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MAY 2006
To the fans:
I just got in from a three day loop, went from West Virginia to Ohio to Virginia. and home. I haven't been to bed yet. Got in and my babies wanted to do something, gave my wife a payoff to take them outside.
I want to thank Jesus for all that happen this weekend, I got to preach from my ring their in Ohio, we had 15 folks come forward and accept Jesus as their savior. I also got to take the NWA first ever hardcore champion " Gypsy Joe '' with me. What a good friend, you would not believe all this man has done, over 60 years in wrestling. He had the very first cage match ever in Japan. I told him he should be teaching college somewhere, they aint no teachers that done all he has done.
May looks so good for us. Please call me , or email if I can do anything. Our training school is doing great. My babies, the Sotos and El Rayo, want their pool open. Remember, summer is Steamboat and Youngblood time.
God bless. - Mr.No.1

APRIL 2006
Hey fans,
By now everyone has heard of my "Front Yard Boogie Jam." It was great, we all had so much fun. Now to all those folks on the internet that wrote two full pages on why it was a dumb idea, ''GET A LIFE!" How can anybody that thinks they are a wrestler, give me advice. I have took more ''naps'', than you have had matches. So while all ya'll are trying to figure out what to complain about next, me and my kids are looking for somewhere else to set up my ring!
We have been very busy with our training school, ring rentals and shows. I tell fans all the time, I have wrestled Ric flair, ate biscuits with Blackjack Mulligan, hung out with Rufus R. Jones, used the airplane spin in front of Paul Jones, but nothing compares to my love for Jesus Christ, He is my very best friend. He died on that old tree for a sorry person like me. Very soon, just as Jay Youngblood used to make a come back, My Jesus is coming back. I hope you are ready.
See you at the matches! God bless,  -George

MARCH 2006
After 26 years in wrestling, I love it as much today as I did when I started. How Jesus can bless me everyday of my life , I don't know. I am the worst person in the world, yet He went to the cross for me. I love Jesus so much, how can anyone say He isn't real? How else can a small boy from the mountains of N.C. become such good friends with Blackjack Mulligan and Paul Jones.
I still also get just as mad today as I always have. I want to add here the TOP 10 things that make me yell the most. See if ya'll agree.
1. Wrestlers that watch me set up my ring, and then ask "Can you use me tonight?"
2. Fans that ask me, "Is that the real Masked Superstar ? Like I would use anyone else!
3. Wrestlers that have to get in the ring before a show and roll around. Ever notice the ones that have made money, Boogie, Midnight Express, Magnum T.A., Paul Jones, never got in the ring and rolled around. Guys, if you ain't got it by bell time, you ain't going to get it.
4.Fans that get our autographs and then sell them. You make it hard for true marks like myself that want stuff signed!
5.Outlaw wrestlers that use the name Anderson, Flair, Youngblood, Boogie Man....oh this really makes me mad.
6. Promoters that offer me a few dollars for a ring rental. Don't you know that a ring is more important than a main event?
7. People that don't believe Jesus is the only way to Heaven.
8. Wrestlers that spend three hours going over a match, only to forget it, seconds after it starts.
9. Guys that talk bad about me and don't know me. At least get to know me, then it is o.k. to dog me!
10. That any of the Armstongs don't have a job right now with WWE. This is just plain wrong.
God bless! -George

First, let me thank everyone who prayed for me this last few weeks. I have so many great folks that mean so much to me. I cant wait for summer, for some reason, I always think of Steamboat and Youngblood. I think it is because they always reminded me of what summer is about, just fun, happy times.
I really feel sorry for fans that never got to see Mid Atlantic Wrestling. There are times even now at 43 years old, I lay in bed and hear Blackjack Mulligan, Rufus R. Jones and Wahoo. I never want to stop hearing them.
I got to speak to Ole Anderson this week, we have our second Anderson Brothers Tag Team Tournament coming up this month. What I would give to see Paul and Wahoo take on Ole and Gene again.

Jesus has blessed me with more than I could ever want. The 20th of this month, I will have been married for 22 years. How any woman could put up with me, I will never know. What I have learned this month is, after the music stops, the ring is tore down and loaded, everyone has gone home, all that matters is having Jesus and family and friends around. Nothing else matters.
Please contact me for my training school, youth rallies, ring rentals, anything I can do.
God Bless,
Birthdays: Baby Doll Feb. 13, Rufus R. Jones Feb.. 21. , Ric Flair Feb. 25th., Swede Hanson, Feb. 27, Ricky steamboat, Feb. 28.

"Dad, You Don't Work, You Wrestle!"
This is what one of my twins told me this past week. Coming from a 10 year old, it may sound funny, but you know that's how a lot of people feel today. Pro Wrestling is not real, guys don't get hurt, it is all a show.
Let me tell you, Pro Wrestling is the toughest sport in the world. After 26 years, I still don't know what I am doing. I have an open date for anybody that wants to train with me. I ask anybody to get in the ring with some idiot who just watched Raw last week and thinks he is The Rock. After you have set up the ring by yourself, paid rent, yelled at your students for doing something off the top rope (instead of an arm bar!), cleaned up your building by yourself, get home at three in morning...
Oh, that's right, Paul Jones doesn't walk in pain, Blackjack does not feel all them years of hitting that mat, Terry Funk can stand up without any pain. Bottom line, tell some old timer "Thanks."
A special tournament is going to take place for the brand new EWA World Jr. Heavyweight Championship! Look for details coming soon right here on my website. Thanks to my buddy Dave Millican for the great job he did making my belt and thanks to my web guy Dick Bourne for making it look so good on this page!
I hope everyone has a great new year. Please call about church speaking, ring rentals, whatever you need. God bless !
- George

Where did this past year go? Hard to believe Christmas is here, Jesus came for one reason, to save a sorry old dirty wrestler like me. Their is HOPE, a baby born in a straw box, is now King of Kings.
I was so sorry to hear about Eddie Guerrero, I loved him very much, I have known his family for many years. When he was about 18, Wahoo ran a show here in Charlotte, me and Gary Royal got to work with Eddie and Hector. Also, their was a time in Atlanta GA., he was brought in to work Terry Funk, Eddie saw my bible in my bag, asked me if it was for real? I know Eddie is with Jesus, what a wonderful way to spend Christmas, sitting with the Savior.
I have been watching alot of Paul Jones matches lately. He will always be my favorite wrestler, after being in wrestling for so long, I really know now how good he was. To see Paul wrestle so many different guys, and have great matches. I watched him and Jack Brisco last night.

There were all the times as a kid at the Park Center, Paul would be standing out watching the matches. Here I would come, with an autograph book in my hand that already had over 50 of his autographs in it. " Paul, can I have your autograph? Paul, were did you get them boots? Paul, were do you get your jacket?" Now I see why he would send me to get him a coffee, and I would come back and he would be gone. How come I can't remember my wedding day, but I sure can tell you when he beat Blackjack for the U.S. belt. I have over 25 scrapbooks of just him in my museum, plus a watch, the watch that said in 1974, the same thing I say today: Paul Jones is my Favorite Wrestler! I love Mr. No. 1 Paul Jones....
Please email me or call if I can help with shows, youth groups, ring rentals, may Jesus be under every tree this December.
God Bless,

This week my son Brock will finish up his high school football. I cant say how hard this is on me, he began playing when he was 7 years old. I've lost count on how many trips to practice there have been.
I remember when he was 5 years old, he loved Batman. I had Cougar Jay, who used to work for Jim Crockett with me, dress up in this Batman outfit. Well when Cougar Jay arrived, Brock went nuts, crying, screaming, yelling, he was scared to death. I had to ask Batman to leave.
It is so hard to believe that I want have him playing football after Friday. I remember his first touchdown, and the referee thinking I was nuts when I asked to keep the ball.

My family has had to put up with me on the road for over 25 years, all the towns, the motels, putting up a ring, working with the greatest wrestlers in the world: Brad Armstrong's family, Barry Windham, Ric Flair, so many great guys. You know what is true? Mid Atlantic Wrestling has been their every step of the way.
Please email me if I can do anything. Remember , Jesus loves us so much.
God bless, George

Hard to believe summer has gone. As I look back on this year, Jesus has been so good to me. I am getting close to some 5000 matches over the years. I am always asked who were my favorite guys to work with. Man , Ole was so mean, but oh I loved him. Hearing Rock and Roll's music and the fans yelling. I had to be nuts to stand in the ring and hear that music of the Road Warriors.
I never do this , but I am going to brag for a minute. I have been all over the U.S., worked for every promoter in the world, made money, lost money, had better matches than most guys have shower time. I have been tatered, knocked out, yelled at, cussed by the greatest old timers in the world. And yet, there are so many idiots around today that think they they can tell me something I haven't heard. This new year is going to be different. I am going to call out anyone in the ring who ain't getting it done right.
Thanks to everyone who came out for the Wahoo McDaniel Tribute show. We had a special night together, Masked Superstar and Boogie are both so special. These are two of only a few guys left who still make this business fun!
God bless,

I want to say thanks to all the fans who have written me here at my web site. It means so much when I hear that maybe one move I did in a match reminds someone of a grandma or uncle that used to love wrestling. We all remember the times of riding our bikes in the woods, playing in the creeks, and for me, it was waiting outside the Charlotte Park Center on a Monday night.
I still remember the first time I saw Blackjack Mulligan drive up. The Biggest Man I had ever saw, I just watched a match were Paul Jones turned on Blackjack, it was a tag match with Baron and Greg Valentine. They Had to Keep Paul in the ring till the fans left, they tried to kill him. What a great time it was to be a kid.
I want to remind everyone to keep reading their Bibles, everyone needs to read it for their self. Jesus loves us so much. There used to be a special door at Jim Crockett's office, only for the wrestlers to use. Well, see Heaven is the same way. You have to use that special door to get in. That Door is Jesus.
Please let me know about shows, ring rentals, training, prayer concerns, whatever I can do. God bless, Till Next Month,
Mr. No. 1

Can anyone believe summer is almost over? What a great time to be a wrestling fan, after over 26 years I still love it, the setting up of a ring, the hot buildings, meeting fans, even fussing at the guys in the dressing room who aint got a clue about this business.
This month is also the start of my sons high school football season. If fans think I am nuts at the matches, you should see me in the stands at high school football games!
Me and Dick Bourne haven't gotten over our trip to see Blackjack yet. Blackjack is the most special person in the world. What means the most is he knows Jesus as his Savior. Blackjack really has no worries in the world. Once you have been bought by Jesus, nothing else matters.
I miss Mid-Atlantic Wrestling so much. I walked into this little second hand store this week, and looking around, can you believe I saw this old chest with an old Mid-Atlantic sticker on it? I peeled it off to the delight of three men standing behind me who thought I was nuts.
Please contact me for anything, our training school is doing so great. Do most fans know years ago that it was such a honor to be a wrestler? I want to hold on to that forever. God Bless everyone.
- George South
Birthdays: August 5 Stan Lane / August 6 Dino bravo / August 6 Boogie Man Jimmy Valiant / August 12 Terry Taylor / August 14 Buddy Landel / August 14 Bobby Eaton / August 14 Eddie Gilbert /August 16 Dick Murdoch / Aug. 19 Tm Horner /Aug. 25 Ivan Koloff / Aug. 27 George Scott / Aug. 27 Sgt. Slaughter

JULY 2005
Dear Fans,
I hope summer has been good to everyone. As we get older I think sometimes we forget what is special to us. It may be that we just get to busy with ''THINGS '' , that we just never remember what it was like to hit a baseball, jump in a lake, just run barefoot through an open field.
Well the date of Wednesday June 29 brought all that back to me. Me and my best friend Dick Bourne jumped in a truck , headed to Tampa Florida looking for that open field, that lake. See only a few days before I spoke with Blackjack Mulligan, I told him we wanted to come and see him. I will never forget the words '''Come On Then ''. Without thinking twice, me and dick drove nonstop 23 hours round trip, never knowing what was going to happen. To me, even after 25 years in the wrestling business, Blackjack was always special, those interviews, that claw glove. Just as Marshall Dillon stood so tall in Gunsmoke, Blackjack Mulligan stood so tall in Mid-Atlantic Wrestling. Me and Dick drove all night, being tired and hungry was soon forgotten with the appearance of his wonderful wife.
When Julia said ''HE IS WAITING ON YOU'', all of a sudden, my young summer days were coming back. We all have those certain times we hang on to. When Big Blackjack Mulligan walked into the room, I had found that summer lake, that field of grass. We hugged that big man. He is so full of life, so happy. He loves Jesus so much.
As I write this, I have on his cowboy hat he gave me, those big cowboy boots sitting here right beside me. For those who don't believe in dreams, I have on one of his FIRST CLAW GLOVES. Folks, Jesus is real, Heaven is real, and just maybe the angels wear black cowboy hats.
Thank all of you. Please just let me know if I can help.
God Bless.  -George South
July 2 Charles Robinson / July 4 Barry Windham / July 9 Tommy Young / July 12 Geeto Mongol / July 14 Baltimore Jack / July 16 Mighty Igor /  July 19 Robert Gibson / July 21 Nelson Royal / July 26 Tommy Rich / July 27 Manny Fernandez  

JUNE 2005
Dear Fans,
I want to start off this month's letter by just saying how thankful I am to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I can not even put in to words how much I love Him. For a little boy to come from setting up an old ring using trees and garden hose, to going 20 minutes with Ric Flair, having Ricky Steamboat chop me, tagging with Rufus R. Jones in Kansas City. Even Getting Knocked out by Brute Bernard. Holding Chief Wahoo's hand and praying with him here in Charlotte before he died. This was all a blessing from God. I do not deserve any of this. I remember Blackjack Mulligan telling me last year at his shop in Tampa, ''We never get too low that Jesus won't pick us up."
Happy Birthday this month to: Rip Hawk (6/6), Magnum TA (6/11), Brad Armstrong (6/15), Mark Youngblood (6/21), J. J. Dillon (6/26), Paul Jones (6/28), and Terry Funk (6/30). We also remember two of our legends' birthdays who are no longer with us: Two Ton Harris (6/11) and Chief Wahoo McDaniel (6/19).
I love wrestling, it is all I have ever done. My friends like Dick Bourne and David Chappell, and to get to work with Brad Anderson again. Years ago, I was trying every angle I could come up with to get into Mid Atlantic Wrestling. Brad Anderson told me last week of a letter I sent his dad Gene over 25 years ago. In it, I told Gene that I was dating his daughter, and was ready to wrestle. Am I nuts? What was I thinking?! A few years after working for Jim Crockett, Gene and his wife owned a Putt-Putt golf and games place off of Independence, down below the old Charlotte Coliseum. He invited me alot to bring my kids down. What a wonderful site, to see one half of the Minnesota Wrecking Crew playing video games with my kids. I loved Gene Anderson.
Please let me know if I can do anything: ring rentals, guest speaking, just let me know. Jesus loves you.
God bless,
- George South

MAY 2005
Dear Fans,
What a great time of year. I love the summer, for some reason I really miss Mid Atlantic Wrestling during this time of year. I love the outside shows. I always think of the Great American Bashes, we have really been blessed.
We train every week and give our guys a place to wrestle. Something that really gets heat with me, so many guys pay all this amount of money and then come to me to put them to work, I have to be the one to smarten them up. Don't work that way.
I got to see Dustin Rhodes this weekend, he looks so good, we have been friends since he used to drive us to the ring in a golf cart at that same American Bash. He and Barry Windham are two of the greatest natural athletes I have ever seen.
Thanks to Dick Bourne, Tim Gwen, HIGHSPOTS, and so many more. Remember Jesus loves you so much, Give your life to him today. Please call or write if I can do anything. Ring Rentals, Bookings, or Youth Rallies
God bless,

April 2005
Dear Fans,
Thanks to everybody that has been to my new web site. Dick Bourne and the Gateway - always first class. I want to thank Patrick for all his work these last two years.
This time always is special to me. During the summer Jim Crockett always ran my favorite town, Florence S.C. Way before they got an arena, we wrestled at an old baseball stadium. It had no dressing rooms there, we had to dress across the street in this run down motel. Johnny Weaver would drive us across the road in a golf cart. Oh what fun; Dick Murdoch elbow dropping the dragon flies. I still stop at that motel every year when my family goes to beach.
Please e-mail me if you need a ring, training or just want to talk about Mid-Atlantic Wrestling. Remember, Jesus loves you so much.
In His Wonderful name,
- George South

March 2005
Dear Fans,
What a great last few months! I have been so blessed. The legends show in Tampa was great, I got to see Jake Roberts, I told him I was praying for him. Terry Funk was the best, I also got to meet Kevin von Erich for the first time, we shared a few bible verses. Their were over 80 legends there. I didn't sleep in three days.
My training school is doing great, I have been running alot of shows for the guys to get ring time.
We just got back from Spartanburg S.C. I want to thank Joey Sanders for all he has done, what a great friend. Our legends show drew over 1000 fans. Brad Armstrong is one of the greatest. Also Dick Bourne of the Gateway is always there to hear me yell.
Remember, Jesus loves you so much.
For ring rentals, my school, shows, anything, just send me an email (
Most of all, accept Jesus if you have not, He is coming back very soon.
In His Wonderful name,
- George South

George South