a HIPPIE! This goof said if I was a Christian, I wouldn't have to wear my Jesus t-shirts all the time! WHAT??? You goof! Now the part I'm fired up about: this idiot said all I was doing was sending people to hell! Kenneth, just in case you missed it, you are the biggest idiot in the world! What was so amazing, this goof said he had been serving the Lord for five years. Oh yeah, I wrote him back! Told him that after 30 years of telling people about Jesus, maybe one day this HIPPIE may get it right.

Folks, don't be like this idiot. Encourage each other. Jesus is all about lifting people up!

Whew! I feel so much better now!

This has been a short letter but I'm headed to Makayla's school to eat lunch. Believe me, if I'm late, JANE FONDA lets me know!

Have a great, safe, and happy summer. I got the best wrestling ring in the world, and it will travel. Keep praying folks, Jesus is on his way! God Bless.

- George


MAY 2013

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God." (Romans 8:28)

 What a great way to start off a brand new month. It is very close to summer time and in less than 30 days my beautiful "Soto" twins will be finished with school. It still is so hard to believe for me because, wasn't it just yesterday that I was walking them into their class rooms, helping with homework and brushing their hair? I have made so many mistakes along the way, but Jesus has held everything together. I love both them girls so very much and they have made me so proud. We made it through their senior prom and having "Ole Anderson" drive the limo was a very good idea!

Folks, I  don't know what you may be going through in your life, but I do know the answer. Jesus says that he will never leave you, nor forsake you. Psalms 18:6 is one of my favorite Bible verse. Read it if you get a chance.

My grandbabies Makayla, Dallas, and Maverick are getting so big. I was asked to help with Makayla's field day this year at school. Yep, guess which little girl is going to win all the ribbons?

Please keep Ric Flair and his family on your prayer list. I have tried to stay in touch with the family and I know the prayers are working. In my book I wrote about how much Ric means to me, and the time while in WCW there at Techwood Drive studios, I was dropped on my head (thought it was fake didn't you?) and Ric walked up to me in the back and without saying a word and put some money in my hand, just in case I needed it. Not many guys did that for you, I'll never forget that.


  • Little Ricky Steamboat called this week and is doing very good. He has a son now so we may just see another ''dragon'' come through my training school.

  • Next month I will be wrestling in Knoxville TN at the Brad Armstrong Tribute show. I am so excited about this. I love his family so much and Lori and Jillian are two of my best friends.

  • I got to see old friends Al Snow and Di-Low Brown this past weekend. I signed one of my books to them and they were very excited that I had written about them.

  • My ''Dad You Don't Work, You Wrestle'' TV show is the number 1 TV show that I do! It is so much fun. Folks, it's like the great TV show "Seinfeld", it's about ''nothing''.......but it sure sells some books. Speaking of books, if you haven't already bought the 2nd greatest book ever written, Dad You Don't Work, You Wrestle you can order it here online or buy from me at my table where ever I appear in your area.

  • I also will be the very special guest this month at Jimmy and Angel Valiant's training school in Shawsville VA. It is open free every Sunday year round and every wrestling fan should go there.

  • I want to say a special hello to former EWA Commissioner Steve Hall who had recent back surgery. Hang in there, buddy! Hope you feel better soon.

  • Think you know everything about the NWA world championship belt? Check out the 3rd greatest book ever written, "Ten Pounds of Gold". You can buy it from me at my table at any show where I'm at. Of course, you better have bought my book first or I'll be hot!!

  • I have a truck load of brand new ring canvas for sale at my training school. We just got them in so let me know if I can help.

Well, headed to training now which will help me as I prepare for my favorite part of my letter.  Hang on, here it comes....


My web guy, who just happens to be my best friend, is going to kill me for giving him so much to put on my site so this ''FIT'' will be short.

What are you goofs thinking? Has the WWE made it to were anybody can think they are a wrestler? Pro wrestling is the toughest sport in the world. I had this young lady contact me about coming to my wrestling school. Now don't get me wrong; we train anybody! Woman, men, midgets, and even dogs or cats if they got the money. After seeing meeting this small but very pretty 20 year old, I asked her straight out - - "Lady, you are a pretty young lady, are you sure about this?" Without even thinking, she said "THAT'S NOT WHAT I'M COMING HERE FOR.'' ....... WHAT?????? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I think she thought I was trying to pick her up! Listen, you lady goof! My guys are big, mean, ugly and hate as many people as I do. They stink, bite, and fart and don't care if they kill somebody in training. Now, young lady, I ask again; are you sure about this?

Whew! My head hurts!

Keep praying folks, if you need a ring rental, birthday party or dropped on your head, let me know. See you next month! God bless,

- George




APRIL 2013 (Written before the death of Reid Flair)

"OH MY"..........April already? Where has this year gone? Psalm 46:1 says .... God is a refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble! Notice Jesus didn't say here, ''if'' you have trouble. Folks we all have things that we are going through but let's never forget, Jesus won't let us fall. He has promised to never leave us and he won't. Never forget what Easter means, we win!

WOW, in just a few months my beautiful ''SOTO'' twins will walk that aisle the final time! Graduation! They are so excited to be finished with school. The prom also is coming up again in a few weeks, so I have asked  Ole Anderson and Dick Slater to escort my girls, shouldn't be a problem! My grandbabies Makayla, Maverick and Dallas are my life. I ate lunch with Makayla today and peanut butter and jelly sure taste better with her on my lap. Every time Dallas hears music - - any music -- he takes his shirt off and acts like he is walking to the ring. Walmart, church, outside or McDonald's - - it don't matter to him! Wonder where he learned that??


  • I spoke to Little Ricky Steamboat this week and he is doing great.

  • Terry Taylor, Frank Dusek and Tony Atlas all told me to tell their fans hello.

  • Please continue to pray for Ric Flair as he is now home, recovering from the blood clot in his leg.

  • I spent time with Rick Steiner last weekend and we had a good laugh about all the old times in WCW. While he was laughing, I was still in pain from all those ''STEINER LINES''.

  • I am so proud of my student Sandi  who just got her contract with TNA. My wrestling school is the best anywhere and would love to have those who think they are too old, too fat or to skinny. What's funny, when you get in the business, none of these things matter.

  • "Dad you don't work, you Wrestle'' is still the 2nd greatest book ever written! I am so thankful for everyone who has bought a copy.

  • I want to thank the Mid-Atlantic Gateway and Dick Bourne for all they do to keep ''GEORGESOUTH.COM'' up and running. Not just in wrestling, but even in my crazy life!

  • I can't imagine anybody that has not seen it, but ''George South T.V.'' is approaching 20 shows! I still cant believe we ain't been kicked off the internet yet! You can find it on or search for it on YouTube.

 Hang on, my favorite part is next....

What is wrong with people? You would think with over 40 years of miles on me, 5000 matches and a lot of bologna sandwiches in me, that it would mean something. Last Saturday night, I am in a six man tag team match, which usually means there are way to many guys on the card. But anyway, getting dressed at my gimmick table because it is safer than the dressing room, I went to the back for only a second. Four seconds after walking in the dressing room, a goof walks up to me, not to do the stupid wrestlers handshake but to tell me a "spot" that his partner wants to do with me. AAAAAAAAAAAAH, he tells me that when it is time, for me to come in and take a HIPTOSS........AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH ......are you goofs nuts? I yelled at everybody. Listen you goofs, unless you are the Undertaker and it is Wrestlemania, you ain't touching me! I told the idiot that the promoter rented my ring, he didn't rent me! Now you see why I don't go into a dressing room? See you at the matches!

Summertime is on its way, I hope everybody has a great month, let me know if I can pray for you guys, rent you a ring or even babysit your kids. For a booking fee, dang right!

God bless,

- George



MARCH 2013

''Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."  JOHN 14:27

WOW, is this year moving faster than an ARMSTRONG, or is it just me? What a great time to know JESUS. This month is my favorite, the greatest battle ever, took place when JESUS defeated death at the grave. We win folks, as Blackjack Mulligan says, we have already read the back of the book, and it is good news.

I had lunch with the worlds prettiest grandbaby today, Makayla sure doesn't like to share her Paw Paw. Maverick just turned 1 year old last weekend and Brock already has him playing the drums to some 80shair band. My beautiful twins, Abba and Scarlet are planning their prom again, I still don't understand why the idea of ''potato sacks'' as dresses don't work with them. Go figure.


  • The 2nd greatest book ever written is doing so good. I sold 18 books at the great Ted Allen Memorial show last month and I am so thankful.

  • I also got to see my favorite people, Lori and Jillian and Bullet Bob and his wife. I miss Brad Armstrong so much but I know were he is. My match with Dr. Tom Prichard last weekend in Clayton, N.C. reminded me of working with Brad. Everything was just so right.

  • I also got to see Randy Rose of the Midnight Express and a big thrill for me was meeting Roberto Soto for the first time. I told him how I called my twins the "Sotos" after he and his brother Manuel (El Reyo), and how I still remembered when they upset the Anderson Brothers. He couldn't get away from me quick enough!

  •  I saw Masked Superstar Bill Eadie also and he is one of the classiest guys I know. Check out the book photos page and see a great photo of me and him together. That mask still takes me back to 1976.

  • Ivan Koloff continues to be a blessing to everyone he meets. I had the honor of praying with all the legends in the dressing room at the Ivan Koloff Tag team Tournament. That night was a very special time for Ivan. Check out some of the photos of all of us over at the Mid-Atlantic Gateway. (LINK) Yes, I woke up the Big Kahuna of the Gateway at 1:00 in the morning to tell him how much fun I had with Dr. Tom!

  • I spoke with Don Kernodle the other day on the phone and he and his brother Wally are doing great.

  • My student Lei D Tapa will be going to TNA this Thursday for a very special match. I am so proud of her. My training school is something I am very proud of.

  •  Wrestlecade will be here before you know it, we have already confirmed some very big names for this year's event.

Ok folks, get your popcorn ready. It's time for my favorite part...

 My George South TV show is so much fun, and also very popular. But man, does it bring out the GOOFS! In 14 great shows, I have been told I clap too much, that me and Bullet dress like bums (OK, that may be true), that I am too happy of a person (and the one that makes me want to punch somebody.)  Now someone said I'm a racist. Heck I can't even spell it! WHAT? Are you idiots nuts? No I'm not. I hate everybody, it doesn't matter what color you are! GOOFS come in all colors, let me tell you. Listen, some of my best friends live beside black people. Hahahahah, that's a joke! Goofs, get a life, don't come around me with your stupid comments and not expect me to fire back. I love my "black camera man" (if you watch George South TV, you know what I am talking about) and he just happens to be one of my very best friends! Have a nice day! And you goofs have a bad day!

Whew, that felt so good!

My birthday party shows are doing so well. What a great site when the kids get off the school bus and there is a wrestling ring in the front yard.  Let me know if I can set up one for your kids (or for you!)

I hope everyone remembers how much Jesus loves them. He is not mad at you. If you mess up, tell Him. He wants to hug you folks, let Him.

For ring rentals, church events, guest speaking or need the kids to be read to before bed, contact me, I'm everywhere! God Bless!

- George




''I confess JESUS as my Lord & Savior''! I believe that He died on the cross for my sins, and after three days ,He got up. I will never die, and come to think of it, neither will you. Do you know that everybody lives forever, somewhere? If you are reading this, then YOU still have time to make the right choice.


NWA Board Meeting

WOW, what a way to start off another great month. Jesus has been so good to me already this month. Just today, I have ate lunch with Makayla, mailed out three copies of the 2nd greatest book ever written, booked two big shows, updated my web site with the worlds greatest Gateway web guy, tape show # 10 of ''Dad you dont work, you wrestle TV, took Abba Soto to work, got her sister McDonald's for a good report card and now heading to church. WHEW! So this letter may be shorter than one of my matches with the  Road Warriors! And Gateway guy doesn't mind that either re-typing all this!

My son Brock and his son Maverick both have a birthday this month. Maverick will be 1 year old which is hard to believe.


  • There are so many big wrestling shows this month. My ABC 6, Ivan Koloff's tag team event, and my favorite, the Ted Allen Memorial show which gets bigger and better every year. It will be extra special this year because of my best friends Brad Armstrong's family being there. I cant wait to see Lori and Jillian and love on them a little bit. (One day we're going to have a huge Mid-Atlantic Gateway / Dad You Don't Work You Wrestle Party at Chick-Fil-A just for Jillian. Or maybe she will take us to the Big Chicken! Got to talk Gateway into buying, of course!)

  • Can't wait to see Brad and Carter Anderson at ABC6! Carter is the 3rd generation getting ready to come after us!

  • I want to say thank you again to everyone who has bought my great book this past month. Second greatest book ever written! Mark James will never know how much it has meant to me.

  • Bullett Jake Manning does a great job producing and hosting my weekly TV show, "Dad You Don't Work You Wrestle". Appreciate you, Bullett! Watch on YouTube and

  •  My student Jason Jones just returned home from his tour of Japan and made me so proud. Harley Race really likes him a lot.

  • K.C. McKnight continues to impress everyone there in WWE training camp in Florida.

  • Ricky Steamboat texted me last week to update me on Little Ricky and everyone is doing so good.

  • Our friend Peggy Lathan says Ole Anderson actually said something nice about me. Not sure whether to believe her or not! 

  • Please continue to pray for Superstar Billy Graham and Blackjack Mulligan as they have doctor visits coming up.

  • Check out  Ten Pounds of Gold  by my best buddy Dick Bourne and Dave Millican. 3rd best book ever written!

  • I have the best wrestling ring in the world that I rent out every week. My training school has 40 students and they all can out work half of the guys in wrestling now, well except one who you will meet later.....


Pro wrestling is the toughest, hardest thing I have ever done. There is no other sport like it in the world. Just because some idoit, goof gets on ebay and orders a pair of wrestling boots, ''not from my company'', I may add, doesn't change that. At my training school, there is only one way: the right way. I have the best wrestling school in the world. Last week after bodyslamming one of my best guys, it knocked the air out of him, and it hurt, yes you goofs, it does really hurt. This new guy who was there, who may be the stupidest guy in the world, walks over to me, snickers, and says, ''am I supposed to be making them FUNNY sounds, too?" ........WHAT????? Aaaaaaah, you might as well hit one of my pretty grandbabies! For the next hour, if you can imagine if Ole Anderson, Bob Roop & Dick Slater all had one kid, that's what I became. That guy sure did make some of the FUNNIEST sounds you have ever heard. Wasn't that what he wanted? Listen, you non working goofs, stay away from me. I have too many legend friends that hurt everyday of their life just so you idoits can say pro wrestling is fake! Stay away from me!


God Bless! If I can pray, bring a ring, throw a birthday party or bring a great book to your house, just let me know! See you next month.


- George


HAPPY NEW YEAR! RESTART button!  When my son Garrett was little, he always loved the ''RESTART'' button on his play station. He told me many times that no matter how many times he messed up, he could just hit that special button, and everything was new again. WOW! Pretty neat lesson coming from a 12 year old! Do you know that GOD has a ''RESTART'' button, too? It is called JESUS. It don't matter what you did or didn't do last year, JESUS has made all things brand new. Start over right now, leave all that old stuff behind. God is not mad at you, the blood of His son won't let Him be mad.

I am so excited about this new year. I will be going into my 31st year as a professional wrestler and still get excited about packing my boots! Jesus has been so good to me.

My great girls Vicky and Pam really spoiled all the SOUTH kids this Christmas. Thank you both so much.

A special hello to my good friend Jillian!


  • Me and Ted DiBiase are slowly getting over our Cowboys lost to the Redskins. I think maybe Tony Romo wants to hit that special RESTARTbutton!

  • My Christmas cards from Little Ricky Steamboat and his dad, Jimmy and Angel Valiant, Terry Taylor and so many other great friends are my favorite thing, besides the presents of course.

  • My top rated TV show ''Dad you don't work, you wrestle'' on is the hottest thing on the internet. I want to thank everybody for making the "2nd greatest book ever written" such a huge success.

  • Blackjack Mulligan and I talk every week about how good Jesus is, he sure misses all of his ''Mid Atlantic'' fans.

  • Denny Brown, who I learned and stole so many moves from is now living in Florida and doing so good.

  • Don't miss my big Anderson Brothers Classic 6 event coming up in February. More details coming soon.

This letter is short this month, got three grandbabies driving around the library parking lot in my BJ truck! Dang, I told Makayla to just back it up for me!

Folks, pray........., pray for me if you don't have anything else to talk to God about, I sure need it. Got the best wrestling ring in the business for rent. The number 1 book in the world is always ready to travel. Jesus going to do great and mighty things this new year, we just got to get out of the way! God Bless. But hold on first, my last Christmas present to you fans is next!


Can you believe its a brand new year, and the ''goofs'' are on the run. Oh yeah, before I get started, can you also believe that folks are coming up to me at my shows ,and giving me requests on things to yell about on my great TV show. WHAT?? Hey I love you folks, but goofs get your own TV show if you want to yell! I got enough idoits trying to shake my hand and kill the business. But, I will be a special guest on your show when you get it.

If I see one more outlaw idiot lay across the top rope like he is at home watching reruns of Good Times. I'm going to be sick!! Were did this start? I mean really, the heel is already the hardest working guy in the ring, just trying to get the fans to ''stop texting'' their girlfriends while their wife sits beside them is hard enough. I turn around and some GOOF is laying across the tope rope. WHAT??? Well it only happened once, because after I kicked the goof as hard as I could, he caught on pretty quick. Oh, I get it...... let the ''BIG DAWSON BOYS'' come to the ring, instead of being ready for a fight, let's all lay across the top rope. That is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. Yep, I'm sure Wahoo and Paul did the same thing , when the Anderson Brothers were coming to the ring!

WHEW, and the year is just started! JESUS loves you all, but there's a few of you I can do without. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

- George


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