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Lincolnton NC before the ABC7 event.


With George South, Jr. before the matches.


Speaking at Church in Seneca, South Carolina



With Tony Hunter, Ricky Steamboat, Jimmy "Boogie Man" Valiant, and Ricky Morton

Big Time Wrestling, Morganton, NC


With my student Tessa Blanchard in Morganton NC


A special Christmas Cowboys gift from my friend Brian!





George South, Bobby Fulton, Ivan Koloff, Jimmy Valiant, Tessa Blanchard

Robert Gibson, Ricky Morton (Nov. 1, 2014)





From my recent trip to Michigan:







With Andy McDaniel and my Legend's Belt in Charlotte. More photos.


With Lori and Jillian (Brad's family)

at 2nd Annual Brad Armstrong tribute show in Knoxville TN 7/13/14



With Tessa Blanchard. So proud of her!




Hickory NC 6/1/14




Jerry Brisco post on Facebook





With Tony Russo at the Asheville Fair!


Susan Greene, Terry Funk, and George South

on George's 51st Birthday!


George South, "Ragin' Bull" Manny Fernandez, and Cedric Alexander


Brad Armstrong Memorial at Knoxville's Chilhowie Park

Father's Day June 16, 2013




With Jillian and Lori (Brad's daughter and wife) at Brad Armstrong Memorial in Knoxville TN



With Dr. Tom Prichard and family, Lori James and Jillian, and Mama Armstrong

 at Brad Armstrong Memorial in Knoxville TN.

Jillian just sold a bunch of books for me!

Yes, Mama Armstrong can throw a better dropkick and arm drag than most of the guys on that show.

Where do you think all them boys learned it??





Legends at the 2013 Ivan Koloff Tag Team Tournament: L-R: Rich Landrum, Dr. Tom Prichard, George South, Hacksaw Duggan, Masked Superstar Bill Eadie, and "The Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff


South Six Man Tag Champions with the Barbarian


George South, Ronnie Garvin, Barbarian, Ricky Morton (Nov. 2012)


With the Nature Boy Ric Flair.



NCWA Wrestling in Clayton NC 7/28/12

Ted DiBiase, George South, and George South Jr.


George is up for an $5 Academy Award for his role in this short film.



Ric Flair and George South at Highspots

Ric is holding George's book "Dad, You Don't Work, You Wrestle"  May 4, 2012


The EWA brought legendary names together to celebrate the memory of Chief Wahoo McDaniel at "War Dance 5" in Tarboro NC. Included on the event were Jimmy "Boogie Man" Valiant, Ricky Morton of the Rock & Roll Express, "The Ragin' Bull" Manny Fernandez, Baby Doll, and Mr. No. 1 George South, as well as many local wrestling superstars.

The War Dance Never Dies!

EWA Big Event Archive


George South and his Billboard - 3.17.2012


Me with Robert Gibson, my son George Jr., and Chase Stevens

Autograph signing at a restaurant in Belmont NC. 3/10/2012


What the heck??


Beats the heck out of the guy we have in there now!



Matt Hardy, George South, and Hurricane Shane Helms

Lexington NC 3/3/2012



The New Rock & Roll Express!

Saturday 2/18/2012 Gaffney SC



FEB. 11, 2012


George South, Thunderbolt Patterson, Bill Dundee, and Ronnie West


George with Jerry Stubbs



George with one of the original "Ding Dongs" Greg Evans


Louis Moore, Terry Funk, and George South


George speaks to Men's group in South Carolina (Jan 2012)


"Boogie Man" Jimmy Valiant, "Mr. #1" George South, future "Hall of Famer" Dallas South, George South Jr., and Ricky Morton of the Rock & Roll Express! (Seagrove 2/4/12)

George South and Baby Doll, 12/10/2011 in Shalotte, NC

Photo by The Shiek!

Brad Anderson, Masked Superstar Bill Eadie, Carter Anderson, and The American Eagle

11/20/11 in Salisbury NC


Minnesota Wrecking Crew Day - Hopewell Church June 2011


Legends gather at NCWA wrestling show in Clayton NC

Nikita Koloff, Ronnie Garvin, Baby Doll, Bill Eadie, George South, and Tommy Young

Saturday Aprl 20, 2011 Photo by Eddie Cheslock

Molly Holly, George South, and Ricky Steamboat at WrestleFest in Philadelphia April 9, 2011.

Photo by Michael Coons for Canoe Slam! Wrestling  - See Entire photo gallery.

George and Reid Flair 4/17/11

Photo courtesy of Baron Bullard


George and Road Dogg Jesse James (Brian Armstrong) 4/17/11

Photo courtesy of Baron Bullard


April 2, 2011

Photo courtesy Baron Bullard



April 9, 2011

Photo courtesy Baron Bullard



Nov. 20, 2010 with president of George South Fan Club!

Tommy Young, Robert Gibson, George South, Ricky Morton, and Manny Fernandez

Anderson Brothers Classic, Kings Mountain NC   2.25.11


Manny Fernandez and George South at the Anderson Brothers Classic

See all the Anderson Brothers Classic news here


Rock & Roll Express with George South Jr. and Louis Moore


George South sporting his "Anderson Brothers" side burns!


Demolition Smash, The Barbarian, George South, and Demolition Ax at NACW event in Clayton NC.

Lex Luger, Rocky King, George South, and Lex Luger

August 28, 2010 Snellville (Atlanta) GA

Photo by Josh Boyd


George South and Greg Valentine with Johnny Valentine's Texas championship belt - Feb. 27, 2010

("Johnny Valentine Texas Heavyweight Lone Star Wrestling Champion", a special belt made for Johnny by Reggie Parks.)

Photo courtesy of Allison Wray

George South Jr. and the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair at TNA show in Charlotte 8/1/10



Photos by Michael Griffie




George with the Armstrong family at LegendsManie, March 13, 2010 in Atlanta GA


Ricky Steamboat Jr. and George South - November 2009

(Photo courtesy Pam Johnson)



The Warlord, the Barbarian, George South, Ivan Koloff, and Nikita Koloff

George South speaks to prisoners through his ministry.

Lincoln Correctional Center

(Photos courtesy Tim Scronce)






George South and Mike Jackson

NWA Legends Fanfest, Charlotte NC

Photo courtesy of Mike Jackson

The EWA Crew with special guests Manny Fernandez, Babydoll, and the Barbarian

George confronts EWA Champion Ivan Koloff at Fanfest . . and Ivan strikes back!

Photographs by Blake Arledge



George before match in Wentworth NC

Photo by Wayne Culler



Mr. #1 Paul Jones and Mr. #1 George South


George with Paul Jones and Paul's son, Paul Jr.


With Zack McDaniel (son of Chief Wahoo McDaniel)


Paul Jones and Ole Anderson

Ole is wearing his favorite t-shirt from his favorite website!


Photos by Peggy Lathan and Blake Arledge

Mr. #1 George South wrestles as part of Skandor Akbar's Devastation Inc.

when campaigning in the state of Texas. Akbar has vowed to assist South in regaining the EWA championship from "The Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff.

Photo by Josh Boyd

George with former WWF Champion Bob Backlund in Danbury CT March 2009


George South looks at the faces of history. These men paved the way.

Notice the hat George is wearing is the same hat Blackjack is wearing in the graphic on the truck.

Blackjack gave that hat to George in 2004.


George South is training the future superstars in the business.

For more information, call 704-577-5503



Mr. Florida addresses a gathering of the Masked Wrestlers Association at a secret location in Parts Unknown.


George with Susan Green and Judy Grable at a recent show in Columbia SC (10/3/08)


BELMONT NC 7.12.08



Photos by Josh Boyd

George South with Kerry Von Erich's ring jacket that Kerry wore in memory of brother David at Texas Stadium when he won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

The NWA belt on his shoulder is not a replica; it is the actual NWA championship belt (property of the NWA) most recently worn by NWA champions in TNA and held by their current champion. The original NWA belt worn by Kerry is in the possession of Ric Flair.

The Anderson Brothers Classic Trophy and EWA Title Belts on Tour!




Jason Jones, George South, Charles Robinson, George South Jr. and Chris Heffner

Grady Cole Center, Charlotte NC 12/3/07




Garrett South, John Cena, and George South

Grady Cole Center (formerly the Charlotte Park Center), Charlotte NC, Dec 3, 2007

Photos by Josh Boyd

Curtis Thompson, Ricky Morton, George South, and Bobby Eaton

October 2007

Photo by Josh Boyd

George Speaks at Lowes Motor Speedway

October 2007

Sgt. Slaughter, George South, and Ricky Steamboat

at a recent event in Richmond VA.


George South and Sgt. Slaughter

at a recent event in Richmond VA.

Photographs by Blake Arledge

Ted DiBiase, George South, and Steve "Dr. Death" Williams

Photo by Josh Boyd

George with Mil Mascaras and Dos Caras - June 2007

George Jr. with Jake Roberts - June 2007

George with legendary wrestler and referee Sonny Fargo, 4/21/07.


L-R: Ivan Koloff, George South, Harley Race, The Barbarian, Tommy Young (kneeling) Masked Superstar Bill Eadie, Little Rock-N-Roll, Ricky Morton, Jimmy Valiant

Asheboro NC, February 3, 2007

Photo by Wayne Culler, 2007 Slamfest Wrestling Photography



Sgt. Allen J. Price of the North Carolina Army National Guard with #1 George South.

June 2006, Mooresville NC


George South, Terry Taylor, Ricky Steamboat, and Brad Armstrong

Feb. 17, 2006 - Shelby Recreation Center, Shelby NC



Blackjack Mulligan and George South, February 2006

(Photo by Dick Bourne)

The Masked Superstar Bill Eadie holds the Feb. 15th issue of Charlotte's Creative Loafing magazine.

The issue features George South on the cover. (Shelby NC 2/17/06)

(Photo by Dick Bourne)

George on the way home after a visit to Blackjack Mulligan and the Headlock Ranch!



"The Legends Return: A Tribute to Henry Marcus"

5/30/98 County Hall, Charleston SC


Happy Birthday George!



September 7, 2005: Top Photo: George holds an original roll of 1970s/80s era Jim Crockett Promotions event tickets that were sent to the arenas. Next photos: George holding an original 1976 45 rpm recording of "Boogie Man" performed by Rufus R. Jones and the Freight Train Funk Band! George is wearing his new Blackjack Mulligan t-shirt (his favorite yet!) in subsequent photos.

I love the last photo; George checking himself out in that new t-shirt. Happy birthday, buddy.  

-D. Bourne

Scott Steiner with George at the Asheville Civic Center. Aug. 28, 2005

(Photo by Blake Arledge)


George with Masked Superstar (Bill Eadie) and Dick Bourne of the Mid-Atlantic Gateway

at NWA legends Fanfest, August 2005.

(Photo by Akihiro Iwata)


George and Butch (the World Champion of Bar-B-Que) at R.O.'s BBQ in Gastonia NC

Photo by Dick Bourne


Two of George's favorite photos from Wrestling Memories (www.wrestlingmemories.com), including one where he is in the ring with the late legendary Chief Wahoo McDaniel.


George with Road Warrior Hawk and Dustin Rhodes.

George South who? George South JUNIOR!

George South Jr. has the Masked Superstar (Bill Eadie) in a rear chin lock

during their match in Lenoir NC, April 2005. The night before, George Jr. got to visit with one of his childhood heroes, former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Terry Funk. (Photo courtesy of Highspots)

Various Images from WTBS Television in Atlanta, 1985

Courtesy www.MidAtlanticGateway.com