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MERRY CHRISTMAS! WOW, were did this past year go to? This is my favorite time of the year, I love Christmas.  "John 3 :16" has never meant more than it does right now. God loved me, this old wrestler so much, that he sent His only Son, to die on a cross for my sins. That is the greatest gift anyone can get. December is such a busy month for us all, please take time to help someone else out. I spent last Thursday at the men's shelter in Charlotte, getting a tour and just meeting some of the men. They do such a great work all year, not just feeding the men and finding them jobs but the most important thing, telling them about JESUS.

I have 2 big birthdays this month, Dallas will be turning 2 and Spiderman is already confirmed. My beautiful twins, Abba and Scarlet will be 18 years old! Oh, if I ever needed JESUS, it's now. Abigail joking told me, "Dad, now we are legal." I said, "Yeah, legal by age, not legal by DAD!!"

Brock took the prettiest grandbaby on GOD's green earth, Maverick ''Harley Race'' South to the doctor for check up. He weighs over 20 lbs at 9 months. Makayla, still likes showing Paw Paw off on the playground at her elementary school. She is so excited about helping me put up my Christmas tree at the Headlock Ranch this weekend.


  • Please continue to pray for Brad Armstrong's family. I call Lori and Jillian every week and lift them up in prayer each day.


  • Me and my EWA crew are going to help Dutch Mantell out this month with a fundraiser for his grandbaby.

  • Ricky Steamboat, Terry Taylor, Jimmy Garvin and Ted DiBiase all told me to wish all the wrestling fans a Merry Christmas!

  • Big announcement coming in a few weeks about the Anderson Bothers Classic 6 Tag Team Tournament!

  • Everyone knows my love for the rock group KISS. I had been excited about Peter Criss' new book coming out. The reviews ain't good. Very bitter, very ugly things said about his band mates. WHY? To make a few bucks? To be continued in Anderson Slam later.

  • The 2nd greatest book ever written makes a great Christmas gift! Got to tell you, it is a wonderful feeling going in Highspots and seeing ''Dad You Don't Work, You Wrestle" being shipped out! I love doing my GeorgeSouth TV show by the same name. You can find it on and YouTube. Ain't no outlaw goofs safe now!

I thank Jesus for this past year. He has been so good to me. Merry Christmas and grab a Mountain Dew, my Anderson Slam tribute to ''Wrestlecade'' is next.....!

Wahoo's War Dance Lives!

Oh man . . . . Wrestlecade was one of the biggest shows I have ever been apart of. Tracy Myers and his crew are first class all the way, over $5000 dollars was given to The Christmas Toy Drive! Tim Blaze was my right hand tag team partner and ''Wrestlecade'' could not have happen if not for him and Tracy. WOW! Has Mr. No. 1 George South finally ''cut the roast beef'' with the little who people? NOT A CHANCE! Pro wrestlers are the biggest idiots in the world. They wrestle in flea markets, cornfields, and back yards and when somebody cares about them, and actually books a big show in a beautiful downtown convention center on a Sunday afternoon when most of them are off anyway - - they show why even the 1970s Mafia wouldn't have anything to do with them! They are idiots!  I had guys ''pick up their pictures'' and walk out because they were ask to not sell to the VIPs who already spent alot of money, even though only 30 minutes later they would be able to come to out gimmick tables and buy whatever they wanted. One goof wrestler walks in the dressing room, with his replica belt on his arm, pulling his "outlaw goof" bag with wheels and when I ask "Who are you?", rather than just give me his name like a real human being, he says, "I'm the champion." WHAT??? Aaaaaaaah!!!

Everyone got paid early! Everyone was even given additional bonus of Wal-Mart Gift Card for their family. Out of 60 wrestlers, only 7 of them told Tracy or anybody else thank you! Listen, when Raven, who is one of the most burnt wrestlers in the business, is one of the few wrestlers who says "thank you", that doesn't say much for the rest of you goofs! Oh, if only we could have a locker room full of Bill Eadies and Boogies!  Listen you "wanna be" promoters, if you ever want to be a successful wrestling promoter .... don't book wrestlers! One goof wrestler refused to do his finish on a guy . . because they were friends! WHAT??? I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried!

And one more thing thing, I'm putting a stop to this right now: I have already heard some idiot who was not even there make a comment that some of the "boys" didn't get paid. BULL CRAP! I hand delivered everybody's envelope to them! So listen, goofball -- and you know who you are -- go mess with somebody else!

WHEW! Oh yeah, WRESTLECADE is returning next year for two huge days this time. Now if I can just find away to do another great event without using PRO WRESTLERS!

Merry Christmas, see you next year. God Bless.

- George



"And they overcame him, by the blood of the lamb. Rev.12:11''

A great way to begin my letter this month. The blood of JESUS is stronger than any mistake folks, whatever you have done wrong, no matter how far you have ran, just turn around. JESUS is always their waiting. He overcame it all with HIS death, yep we win folks!

I love this time of year. We all have so much to be thankful for. I heard an old preacher say one time, "it's a good thing GOD doesn't take back what HE has given us, in exchange for what we have given HIM!''

"Dad, you don't work, you wrestle'' is really doing great, I am so thankful to everyone who has bought a copy. The reviews have been great. Having the ''Mid Atlantic' legends tell me how much they have enjoyed it has been a blessing. I owe Mark James so much for helping me finish it.

I am so proud of one of my twins Abigail getting runner up at "Homecoming" last month. She was so excited, JESUS was so real to me that night. Scarlet begins high school basketball practice this month, as Garrett finishes up middle school football. Little George helped out coaching this year so poor Garrett had to hear it from both sides!

Makayla, who just received her first award in class, loves for me to come and eat lunch at school with her. She has even let me stay and go outside with her. Just funny how all the ''little boys'' seemed to FALL off the monkey bars when they get close to her. Go figure!

Please continue to pray for Dutch Mantell's family. Jerry Lawler, too, and Joel Deaton who lost his brother, Hoss Deaton last month.

Did you folks see were Elvis' personal Bible sold for over $93,000 on eBay?  WOW,...don't think I would take double that for mine.

My Cowboys are having it rough so far, Ii don't think any fans have to go through what we do.


  • I spoke with Susan Green before she went home to Texas to visit family. I encourage anybody to watch her matches on YouTube if you enjoy real woman wrestling.

  • My good friend ''Thunderfoot'' Gene Ligon asked me to tell all his Mid-Atlantic fans hello for him.

  • WWE referee Charles Robinson took me for my birthday to see Journey, Loverboy, and Pat Bentar in concert in Greensboro. It was unbelievable, I couldn't believe how hard they all worked. Can you believe as soon as we got to our seats, some goof outlaw wrestler yelled my name and came over to do that stupid wrestler handshake? It almost ruined the whole night!

  • I signed up three new students to my wrestling school this week. Nobody runs as many shows as I do. God has really blessed me so much.

  • What a great show in Tarboro, N.C. last month. Mike, and Alan really know how to put on a wrestling event. That crew that night may have been the best I have seen anywhere. The best part was over 25 people were pulled from HELL by the blood of JESUS.

  • I had lunch with "Nature Boy" Ric Flair and his son Reid last week. Ric is doing great. I asked him to sign a picture for a Pastor friend of mine, and Ric said, "Lighting won't strike me, will it?" Hahaha. I love the Naitch. Got him to take picture with one of Mark James' Memphis Books, too.

  • Private Jim Nelson looks so great after losing weight. I love that he still gets in the ring several times a month.

  • The biggest show of the year is this month, WRESTLECADE, over 40 huge wrestling legends will be appearing. All proceeds go to ''Toys for Tots'', which makes it even better.

  • I also have come to agreement with Tommy Rich's people so be looking for next month as he has signed with the EWA for several events.

My favorite part is coming up next. Never stop praying friends, be sure and eat a lot of turkey andbe thankful for all JESUS has done for you. I pray, rent my ring, train, wrestle and even baby-sit. Just BAT SIGNAL me and I'm there!


The year is almost over and the ''GOOFS'' are coming out of the wood work. I went to several wrestling shows last month and I swear, I couldn't tell were the wrestlers started and the Halloween ghouls stopped. They all look the same. Really, next time take a look at the wrestlers coming out of the dressing room. Listen, you goofs, even a werewolf or vampire has the right gear, get out of them blue jean shorts and put some trunks on.

My favorite group KISS donated over $500,000 to the wounded service men and can you believe some idiot complain that KISS was only doing it to promote the band? WHAT? Who cares what they promote? But as usual that idiot didn't give nothing!

For my show in Tarboro, N.C. I had called two guys myself and booked them. They told me yes, and we agreed on a price. After putting their names on my posters, they call and say they had to work, and couldnt make it. OK - - well then I find out that both idoit goofs go wrestle somewhere else that same night. Listen stupid #1 and stupid #2, if you think Ole Anderson holds a grudge, you ain't seen nothing yet. I had to explain to the church why my poster didn't match up with the guys, you didn't! You wrestled your little outlaw show after telling me a lie. I would not ever book you both again if you were the only two idiots left, which we know you're not, because wrestling is full of them!

WHEW, that felt good. Have a great Thanksgiving and see you next month...GOD BLESS!

- George




WOW, is that any way for a guy who never sleeps, drinks way to many Mountain Dews and gets way to upset over the Dallas Cowboy games to begin his new monthly letter? JESUS knows how RUSHED everything has gotten, there will not be any drive-thrus in heaven. No matter were you are right now, it may be the darkest place you have ever faced, but JESUS is there in the darkest with you. If we could just be still, and let Him take over.........He is on His way folks, every wrong is going to be fixed!

I had such a great birthday last month. My time with my '' Babies'' was my favorite. I heard from Joel Deaton (Yes, the only true Thunderfoot), Wild Bill Irwin and so many other great friends. My buddy Dick Bourne got me a Mid-Atlantic Wrestling magnet for my car which Makayla keeps on my fridge, she says I can't take it off until she comes over to help me. My Dallas Cowboys are doing great in this early season. Years ago I stopped using a referee at my shows. So what's the big deal NFL? They just got in the way and of course I ain't going to let nobody know that I need them. Just let the wrestlers count 3, heck, they are already in the ring anyway. That was my idea I had planned on sending into the NFL office. Just get rid of the refs, or bring back Tommy Young or Ron West to fix it.

Abigail made the "homecoming court" this year at her high school. I was so excited for her. After seeing her dress and picking myself up off the floor, I wondered again were does the time go?

Maverick is getting so big and Brock finally will let me hold him, only if I wear gloves that is. Garrett's middle school team is playing so hard. He plays offense and defense the whole game.


  • I have a brand new wrestling ring for sale, it's ready to go, has everything with it and is ''unbelievable priced''. Just sure hated to disappoint all the outlaws when they found out it wasn't my ring. I still have the best ring around and my ring is always available for rent, just don't think your guys can get in it hours before the show to practice!

  • Little Ricky Steamboat and his dad both are doing great. I spoke to both this week and yep, we talked about "Dad you don't work, you wrestle''.

  • Me and my great book spent the day with MY Favorite All Time Ric Flair Robe this past week, wearing it in the parking lot was one of the coolest things I have ever done! The 4 people injured in the car wreck from folks staring may not have liked it!

  • Please continue to pray for Dutch Mantell and his family. They have worked so hard on getting the law changed in Tennessee. His grandbaby is with JESUS but like an old preacher used to tell me, "we all need a little skin sometimes."

  • My training school is doing very good. I will put my guys up against anybody. There is only one way and that is the right way. Get in the ring and work the match. Listen to the people. It's a lost art. Talking over your match or planning it out, before you even know what the people want never works! Just because you know what went into that "cake" don't mean it is going to taste good!

  • I also spoke to Road Warrior Animal this week and his son plays for the St. Louis Rams. That kid had 15 tackles his first game this year. We both talked about how much we missed Hawk and how he changed his life for Jesus before he died.


Well, Makayla and Dallas have circled what they want in the Walmart sales paper so Paw Paw better go. If you need prayer, a great book to read or a suplex on your head, please let me know. My favorite part is next!


A buddy of mine (yes, I do have a few friends) wrestled at a show last week where the promoter only had four matches. One of the goofs who I'm sure had his replica belt that had Diamond Dallas Page's name on it over his arm when he walked in the dressing room took a break from shaking hands and going over his match to say, "Wow, this must be a GEORGE SOUTH show." Meaning I only do a few matches at my shows. Listen you idiot, I don't have to take a bump in a toilet to know crap stinks! Just because you goof promoters have 17 matches before intermission don't make it better! It's just more crap! More ain't better! See, all you idiot no-working, no-helping with the ring, goofs will never get it. Its called taking care of each other. I was taught to do a two hour show with 3 or 4 matches because all of my guys can work. Plus there was always more money for the boys!  We needed each other because it paid our bills, fed our families and allowed us to make the next town. Not so we could work for free and show off for our 13 year old girlfriends and tell the boss at Game Stop "I'm a wrestler!" What's the ''bottom line'' to this story? There ain't one. I just will never understand why none of this is ever said while GEORGE SOUTH is in the dressing room! Go figure!

Whew! I always feel so much better after this. Have a great month! JESUS loves all of you! See you next month!

- George



HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY TO ME!!  WOW, where has the time gone? When I was a little Paul Jones (see the great book ''Dad, you don't work, you wrestle!" for details) running around trying to put all the pretty girls in a Indian death lock, I sure thought ''50'' was old. Now, it is here and I am very excited. I have to thank my JESUS first for giving me everything I have. The greatest birthday gift ever to me was his blood. It changed my life forever. There is no greater feeling than knowing for sure that I will never die, I will never be put in the cold ground, because when I close my eyes here for the last time, I open them in the strongest arms in the universe!

This month is going to be so much fun, I love birthdays, especially when they are mine! My beautiful twins have begun their very last year of high school, talk about time flying fast. When we went to have their senior pictures made, I had planned on going in with them. Abba asked, "Where do you think your going?" Oh, to be able to walk them into their class, or eat lunch with them one more time. Their pictures are unbelievable, it had to be all of JESUS, cause nothing that pretty came from this old pro wrestler.

NFL football is also here, finally I can break out my brand new T.O. Dallas Cowboy jersey that I found on the clearance rack. Right now my Cowboys are undefeated, so things are looking good! I also have plenty of ''Prozac'' and Vicky and Pam have me a new stock of Mountain Dews ready for me.

Garrett also has his first middle school football game on the same opening day as my Cowboys so don't anyone try to find me that day. Makayla, even started kindergarten this month. This may have been the hardest on me - she asked was I going with her on her first day? "Journey" began playing on the radio and I had to pull over. Oh yeah, Little George has a birthday this month also, never mind getting him any Dallas Cowboy stuff, he ends up taking all of mine anyway!


Now, I probably need to talk a little about wrestling, since I am a wrestler and this is a wrestler's website (and a darn good website it is, thank you very much, Jack!) 

  • My book is doing so good, thanks to everybody that has let me know how much of a blessing it has been. Mark James did such a great job. My good friend Beau James in Tennessee got a copy as a gift from his wife and shared that he really wanted his Pastor to read it.

  • Ricky Morton gave me one of his new Rock and Roll Express t-shirts, I think because he saw how dirty my Anderson Brothers one was and at a gas station last week, this woman behind the counter, spent 30 minutes telling me how much she had loved Ricky Morton, was going to quit school, marry him and have his babies. It reminded me just how big they were here in Charlotte.

  • I was part of a great show in Gaffney, S.C. at the Boys Club were Randy and his wife invited me to preach and we all shared over 300 free book-bags to the kids.

  • Please continue to pray for Dutch Mantell and his family. His grandbaby was his life. I told him last week, its o.k. to question God, even get mad at Him, but I promise, every tear will soon be wiped away and we will understand.

  • Private Jim Nelson looks so good, he has lost a lot of weight but hasn't lost anything in the ring!

  • Reid Flair rode with me to a town and what a great kid, Ii finally got him out of those ''stupid looking outlaw biker shorts'' and into trunks. They even have "RF" on them.

  • We drew over 450 fans in Hudson, N.C. were Chad Byrd worked so hard. Baby Doll looks better than ever.


  • Louis Moore put together another great show that drew another sold out house in Clayton. What a thrill to work with Ted DiBiase again, and to team with my son. Little George looks great and had fun being in the ring again.

  • It is always great to see "Boogie Man" Jimmy Valiant and his sweet wife Angel. They are such special people to me!

  • Gene Anderson's wife Edie came by my training school to watch her grandson "Little Gene" train. I was very nervous. If she would have said ''shut the door,kid'', I was going to make a run for it!

Folks, pray for me, I ain't perfect, just favorite part is next.....God Bless!


You would think on my birthday that the goofballs would take a day off but nope, and so neither am I . Here are a few things that have reassured me that people are idiots and the world is ending soon. I just heard that they are remaking my favorite Clint Eastwood movie "Unforgiven." WHAT? And guess what? Clint ain't even in it! I also hate the word "venue." What goof came up with that? We don't wrestle in a venue. Maybe a flea market, armory, or high school and even a few coliseums, but that word "venue" sounds like a new salad dressing.

Now to the goof punk kid working at McDonald's who only filled my Biggie Tea half full, don't look so stupid when I ask did you drink half of it. My twins are still mad at me because they said I embarrassed them by yelling at you. Of course, Makayla loved it!

 Now, I'm really mad, the next so called promoter that rents my ring and walks up to me and just gives me half my money, I am going to punch you right in the head. No questions asked. Are you people idiots? What are you thinking? How do you book all those stupid big names and not pay for the ring? Forget it, no more waiting, no more talking, I am just going to punch you right in the head.

WHEW.  Feels good. Got to go, Makayla, Dallas and Maverick are making my birthday cake. Keep praying folks, Jesus is on his way! See you next month.

- George


AUGUST 2012 

I may have a few screws loose, but I am held together by 3 NAILS!  Jesus is my life, I love Him so much. I was on my way to HELL, no other way to say it. There was no hope in my life (a pig can't clean himself up). I am a sinner, there was not one good thing in me, But Jesus took my place on that old tree, that should have been me nailed there. Every sin, every bad thing, was washed away when His blood hit the ground. WOW! That is the greatest story ever told. Don't wait folks, turn to the KING of Kings today!

I can't believe that July flew by so fast. They already have the "back to school" sales papers coming out, what the heck? Summer ain't over yet! Garrett has been doing great in football practice and their first middle school game is just in a few weeks. My Sotos, Abba and Scarlet, are going to be in the 12th grade this year. It is really going to be hard on me. Wasn't I just holding both of them in my arms?

Little George went on the road with me last weekend and it was great. I am so proud of him and the Dad he has become. Brock lets me see Maverick only after having a background check and finger printing by the CIA is done. Makayla starts school also this year. I'm going to get Ole Anderson and we are going to take her the first day, just to let the little boys know that Ole eats kids for breakfast!

  • I spent the day with Susan Green in Union, S.C. a few weeks ago and it was great. There is no secret how much I love that girl. Derik really has a great building and a great show there at the fairgrounds.

  • Ronnie Garvin just worked some shows for my good friend Beau James and looked great.

  • Little Ricky Steamboat has been on the road with the WWE a few times this summer so keep watching. God has big plans for him.

  • Louis Moore had over 300 people at his last show in Clayton, N.C. Walking out with Ted DiBiase was something Little George still talks about.

  • "Dad You Don't Work, You Wrestle'' is the hottest book around! After doing John Boy & Billy radio, I reached a lot of fans. Thank you guys! John Boy and Billy are the greatest.

  • I have been so busy promoting my great book, from Indiana to Kings Mountain, that I want to say thank you again to Mark James. Without him, my book would still be on popcorn boxes and napkins.

  • My wrestling school has signed up four new students last month and I am always looking for new ones. Pro Wrestling is still the greatest sport in the world.

  • I got to speak with one tough dude last week in Charlotte. Necro Butcher was here and we still laugh about him sitting ringside years ago watching me and Italian Stallion bleed all over the West Virginia high school gyms!

 Please call me if we can do a birthday party, ring rental of wrestling event to help raise money for anyone. I love to pray, so if I can pray for you, let me know that, too. Makayla has that "back to school" sales paper showing Dallas what all she needs for school. There goes all the profit from my books!

May Jesus become Lord of your life today. Now - -  everyone's favorite part is next!

Get this straight first of all: never have I started anything. I never sit around and begin talking about people on a stupid computer. If I had a problem with you, you wouldn't read about it on the stupid internet, I would come right to your face. With the Headlock Ranch, 5 kids, 3 grandbabies and my best selling book to promote, who has time anyway? But do you think I am going to just sit back and let you GOOFS bring my name up, or my friends' names up, and not say something? You started, so now I finish it! Each month here in the Anderson Slam I get so excited to introduce the world to a new IDIOT. Believe me, there is no shortage of these in the wrestling business.

This guy here may be the biggest goof I have ever seen . . . KEITH ADAMS. What a big goof. You know what this idiot said? He said he was tired of promoters using old pictures of NWA legends on their posters, because the fans were cheated when they get to the matches and see us now. WHAT???? Oh, and guess who he said this to? Baby Doll! This guy who probably has no job, no life, and probably sits at home on Mom's computer, eating cheetos, in his Spiderman pajamas told this to one of the sweetest ladies I know. Now say it to me, I don't care, because after so many Steiner-lines, Ultimate Warrior press slams, and Sid Vicious  power bombs, I may look a little beat up but I ain't going to let you attack Baby Doll, who could beat the tar out of you anyway. You are a goof! Your family is a bunch of goofs! Your computer is a goof! I'm sure you don't look like you did twenty years ago either, which even then, you were still a goof! Guess what the best part fans, this idiot never planned on coming to the WRESTLECADE show anyway! Bottom Line is (as my good friend and now book owner of ''Dad you don't Work, You Wrestle", Stone Cold says) .... leave me and my friends alone! Get a life!

Whew, that felt good. Have a great summer and see you at the matches. God Bless .

- George



JULY 2012 

''WOW'' is summertime here or what? I love it being this hot, of course my grandbabies Makayla, Dallas and Maverick are always yelling, turn the air on, so I have to squirt them with the water bottle again. Geez, some kids just ain't never happy.

I want to start this months letter by saying, I believe JESUS died on the cross for my sins! After three days He defeated death. This means I will never have to die. YES, we all live forever somewere, I am going to heaven because the devil lost me when JESUS showed back up. Talk about an old ECW turn-the-lights-off, surprise appearance! Please don't wait. If you have never asked JESUS to forgive your sins, now is the accepted time!

''Dad You Don't Work, You Wrestle'' continues to be the hottest selling thing on my gimmick table! I am so proud of it. Mark James is the best. I have read it 15 times already and there is not one thing I would change.  Well, maybe talk about JESUS just a little more! My book signings are taken place all over the place so just hold on; like I wrote in my book about Barry Sanders, I'll be back around! One quick  "Anderson Slam" moment, folks - - stop picking up my great book with chicken grease, oil stains and dirt on your hands without buying it, this ain't Wal-Mart! Told one guy Saturday, I ain't grabbing your wife without asking, so don't grab my book without asking! GOSH, can't imagine why he just walked off.

 My beautiful grandbaby Makayla turns 5 years old this month. Got huge birthday planned at the "Headlock Ranch." Abba and Scarlet, the Soto twins, are on their second trip to the beach, and may get another one in before school starts back.

My boy Garrett has been going to summer football workouts. Yep, its about that time again. My Cowboys are undefeated right now. We'll be back at Cowboys secret bat-cave hangout for games soon, me and Mid-Atlantic Gateway, going to try and use $10 coupon the manager gave us at end of last season because he felt so sorry for us! He said he never saw fans have to take it like Cowboy fans did.

  • My student Jason Jones just wrestled for the NWA World Title and made me and Harley Race very proud.

  • Little Ricky Steamboat called to say how much he and his dad enjoyed my book. ''Shut The Door Kid', about Gene Anderson, was Big Ricky's favorite chapter.

  • I was also able to speak with Buff Bagwell for a few moments, he is doing great and thanked everyone for their prayers. He still has along way to go but his faith is so strong.

  • Guys keep your eye out for the huge WRESTLECADE event coming up in November in Winston Salem. It is the biggest wrestling event since ''Dad You Don't Work, You Wrestle'' got finished.

  • Brad Armstrong wrote to say how much his Dad, Bullitt Bob, enjoyed my book. Bob also wanted a copy of the DVD of Brad's and my match in Spartanburg a few years back, and the Gateway got him squared away on that. Brad said he and his dad watched the video again on Father's Day.

  • Rumor is Carter Anderson is signing autographs of Mid-Atlantic Gateway's Anderson book! Get 'em, kid. Third generation of the Minnesota Wrecking Crew!

I really want to say thanks again to everyone that has bough my great book. Everyone has been so nice with their reviews and my photo "Wall of Fame"' continues to grow! If I can rent you a ring, birthday party, train you to be a wrestler, or lead you to JESUS, just give me yell, I ain't hard to find. Got to go, taking Makayla to the dollar store, she still hasn't caught me unloading the shopping cart as fast as she loads it, so don't tell her. Let me grab my tea and ice from Cook Out like Steamboat and Youngblood used to do because my favorite part is next!

You GOOFS, leave me alone! One of my students was sitting in a dressing room last weekend, my name gets brought up. (Imagine that?) The goof says, "I don't like George South." My student said "Oh really, why?" Goof says, "Well, he don't protect the business." . . . . .  WHAT???? Aaaaaaaaaah!! You idiot, what business?? Smarten up goofball, there ain't no business left! All you blue jean wearing, tennis shoe wearing, biker shorts wearing, backyard, no trained, talking over your matches for three hours, shaking hands, goofballs have killed it for good!

WHEW! Don't move, I ain't done yet.  Another student walks in a store and says "I'm looking very George Southish tonight." he was talking about the way he was dressed. Well, everyone knows my grandbabies dress me, but anyway. This stupid goof that I have never met, facebooks "couldn't you find someone better to dress like?"  WHAT? You big goof, leave me alone! I don't even know you, nor do I want to. Your an idiot! Listen people: I'm like an old dog laying on the porch, minding my own business. I will even let you drink from my water bowl, even let you chew on my old bone. But don't PEE down my leg and tell me it's raining! (Oh! Very Clint Eastwood-ish). You goofs think I am just going to let y'all "POOP" (my new name for Facebook) in my yard and walk away? Wrong! You are an idiot, buddy. Your computer is a bigger idiot than you if that's even possible. Outlaws, leave me out of your stupid posts, I got a lot of grandbabies and kids to feed! This quote will be in my next book - "Dad ,you still ain't got a job!"

If they bring back separate dressing rooms, wrestling will vanish for good! Oh that's good stuff. JESUS loves you. I'm coming, Makayla. She done started my Blackjack truck again!! See you at the matches.....!

- George


JUNE 2012 

   I love Jesus so much, before I say another word, do you know Him as your personal Savior? Notice I didn't ask if you go to church, or if you are a good person. It doesn't even matter if you don't own a Bible. What only matters is does the "King of Kings" (Not Triple H!) have your heart? I just spent 3 days at this great Indian POW POW, I will tell you folks like I did there, it doesn't matter if you are Chief Running Bear, smoke a peace pipe, or even a medicine man, without the real "High Chief" Jesus, you don't get into heaven.

Thank you, thank you to everyone who has purchased the 2nd greatest book ever written, "Dad You Don't Work, You Wrestle". It is doing so good and I thank Jesus everyday. I have heard so many great things from everybody. Terry Taylor, Ricky Steamboat and my tag team partner Gary Royal have all let me know how much they enjoyed it. I want to thank Mark James and Debbie Jewell for all they did for me. Now of course the ultimate test will be after my all time favorite wrestler # 1Paul Jones finishes his copy. I'm like a kid waiting on Dad's approval after I washed his car.

Blackjack Mulligan wrote me one of the greatest reviews ever, it needs to be on the "walls of congress''. The second greatest review was from Ole Anderson, who said it was "too preachy," I love that. Superstar Billy Graham also let me know how wonderful he thought the book was. I was very happy to send one to J.J. Dillion who had such a great part in my career. He, and Dusty Rhodes put a lot of food and clothes on all my "South babies" for many years.

I love this summertime weather, it always takes me back to Florence, S.C. American Legion Stadium where Jim Crockett ran for years. I always think of Johnny Weaver and even today, on my way to Myrtle Beach, I always stop by the old Cadillac Motel where we used to get dressed for the matches!

Can you believe NFL football is only a few months away? My Dallas Cowboys made some great trades and we will see. Got my new Randy White jersey and bottle of Prozac -  ready for that first game.

I really am excited about my new book. I pray everyday that Jesus would use it. Pro Wrestling and Jesus, plus all my babies is really all I know. Got to go, leaving tonight for huge book signing in Rahway, NJ this weekend, have to fill up Makayla's, Dallas and Maverick's bowl with McDonald's Chicken McNuggets before I go.

 Please pray for our trip, have a great summer, talk to Jesus and get ready for my favorite part........!

You may think I have been so busy doing all these book signings, and taking care of grandbabies, that I may have let a few ''goofs'' slip through the cracks in the ''headlock ranch" floor. Well, not a chance, if anything, being a best selling author now has allowed me to realize that this world is full of them. Listen, you goofs, the worst thing you can say to a guy who took 50 years to write his life story, and happens to be very proud of his book, is "When does the next one come out?" or the one that made me want to run my BJ ring truck smack into a tree, "Is it available on eBook?"  WHAT????  Do you goofs understand all that Mark James, Debbie Jewell and myself went through to get this book done? We did not drive up to a book store window and just put in a order ,heck, them two had to put up with me for over a year! Listen, when Makayla saw it, and said "Paw Paw, the cover is pretty", nobody can hurt me now! That even made Dick Bourne happy, he took the picture for the cover! Now, with all I got going on, can you believe this goof idiot that has called my house 3 times wanting me to get him a pair of boots? WHAT?? Aaaaaah!  He even acted mad because I hadn't called him back. What a goof, like I am going to help him and not get anything out of it. What do I look like ? Wal-Mart? Listen, everybody on 4 planets knows about the biggest wrestling store in the world, HIGHSPOTS.COM! Goof, spend some of that money that you saved by not coming to my pro wrestling school and being trained the right way. Whew! That felt good! Let me know if I can pray for you, ring rentals, or bring a great book to your house! God Bless

- George



MAY 2012 

New family photos!   

 YES!! Get Mama from the kitchen, get them nasty mouth kids up next to the television (stolen from a Blackjack Mulligan interview) ... finally - -  50 years in the making, it's HERE!  "Dad, You Don't Work, You Wrestle." The second greatest book ever written! And I hope ya'll know which one is the first. But anyway, Mr. No.1 has finished his book, can you believe it? I am so happy. I love and thank JESUS so much for letting this happen. With Him all things are possible. I want to thank Mark James for everything he has done. I will never be able to repay him for all the long nights, my endless texts when I ran out of Mountain Dew and was freaking out about something he suggested. Also Dick Bourne for taking that great picture that we put on the cover of my book and just understanding how nuts I really am. And to Debbie Jewell, who will always be my Jay Youngblood, her stubbornness got this book finished. Mostly, I want to thank every pro wrestler before me that was part of this little boy's dream. All I ever wanted to be was NO.1 PAUL JONES.

My plan is to have my book on every coffee table in America. Of course, as soon as I get these grandbabies back from McDonald's, I'm gonna start on that. I am so proud of this book, it was done as a lasting gift for all my babies and grandbabies. I hope it means as much to everyone as it does me. JESUS will give you the desires of your heart!


  • Now for some wrestling news. My book is finished. Oh yeah, different wrestling news!

  • Several fans have seen the nice words J.J. Dillion said about me on his latest shoot interview.  J. J. took so good care of me while I was with him in Mid-Atlantic Wrestling.

  • My 30th Anniversary T-shirts are doing great, I hope everyone noticed the picture on front of them. Yes it's the same one that is on my book cover! Also on that shirt is me wrestling Brad Armstrong. You always look good when you are in the ring (or on a t-shirt) with an Armstrong.

  • My son Little George has been wrestling for me and really looks great. I am very proud of him. A buddy of mine just sent us some early pictures of him when he was only 15, but already wrestling for me. WOW, time goes so fast.

  • Jason Jones has worked out some with Kevin Von Erich at the Harley Race Camp and was very excited telling me about it.

  • I talked to Jim Nelson last week. He's doing good, and has lost a lot of weight and looks great! They are planning on running a big benefit show up in Floyd VA this summer.

  • I talked to the Boogie Man Jimmy Valiant last week. Wooo! Mercy daddy, he told me the Boogie Man sure feels good! Sho' got that right, daddy.

  • I was with Ricky and Robert last weekend and seeing them come to the ring, still gave me goose bumps. I also had a mini Nelson Royal and Gene Anderson training school flashback as John Savage and David Isley came by to say hello.

  • Please pray for a lady, Shirley Canipe, who has cancer. The EWA is planning a big fund raiser for her as I write this letter. Please stay tuned.


Now with my book being released, and everything going good, I wasn't even going to write an Anderson Slam this month (yeah, right) until a guy contacts me and asks what ring music do I come out to so he can download it. WHAT???  AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! He said that he needed my ring music. I said "just play anything", and he said he couldn't do that, it would mess up his show. WHAT?? AAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Listen all you goofs, stop it, stop it, nobody cares! OK? Especially me!! What was even worse, the show is 4 months away! Listen goofs, don't ever ask me that again. Now I got to get out of this library and go sell some books. Makayla looks so cute in her money bag with a chain on it. Pray for me and my book, all I want to do is lift up JESUS!

Well, Makayla has Maverick in the sleeper while Dallas is telling me ''Paw Paw'' this book bag with your new book in it is heavy!  Better go help them. God Bless and see you at the matches..

- George



APRIL 2012    

 Happy Easter!! Jesus Is Alive! This is one of my favorite times of the year, Jesus is all about starting over and what better time than right now, a FRESH start is what we need sometimes! The grave is empty folks, Jesus defeated death on that old cross, do you know that you will all live forever someplace? Jesus is such a loving God that He lets us make that decision. Jesus makes all things new, I love him so much.

I have been so busy this last month that I hope to cover a lot of different things with this letter.  I agree with Makayla when she told me "Paw Paw, I love warm weather." Brock has FINALLY let me hold Maverick. I had to go through four background checks and three security clearances! I fed him a bottle while watching Mid-Atlantic wrestling tapes. Maverick may only be two months old but he already knows wrestlers work from the left side, which is more than half the "outlaw wrestlers" know! Oops, sorry, got to be nice until the Anderson Slam.

Let me tell you how good Jesus is. He has blessed me over the years so much with special moments that only a few people would understand.  During my high school days I was the biggest KISS mark in the world. I may have been #1 Paul Jones on Saturday nights but the rest of the week, I was Ace Frehley! This past weekend I got to meet Ace here in Charlotte at a convention. He was so cool. What was funny is during the long line, they were rushing everyone through, well one of the staff guys just happened to be a wrestler.......(I know only to me could this happen) .....I told you Jesus dont play around! When I got to Ace, it was like when Hogan and Macho Man shook hands. Pretty cool! (He also signed a huge poster to Little George for me, which I just happened to forget to give it to him!)


  • I finally sold that wrestling ring and want to thank everyone that called about it.

  • Talked to Little Ricky Steamboat last week and he is doing great.

  • My student "Bullitt" Jake Manning wrestled Jerry Lawler several times last month and had great matches. Lawler loves working with him. My training school has really been blessed.

  • I also have brand new 30th Anniversary T-shirts available on my web site. Yes, on the front, that's Brad Armstrong, my favorite opponent trying to get out of my Blackjack claw!

  • My "War Dance 5" Wahoo McDaniel tribute show was wonderful, we drew over 400 people and Baby Doll, Boogie, Ricky Morton and Ragin' Bull were first class! The churches and people of Tarboro were such a blessing. Mike and Allan were the foundation that made that event for Wahoo such a success. The War Dance never dies!

  • Finally, I want to thank J. J. Dillon for the nice things that he said about me on his latest shoot Interview with  J. J. was always so good to me and took very great care of me while we worked for Jim Crockett promotions!



Well, I am on my way to see Dallas and Maverick (Jack and Jerry Brisco) for supper so I need to yell at a few folks first. You know what time it is.

Listen you goofball wrestling so-called "promotors",  let me smarten you up: don't call me and ask for another wrestler's phone number if you don't have me booked on the show! Are ya'll nuts? If I ain't booked on it, I don't care who you have as your main event! That's like calling Abigail Soto and asking her for Scarlett Soto's number - it don't work that way! And since neither one of my twins will ever get to date, we don't have a problem, but you get my point.

Now for all you goofball wrestlers, there has never been and will never be a wrestling move called a "double down". Where did this come from? AAAAAAAAAH! You can't make up traffic signs as you drive down the road, why do you think you can do this? If I hear this again I am going to punch somebody in the head! Oh" do I miss Ole Anderson being around in times like these. Listen outlaws, you don't call your kids a different name every night for supper, so stop doing it in wrestling. Ask some of the NWA legends what a "double down" is. But, please wait for me, OK. I want to see what they do to you.

The old ladies here at the library are giving me the office, so I better go. Call if you need ring rentals, wrestling birthday party info, wrestling school t-shirts, or want to be in the next Anderson Slam. See you next month! God Bless!

- George



MARCH 2012    

 When Satan goes to God and says, ''Look what George did,'' Jesus holds out His hands and says ''look what I did!" What a great way to start off a brand new month. WOW, I love Jesus so much, I know for sure I am going to heaven when I die, what a great feeling!

I have so much to talk about this month, and I can hear NWA great Dick Murdoch telling me ''slow down kid!" My beautiful grandbaby is here - - Maverick Chandler South has made his first appearance. (Yep, Paw Paw got a booking fee.) So happy for Brock and Amy. Thank you Jesus for giving me my babies. Makayla (worlds prettiest grandbaby) has already tried putting up Mavericks hair, he did look kind of cute in the lip gloss she put on him!

I stayed with my preacher Wilson and his wife on my way to Georgia for the Ted Allen Memorial show after a big breakfast as I was packing my Mid-Atlantic-mobile, and I asked him "what are you doing today?" He said, "Well, I really need to study my Bible." Preacher Wilson is 70 years old and has been preaching over 55 years. Amazing!


I promise to talk a little bit about wrestling this month.


  • Little George "twittered" some good friends of mine and was very excited when ECW Tommy Dreamer and Steve Corino both "twittered" back and said hello.

  • I spoke to Little Ricky Steamboat and his son is getting so big. Yeas, I have a George South Training Center t shirt waiting on him! My student and Harley Race world champion Jason Jones had a try out with TNA and is waiting on word back. Pray for him.

  • I want to say thank you to Jesus and everyone else that brought the Seagrove Supershow back to life. Ricky, Tim and some NWA legends sold out the place. 500+ there, it was so great. Having Little George back in the ring and my grandbaby Dallas dancing to Guns n Roses were my favorite moments.

  • Can you believe not one of the outlaw goofs have called me since then? Oh, but they sure were calling trying to get on that show. Wow, where were all the goofs when the best wrestling students in the world had to load my ring in the pouring rain? No where to be seen, that's for sure.

  • My Paul Jones Honorary Training Day is also this month and is open to anybody, the trainees that day get to be part of my wrestling show that night.

  • The Ted Allen Memorial show was a first class event in Georgia. Terry and his crew sold out that middle school gym. I saw Thunderbolt Patterson, Bill Dundee, Randy Rose, Ronnie West, and even former "Ding Dong" Greg Evans.  Some great photos here.

  • I spoke to Beautiful Bobby Eaton last week and he is doing great. I will say it again, there is nobody better in Pro Wrestling.

  • I still have a great wrestling ring for sale. It has everything you need for a wrestling show.

I met a nice fellow named Norman Harris who had some of the greatest Mid-Atlantic wrestling posters from the late 1960s in Lexington and Greensboro featuring a young Paul Jones, Nelson Royal, all three Anderson Brothers, Rip Hawk and Swede Hanson, Sam Steamboat, and so many more! Great to meet folks who love Mid-Atlantic Wrestling like me, Carroll Hall, and Dick Bourne do!

Well got to go, Makayla has Dallas and Maverick duct taped in her stroller at the top of the hill. This can't be good. My favorite part is next.


 I guess the warm weather is bringing thegoofs out of the woodwork this month. I may think I am the greatest promoter since Jim Crockett,  but Louis Moore there in Clayton N.C. gives me a run for my money! He always runs a first class wrestling show. Lewis brought in Jerry 'King' Lawler and sold out the Clayton Fitness Center. He spent weeks hanging posters, TV and radio, even hanging banners by the roadside, which take it from me can be very dangerous! When another promoter backed out of a agreement on friday where they were to share Lawler's plane ticket, Lewis had to leave his job early, take his personal day to book another flight for Jerry Lawler and pay it all himself. WOW, you didn't know all that went into a wrestling show did you?So after all that work, and all the success, drawing better crowds than anyone else in North Carolina month in and month out, can you believe this goof wrote on Louis's Facebook that it was a big crowd because the building was small, and that he was glad he stayed away. WHAT??? You idiot! I'm glad you stayed away too, because we needed the seat! Are you nuts? 400 fans had the time of their life! Gosh, wish my buildings were that small!

Oh, I'm not done! After being on the road all weekend, I stayed at the hospital waiting room all day. My grandbaby Maverick was born and I had to finally give him back to Brock and Amy. I got back to the Headlock Ranch, got a cold Mountain Dew, turned on my Journey CD and the phone rings. I picked up )that was my first mistake) and a promoter from Asheboro called me and tells me I am using the name of his promotion on a billboard on the highway. WHAT??? No "Hello George, how are you." No "Congratulations on your new grandbaby" ... just, "You can't use my promotion's name!" I didn't even know his "promotion" had a name! AAAAAAAAAAH, you goof, first thing is the preacher at the church made the billboard and the posters, he just came up with that on his own. He doesn't know who you are or anything about your wrestling "promotion." We are doing a church outreach that is free to everyone. And secondly, if I'm going to steal a wrestling name, it's going to be WWE or Jim Crockett Promotion , not a small outlaw group that hardly ever runs! We are at war, gas prices are $5.00,a gallon, Abigail and Scarlet are going to the Prom, and this goof thinks I care about a name on a wrestling poster??

WHEW! That felt so good. Listen goofs, don't take a jab at me and not expect me to hit back!

Call me for ring rentals, church events or just to get out of the house. 5 kids,3 grandbabies, 4 dogs, whew!God Bless and see you next month!

- George


FEBRUARY 2012    

''The Lord Hath Done Great Things For Us, Whereof We Are Glad.'' Psalm 126:3 What a great way to begin this new letter and a brand new month. Jesus has done so much for me, for anyone that is going through a rough time now, please just remember that. It don't stay dark forever!

The men's prayer retreat last weekend was so great for me. No t.v., no radio, and no traffic, just over 100 men seeking Jesus. I was reminded how small I really am and how great God is.  My ''Seagrove Supershow" is in a few days and your prayers for me are much needed.

This month is going to be so busy, I began by calling my Verizon cell guy and asked for help, and he asked me what kind of cell phone I had. He said he had a SPRINT phone and couldn't help me. WHAT?? I hope that aint how this month is going to go.


  • My friends Pam and Vicky saw ''Nature Boy' Ric Flair at a Wal-Mart signing in Burlington N.C. He made sure to tell me hello and wished all his Mid-Atlantic fans a great year!

  • Blackjack Mulligan and Barry are both doing great. When you talk to Blackjack, you can just feel how much he loves Mid-Atlantic Wrestling.

  • I will also be attending the 2nd Annual Ted Allen ''Nightmare'' tribute show next week. Ted was a great friend for along time and I will have a update next month on the event.

  • Terry Taylor, Buddy Landel and Tommy Young all called this week to say hello. What great guys.

  • My training school is doing so good. Get ready wrestling world for the debut of "The Russian Assassin Boris Koloff! Yes he is kin to Ivan and Nikita, matter of fact he has been frozen in ice for along time and doesn't even know that Russia is our friend, so please you Facebook goofballs don't tell him.

  • To anyone that may ask me, and alot of people do, too help them book a big name for their wrestling event, do not tell me ever again that "I don't have much money''....WHAT??


The world's prettiest grandbaby Makayla has been fixen' up my hair before I leave out on the road. My other grandbaby Dallas Edward loves running around the house with a broom and with his shirt off, his pants pulled high up on his were did he get that from? Happy Birthday Brock South. who also will be a brand new dad in a few weeks! Scarlet has scored 9 points in her last two high school basketball games and Abigail may own Pizza Hut one day. I am so proud of both of them.

The Bible says that Jesus knew our name before we were born, what a great feeling, He loves you folks so much!

And, now this special message - - - - -

NORMAN HARRIS in Wilkesboro is a name I hope someone also may know. He called my house and the number he left is no good. If anyone knows him, please have him call or write me, it's very important!

Now the other name I want to give you this month has the pleasure of making the Anderson Slam so hang on, get a cold Mountain Dew and get your popcorn ready......


I don't think I have ever put a name with some of the goofs that I write about each month, the main reason being that my web site would then be just be a bunch of names of idiots! I don't understand how most of these goofs are loose on the streets! This guy here may be the biggest, goof, and idiot ever.  Well, of course untill next month!

BOBBY HENSLEY....what a goof!!! Let me tell you what this idiot did. My student Jason Jones, as most of you know, got to come home from Kansas City at Christmas and finally got to see his family. He traveled with me and got to wrestle in front of not only a packed house Christmas night, but his dad and mom surprised him and showed up! We had a great match, laughed and told stories about how tough Harley Race is.
Jason had to fly back to Kansas City the day after Christmas, over 1000 miles away from his family, he is chasing his dream and I am so proud of him. How hard it must have been to say goodbye. Well guess what idiot BOBBY HENSLEY did? He calls the office of Harley Race and tells Harley, that Jason wasn't "nice" to him at the show. .......WHAT??????? You goof!! You sit at home on mom's computer in your Star Wars pajamas and I am sure you have never played kickball or any other sport in your life! Listen goof Bobby, you can talk about my Cowboys, my clothes and even the way I talk, but don't touch my Jesus or my kids. Jason Jones is one of my kids. Blackjack Mulligan told me one time, ''us Windhams are family'. You don't mess with family." Jason is family. Folks can you imagine flying back to snowy Missouri, after saying goodbye to your parents, putting up with Harley and me yelling all the time and then this goof calls your trainer and boss? Well, beforeIi have a heart attack you idiot Bobby, you have a ringside ticket waiting to any wrestling show I am on.  I would love to MEET you in person! Oh one more thing, you goof, Jason Jones was a "heel" both nights, what did you exspect him to do, bake you cookies?

WHEW! That felt good. I love my Anderson Slam.

Let me know if you need prayer, a guest speaker, wrestling ring rental, training or need your hair done by Makayla. Of course Paw Paw has to get a booking fee...

God bless,

- George



JANUARY 2012    

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I love Jesus so much and what a great time to start over. The old year is past and Jesus makes all things brand new. I am sure if you are like me their are a few things you wished you could have done different, like trying to have a wrestling match with a guy who hasn't a clue, confess all of it to Jesus and then move on. Your sins are forgiven and now you have a fresh start. The only thing strong enough to clean me up can't be bought off of TV late at night from some info. commercial. The blood of Jesus Christ was the only thing that could make me white as snow. If you don't know Him, give your heart to Him today.

I am updating my site before the big NFL Cowboy-Giants game this Sunday night. Winner goes to the playoffs, loser goes home. Very last game of the regualr season for all teams. What a main event! Me and my grandbaby ''Dallas'' recently laid in the floor to discuss our Cowboys. Of course littler George and Makayla had to help me back up! I will never forget Cowboys coach Jason Garrett ''icing'' his own kicker, talking about taking something back! My son Garrett, who has a Birthday this month was acting like 'Dirty Dick Slater'' at school and the office called me, of all the times to be remembered for my Mid Atlantic Days! The principal was a big Jim Crockett Promotions fan and more important, he saw my ''Jesus arm band, and we had the greatest time talking about our Savior. Yes! I told Garrett Jesus was sure watching out for him today.

Were did last year go? I really want to do so much for Jesus this year.


  • I spoke to so many great friends over Christmas, Brad Armstrong, Buddy Landel, Terry Taylor, Little Ricky Steamboat, and Harley Race and all of them are doing so well.

  • I got a Christmas card from my all time favorite woman wrestler Susan Green, who just so happened to break my heart at 12 years old and I never got over it. She ask that we all pray for her concerning some health issues.

  • I wrestled my student and Harley's WLW champion Jason Jones Christmas night and it was as big a thrill for me as it was for him.

  • A early Christmas present for myself was having 'World Wide Wrestling Mid-Atlantic Rich Landrum call one of my matches last weekend. He will also be at the NWA Fanfest this year in Charlotte.

  • My training school has four new students and "Little Gene", Brad Anderson's son (and Gene Anderson's grandson) is improving each week! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year and give me a call if ya'll need a wrestling ring, guest speaker, church event or babysitter. Well. maybe not a babysitter, Makalya and Dallas may not like that!

Yes, my favorite part is next. Goofballs don't take a break because of the Christmas Season!


 You would think that some of these goofs would at least take a few weeks off from being goofs at the end of the year. But guess what ? The two biggest goofs of the whole year waited till Christmas time to drive me crazy!

At a wrestling show outside of VA,  a wrestler asked me to borrow my sharpie marker. Well now, you can have the shirt off my back,  but my sharpie? It was Christmas so I gave in and let him borrow it. I asked him to bring it back and he said he would.  Well, an hour later, no sharpie. So now I'm like Ole-Grinch-Anderson when he just woke up! I yelled for the goof to come to my gimmick table, I asked where my sharpie was. Can you believe this goof had given to to somebody else to use?? WHAT???  I went nuts, yes, over a 50.cent marker! After removing my hands from around his neck, he was able to go bring back my sharpie. It's really simple, goofs. Just do what you say you will do.

Another goof, this one a 26 year old man, calls me and wants to be a wrestler and asked me the cost. Well my grandbaby Makayla was driving her new Barbie corvette into the 'sheetrock and enjoying herself so I really didn't have time for this guy and said I'd call him back. He puts his Mom on the phone - - - yes, his mother - - - - and she asks me, "What does $300 dollars get my son?"  In my best Gene Anderson-voice I said "BEAT UP."  After spitting out the fried chicken that I knew she was eating, this "mommy-goof" asked me why didn't I ever go "pro".  WHAT???????? AEIEIEAAIEAAGH!!!!  I then told her to forget the money, I will be happy to get her and her goofball son in the ring for free.  Don't worry EWA fans, I will be selling tickets to it. I wish Nelson Royal's barn was still around.

See you at the matches!  Happy new year, and God Bless!

- George


DECEMBER 2011    

Happy Birthday Jesus and Merry Christmas to everyone! 

Where did this year go? I can't believe in a few weeks 2011 will be behind us.  WOW.  If you are like me, there may be things you wished you could go back and change, but don't. Jesus says "I make all things new!" The old is passed away........., I love this. Jesus is saying, forget the past, all the worrying in the world won't change a thing, but what we can do is to go forward. Jesus is all about many changes folks. It doesn't matter what you have done or not done. Start fresh. Give your heart to The King of Kings!

Dallas Edward turns 1 year old this month and my twins turn 17. Plus Makayla has a big Christmas Play she is starring in. I hope I find time to get a few wrestling matches in.

Here is a very special picture that I just found that I want to share. It is of my Mom holding me. My sister is also in the picture. It is one of only a few pictures that anyone has of my mopther. I love the ''wrestling boots" I had on even then. If you still have your Mom and Dad this Christmas, please tell them you love them. What I wouldn't give for my Mom to see my precious babies and grandbabies!

I love NFL football this month, my Cowboys are in first place. See, I knew there wasn't anything to worry about! HA!

I have plans to open yet another George South Wrestling School in Gastonia next year. My wrestling school has signed up three new members. One has a little Anderson Blood in him!

Two of my students are really doing good. Jason Jones just won Harley Race's world title last month (the WLW championship) and Cedrick Alexander has now signed with Ring of Honor (ROH). I am so proud of both of them, they are good guys and great wrestlers.

Also, I just came across a pair of 'Beautiful Bobby Eaton Midnight Express ring worn tights that I will be selling. Anyone can email me if interested.

Something special recently happened. My good friend Butch at my favorite place to eat, R.O.'s BBQ in Gastonia, NC, finally retired last week after 50 years of working in and managing the kitchen.  I had not seen Butch in several months. Jay Eagle had booked me in Spartanburg, SC, which meant one thing - my stop at R.O.'s! Walking in, Butch met me with tears in his eyes. He said "I have been praying all day that the Lord would let you stop in, because today is my last day." That morning, I wondered why Jay Eagle had called, because most of the time I have a ring rental or a EWA show to run. Then I knew: Jesus had let me say good-bye to a dear friend for over 30 years. God is good.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas'' and please remember the real reason for the season. And if you have forgotten, well, time for.....


"But It's Christmastime," you say. "Can't George South take a month off from yelling and calling everyone a goof?"  As my favorite cartoon characters "The Grinch" (who just in case ya'll didn't know was actually one of the Anderson Brothers) would say . . NO! So here goes....

If one more person says "Happy Holidays" or "Season's Greetings" to me, I may punch them in the head! Has the world gone crazy?  Doesn't anyone know what Christmas is all about?? (Yes, that was very Charlie Brownish, but you get the point!) I have not had but one person, my lady at Cookout that gives me free tea and ice, tell me Merry Christmas. I asked one cashier at the grocery store why she didn't say it, she told me they can't; it was against company rules. WHAT???? Listen, just like I tell all the outlaw goofs in wrestling, there is a right way and a wrong way. The same with my favorite time of year, Christmas. It is "Merry Christmas", not merry xmas or happy holidays or season's greetings. Besides, Jesus makes every day a holiday!

Merry Christmas! See you next year. Call, email, or yell if you need a ring rental, guest speaker or just a guest for Christmas Dinner.

GOD BLESS.........

- George




NOVEMBER 2011    

 HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I have so much to thank Jesus for. I hope everyone takes a few minutes and talks with Him this month. We all have something to be thankful for.

Were did this year go? I got so much going on at the "Headlock Ranch" this month, Garrett just finished football, Makayla is 'driving'. One of the Soto's, Abigail, may be starting her first job, that is if she lets me 'introduce' myself to the manager. Scarlet just made the 11th grade girls basketball team. Dallas is walking now, Brock is getting married this month, and Little George has started a new job! WHEW!! And how was your day?

   My Dallas Cowboys are going to give me a heart attack, you know things are bad when even your punter is hurt! Can that even happen?

If anyone needs a wrestling ring for a show, please email me also.

Little George called to say Makayla found a live pet that she wanted and it cost 200 dollars! What was it, gold plated? And when he told her , thats too much, she said, "Well I will ask Paw Paw."  Yep, probably going this week to buy a $200 lizard.

I want to wish my good friend Blackjack Mulligan Happy Birthday this month. One of the greatest moments in my life was me and Dick Bourne sitting on his back porch eating hamburgers, right out of the bag and drinking Mt. Dew. Life didn't get no better than that.


  • I spoke to Ted DiBiase, Terry Taylor, and Little Ricky Steamboat last month, all are doing great.

  • At Marvin Ward's big show in Fisherville Va., I saw so many old friends, Terry Funk who went out of his way to give me the greatest compliment. I thank him for that. Also saw Diamond Dallas, who looked great, Kevin Nash, and Tully Blanchard. I want to also ask that everyone please pray for the Ward family over the death of Marvin's mother. Do you believe in Heaven? I do, Marvin will see her again. Jesus does not lie, we are here on this earth for such a short time. I am betting the horse and barn, there is more to life than just living a few years here. If God created Heaven and Earth in a week, imagine what Heaven is going to be like after 2000 years!

  •  I have a lot of surprises in the works for all the EWA fans coming up.

  • I had two new students sign up last month at my training school and they are doing great . Barbarian dropped by also to check on his niece Sandy, who already has a few matches under her belt.


Buckle up, my favorite part of a new month is next...........

If Johnny Unitas or Roger Staubach was in a dressing room, I wonder if any of the young players would walk up to them and say "Can you throw the ball this way?"  Probably not, but of course in pro wrestling, nothing makes sense anyway. Would you not figure that if a guy has been around for over 31 years, he might just have a clue? If one more goof comes up to me before a match and tells me what he wants to do, I am punching them right in the nose! Like I am going to let them do it to me. When I first started, and heck, even now I don't open my mouth when one of the Legends are talking to me. At Marvin Ward's big Night Of Legends show last weekend, they had to be over 100 wrestlers on the show. The dressing room looked like Noah's Ark right after God shut the door. I mean, there was outlaws shaking hands and hugging all over the place. I was asked to be in a Bunkhouse Battle Royal, which upset me anyway because I had to leave Ivan Koloff, as he was talking about his feud with Bruno, and three of the biggest pieces of pizza in the world. Matter of fact, if Tully Blanchard hadn't yelled for me, I would have stayed. After using a handgrinade to clear a place to dress, over walks this goofball, who tells me we are the last two in the Bunkhouse and this is what he wants to do! WHAT? LEAVE ME ALONE! With Terry Funk two feet away, who do you think I want to talk to?? Worst part of all, this was one of my old students from my PWF days!

Thanks everyone for praying for me. Jesus is my best friends folks, I hope He is yours. Let me know if I can pray, speak, train or yell for you.

- George

OCTOBER 2011        Family Photos Update!     Birthday Party Info!

 This may be my favorite time of year! Cooler weather, football, Chicken Coop with the Gateway, and my grandbabies! Where has this year went to? I hope everyone will remember how much '' Jesus '' loves them, you may feel so far away from Him at this time, but just turn around. That's it folks. He will be waiting on you with His arms opened wide!

My answering machine here at the Headlock Ranch was down for a few days. I think Makayla tried to send a text through it! But the "Jim Crockett office" is back up and running!  I haven't gave them out in a while so here are my two contact numbers, 704 577 5503 and 704 795 3144.

Thanks to everyone for the nice comments about my new family pictures of me and my grandbabies! Dallas is getting so big, man I am glad I held on to all of little George's old toys! Out of everything, guess what he plays with? Yes, the old wrestling men!

My Cowboys broke my heart last week. How can you be winning by 20 points in the 3rd quarter and end up losing? Yep, I will need another TV after that one!

Little George was working late last week and met Jeremy Shockey of the Carolina Panthers! Saw him last week at a gas station, he said he was the coolest guy ever. Hey, wait a minute, what about your dad??


  • I heard from Ricky Steamboat last week and I want to congratulate Little Ricky on the birth of his son.  Yes, maybe I will get to train another little dragon!

  • My student Jason Jones out there in Kansas City with Harley Race called very excited about being in the ring with Harley at a wrestling event there. Jason said he wanted to lock up with Harley so bad!

  • I always enjoy hearing from Terry Taylor and I still can't understand why he isn't back in the ring. He was always one of my favorites!

  • I met ECW superstar Jerry Lynn for the first time last weekend and what a great guy. he really loves the old Mid-Atlantic stuff, we talked for a long time about that.

  • I am also working very hard on opening up another training center here in Concord NC over the next few months. Jesus has been so good to me, there will be more details coming soon. I will also continue training at the Highspots training center.

May everyone have a great month, grab a jacket, keep on praying an get ready for my favorite part..........


O.K. this really doesn't have anything to do with pro wrestling, but as Ole would say, this is my site, and I can yell about anything I want!

I saw last week on the news where some town out west would not let the local school put on a Christian concert to help them raise money. But the local gay pride march began at the very same school. WHAT??? This world, like my wrestling business, has changed for the worst, can anyone tell me what a sin is anymore? I mean really, can we even spank our kids anymore? I just want to remind everyone to pray, Jesus is not asleep, He holds the stars in his hands, just like Wahoo's wardance meant hope, Jesus is coming back very soon! Oh yeah, funny ending to that story, towards the end of their march, it began to rain and all the non-believers in Jesus stood out in the rain holding up their signs. Now my question is, if you don't believe in God to begin with, why are you protesting the Christian concert? I mean, why be afraid of something that you believe don't exist anyway? Just a thought!

If anyone needs , prayer, ring rentals, birthday parties or just want to talk about Jesus, let me know.......GOD BLESS !!!!!!!

- George


I got this nice note from a lady in Columbia SC. Thought I would share it with you here:

Hi George,

I just wanted to drop you an e-mail to tell you how much I enjoy your web-site. My dad would take me and my friends to the Township Auditorium in Columbia South Carolina every Tuesday night. That was before he got the nerve to let me take the driver’s test…HA! Little did I know that he and Mr. Henry Marcus just happened to be very good friend’s. Otherwise, he would have never left us there by ourselves. My friends and I did have a great time back then. We couldn’t wait to get there to see Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair and everyone else. We were probably the loudest ones in the audience, always of the front row. Except of course for “Olive Oil” aka the “Chicken Lady”. Not to leave out those ringside seats were only at the most $10.00.

For my birthday in 1979, my dad arranged for us to meet Ricky Steamboat. Oh my goodness were we nervous! I know Richard thought what a silly bunch of kids! He just didn’t know that meeting him meant the world to me. Honestly, little did he know what an impact he made on me by taking his time to come out and talk to us? The best part of it all was the kiss on the cheek! I don’t think I washed my face for a week! Anyway, I will never get the chance to thank him for that and after all these years he probably would not remember it. It’s good to know that you keep these memories alive!

Needless to say, I’m older now and still walking down memory lane and with your web site. It brings back the good old days and the simple times and memories of my Dad. (He passed away in 2005.)

Thank you so much and keep up the good work!

Love in Christ!

Tami G. Chahine

Columbia SC


I love this! That's what it is all about, folks! Sharing our love for wrestling and the Lord. Thanks to my buddy Dick Bourne at the Mid-Atlantic Gateway for all the work he does on this website. And thanks to all of you for stopping by here to say hey.   -George


SEPTEMBER 2011    

New Training Photos!     Family Photos Update!     Birthday Party Info!

Happy Birthday! Yes, it is my birthday this month! I guess my grandbaby Makayla said it best: "Paw Paw, you're old!" Oh yeah, that's after she told me her cell phone bill was too high!! WHAT??

Jesus has blessed me so much over the years, He has given me everything I could ever want. So much is going on this month, my Dallas Cowboys begin play on a Sunday night, I promise to relax this year, even when it is 4th an 20 and they run the ball! Little George also has a birthday this month. I am so proud of him. He has started coaching Garrett's 7th grade football team so 3 South's on a football field cant be good. Garrett played his first game last night as a 7th grader. They won their first game in two years! Very exciting! The Soto's Abba and Scarlet have gotten their driver's permit, please pray for them . . .  and me!

I saw Makayla and Dallas last night, they are the two prettiest things I have ever seen. They talk to each other in this secret baby carney language that only they know. That's Dallas with me in this picture, what a good lookin' kid! Good lookin' parents, I guess, not to mention good lookin' grandfather!!


  • I saw my old friend Rocky King also last week. Rocky is doing great, we still laugh about our Kansas City days. That was 25 years ago this fall!

  • Please continue to pray for Little Ricky, as his car was broken into an several things stolen, even baby shower gifts. His dad the Hawaiian Punch asked me to tell all the Mid-Atlantic fans everyone is o.k.!

  • I talk with Ricky Morton every Saturday night from the road as we both travel and he is doing great. I hope fans never forget what he has done for wrestling. I don't think they know just how long he has been doing this.

  • If you haven't read the Gateway's new book about the Andersons, "Minnesota Wrecking Crew", you need to get it now. That was the toughest tag team that ever was. Still is! Ole and and Lars recently got together for the first time in 25 years in Atlanta, that is so neat. We miss Gene so much. Everything you ever wanted to know about the Andersons in the ring is in that book. (

  • My training school is doing great, I have four new students to sign up this month. I have several of my students being looked at by several wrestling groups. And there is the franchise; nobody can have him yet!

 I hope everyone remembers how much Jesus loves them. Things get hard for all of us but He has been there, done that, folks. Give your heart to him today. He is my very best friend.

Well, I need to wrap this up, Makayla is doing my hair, and told me to stop moving. WHAT?? So get your Mountain Dew ready, here comes my favorite part!


O.K., if you drive on the wrong side of the road, somebody dies right? Well outlaw goofs, if you suplex or body slam somebody from the wrong side, somebody dies! I can't believe how many times I see this at a wrestling show. That is the first thing I was taught, I even saw two guys in the ring early going over their match doing it. You cant just grab someone and throw them. What I don't understand is this, all they do is watch wrestling videos, haven't they realized, hey, that's not the way to do it!?

Now, another thing, if I do all the research, do all the work to write a book, put in all the hours to get it published, goofs I can write about whatever I want! I don't have to include anybody or anything I don't want to! I laugh when I hear that somebody gets upset for being left out of a book. I got news for them, write your own book!!

If ya'll need prayer, ring rentals or just yelled at, let me know. God Bless till next month.............

- George




I want to start off this letter by saying, I love Jesus with all my heart, I believe that He is the only way to heaven! He died on the cross for me and after three days, woke up and came back from the grave! O.K., so if anyone has any questions about what I believe, there it is!

Are you ready for some football? Oh man, I am. My Cowboys have been cleaning house already, what happened to the days of Bill Bates, who even being offered alot of money to leave, stayed with one team!

Garrett has also begun his first year of 7th grade football, already the coach don't like me, all I did was tell him how to coach my son! The Soto's will be going into the 11th grade, and after spending the day with 4 year old Makayla, she told me her "cell phone bill was late'' . . . WHAT???


  • This hot sun may have gotten to me. My training school signed up three new students this past month, if I can tell Barbarians niece, Sandy, to take it easy on them, they may stay around!

  • Little Ricky Steamboat called this past week, he is doing great.

  • Little George also got to talk to Jim Cornette this past month here in Charlotte, he said to tell all the Mid-Atlantic fans hello!

  • As all you know, my student Jason Jones has been with Harley Race for the last two years training and wrestling for Harley. He called yesterday very excited because Ken Patera had watched his match and said some very nice things about him! My Gateway friends got to see Bob Caudle and his wife, Jackie, on Jackie's birthday. They both are doing great!

  • I just finished up a week of fair shows and had most of the South boys there. Even little Dallas Edward got in the ring for the first time!

  • I just got back from Perry Ga. an a few shows their at Nascar driver David Ragan's car dealership, what great folks there. Rick Steiner dropped in to say hello an my body hurt just talking to him!

  • NWA Fanfest is only a few days away, I am so excited. Having Ole Anderson tell me to stop making money off his name, is just music to my ears!

OK. Hold on, here it comes....

 Chewing gum while wrestling. Who is the goof that started this? Yes about every two months I talk about this! Why does everyone go to the ring with a big mouth of gum? Please somebody tell me! One idiot told me,  after I yelled at him, ''it keeps my mouth from getting dry." WHAT??? Ole an Gene Anderson are fixing to break your arm, and you goofs are worried about your moth being dry? I even had another idiot tell me, well Shawn Michaels an Triple H do it.  WHAT??? As Ole Anderson once famously said, if they used the bathroom in the ring, would you do that, too? Now the biggest reason I decided to use my brand new $300 blue canvas last Saturday was because for some reason, my guys complain about the duct tape on my old one getting very hot under the sun. Go figure! Well after the show, guess what? Yes, ine big goop of hubble bubble in the middle of my ring! Guess who had to try and get it up? Well as soon as Raleigh sends me back the DNA test, I will post the goof's picture on my site! Outlaws, spit out your gum!



 I hope everyone continues to pray for our country, our only hope is Jesus!  May I also say, where ever you are, call on him, he is my very best friend.

  Any ring rentals,birthday parties, or training,just give me a call. My favorite part is next......,God Bless everyone that has dropped me a note to say hello!

- George


JULY 2011      Family Photo Update

I hope everyone is having a great summer. Jesus is so good to us. I am really trying to say thank you to Him more each day! I am nothing but dirt, "a pile of rags" is what the Bible calls us! I believe that the blood of Jesus gives me a right to hold my head up. I am made new! WOW, all my sins are forgiven, I am going to heaven! What a great way to begin my letter this month. do you know if you call out to Jesus, he will answer!

Last month I lost someone very dear to me.  Vicky was one of my students who I will greatly miss. I trained with her for over 5 years and despite the things she had to overcome in her life, she had the biggest smile and biggest heart of anyone I have ever met! She was so tough, and always got the biggest kick out of me making a grown man yell during training. What this girl had gone through, and some kid is whining in my ring?? I miss her, and my training center will never be the same.

The worlds prettiest grandbaby Makayla will turn 4 years old this month. Where has the time gone?

I spoke to a men's prayer supper last month in Summerville S.C. an we had 6 men give their hearts to Jesus. I love telling people about my savior. I was going to hell, but but HE grabbed me! What a wonderful story.

My Dallas Cowboys are hoping to kickoff their season in a few weeks also. Tony Romo just got married so we will see!


  • Can you believe Fanfest is only a few weeks away?I look forward to seeing Ole Anderson most of all. I always enjoy telling him all the money I am making off his name!

  •  Barbarians niece Sandy did great in her debut match last week in Belmont N.C.. The excitement on her face is why I still do this!

  • EWA World Jr. Champion Caleb Connelly has been defending his title three times a week. I saw NWA President Bob Trobich last week and he spoke very highly of Caleb.

  • My student Jason Jones who also works in the office with Harley Race has help put together a show with World Class Legend Kevin Von Erich for later on this year.

  • Little Ricky Steamboat also has a birthday this month also.

Now, grab a Mountain Dew, some R.O.' BBQ, sit back ck, my favorite part is next............

When is a 10-bell salute good? Well, if you ask me, and none of you did, but I can say this, because it's my web site! I am sure I will make a few people mad, but I don't like them. I mean, I maybe like the idea of them, but not the way thery are usually done on these shows, and I'll tell you why! Most of the time, it is done so poorly, the bell is hit so low, you can't hear it. One show I was at, they only hit the bell 8 times for a 10 bell salute!! WHAT?? Most times the outlaw goofs are talking over their match during it anyway. And don't  forget the time a wrestler dedicated his match to a wrestler who had passed away, on his knees pretending to cry in the ring before his match, screaming the dead wrestler's name while looking up at the sky........AND THEN LOST HIS MATCH!! There is nothing wrong with showing respect. But please, if you are going to do it, do it respectfully! It ain't about you, or how great you are for doing it. And one more thing - when I go to be with Jesus, no 10 bell salutes for me, just make sure the ring gets loaded right an the ticket money adds up!!!!

Pray for me folks. Believe me, trying to take care of the headlock ranch, 5 kids and 2 grandbabies is rough! My birthday parties, speaking to youth groups, fundraisers are doing great, if I can do anything, just call or write.

See you at the matches, 'till next month, GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!



JUNE 2011

Jesus is so good to me, oh how he loves you and me! Never think that this world is just spinning out of control, the one that knows our name, also has the world in His hands. I cant believe all the people that fell for the guy last month who said the world was coming to a end on a certain day! People, man can't even get my order right at the Wendy's drive through, how can he predict the end of time? Anyway, even Jesus said he didn't know the day, only God knows! Bigger question is - - are you ready?

Summertime is here, I can just see Steamboat and Youngblood hanging out at Myrtle Beach! Well I made it through Abba's first prom, didn't have to turn "Dick Slater" on anybody, at least I got till next year till the next one! Grandbaby Makayla saw Abba's dress and said, "I want one!"  WHAT????

My grandbaby Dallas Edward got his first pair of sunglasses this week, very Tully Blandchardish! Garrett had a meeting this week also for his first year of middle school football.

I have many prayer requests folks have sent in to me, pastors wife, Zack's family, Joplin Missouri families, and so many others. We had a great time during race week at the speedway, wrestling and telling folks about Jesus.

May I send out my prayers to the family of Macho Man Randy Savage?  I was around him during my WWF TV tapings and he was always a great guy.

EWA World Jr. Championship was won in Ashville N.C. by my student Caleb Konley last month and already has an offer to defend the belt in Japan next month! I am proud of all my students, Sandy, Barbarians niece will also make her debut this month. Joe Leduc Jr. is also a new student of mine who is doing very good after only three weeks of training.

OK, I just saw were Lars Anderson has been added as a guest at this year's fan fest so I will write this months  Anderson Slam in his honor!

 A guy emailed me and said he wanted to come to my wrestling school, simple enough right? Well he then wrote, "but I heard that all you do is take guy's money and never get them booked!" WHAT??? You goof, what a way to introduce yourself! Where does all this come from? I wished I had all the money that he thinks I took. The truth is I train most of my guys and never get paid! I ask the goof if he had ever met me. NO of course was his answer. I told him after training Steamboat and Flair's sons, I wasn't going to explain anything to him! Matter of fact I told him I would train him for free - - may even have Ole sit in on this one, if you know what I mean. Come on big boy, it won't cost you a thing. The funny thing about all this was, when have you ever heard of a guy who actually does all the stuff this goof has said about me and then admits it? Wouldn't it be a great world if they did? Yep, can't wait for this gut to started!

God Bless, need prayer, ring rentals, speaker, just contact me at the "world's greatest web site!"

See you next month!


MAY 2011

A wrestling fan yelled at me at a show, ''hey George, I saw a man preaching on the street, made me think about you! I said, yea buddy, question is - did you listen to him? Jesus loves everyone of you, it seems like everything is going nuts! That there is no hope. Well I tell you, Jesus is that hope. He still is "King of Kings." The cows on a thousand hills are his, he even feeds all them! Now don't you think we are even more important? Talk to Jesus today, I promise he will listen.

Pray for me this month as Abba goes to her first prom! I got Ole Anderson making a little visit to the young boy who is taking her!

I am so glad to see warm weather, summertime is close. My grandboy Dallas rolled over for the first time last week, now if he could just get the Indian Death Lock right.

Makayla, the prettiest grandbaby in the world, has calmed down some, only has a "SOUTH" fit once a week now! She comes by it honest, have to say that. Dallas was crying at supper and she told him, it ain't that bad!

Zac, the small boy that had the kidney transplant continues to marvel his doctors. Jesus still heals folks!

  • It was so great to see Ronnie Garvin, Bill Eadie, Nikita, and Baby Doll and to have Tommy Young referee my match last week. I think my hand still hurts from Ronnie shaking it!

  • My Wahoo tribute show is also this month, thank everybody who has donated to relief effort for Japan through our Samaritan's Purse page.

  • I also saw "Road Dogg" last week, what a great guy. He gave my son Brock a nice signed picture!

  • It was hard watching the NFL draft this year with the chance of my Cowboys not playing. I got me a brand new T.O. jersey for 10 dollars. Just waiting to have bbq sauce spilled on it!

  • Had breakfast with little Ricky Steamboat last month, he looked so good, and said his Dad was doing great. 

  • My student Jason Jones is also now helping Harley Race there in Kansas City with work in the office, I am so jealous!

  • I have three new students signed up this month, they look good so far, but they still haven't met Sandy, Barbarian's niece yet!

Got to get a Mountain Dew before my Anderson Slam....

"What size is your ring?" I hate this, what a stupid question! Every ring rental I do, I am asked what size my ring is, like it matters. I have wrestled in a ring as small as 10 by 10 and as big as 25 by 25! As my good friend the Rock would say, it doesn't matter what size the ring is! Oh, let me get this right. If I bring a bigger ring, your match is going to be better? NO!! it just means there is more room to show the fans that nobody knows how to wrestle! I am sure Paul Jones and Wahoo worried about the size of a ring as Ole and Gene came toward them! The fans don't know the difference, only the outlaws do! And they don't know what to do in a ring no matter what size it is anyway.

Whew. That felt so good! We have three birthday parties booked this month also, I hope everyone contacts me for prayer, ring rentals, speaking, or training. See you next month! GOD BLESS





APRIL 2011

HAPPY EASTER! What does Easter mean to you? To my grandbabies, it's candy, baskets and eggs. To the Sotos Abba and Scarlet it means a new Easter dress and shoes! To alot of folks , it means nothing, just another day! To me, it means everything. I bank all that I believe on this one day. See, if not for that cold empty grave, there is no hope! Jesus being killed on a cross was not that big of a deal. Back then, that's how they did it. However - - the tomb being empty after three days - - Jesus is alive! - -that was different - - - death was defeated forever! There is hope for each of us.  Come to Jesus, beat up and all, he will clean up every mess!

My grandbabies are doing great, Dallas just laughs at me all the time. I don't know if that's good or bad! Makayla called me while I was on the road for three days. Oh yes, I will be buying her a car this week!

Zack is a 7 year old little boy I met at a wrestling show, he just had a kidney transplant, please pray for him also.

  • What a great surprise this past week. Little Ricky Steamboat called while in town and we had lunch. What a great kid, we had good food, I talked about his Dad and Jay Youngblood, I had prayer with him and told him fans still ask about him because when he was here training with me!

  • Hands of Stone Ronnie Garvin also will be appearing in the EWA very soon.

  • Our ABC5 DVDs are selling very well, email me if anyone wants one.

  •  Boogieman Jimmy Valiant has just been signed to referee some matches in the EWA as NWA Legend Tommy Young also continues to help out.

  • Masked Superstar hopes to defend the Mid-Atlantic Heritage title at an EWA event soon. Stay on the lookout for that.

  • Had fun recently at a SIFL football game at the old Charlotte Coliseum. It was so nice just to be in that building again. Man, Jim Crockett should still be running shows there!

  • Watch for my Wahoo tribute show next month, we already have donations coming in for people of Japan! You can donate online directly to Samaritan's Purse. Rock and Roll Express Ricky Morton has been added to my Wahoo show also . Ragin Bull is trying to arrange his trip back from California to be there.

  • I spoke to Superstar Billy Graham also last week. Continue to pray for him. He told me all about how fun it was to see Mil Mascaras again recently at a convention. Those two were magic together in Madison Square Garden and in my magazines!

  • Ain't it hard to believe Fanfest will be here soon? Looking forward to being in Atlanta with friends and fellow wrestlers, good to see old faces again. Going with Gateway to Abdullah's!

  • Thanks to the guys at Blvd. Pawn Shop in Goldsboro NC, where this past Saturday we drew over 400 fans and we had a great day.

  • I usually don't say anything good about ''guys that run wrestling shows'', but I want to say that Louis Moore, Tim and Bobby there in Asheboro are some of my favorites. Good job guys!

AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!! Whew. I ain't yelled like this in a long time.

What's up with all these outlaw goofs getting in the ring before the people get there and hitting the ropes as hard as they can? I mean really, guys, what are you doing? I was so glad to see Ricky Morton and his little boy last week, before the show is just a great time for us to catch up. Well here comes Death. Yes, that's his ring name, or maybe his real name, ain't sure, and he gets in the ring, and I swear he was moving the ring four feet he was hitting the ropes so hard! Is this supposed to impress someone? The building was empty! And it was so loud, and I'm trying to talk to Ricky. What is the point? Aaaah! Oh but yeah, lets see, I'm 12 years old, I sneak into the old Park Center, get my popcorn and coke and old Mid-Atlantic program, an hour before bell time, and there's Paul Jones and Wahoo McDaniel walking out, no one in the building yet, they get in the ring, and start running back and forth hitting the ropes! ...... I don't think so! You goofs stay out of the ring. Ain't that the idea - to not actually have to hit the ropes?

Keep praying folks, this country can't 'stand' till we 'fall on our knees!'  No, that ain't from a Hulk Hogan video! I thought of that myself! Email me, for prayer, youth rallies, ring rentals, or preaching engagements.

God Bless , see you next month!

 - George


MARCH 2011

What a great time to be alive! Jesus is so good to me! You know that good feeling you get when you lose something, and then find it? Well that was me before I met Jesus. I was on my way to Hell - - yes a real place! But, Jesus reached down, just like Jay Youngblood used to do with Ricky Steamboat, and made the tag! Jesus died for me on that old ugly tree, but 3 days later he kicked out! YEShe is alive!

Were can I begin to say thank you to everyone that helped make my Anderson Brothers 5 the most successful yet? Over 425 fans, if they didn't know before, now know who the Anderson Brothers are!Thank you to Emily Weaver of Kings Mountain Herald newspaper, and David McDonald who I just know was born too late, he is one of the boys. Thanks to all the middle school students who worked so hard, their principal for letting wrestlers in his school, and to the Mid-Atlantic Gateway who make everything happen, including my web site! To Tommy Young who just makes your match better and special, and to Manny Fernandez for letting me steal his Flying Burrito. Also to the Rock and Roll Express who for 3 days let me be the third member!

We have another official Mid-Atlantic Wrestling place to eat: Pinky's Westside Grill in Charlotte. Greg an his crew were great, please stop by and say hello to him! Look for big picture of the Four Horsemen on the wall and a framed Rock & Roll Express t-shirt, too!

I also will be taking orders for the ABC 5 DVD which will be ready in a few days, the cost will be $14 and that includes shipping! Anyone can just email me if they want one.

Oh, I have got to share this! Saturday morning at Pinky's during our session with Rock and Roll, a lady came in who had a Jim Crockett Rock and Roll Express jacket she had kept for 20 years, just hoping to meet them one day. To see her cry as Ricky and Robert hugged her is the reason I have been doing this for 30 years.

I also got to see Ivan Koloff, Baby Doll, Tommy Young, Bunkhouse Buck and even today, I had lunch with WWE referee Charles Robinson, who is getting ready for their big show coming up. My student Caleb Konnley is doing great with his first trip to Japan, and Jason Jones is also a big part of Harley Race's training camp, working in the office, too.

My grandbabies are so beautiful. Dallas Edward has attended two wrestling shows already, which is good until he asked for a payoff! One of my Soto twins Abigail made the Central High School softball team, which is great. Her only complaint is "the pants don't match the shirt!" What??

I spoke with Ricky Steamboat on his birthday. He said little Ricky is doing great.

Please keep Ole Anderson in your prayers also.

Has the world gone nuts? I had such a great Anderson Brothers weekend, taking three double dropkicks in three days should be everyone's dream! Well Monday morning I get the meanest email from a lady who came to one of the weekend shows and said her kids were offended by me and the bad guys!WHAT???  Listen, I have never called a mom a goof before, but lady, get a life! Bearded ladies, real midgets, three legged dogs are all part of the show. You said us bad guys singled out your son and picked on him!  I don't think out of 400 people he was singled out, you said your husband was very offended also, but he didn't attend. Huh? No fans, I ain't making this up! You couldn't make this stuff up! And then the last thing this goof Mom says, "the way you can make this right is let us into all the wrestling shows for rest of his life!" ............and you think your day was bad!


What ever I can do, please let me know, our birthday parties have kicked in, youth rallies, ring rentals, just want me to tell someone about Jesus, let me know........God bless, see you at the matches!


 - George


I confess Jesus Christ as my lord and savior! He died on a cross for me, after three days, things got dark, the earth shook and Jesus defeated death! I may think sometimes that wrestling Ric Flair for 20 minutes without passing out was special, but really the most amazing thing, is that a sinner, filthy and dirty as me, can go to heaven! Thank you for that Jesus!

My grandbabies are doing great. Dallas Edward has been making a face when he gets mad, I swear it looks just like Gene Anderson! All the snow messed up the Sotos' ball playing. Garrett loved the snow days, until the make up days came! You know that's how sin works, too. It sure seems fun at the time, but there is always a price to pay! Guilt is a hard thing, but give it all to Jesus! He can throw away all our past!

I attended this men's prayer retreat last weekend, we had a great time. No TV, no cell phones. Just Jesus! One old preacher said people used to look forward to going to heaven, now everybody wants all the good things here! I don't know about you, but I am ready for Jesus!

Scarlett, George, and Abigail on Valentine's Day, 2011.

  • The Mid-Atlantic Gateway has been in touch with a photographer named Rob Riddick who sent them a photo of me with Steve Keirn taken the night we teamed for the Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup tag team tournament in Baltimore in 1987. I have never had a photo of me and Steve from that night, I am so thankful to Rob and Gateway for this! I'll never forget, this was right after Steve and Stan Lane's Fabulous Ones tag team had split up and Stan had just become a member of the Midnight Express with Bobby Eaton and Jim Cornette. A reporter in the back asked Stan if he thought he and Steve would ever team up the Fabulous Ones again. Stan said "I guess not, Steve is teaming with George South now!" HA! My chest poked out, man I just knew I'd be in the main event at the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis before too long! Instead, it was over that night in Baltimore! Oh well, it was fun while it lasted, Steve was great, and to this day I treasure that I got to be in that tournament with the great Steve Keirn. (Thanks to Robert Riddick Jr. for this photo.)

  • The Anderson Brothers Classic (ABC5) is only a few weeks away. Friday night Feb 25th! The Rock and Roll Express will be there and are very excited about being there. Pinky's Westside Grill here in town will be having a huge autograph party for them that weekend. Rock & Roll Express Winter Sizzler Tour!

  • Don't forget, I'll be teaming with the Ragin' Bull Manny Fernandez at ABC5! I've won the tournament twice before, once with Brad Anderson, and once with my son. Time to win it again. The legend of Rock and Roll Express ends in Kings Mountain!

  • Tommy Young, the greatest referee that ever lived, will be at the Anderson Brothers Classic too! Every show is made better when Tommy is there.

  • I will be going to the Ted Allen Memorial Show outside Atlanta Ga. this month. Ted was such a good friend, the very first wrestling ring I ever bought was from Ted. I have spoken to Bambi and Peggy Lee who also will be there.

  • Ron Bass also is doing great in Florida, I was recently in contact with him. 

  • Reid Flair has been coming back to our "George South training days" at Highspots, he is such a good kid.

  • Looking forward to teaming with Bunkhouse Buck in Clayton! Oh man, what a weekend, going to put a hurtin' on Ricky and Robert twice in one weekend!

  • I still have a ring for sale, and even some Jim Crockett looking turnbuckle pads! Call me 704-577-5503.

Ok, time for my favorite part.

If I hear of one more high school asking if I have a ''million dollar insurance policy'' to run a wrestling show, I am going to scream! Listen, you goofs', who runs our schools? The school systems are broke, even here in Charlotte, they may stop having after-school sports for middle schools which will be great for the crime rate. I an trying to help ya'll raise money. How do you think Jim Crockett made all his money? If a building is open to the public, it already has insurance on it! AAAAAAAAAAAH going nuts! So tell me, on a cold Friday night, when there are 3000 fans in a high school football stadium, I guess each one of the fans had to get a million dollar insurance policy? Some schools have told me no on a wrestling show and then let "donkey basketball" come in! Yep, the world is ending, Donkey basketball is more important than pro wrestling! In 30 years of wrestling and running shows, I have never heard of a wrestler trying to sue the school system, were do they get this stuff? Oh man my head hurts.

Please let me know, ring rentals, prayer, youth rallys or just to yell at somebody! See you next month. And see you at the Anderson Brothers Classic! God Bless.....

 - George


Happy New Year!  Where does the time go? I still have my Christmas tree up here at the Headlock Ranch. As we start a new year, I want to remind everyone, my Bible says a lot about "New".  See when Jesus got up out of that dark cold grave, everything became new! So let this be a new start for you, whatever was done last year, is forgotten.  Hebrews talks about everything is under the feet of Jesus! In other words, leave the past there, grab hold of the newness of life and see Jesus! His blood is stronger than any mess up from last year.

I love my new grandson so much. His name is Dallas Edward South. Nobody could figure out who the new kid on the block was on the South family Christmas card. I had almost forgotten how to feed a baby, been awhile. Now if I can just keep Makayla from putting hair bows in his hair. Speaking of Makayla, there is some heat between her and Dallas already. Whenever I pick Dallas up, she has to be picked up, too! Very jealous of the kid getting all this attention. Sort of like Jim Crockett and everybody jealous of Dusty Rhodes. Of course, no body minded cashing the checks!

 The new Headlock Ranch is feeling more and more like home. Now if I could just find Mr. Florida's mask! Everything packed up!! But the museum will be back better than ever. Just going to take time.

Scarlet "Soto" scored over 32 points in her J.V. basketball game last month, and hit the winning shot. You may say, so what? But considering the final score was 40 to 39, it's a mighty big deal!


  • I have begun working on the next Anderson Brothers Tag Team Tournament, which will be 2/25 in Kings Mountain. Less than two months away! With the Rock and Roll Express already signed, it may be the best one yet.

  • My training school is doing so good, watch for Barbarians niece to debut soon.

  • I got so many great Christmas cards this year. It was like my own hall of fame! Ivan koloff, Brad Armstrong, Les Thatcher, Jimmy an Angel Valiant, and many calls from Reid Flair an Little Ricky Steamboat Jr. who came home for a few days. Jason Jones got Harley to sign a few things for me and a few of my good friends.

  • I have another RING FOR SALE! It is 16 ft. and a good training ring. I have a great deal on it, so please let me know if you are interested.

  • Buddy Landel and I will be having several rematches in January for the EWA heavyweight belt.

  • I will also be offering "Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling Tour'' info soon. Where anyone can have their very own NWA legends event. To raise money or just enjoy wrestling like it should be. Contact me for info.

  • Reid Flair wrote a nice note about training with me and his dad on his facebook page, take a look at it if you get a chance.

Ok, time for my favorite part.

Let me smarten up all you wrestlers. (Or as I like to say - smarten up you goofballs! Oh, here comes the e-mails already.) Contacting me about wrestling on my shows is really not a bad idea, but when ya'll send me a list of your title belts you've "held" like it means something, or the "promoters" you have wrestled for, or the "federations" you've wrestled for (really???)  or when you don't give me your real name and use your wrestling name, like ''Death Frogman" or "Suicide" - well that just kind of kills it, you know? As my kids say - dude. Please. There ain't no promoters left, ain't no "bookers!" Aaaaah! You can't run one stinkin' show every few weeks and call yourself a "booker"! It's an insult to everyone that actually was a booker when there was a real wrestling business! Do you ever just stop and listen to yourselves? You all are playing wrestler like you were five years old. My head is going to explode. And I am not even done yet! When ya'll spend two pages telling me who all trained you, I really get hot, see that means you gave them your money and not me! And now you want ME to book you? Let them book you!!! Where were you when I was setting up my ring?? I have 5 wonderful kids, 2 world's prettiest grandbabies, 2 dogs that hate me, 1 mouse name Lars Anderson, (don't that sound like that 12 days of Christmas song?) Bottom line, my students come first. As my good friend Stone Cold says, I got a lot of mouths to feed! Oh, I would love training you guys my way!

God Bless. If I can pray for anyone (especially you "bookers"), please let me know. I love talking to Jesus and also, if churches need a guest speaker. Ask any of my friends, yep he loves to talk!

Have a great New Year and see you at the matches, then church!

 - George



Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus! This has got to be my favorite time of year, where has the time gone? Didn't this year go so fast? I want to thank everyone now for this past year, there were so many friends, pastors and churches that blessed me greatly.

I love my web site. It may sound a little ego manic'ish, but I do. My web guy (and most of all my friend) does such a good job. I love the new "Headed South" pictures of me and the new EWA Champ Buddy Landel! But don't get too cocky Nature Boy. Mr. #1 is going to get that belt back.

Yes, I have moved the Headlock Ranch. It took me 3 years to sell the old place, but Jesus is so faithful. I only moved three miles up the road, but oh - God is so good! The new couple that bought my house needed a place NOW, which meant I had 5 days to move everything, and find a new place! Guys, I tell you, Mr. No.1 can live under a bridge and it don't matter to me. After all, I did go to Kansas City for Jim Crockett for a year and slept on Bulldog Bob Brown's floor part of that time! But for the the Soto's and El Rayo it's different. I have never seen so many boxes in my life, yes most of them were mine! Jesus showed me a new place, it even had a storage building! Yes, he does care about everything in our lives! (And with His guiding hand, the museum will return soon, too!)

Please pray for me - my twins turn 16 years old this month. Oh I wished I could put them back in their crib!

How 'bout my Cowboys? What's real bad, they are just good enough to keep me watching. There is a blessing, with all their losses, man I have found some great deals on their jerseys!

 I sure can tell it is Christmas, this library is a war zone! Everybody trying to order gifts on the computers here. What happened to going to the stores? Do people even do that anymore? With my moving of the headlock ranch, I only moved a few miles up the road and got to keep all my same phone numbers. My new address is here on my site. We also have several birthday parties coming up, to just play in a real wrestling ring still excites me. Kids love it. Heck, their Moms and Dad get in there and have the time of their life too!


  • Wrestling Buddy Landel was so much fun. Taking his corkscrew elbow again was unbelievable He still has more charisma than half the guys on TV now.

  • I had Jason Jones, Mike Lee, Jason King, Chris Heffner and even my son George Jr. at a recent show. It was like an EWA Slamboree event!

  • My training school is doing great, I am now training Barbarian's niece who only after three weeks is doing great.

  • I will be teaming with Barbarian to wrestle Demolition soon! Still time to talk Bill Eadie into wrestling as Masked Superstar before then....

  • Great to see the amazing Brad Armstrong back in the ring lately. There still aren't very many better than this guy who can still work circles around anyone on TV today. Miss you Brad!

 O.K. better finish before this GRINCH of a lady yells at me again.

It is Christmas and I will try to be nice. Listen guys, please stop believing that all these goofs have a "try out match" with WWE. A promoter told me his referee told him that WWE called him for a try out. WHAT??? No they did not! WWE doesn't call anybody! Besides, if WWE had an opening for a referee, I would try out!

Another thing, it is "Merry Christmas", not "Merry Xmas"! How can you leave out the ONE who changed my life?

Merry Christmas everyone! Call or write me for anything - - prayer, youth rallies, ring rentals and even birthday parties! God bless all of you!

 - George


Wow, has this year passed by fast! Here at the library there is such a mess, everyone trying to get in here early to vote! I hope we all stop for a minute and tell Jesus how thankful we are for what He has given us. I am most thankful for Jesus taking me from hell. I was headed there, with no hope , but He changed the world. I will live forever with Him! If you don't know Him and his mercy - - just ask - - the Bible says ''He will come to you!"

Last week I was invited to speak at Winthrop College in Rock Hill S.C. I enjoyed this so much, what great students. We talked wrestling, school and my favorite subject - Jesus - and how he changed my life!

Makayla is getting so big, my day with her at Bojangle's was so great! Me, her, and a big box of chicken!

My Cowboys have broke my heart, I am sure glad that nobody loses in heaven! Not only that, my buddy in Pennsylvania has to remind me she really doesn't like the Cowboys anyway! Thanks! I think that should be 15 yards for piling on!


  • My training school is doing great, we just had ''Powers of Pain" Barbarian come in for a guest training. Add that to his 300 pound ''Nigerian Monster'' and my students were a little scared!

  • My student Jason Jones called this week from Kansas City while he was having lunch with Harley Race.  I got to speak to Harley and he wanted to wish all his Mid-Atlantic fans Happy Thanksgiving! Man! Just Harley Race on Thanksgiving gives me cold chills!

  • Also spoke with Ricky Steamboat who is on his way to Florida to work with some of the WWE guys. He is doing much better and was very excited about seeing and spending time with little Ricky, who has been training down there for several months.

  • It's still about 4 months away, but it's never too soon to talk about the next Anderson Brothers Classic tournament - - ABC5! This year it will be huge, with the "Rock and Roll Express" Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson already signed. ABC5 will be Friday, Feb. 25 in Kings Mountain NC. Look for more info in the coming months.

  • "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel may be returning to EWA rings soon! Buddy has expressed interest in going after the EWA Florida Heavyweight Championship. Mr. Florida isn't too happy about that! Landel recently battled Reid Flair in Lincolnton NC.

  • Great to see Sgt. Jim Nelson doing so well in action up in Rocky Mount VA. Wait a minute - - Sgt. Nelson? He will always be Pvt. Nelson to me! Wish he and Don Kernodle would team up one more time!

  • Paul Jones just recently attended his 50th High School Reunion in Port Arthur, Texas! That's pretty neat! I stay on probation with Paul most of the time, have to get my news sometimes via Liberty SC, but dadburn it, I will always love him!

  • Look for George South Jr. to return to action in November. And the Masked Superstar will be returning to the EWA in 2011.

  • I got to visit Mike Lee at his family restaurant. He wanted to tell everyone hello. Mike was the very first EWA Jr. Heavyweight champion back in 2006. We sure do miss having him around.

Speaking to those college students, each of them had seen my "famous video'' were I cut an interview on some drunk fans. They, like everyone else, just saw the video and not what led up to it, and asked me to explain it. Folks, it ain't hard to understand. When you are a goof, I don't have much trouble calling you one. The students could not believe the written "feedback'' towards me, from people that weren't even there. I wish those students could have been there and seen what started all it. One student even said Jesus would be proud! Yes, me and a room full of college students agree! (Which is a little scary, let's be honest.) They also learned that there is always two sides. I even got a message while writing this, someone asked "why do I call everyone a goof?" Travel with me just one week, you folks will be having your own Anderson Slam! These students will be graduating from college soon, and getting out in the real world and they might as well know one of the sad truths of life - - this world is full of goofs!


Oh yeah, to the grouchy mean lady at the high school last month - - I am sure glad my babies don't go to your school. More on her next month!



Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Call or write me for anything - - prayer, youth rallies, ring rentals and even birthday parties!

 - George


Football Season is finally here! My Cowboys have won a game, and they cant lose this week, because they are off! It is getting cooler outside and what a great time of year. I want to thank Jesus for all he has done for me, not only fixing all my mess ups, but He gave his life, they did not take it! He gave His life for me. I believe that Jesus is the only way to heaven! I think it is funny that people drive the same way to work every day, why not just take any road? Because only one road takes them there. Well, is heaven any different? Jesus says, "I am the way!" Even a wrestler can stumble into heaven.

The Sotos have gotten back into school now, they just finished driver's ed! WHAT??? Didn't I just buy them 2 bikes at Wal-mart? We had so much fun at the Fair wrestling events this summer, we even saw Mr. Florida at a few times. My grandbaby is doing great. Recently she was sitting at my table, I told Garrett to tell her to come outside, after calling her name, Garrett said, Paw Paw wants you! Makayla said "what's wrong now?'' Well I may yell a lot, come to think of it! Sounds like Makayla already has me figured out!

Lots of new family photos!

I have spoken to Little Ricky Steamboat in Florida, he is doing great. Reid Flair continues to train with me. I have enjoyed working with Bob Trobich, president of the NWA. Our  EWA Wrestling Birthday Parties are doing great, kids love those so much. The parents, too! My training school is doing good also. Jesus is so good, almost 30 years He has held my hand! If anyone needs a ring rental , I have the best ring around. As Ole Anderson says, it is my web site, of course I do! Most of all, if you need prayer, I love to pray, just send me any prayer request! I am here at the library, so time is running out. Guess what's next?


Wow, I think the goof space ship has landed in my front yard. Well, didn't the United Nations just  appoint an ambassador lady to deal with these people? (I ain't makin' this stuff up! I couldn't make that up!) At the fair last week, a guy gives me his business card, it said, "guitar lessons" and has his phone number. I said, "oh, you teach guitar?" He says, "what gave it away, my hair??" I said no , goofball, it says it right here on the card! In Monroe last week, I am sweeping up my ring and tightening up my ropes, two goofballs are just standing there, I said what do you guys want? They said they were waiting to ''practice their moves."  Nope! Didn't happen! I really don't get it. Guys, if you don't have it by bell time, you ain't getting it! And for the best one yet, if you wrestle by a name you stole from somebody else, you can't get mad if someone else steals it from you! You know, I do have five kids, two dogs who hate me, one pretty grandbaby, a mouse, a ring, training school, book my own shows, and no help, and Jim Crockett doesn't seem to want to help me! In other words, don't bring this crap to me, I have no time for it! Anyone that knows me, when you tell me to not do something, that's when I will do it! Oh my head hurts!! Yep, wrestling may be dead, and the wrestlers killed it! But I can rent you a ring, pray or just yell ! God Bless, See you next month.......

 - George

September 2010

My babies are back in school, were did their summer go? I am sure Brian Adams wrote a song about it but time has flown by! Garrett will need some time to get used to the bus! Scarlett can't wait for sports to start, Abigail Soto has already complained about not having anything to wear! Even Makayla has switched daycares and did just fine.

With all these changes going on, I want to remind everyone, Jesus never changes! He is always the same, loving, forgiving father he has always been. I hope you folks come to know him this month. I ask that you all pray for the families of Ted Allen, Luna Vachon, and Scandor Akbar! They were very good friends of mine, and sitting at the Fanfest legends dinner with Akbar will always be something I will hang on to. One of my favorite things at  that dinner was the speech Tully's dad gave at the dinner. He said so much with only a few words - ''what a shame, if we don't see our friends in heaven!"

This month is my birthday. I'm sure I have already told everyone. 48 years old! I want to thank God for all he has done for me!

Reid Flair and George South Jr.

Little George also has a birthday this month. He and Reid Flair had a good match a few weeks ago, it was kind of neat seeing my son and Ric's son wrestle! The old men went at it a few years back:

 Jason Jones called from Harley Race training camp. He said Harley told him he always loves coming to Charlotte to Fanfest. Getting to see Al Perez and Ted DiBiase were also big fan feast moments.

It was great being with Lex, Nikita, and my old Miami Vice partner Rocky King recently in Atlanta.

Nikita Koloff, Rocky King, George South, and Lex Luger

August 28, 2010 • Snellville (Atlanta) GA

Photo by Josh Boyd

 Football is here! My Cowboys lost a few preseason games, but now it counts! I sure am glad that with the lost record in life I have, Jesus will still give me a super bowl! Got to get outside and wait on the bus, my favorite part is next!

O.K., there is so much to yell about this month. First of all - - "Pizza on a stick" -- are these people nuts? I tried one over Fanfest and it was as bad as two outlaw wrestlers talking over their match in the dressing room! If one more goof comes out of the dressing room, and yells "come on people! Get up!'' - - you goofs, you got to give them something to get up for! Half the time they don't even know who you are. What is wrong with people? Or the best one - -let's all get our names called out in the ring intros and climb the ropes like you're on Raw.  Do you guys know how silly you look doing that? Whew! And if you people ask me a question, let me answer it! I hate when someone says, "I know...''  before I even finish! Most of the time it's some young wrestler!

And please, no more emails and "resumes" from wrestlers who were trained by "the Terminator" and want to get booked on my shows. Get the "Terminator" to book you on his shows!! Are you people nuts?

Now the best for last. If one more single goof asks me, ''Am I wrestling heel or face?" . . . . WHAT?? Like you would know the difference! What I mean is, are these guys going to wrestle any different if I tell them one or the other? No! They go do the same match anyway that they planned out for an hour in the dressing room!! Can you imagine if I came up to Ole years ago when I was doing TVs and asked him if I was wrestling "heel or face"?

You guys need to worry about the basics first - you can't grab just any arm!

Ring Rentals , Prayer, or just to say hello, contact me. See you next month. God Bless.



August 2010

'' Gone to Fanfest'' was the way I thought of beginning my letter this month! I think everyone I know will be there. Greg Price has really worked hard this year, I even got a few favorites I am looking forward to seeing. I also have my twins with me today so I better write fast, I can hear their bellies growling now!

I love Jesus so much, I hold his hand every day. His blood can clean up the worst of messes! My babies start back to school this month, Garrett goes into his first year of middle school and "the worlds prettiest grandbaby" Makayla has changed day cares. Brother! And folks want to know why I don't answer the phone!

  • I spoke to Bobby Eaton this week, he is doing great.

  • Reid Flair took Little George and Brock and Garrett and their friends back stage at the TNA show to meet everyone. Ric and Jeff Jarrett were the best!

  • Me and "Boogie" Jimmy Valiant spent three days on the road together, what a great time. He is a class guy, period!

  • If anyone wants to book the midget wrestlers, they can contact me. I used them several times and they did great.

  • I Hope everyone got a copy of the latest "Charlotte Magazine" which I have on my site. Courtney did a great job.

  • We had over 500 people come to our VBS family night in Spartanburg S.C. Pastor Mike really takes care of my guys.

  • I tagged with "Ragin Bull" Manny Fernandez also this past weekend and had so much fun. He is hoping to come to my next ABC Tag Team event.

  • I'm working hard to win my EWA title back from Jake Roberts! The Snake is as tough as ever!

O.K. If I don't finish here, these twins are going to begin acting like "Ole and Gene" so what better way to go into my "Anderson Slam"........

 There is no Assassin that lives in Asheboro N.C. Listen, are you people nuts? Stop believing all this crap! A guy calls me to come to my wrestling school, he says he also is talking with the original Assassin who lives in Asheboro....WHAT?? Who is the goof here? The caller or the idiot saying he's the Assassin? Your uncle was not Mr. Wrestling. The guy at work didn't used to be the Masked Superstar. And my favorite, you idiots weren't the Bolos! I am so tired of hearing this. My question is, how come everyone used to be a masked guy? How come nobody says, "I used to wrestle for Crockett as ----------'' ? Cause you dummies that want to train believe them! Can't you folks see, if a guy has to tell you who he is, he ain't that guy! Man my head hurts!! There is no training school in N.C. worth going to but mine! If there was, I would tell you. I don't like many people anyway, and of course, this is my website!

And to the man that called me wanting to know why I didn't take time for his son after a show last week - - where were you at while Boogie and I were sitting out in the hot sun for three hours before the show doing a meet and greet? Maybe if you had two tired and hungry midgets wanting to be paid, then you would understand!!

Whew. Got to take a deep breath.

 Contact me for prayer, ring rentals or just to talk.   God bless,



July 2010

Yes, summertime is here! I hope everyone is having a great time. Has anyone but me noticed that the ice cream trucks don't come around like they used to? It has been so HOT. The bible talks alot about a place that is very real, very dark and even hotter than we can imagine. I was on my way there, I deserve to go there, BUT a hand with blood, and a hole in the middle reached in and tagged me! I was saved by Jesus! PERIOD! Everything we do better come through him or it don't work! There is no other way to heaven!

My grandbaby Makayla will be 3 years old in a few weeks. If you are asking, she loves Paul Jones t-shirts, size x-large!

The Sotos and El Rayo are here at the library with me, so this letter may be very short! Drivers ed has went great, both twins will be test driving Corvettes this week! Yeah, right!

  • The new WWE DVD of Ricky Steamboat has just been released. What a class act Ricky Steamboat is. I hope everyone buys it. I call him one of the best friends and greatest wrestlers ever! He tagged with his son last month also there in Florida.

  • Jason Jones has returned from Japan, he came by before heading back to Harley Race's camp where he is a trainer now.

  • Thanks everyone for attending my ABC 4 this year. It may have been the best one yet. I really enjoyed seeing my son back in the ring! Reid Flair did great, too. All my guys put on a heck of a show.

  • My training school is doing great, we are wrestling at the local fairs this month. What is sad, there is not many kids anymore at these shows! I used to love going, even getting on those rides that were more dangerous than the Ultimate Warrior were fun.

  • I am looking so forward to the NWA Legends Fanfest in a few weeks, my favorite event like this every year.

  • My Dallas Cowboys are ready! Only a month to go, they are kicking the season off in the NFL Hall of Fame Game.

Keep praying folks, my Anderson Slam is next!

"Slow Down!" That's the message. This goes to every goof wrestler I have ever met, or tried to watch in the ring. Slow Down!! What are y'all thinking? 15 suplexes in 5 minutes ain't right! If one more wrestler jumps a guy from behind, or climbs the second rope when his named is called or - - and this one really makes me hot - - lets push the referee and then he pushes back and we fall down! If you goofs can't "bump" right in the match, what makes you think you can bump for the referee?

Biggest lesson this month, if one of you are in a ring with a grouchy old ring hand, you do not touch the grouchy, old ring hand unless he tells you!

I haven't seen a headlock in three months of shows! Well Scarlet did get one on Garrett last night when he stole her pop tart.

Ring rentals, prayer, email me !!! God Bless     -George


June 2010

Summertime is here! (And never forget summertime is for Steamboat and Youngblood, wearing their Hawaiian lay and Indian headdress, sweating like crazy in an old un-air-conditioned civic center.)  School is out and Jesus is still my best friend! My babies are so excited, Garrett is done with elementary school! What will I do? There has never been a time in my life that the Blackjack truck hasn't had to make a pick up' at a elementary school. Next year he will be in middle school and wants to ride the bus! WHAT?? I sure hope the seat can hold both of us.

I preached two weekends in a row at the Charlotte speedway. What a great time, we wrestled, gave out Bibles, served over 500 race fans breakfast on just Sunday, and 16 hearts were given to Jesus!

Last Saturday, me and my guys did three shows in three different cities in one day! I dare anybody else to try that.  We met the greatest family doing one of our birthday party shows. Hello to them, what great people. Yes, I'll bring a wrestling ring to your birthday party, too - call me!

I can't wait to get back into my own church this Wednesday night! You folks don't think its time for Jesus to come back? I went to Wal-Mart, bought me this small refrigerator fridge, for Sotos Mountain Dews this summer. Well, I notice I was charged $4.00 extra for "disposal fees". WHAT???? In my best Ole Anderson voice, I asked that lady why??? Yep, I paid $4.00 extra for when I throw away the brand new "Black and Decker" fridge! Oh don't laugh, you have to pay it also on every appliance in N.C.! The end is coming soon!!

Reid Flair and little Ricky Steamboat will be making exciting news very soon. My own son George South Jr. wanted me to tell everyone hello. Makayla, the worlds prettiest grandbaby, will be 3 very soon! My Dallas Cowboys are looking very good. Oh! Less than a few months away, the NFL season will be back!

ABC 4 will take place this month also, the Anderson Brothers Classic 4 may just be the best EWA show this year.

The only "Boogie man" I know, Jimmy Valiant, worked a few shows for me, may just be the classiest guy ever. Can't wait to see Terry Funk and Harley Race at  the Charlotte Fanfest in August!

If anyone knows were I can find Buzz Tyler, please email me.

My training school is doing great, hope everyone may check it out. I hope everyone stays cool, reads their Bibles, talks to Jesus and has a great summer.

Now you know what it is time for....

Can you imagine getting a call, a school wants to do a fund raiser, wants you to bring in some "big names" and everyone has a great night. Just like Jim Crockett used to do it.

Yeah, right.

I had everything cleared with the school board, three weeks before. I mailed them 50 beautiful posters and over 300 tickets, which they made the comment - "is that all?" Until I reminded them, it was over 3000 dollars worth of tickets! I called the NWA legends, not the school, I did! The date is set, I even turned down other bookings to keep this date for the school. Four days before belltime, I get a call, the "school superintendent'' does not want a show. Something about '' liability insurance'', which is the biggest work in the world. He says he doesn't want a wrestler getting hurt and suing the school. WHAT??? I asked him, why do I need insurance on a building that already has it? Yes, you goofs, if a building is open to the public, it has coverage! Ever notice when 10,000 high school football fans go to a game, you don't have to show your insurance card! What a work!! Nobody cares really if a wrestler gets hurt or not! I have been doing this over 30 years, I saw some of the greatest "scams" pulled off by wrestlers, but Mr. Superintendant that cancelled this show - -I have never, ever saw a wrestler sue a school! So all you fans that went to that show, only to not see a ring, no legends or even me yelling - call your local school board there and ask them "why?"  Oh yeah, you can also mention the rodeo that was allowed there before us! I am sure all them teachers getting laid off, are really concerned about us wrestlers!

I will pray, speak at your church, rent you a ring, even drop you on your head, just let me know. God Bless.     -George

May 2010

Jesus is so good, summer is here folks....., pray for me as the Sotos, El Rayo and the world's beautifulest grandbaby Makayla now will be camping out at the headlock ranch full time! Oh yeah, these two dogs that hate me, "Ole and Gene" that belong to my son, they now have a friend that has moved in. "Lars" - who just happens to be a hamster that looks a lot like a mouse - is here now.

Where does time go? My youngest son will now be leaving elementary school. I have picked up my babies from school every year of their life, now Garrett has let me know next year in middle school, he wants to ride the bus home! WHAT??? I think he enjoys breaking my heart just for the entertainment of it.

Scarlet went 3 for 4 in her softball game last week. Now at Abigail's game, these two parents almost got in a fight over a third base call. I was laughing, because this goofball had just gave a boring thirty minute speech about teamwork, it's just for fun, everybody wins.....WHAT???  Who ever said that hasn't  been blocking first base when Scarlet comes a running! Another thing, who was the goofball that said at the end of each school year during field day (which I always loved) kids can't get ribbons anymore? They are afraid some kid will get his feelings hurt? Listen, I never won a ribbon, I always came in last place, and see how good I turned out ?

Little Ricky Steamboat called last week from Florida. Jason Jones has another month in Japan. My ABC4 is going to be so special this year.

Summer is my favorite time, as a kid I always ordered my wrestling magazines through the mail so I would get them being out of school. I want to just say, I love Jesus so much, I believe he died for me. But the story didn't end their folks, he hasten forgotten me..... I get to go home soon!

I am here at the library and this lady, that looks like Black Bart in a dress has told me to hurry, so what better way to go into my favorite part....... the Anderson Slam.

I have the best training school in the world. If I have one more goof ask can "I come and look at your school?" Listen, goofballs - you think I work for Donald Trump? That Sylvester Stallone is going to meet you at the front door? Does it matter what the building looks like when I drop you on your head? Now the idiot that called me and said he had a friend that wanted to train, a good friend who would just be perfect for my school. I said "great, what's his name?" This guy says, "Hold on, I'll  ask him." WHAT??? I thought you knew him! He kept me on hold five minutes to ask what the other goof's name was!

Now, this last one ain't really wrestling, but it sure would have ticked Ole and Gene off. How come theses fast food places ask us to wait while they cook more biscuits or fries? This drives me nuts. I would love to see some lady at Bojangle's tell the Andersons after they fought Wahoo and Paul for an hour that they had to wait on buiscuts. I ask the lady at Chick-Fil-A, did you not see the pan getting empty and think we may need more before it happened?

Prayer, Youth Rallies, Ring Rentals, let me know. Jesus loves you so much, see you next month. God Bless,   -George

April 2010

Happy Easter! What a wonderful time, Jesus is so alive, this is the most exciting time if you are saved. The grave could not hold Him. I am betting everything I know on this fact! There is not one other so called god that can claim this. Their graves all have a dead body in them. Hang on folks, we have not seen nothing yet!

Please give me a few extra days to answer all these emails, as I am back to going to the library and using their computers, but they are now closed two more days a week for cost cutting! What????

My Soto twins are having a great softball season. Scarlet, who I will refer to here as "Pete Rose" hit a single last week, running to first, as the girl went to tag her. Charlie Hustle decided to run straight through that girl! BLAM!! Very old Batmanish! I have saw Road Warriors collide with Dr. Death and Terry Gordy, even Wahoo and Harley, but this was very close to the same impact! Bleeding lip, chipped tooth, and dirt in her mouth, all my beautiful girl asked was  - - "Was I safe???"


  • What a great time it was seeing all the Armstrong family in Atlanta. Every Armstrong should have a job in wrestling. One more match Brad, just one more match . . . 

  • Little Ricky Steamboat is doing great after small setback with WWE! I also have Reid Flair back with me and we are working out at my training center. Anyone wanting to have Reid at their events can contact me through my site.

  • My guys have just gotten back from Wrestlemania where they took two rings their for the WWE, for their local fan events. Even I am always in awe hearing about just how big that event is.

  • Please keep Sandy Scott's and Kris Kanyon's families on your prayer list.

  • My guys at In your head Radio informed me after last week's interview, I now have the record for the most time talking on their Radio. Of course, that isn't hard to believe, right?


Before I get started, please keep your eyes open for exciting news on the Anderson Brothers Classic tournament. (Here is some info on the last Anderson tournament I held.) ABC4 coming soon!

 O.K. enough being nice, it may seem like I am picking on Laurens S.C. but last time there, two things really make me glad I can write my Anderson Slam column every month! I was able to get a match for one of the nicest, young students I have. He was getting dressed in a corner, excited about wrestling, and here walks up the stupidest goof in wrestling. Tells my kid, "you should have went around the locker room and shook everyone's hand." WHAT???? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!  What an idiot!!!!!  You outlaw goofs need to get it through your head, there ain't no stupid wrestler's handshake!! Besides, there were so many outlaw wrestlers there that night, it would have took a week to shake everyone's hand! Where does that crap come from anyway? I'll never forget Ric Flair signing autographs and this goof outlaw wrestler tried to give him a "wrestler's handshake." Ric jerked his hand back and told that goof "don't ever shake my hand like that."

OK. Now part 2. You get a two-for-one special Anderson Slam this month. 

Just to prove that even women can be goofs and make my Anderson slam, at one of the recent shows where I rented a ring to a guy, I had my table set up , and I sold a little wrestling mask to this nice little kid. I was right in the middle of putting my boots on at my table. I had ran out of one dollar bills and I tell him as soon as I get my boots on, I will bring him the one other dollar I owed him, I had to get change. I can see where he is sitting, there aren't twenty people in the building to begin with. This isn't going to be hard! OK, he is happy and runs away with the biggest smile on his face! Well, that didn't last long, as his mom, or the wicked witch of the west as it turns out, comes stomping up to my table,  is the ugliest tone imaginable what is going on? I didn't know what she wanted at first, she begins to tell me, wrestlers are all thieves, and she wants her dollar right now! I'm still lacing up my boot. I see the kid and realize what is happening. Well that was it!! In my best Dick Slater-ish' voice, I let her have it!! I told her the same thing I had told the kid, I had to get change and I'd bring the dollar to her! She kept fussing about getting ripped off. I wasn't going to rip anyone off, besides, she's freaking out over a dollar?? I wasn't going to get change for her now!! She saw how hot I was and tried to retreat, but I wouldn't let her. I got my mask back, her kid was crying and yelling at his mother. And we wonder why this world is messed up? Yes even woman can make my equal-opportunity Anderson Slam!

OK, I can stop and breath now.


Summertime is very close, I hope everyone continues to pray for our country. We all so need to just fall on our knees before Jesus! If I can pray, preach, or even rent you a ring, hey, we even got a good pro wrestling school, please just let me know.

God bless .........

- George

March 2010

"Thou art the God that does wonders." Psalm 77: 14!

What a great way to start off this letter, God is so good. He sent His only Son to die for this wrestler! I could not save myself but Jesus did! Remember when I went to tag my son several years ago in my Anderson Brothers Tag Team show? Well at the last minute, my son turned his back on me! Do you know that's what God did to his Son, for a brief moment? He had to, God knew His only Son had to pay our price! See, for a moment, Jesus was all man, he died! But meanwhile back at the ranch - they always said this in old western movies - the earth shook! The devil ran and Jesus woke up! Now what are you going to do with Him?

What's up with all this snow? Summertime is coming folks! Summertime is for "Steamboat and Youngblood" and Journey on the 8-track player. It won't be long folks.


  •  I spoke with Ricky Steamboat on his birthday, he is doing great and so is Little Ricky in Florida for WWE.

  • My student Jason Jones will be leaving for Japan this month through Harley Race. I am so excited for him, what a blessing for a young man that deserves it. Also two of my students also got to wrestle on a Ring Of Honor show up north last month. I hope anyone that's has a dream may give me a call about training!

  • Sandy Scott was able to see the Mid-Atlantic Gateway story on the letter and picture he sent me almost 30 years ago! ("A Letter from a Childhood Hero" by Dick Bourne on the Mid-Atlantic Gateway.) His wife Sandra wrote Dick and told him how he got a big kick out of reading it. YES, I really do still have it! Please keep Sandy Scott on your prayer list.

  • Paul Jones is doing great in Atlanta after a brief illness. He's still #1!

  • I also want to thank this sweet lady in Clayton NC who gave me the greatest old pictures of Wahoo from his early days of football! I will post them here sometime soon.

  • I had the honor of tagging with Bob Orton Sr. this past weekend. There are only a few people that understand the respect that two old timers have for each other! It isn't said in words, it just happens. Listen to me, Bob Orton is still better than 95% of the guys I see every weekend! And when you got two young kids Charlie Dreamer and K.C. that really know how to "dance" with you, it just works. I felt like we needed to find Dick Slater and finish chasing Ric Flair with a baseball bat!


Oh yeah, speaking of baseball bats! - - Please keep my "Soto'' twins on your prayer list. Abagail is fixin' to turn heel on her sister Scarlet any day now. They both are playing softball this year, Scarlet for Central High School were she just got moved up to varsity!  Well, Abigail "Ryan Leaf" South, who plays for "Sam's Pizza and Oil Change" ain't happy about that! The headlock ranch ain't to quiet these days. Big heat!

My grandbaby Makayla got here last weekend, she got out of her mothers car, and said "I came to see you today!" That made my heart swell up! She will be 3 in a few months. Where has time gone? It was just yesterday she was sittin' on Ricky Steamboat's lap at the Mooresville Armory. 

I still have that brand new ring for sale, sorry outlaw wrestlers, it ain't mine!

OK, grab a wrist lock and hold on,  the Anderson Slam has arrived!


Here are two things first off that me and Ole hate: Did you know that Burger King has a "small" drink and a dollar drink? Yes, both! WHAT?? Now please tell me the difference! Except 85 Cents , which I went nuts over! I called about a bill I got in the mail that wasn't mine. After going through an hour switchboard, a voice comes on, yes a human being, her name was "honey" . . .WHAT?? How can you yell at a lady name "Honey?"

OK I know that had nothing to do with wrestling, but this does. My student went to a show last weekend. Now this guy can do anything off the top rope. Of course, I am there to always remind him I would rather see a good headlock. So on this night, this stupid promoter walks up to him and says, "I hear you do a frog splash. Well you can't do it here because that's my move."  WHAT????  Aaaiaiaieieieah! You goof! That's like saying, don't cut your grass that way, cause that's the way I do it." You idiot promoter, my guys will do any move they want! Matter of fact, if someone would help me up there, I just may climb to the top rope and do a frog splash!!!

God Bless. Prayer Request, Ring Rentals, or just to talk. contact me. See you next month........

- George

February 2010

I hope everyone has gotten over all the snow we had. My ''Sotos and El Rayo" may just love the snow more than anyone, the problem begins when they have to make up the days at school. That's kind of the way ''sin'' works, it sure looks good in the beginning, but then you have to pay up! I am sure glad Jesus has paid my sin ''balance in full"!

Having to pack up my Cowboy jerseys is never fun, I saw a picture of Tony Romo at the pro bowl, laughing, having a great time. I thought, shouldn't he still be crying?  I still am!!

Pray for me as I do a rough job raising my twin girls! Imagine one 15 year old that likes boys, well guess what? There's another one! I am not to worried about Scarlet ''Dick Slater'', but Abigail may want to meet ''some young prince charming.'' I am going to fight it every step of the way!

I picked up my grandbaby this week, at her day care this older lady their wanted to show me something, I thought it may have been some of Makayla's drawings, nope, it was a picture of Ricky Steamboat on her cell phone!

I want to say how much Dr. Life Steve Williams meant to me, a month before he died we sat down in Knoxville Tenn. and just shared Jesus with each other.

I took Paul Jones out to eat one night , I had gotten to his place early, when I walked in, Paul was talking on the phone, he said here, I took the phone and it was NWA champ Jack Brisco! We began a close friendship that night that lasted many years. Please pray for his family, Bobby Heenan, and just all our heroes!

Little Ricky Steamboat touched base with me, he is doing great in Florida!

Don't forget to pick up one of training school t-shirts! Click here for more info.

Happy Birthday to my son Brock, Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat this month. Keep praying folks, Jesus want be much longer.

Two things from the "are you people nuts?" section. A guy contacts me about my training school, I mean he calls me 20 times, finally I call him back, he says, " I cannot train now because of health issues."  I said "well you can still come to the shows", this goof says, "well not this week, I am going snow skiing."  WHAT???!!! So much for "health problems." I'm telling you, I wonder sometimes why I get up in the morning.

We allow people to come and watch us train at my training center, please you goofs, when I am yelling at my students because they can't wrestle like Paul Jones and Jack Brisco, please don't ask me if I saw where ''Hurricane got arrested."

Ring rentals, birthdays parties, or old fashion prayer. Write me! God Bless , see you next month!!!!!

- George

January 2010

Happy New Year! Can you believe a brand new year? A brand new decade! What a great time to know Jesus! Christmas may have passed but Jesus is still "king of kings!"

I went Christmas shopping for my twins, had to take them with me because they were afraid I would get the wrong thing. Something just didn't feel right with them standing beside me and me buying their gifts! What happened to hiding stuff until Christmas morning? Teenagers!!

I wrestled Owen Hart in his very first match as the "Blue Blazer", he and I were so excited about wrestling each other that we forgot to have a good match. I mean, it just didn't work! Owen even did his finishing move and ended up sitting on my head! When we walked through the curtain, Vince McMahon said "Go Do It Again!"  What?? There are 16,000 fans out their, what do you mean "Go do it again?!" Yes, me and Owen walked right back out their and did it again! This time we had a great match, not Paul Jones vs. Jack Brisco great, but Vince liked it! Folks, no matter what we all messed up on last year, go back and try it again! This is a brand new year, Jesus always leads ahead, never to the past. Give your hearts to Him this year. Oh yeah, even when your grandbaby throws down the $20 dollar doll she just got for Christmas and starts playing with a 1984 LJN King Kong Bundy action figure, its all going to be o.k.!

Please pray for the family of Colt Steel who recently passed away. Colt and I were together in Kansas City back in 1986 and really had to take care of each other. Also Sandy Scott and Ole Anderson need our prayers!

Good luck to Little Ricky as he has left for Tampa FL to continue his training. What a great kid. Also another student of mine, Jason Jones, may be going to Japan soon. Thanks to my good friend Harley Race!

I am waiting to see who my Cowboys play in the playoffs. This weekend should make things a little clearer.

Thanks to my friend Barry on Christmas night: you folks don't think there is a Santa Claus? I was sitting in the armory in Kings Mountain NC - not quite Charlotte Coliseum on Christmas night, but still wrestling on Christmas night! - anyway, every food place was closed on Christmas, nothing open, I was so hungry. Barry walks in, who I haven't seen in a while, brings me two ham sandwiches with, get this, R.O.s BBQ slaw on them!  Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. Thank you Barry! You are well known as former EWA commissioner and Mid-Atlantic Gateway enforcer, but this Christmas night you were Santa Claus.

Great to hear from Brad Armstrong. His daughter is growing up so fast!

My training school is doing very well, several of my new guys just wrestled in WV on their first ever TV tapings which was very exciting! Anyone wanting to have their wrestling dreams come true, please contact me!

OK, my grandbaby is ''texting me'' to hurry. Before I give my Anderson Slam, I want to say, Jesus has saved me from Hell! I am going to heaven , I believe that. If you are not saved by His blood, you don't get into heaven! Last Monday night, all of my students were given tickets to see WWE raw! Without that ticket, they could not get in. Heaven is no different! You have to have the one ticket!

I know it is the very first of the new year - how could I already be upset? First I want to wish Ole a speedy recover because without him, I wouldn't be the nice, gentle person I am today! (Ole already doing much better!) The only thing "dumber" than a wrestler, is a wrestler with a wrestling ring! Really, what goof would bring a wrestling ring for FREE? Yes I said FREE!! Wrestlers are as dumb as a bag of rocks! I make my living through wrestling and renting out my ring. I have helped out many promoters, to have an idiot, I mean a real goof idiot try and under-cut me, or better yet bring one for free which has happened! To be asked if I mind is an insult! Before long, there will be no money in wrestling, I have lost count of all the goofs, remember, you promoters get what you pay for. I would not use these goofs for free to wrestle, much less their rings! And most important, I put my students up against anybody, they are there setting up and taking down my ring, somewhere in between my yelling, they have the best matches on the card. I bring them with me! Again, you goofs, leave my shows alone, go back to stealing other wrestlers gimmicks. FREE don't work unless it is the gift Jesus gives!

Whew! That felt good! Ring RENTALS, not free ones, please call. God Bless till next month!

- George


December 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!  MERRY CHRISTMAS! I almost could just end my letter with those few words, this is my favorite time of year! This small baby, came for one reason, to take our place on that cross! As we all get ready for food, presents and family, please don't forget that Jesus loves you very much. We can all put everything behind us and "start over." Not just the gifts, but open your hearts to that wonderful baby, who grew into the savior of the world!

My twins, 'the Sotos", Abigail and Scarlet also have a birthday this month, double presents they say!

I just got back from a big event in Georgia. I look over from my gimmick table, I am sitting with Bullet Bob Armstrong, the Original Assassin Jody Hamilton, and Masked Superstar Bill Eadie! Not a bad starting line up! Two of my favorite and the toughest ladies I know, Bambi and Peggy Lee were also there.

Ricky Steamboat Jr. and I wrestled for a group in SC last night who treated us very good. I am so proud of that kid. He may be moving soon to continue his training. I always think it is funny, me and Ricky Morton are sitting there, he has bandannas all over his legs, I have a claw glove on, all these fans come up and ask me "are you wrestling tonight?" What planet are these people on?

My Cowboys are doing so good, but we all know - - Romo and December go together like Ole Anderson and radio Interviews! Last week, I went to Meridian Mississippi, we drove all night, wrestled two shows and shared Jesus, then drove straight back home. Bobby Eaton and Doug Summers helped me there. 

My Mid-Atlantic Christmas show is this month, December 14 in Mocksville NC at the Armory. I hope to see everyone there! Going to be lots of fun. 

If I can pray for anyone, please let me know. If you haven't talked to Jesus in a while, He would love to hear from you! My Anderson Slam is next. Headed to Raleigh NC and then church in the morning!

Why do you goofy wrestlers chew gum in the ring? I mean really, I hate this. Everybody does it! Last weekend there was gum all over my canvas! From now on I am just going to make the promoters buy the canvas, so come to think of it, "Chew up, goofs!"

Just because a wrestling group calls themselves "Christian" doesn't mean anything. If they, and you, have not accepted Jesus as your Savior, then you are not a Christian!

WOW, 12 matches and 25 goofs equals one bad wrestling show. Just once, have all them dress in different rooms. My goodness, the show would be cancelled! I was third match, sitting at my table, a guy tells me during the first match, "You know you are third, right?" Listen, I can go right from the concession stand, sell gimmicks, and then get in the ring and be ready! Hey, being around Dick Murdoch taught be a lot!

O.K., headed to the best hamburger place in the world. Now, if that goofy lady there doesn't put a lot of ice in my tea......

Ring rentals, birthday parties, bookings, call me! See you in 2010!

Merry Christmas and God bless,    -George

November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! Jesus is so good, we all have so much to be thankful for. When Jesus died, they took His body down, drug it to were the grave was, it was dark, raining, and the smell of death! No hope, only tears from who he loved! My Bible says there was a small garden growing in the middle of all this! WOW, I love that, folks, hang in there! Jesus is coming back soon!

My Cowboys are looking so good now, I am wearing my Deion jersey today with pride! Ricky Steamboat Jr., or "little Ricky" as I call him, he emailed me from over-seas last week. He will be home in a few days and I can't wait. I can be contacted if anyone wants him for a show.

Please keep Harley Race on your prayer list over the loss of his wife.

My son Garrett's 10 year old '' Tigers '' won the boys club Championship last Saturday. I was so proud of him, they were winning 6 to 0! Thee were 2 minutes left, we had to punt. The other team had this kid receiving, who i swear was 19 years old (this is a 10 year old team keep in mind), fast as a jack rabbit! My son was called on to punt.  WHAT???  In all my great coaching to him, I had forgot how to teach him to punt! Were was "Ray Guy" when I needed him? I can not tell you the pressure my son was under! Me, I was crying, yelling, praying and then Garrett nailed it! I think Jesus must have kicked it for him! Howard Cossell and John Madden were screaming, the ball sailed over the big kids head, we tackled him and won the championship! I fell to my knees and said  "Thank You Jesus!" Yes Jesus is still Lord even if we had lost, but he sure makes it fun!


  • Ricky Morton called a good friend of mine and wished her a happy birthday for me, what a great guy!

  • Nikita Koloff may be opening a health food store here in town real soon.

  • Uncle Ivan Koloff continues his great work with the Children's Miracle network!

  • Keep an eye out for my big wrestling event next month, anyone wanting to be a student, not only trained but wrestle shows every week! Call me!

O.K. Now for my favorite part........ the Anderson Slam!

I am mad at everybody this month. (1) State Farm Insurance - - I am sure this place is run by outlaw wrestlers because they are nuts! I mailed a $250 payment, they call and say, they can't accept it but need full payment! OK, then send me back my check. Simple, right? Nothing I do is simple, I get my check back, it is for $247! WHAT??? Where is my other 3 dollars? I call and nobody can tell me! Listen, ya'll may see me on the news, me, Ole and Gene will get that 3 dollars! (2) The goof who sat through a three hour outlaw show, never said one word to me, never came to my table, then as I was taking down my ring, with 2 tons of plywood on my back, asks for my autograph! WHAT??? (3) Hulk Hogan is right, no wrestler understands wrestling, those stupid flips, 400 clotheslines, and lets not forget the famous kick to someone's back . . . with kickpads on! There is not 5 wrestlers in N.C. who should even get paid! Even my grandbaby can do a better headlock than some of these goofs. Four are from my school and the other is on his way from overseas! Yep, I am having a Anderson day!

Ring rentals, birthday parties, bookings, call me! See you next month !!!!

God bless,    -George

FOOTBALL ALERT! . . . . . Garrett South and the Concord Tigers won the 2009  Boys Club 10 Year Old Championship on Saturday October 31! . . . . . Congratulations Tigers! . . . . . .

October 2009

Jesus is so good! What a great way to start off my new letter this month! I know it has rained for three days, my Cowboys lost last Sunday and Garrett won't listen to me when I yell at him during his football games, but Jesus is still King! I love him so much! Whatever you face this month, let him have it! We all got so much going on, throw some of it in the trash! Make room for Jesus to come in! I love to preach, some may say, "talk a lot", but I love telling others they don't have to go to Hell. There is another way! Hang on folks, this world is counting down, I think the birds know it, don't it seem they don't sing like they used to? Something has got to fix all this!  Jesus won't be long.

I love this cool weather, can you believe Santa is coming in three months?

Please check out my new family pictures, I love my kids so much! Garrett scored a TD last week, can you believe they threw a flag cause he celebrated? WHAT???? I almost went to jail, how can you tell a 10 year old that has to listen to me yell at him, and then he does good and he can't celebrate? Ain't you glad we don't get flagged when we talk about Jesus?

I saw Ron Killings, K Krush to me, this past week, what a great guy! I had a small hand in training him and knew he was special. Me, Ivan and Nikita shared Jesus this weekend, also got to see the Powers Of Pain and they never looked better.

I have the best wrestling ring for rentals out there! Period!! Must be why all the wrestlers want to get in it before the shows!

Man that burger was good at Gary's BBQ in China Grove.

Before my Anderson Slam, I want to say something! This is my web site, which I am very proud of, I can say what i want! If you don't agree with it, stop reading it! That simple! Now hold on, Gene just tagged Ole.......

Listen wrestlers, you can not body slam a guy from a totally different side, meaning there is only one way! I saw a guy do this, I think he killed a guy! In Highpoint N.C. last Saturday night, there were two big piles of chewing gum left on my canvas, you wrestlers that chew gum in the ring are goofs! Period! From now on, I am going to tell you goofs you will be getting a bill for having to clean it! This is for the big awful goof with no gear who my trainee didn't want to get in the ring with: to say you are a 10 year veteran is like saying "the NWA is still alive."

Oh yeah, before I go, I got to say this. For the guy that wrote me after seeing my video, telling me I wasn't a Christian because I used the word goof so much - Please tell me were you read that, Jesus came out of that grave for even guys like me, that cant stand what you goofs have done to wrestling!

Let me know about youth rallies, ring rentals , prayer! See you next month!!

God bless,    -George



Happy Birthday to me!! And to Little George, too! What a great way to start off my new letter. I love Jesus so much today, He has given me the greatest birthday present ever, His blood that makes me white as snow! I am still here at the library checking my mail, this month is going to get busy.

I hope everyone has rested up from Fanfest. What a great time I had, my picture with Paul Jones was my favorite. He looks so good. My dream is to have him put me in the Indian Death Lock before I die. Some folks want to travel, some want to jump out of a airplane, mine is to have Paul put me in the Indian Death Lock!  I got to talk to Black Bart, Dusty Rhodes, and Chic Donavan who I haven't seen in years. What was funny at Fanfest was everyone thought I was putting the matches together for the shows. I bet I had over 100 people ask me, who was wrestling who, and even had some referee call my house, and ask if I could use him! WHAT?? Listen, if I was booking the matches, the main event both nights would have been me and Paul Jones vs. Ole and Brad Anderson!

Garrett has started football for the boys club. His coaches give out a "tiger trunk" full of goodies to the player that works the hardest.  He got it the first week, I was so proud of him. Man, them candy bars were good! (See photo of Garrett with the Tiger Trunk in my family photos section.)

My twins the Sotos are now in high school! What the heck? Abigail has gotten her cast off and Jesus has begun healing her arm! 

It's finally football season. My Cowboys will be taking the field for real soon. Look out Smokey Bones!

• EWA Heavyweight Champion Ivan Koloff was a special guest for the wrestling event at Fanfest on Saturday night. He was sitting front row. Yes, I had something to say to him! Mr. #1 wants his title back.

• Terry Taylor called me last week to let me know that I am all over the new WWE DVD about the fall of WCW. Probably the Steiner Brothers beating the crap out of me. Now with my ego, I got to buy it!

• I will be seeing Lord Littlebrook's sons this month, what great wrestlers they are.

• Little Ricky Steamboat is back home, he has a tour coming up for Oct. but is taking bookings for Nov. and Dec. around home. Email me if anyone wants to book him. I am so proud of him and all my students.

• The Gateway crew took Ole Anderson to Five Guys for burgers and fries at Fanfest!

• We had over 500 fans for my church event in Summerville S.C., it was just fun. Plus, we told everyone about Jesus, over 500 tracts were given out. Baby Doll, Ragin' Bull and Barbarian did very good for me!

The EWA Crew with special guests Manny Fernandez, Babydoll, and the Barbarian

Well, its time for my my favorite part - the Anderson Slam! Once again may I remind everyone that this stuff is not made up. You couldn't make this stuff up. There are so many goofs around Charlotte. Why do they all have to be in the wrestling business?

Everyone seems to be talking about the YouTube video of me that's out there right now. What you didn't see was the things going on before that video started, the things being said. Listen, I didn't go nuts to be the internet star of the week.  I meant every word of that.  You small group of miserable fans have killed wrestling! It wasn't WWE, it wasn't Dusty Rhodes buying jet airplanes, it was you goof fans like the ones that were there that night. Grown men were yelling how fake wrestling was, right in front of their kids who just wanted to believe. Anybody could do this crap, they said. I was the first match and before the bell even rung, this had started. What was sad, they all had kids with them, who just wanted to eat a hotdog and have fun! The stupidest guy was the one with a lap top on his knee, emailing results in to the internet! WHAT?? Yep, you fans like that are the ones that made Jim Crockett Promotions leave town! Oh, let me also include the stupidest referee in the world in this, too. I gave my student a tackle, covered him and waited for a count. Nothing happened, this stupid ref was just standing there. I yelled "count!" He said the guy's shoulders weren't down! WHAT??? I called all of them idiots to their face, that miserable Dad ruining their kid's night, the guy with a laptop on his knee in an armory, this goofball referee - all of them to their face. Unlike the coward who keeps signing my guest book under different names!  Just sign your real name or say it to my face.


Oh, I could go on all day! Remember , I don't need your ten dollars that bad. Stay home! And lets see you idiots that night, smart mouth Dad, Mr. Laptop, goofball referee and any of the rest of you, let's see you at 47 take a hip toss, body slam, and still eat three hotdogs ! Yep, you want to know what killed wrestling, there they are.

Email me for ring rentals, youth events and prayer! We all need it! God Bless.




Well fans here it is time again - Fanfest has arrived! I can't wait, over 70 wrestlers in one place! Wait a minute - 70 wrestlers in one place? This can't be good!

Seeing Paul Jones again is always my favorite part of Fanfest. I sure wish Wahoo could have seen all this. It is so great to just become a kid again, that is what this all about for me. I still get around Paul and ask him questions about some match that happened 30 years ago. He thinks I'm nuts!

My Cowboys also begin in less than a month. I got my brand new Romo jersey ready! Garrett will also be playing his second year of football at the boys club. Coaches! I am ready if ya'll need me!

Me and my guys did a show last week for over 150 kids here in Charlotte. We had pizza, gave away toys, and me and my students wrestled for them. "So what?" you may say. Well, a lot of these kids have nothing, they got to hear how much Jesus loved them!

My student Jake Manning got a dark match with WWE last week and did very good! I say this again, I put my students up against anyone, period! Brad Anderson and Mr. Florida stopped by training this week. We also had three guys quit! 

There have been a lot of bad things written and said about me over the internet. When Fanfest is over, I will address all of it! What I don't understand, why don't someone call me if they have a problem with me? Why put it on the internet ,or better yet, send it to my guest book and not include your name? My comment now is this, especially since what has happened this July - - wrestlers are as dumb as a bag of rocks! Anything they touch, they screw up!

Little Ricky Steamboat called before he left for Puerto Rico, that kid has been all over the world in only his second year. I spoke to Ronnie Garvin who was returning from a West Virginia hunting trip. I feel sorry for what ever he was hunting! Masked Superstar defended his Mid Atlantic Heritage title at Night of the Mask 2. What a class act that man is.

My grandbaby is doing great, I thank Jesus for letting me spend time with her. She still doesn't like Paw Paw's wrestling boots! Jesus loves you today, no matter what you face, he is there!

OK - - get the Mountain Dew ready, here we go ..........

If I hear one more guy say, "I am going to try out your ring" - I am going to throw up! What are you going to do if you don't like my ring, go home? Most of you don't know what you are doing anyway! Stay out of my ring! In two weeks, I saw one wrestler leave a show because he forgot his "make up", another guy was going to family dollar and buy some gloves because he forgot his, and the best one: a guy at my church show wanted to be called "the Pimp." WHAT??? He even argued with me about it. He said, "Well what am I going to do when I go to the ring, it is written on my ring jacket?" - -  WHAT??? Don't wear your jacket, goof! Are all outlaw wrestlers that goofy? Let me smarten you guys up - - nobody cares! Got it? Your music don't matter, shaking my hand don't matter, what's written on your jacket don't matter. Has anyone been trained?

Let me know about ring rentals, prayer or youth events! See you at Fanfest! God bless!



JULY 2009

Summer Time is Here, I hope everyone is keeping cool. Vacation Bible School has begun in all churches and I hope you parents are making sure the kids are there. I am still at the library putting this together, so everyone that writes me, hang on! I will get to all of you, except the people that ask , ''why I haven't updated my site?" I am hoping to get my computer fixed in next few weeks. It's amazing all the fruit loops and cheerios that I have found stuffed in my computer! Wonder were they came from?

Speaking of Grandbaby Makayla, she will be 2 years old this month! Were does the time go? I also get to sign Garrett up for his second year of football this month. Is it really that time already?

This may be a short letter this month, we leave tomorrow for a three day Texas trip! I am packing my bags and Makayla is unpacking! Doesn't it seem so many people have died these last few weeks? It is amazing how we all act over those from TV, but our service men face this every day! The Bible says "we all are going to die"  doesn't matter how many life champers you sleep in, how many push ups you do. We all are going to die! Then what happens? I believe I go straight to heaven, because of the blood of Jesus! The other is Hell, yes a real place! I want all of you to know, I ain't perfect by no means, I mess up a lot. But the one thing I know, I love Jesus with all my heart, He died for my sins and came back to life! Jesus is not dead. He is coming back; are you ready?

I hope everyone is getting ready for Fan Fest next month. I can't wait to see Paul Jones again, just to tell him what moves of his I have stolen! I spoke with Barry Windham and he is very excited about coming. Ricky Steamboat and Little Ricky are doing great, there is a tour coming up in Porto Rico that little Ricky may take! Harley Race called me last night at our Fair shows and yelled at me for not answering my phone. I saved that message; kind of neat!!

Now sit back, get a big glass of tea, because here it comes!  The "Anderson Slam."  Ain't it something how the fans sure ain't talking about the newest promotion that was going to change the world? That's a lot of money lost to just have everyone forget. Oh well, I guess we all can run into the guys that paid them for a "try out!" I am sure they will have something to say!

And to the guy who booked my ring and guys for a show, and then cancelled two days before - - You are an idiot my friend! Can you imagine if I just didnt show up with the ring and the guys? For you wrestlers that call and want on my shows, NO! It don't work like that. Quit trying to impress me telling me who trained you. I don't care if Lou Thesz trained you, unless me and all my kids get something back, forget it.

I know this is short, but Makayla is dragging my EWA belt out the door, got to go! Pray for me! Call for ring rentals, shows, youth rallies. God bless , see you next month !


JUNE 2009

Happy Summer! I know already, my letter is six days late, I have been doing fair shows and got behind.

Let me start by wishing everyone a great and safe summer. My crew here at the headlock ranch are so excited that school is over. My grandbaby is now old enough to enjoy my swimming pool, with five kids, Makayla and Ole and Gene. Ain't going to be much water left! I messed up my computer again, and have to answer emails from the library, which I hate! Give me a few days, I promise I will get to everyone.

One of my twins Abigail hit her first ''triple'' in softball last week! Next to taking Paul Jones football tackle, seeing Abigail hit that ball was the most exciting thing ever! Now if I could just figure out why no other parents will sit with me!

Only two months before football season, my Cowboys new stadium is unbelievable! The great thing about T.O. leaving, I was able to get a beautiful Cowboy jersey of his very cheap! Little George still reminds me why his football jerseys as a kid were always players that had been traded!

I hope everyone finds time to read their bible, we all get busy but we need it. Jesus waits for us everyday! He never turns away, come just as you are! I love him so much.


  • I was very saddened over the death of John Tolos who as a kid, he was on the cover of alot of my wrestling magazines. What a wonderful time that was, no cable, no T.V. coverage. Only my imagination and it made these guys bigger than life .

  • I hope everyone has heard my interview with PWInsider done a few weeks ago. They have it up on their site now, it was over four hours, next time I need to let them talk some.

  • I heard from Harley Race this week. My student Jason Jones is doing great training there. WWE has ask him to come to the Charlotte show.

  • The Masked Superstar is returning to the EWA this summer!

  • I am so excited about Fanfest this year. Blackjack and Paul Jones. need I say more?


Now as T.O. said when he played for my Cowboys, get your popcorn ready! Here comes my Anderson Slam!

Let me start off with 3 things that drive me nuts: 

1. Parents who let their kids try and go through my gimmick boxes. Stay out you little varmints! 2. Goofs at the wrestling matches who ask, "Don't you remember me?" 3. Outlaw wrestlers who yell, ''Come on people! Get up!'' on their way to the ring.

Whew, that felt good.

Now I want to smarten you goofs up.  Try Outs. WHAT? Are you all idiots? There is no such thing as a try out! I can't believe how many of you fall for this. Never in my 30 plus years in this business has anybody gotten a job through a try out! One group charged $40 so you could try-out? WHAT? Would you let a $40 doctor work on you? Heck, even a $ 40 dollar grass cutter ain't good enough. But oh my, I can "try out" and be a wrestler! You people go to a show to try out with already 15 matches and 50 wrestlers and you think you will get a job for $40? Listen, I don't know much, Ole Anderson has told me that many times, but what I know is training. My school is one of the best, we train, we wrestle three nights a week. Goofs, keep your money, what I want an answer to, please anybody answer this, ....when these promotions shut down, do they give back the try out money? Just asking!

Call for ring rentals, shows, youth rallies. God bless , see you next month !


MAY 2009

I am so thankful to know Jesus as my Savior! I love Him so much, every time I see my grandbaby, my beautiful babies, I am reminded how great He is, and how low, dirty, and sinful I am! Remember having to wash behind our ears? I hated that, but you can wash those ears, even use ''Granny Clampett's Lye Soap" and still won't get clean enough for Jesus. Only one thing washes us white as snow. And it is FREE - the BLOOD of Jesus! Jesus died that I may live forever. How long is that you may ask? Well, being in the ring, hearing the Road Warriors music seems forever, I once wrestled Nelson Royal for 30 minutes for his NWA Jr. title, he beat me to death! That seemed like forever! I have been cleaned by Jesus' blood. Now I can walk right into heaven! Thank you Jesus!

Just got back from a youth rally in Knoxville Tenn. How about this for a starting line up? Ted DiBiase, Tim Horner, myself, WWE Ted Jr., Honkey Tonk Man, Greg Valentine, and Koko B. Ware! Over 30 fans gave their hearts to Jesus.

Can you fans believe Little Ricky Steamboat has been wrestling one year this month? It doesn't seem like time stands still. I am praying for Reid Flair, I love that kid. I wished you fans could see just me, Ric and Reid training. I know how much Ric loves his son. Jesus has plans for Reid, he is such a great kid!

Last week in Mooresville N.C. was such a great night, I did a show for my students, it wasn't that the crowd was huge, I had two of my favorite people there, Ricky Steamboat came with Little Ricky and my grandbaby Makayla was there. It was just one of those nights. When Makayla got there she came running to me, "PAW PAW" but I had not laced up my wrestling boots yet. Remember when Yosemite Sam in the cartoon had a horse that would stop and Sam would go flying? Well, she stopped dead in her tracks! She wouldn't come near me, she still cant figure them out! Listen, what is between you and Jesus ? I hope nothing.

Hope everyone makes it to my 1st annual Boogie Man Jam, Jimmy Valiant comes back to Charlotte May 8th !

I hope everyone has seen my newest addition to my museum . . . "The Chair" from Park Center. Ricky Steamboat thought that was the coolest thing, having him, my grandbaby, Little George sitting on my ring trailer, talking wrestling.

I got to get my computer fixed at home, here at the library, ain't this place supposed to be quiet?? My dogs Ole and Gene would hate this!

In Winston Salem a few weeks back, the show had ran long, around midnight. I was packing up my table, fans were leaving, I was hungry, tired and ready to listen to my new Journey CD. This guy comes to my table, now I remind you I had been there since 4 PM, - he says, I got an idea, I am a preacher, I want to bring you to my church, have you be in a "drama." You can play Job, the guy who lost everything! WHAT??? Now, with it being so late, for a moment, the Anderson Slam came early! I said, I don't want to play Job, why cant I be someone without any pain an suffering? May never be invited there again.

Well, I cant wait anymore. My favorite part .....the Anderson Slam. You so called promoters are nuts. Now this Anderson Slam is dedicated to Wally Dusek and Klondike Bill and anyone else who has set up a ring. How can you pay a wrestler more money than the ring guy? Huh? Please somebody answer me this, I am so tired of you goofs acting like some wrestler is more important. The ring is the show, period! This goof from Virginia tells me he is bringing in Ring of Honor guys, but wants to get the ring for free. WHAT???? Let's see how  Ring of Honorish you can be without a ring, goof! Matter of fact, take the ring from Snuka and Backlund, what you got? Nothing ! Now listen goofs, letters or what you call your promotion mean nothing, XWA, CWY, WWWA, XYZ - it means nothing! If one more goof calls and says I own XYZ promotion.... they are just letters you made up!! Anybody can just make up letters. Ask the World Wildlife Fund about letters!

Now last thing, I have two beautiful twins going into high school, a grandbaby who may be afraid of me when my boots aren't laced up, ain't sure about my Cowboys yet. All this going on, and then I get a call about my name being brought up with the small promotion running shows out of a tin building in Charlotte. Listen, leave my name alone! Leave me out of it! I ain't said a word about nothing going on down there. I could care less! You goofs think people care, like the world is coming to an end if you don't run shows? Those same guys will be working somewhere else that Saturday. Those same fans will be at some other show that weekend. Hey, one good thing, some muffler shop is going to have one great building one of these days. People, the NWA is dead. How come nobody says anything about the 3 other NWAs we got around Charlotte? Anybody else want to be in the NWA? Send them a check, you're in! Heck, for only 300 dollars you can be part of my EWA ! Same thing!

Let me know about prayer, ring rentals, training. See you next month. God bless !



APRIL 2009

Jesus Got Up!

Happy Easter, What a great way to start off my letter. The grave is empty, my bible says "He is not here! Jesus is alive!" You know what I love ? This world can take prayer out of school, it can even stop calling Christmas Christmas but, it can't do anything with "Easter". There was no body. Even today, go dig up all these false god's graves, Budda, Mohamad , any of them, there is bones  and an awful smell. Which do you believe? I say Jesus is coming back.

Oh yeah, has anyone noticed that all our money problems started around the time we were going to take God's name off of it? Maybe He is just taking back what is His!

I have so much to write this month, Sotos and El Rayo and Blue Scorpion [Makayla ] will be home soon, so this will be quick. In just a few days , I will return to ''The Charlotte Park Center''. This is where as a young kid I saw Paul Jones for the first time, I spent so many Monday nights at this place! You may have your favorite ball park, coliseum or stadium. Can you imagine throwing a football at Texas stadium, hitting a baseball at Yankee stadium? Well, you understand how I feel. Jesus has given this to me, there hasn't been a wrestling event in that building in 20 years. Yes, Jesus does hear us!

I was gone the last three days with Nature Boy Ric Flair to New York, we had three shows and Ric did training sessions! All I can say, Ric is ''First Class." Each night, he signed and met over 300 fans. I wanted to kill a few of them, you know, the ones who want to buy a 4X t-shirt for five dollars! What blessed my heart, during the training sessions, of over 100 guys, Ric, wanted two of my best students to help him. My reward, Ric ask me to hold his watch and WWE Hall of Fame ring while he worked out. Oh yea, not just any watch, it was the $15,000 dollar Wrestlemania Rolex that Shaun Michaels gave him . So here I am standing in my two dollar "Zubaz" sweat pants. Kind of a humbling moment! My favorite part of the weekend was when Ric offered 100 dollars to the guy who could take the highest backdrop. Every outlaw wrestler, concession stand worked, security officer, and goofball in general was in there trying to take a backdrop! I have never seen so many old men hurting in my life.

I spoke to old friends and great wrestlers Gene Ligon (the real Thunderfoot) and my old partner Gary Royal. Both are doing great. I also spent time with Bob Backlund and Honky Tonk Man. Bob Backlund may be the only person in the world more nuts than me.

I also want everyone to pray for the Steve Doll family. Most did not know him but in WWF I had met him. He was a great guy. He passed away at 44 years old.

Little Ricky Steamboat is home now from Japan, going to be wrestling in the Park Center, too, just like his Dad did all those years.

O.K. before I bring on my Anderson Slam , I want to introduce my "Mr. Wrestling II Knee lift" segment. Now this will just be for the very few GOOD things that happen. I rented my ring to a guy almost three years ago, the house was real bad, he could not pay me. All this time went by, nothing. I even saw this promoter at some shows, he would not speak. Finally, last month, I get an email. This guy wanted to make things right. He said how sorry he was, mailed me my money and it is forgotten. Jimmy, you are the first "Knee Lift" story!


Now for my favorite part.

When did these goof wrestlers start chewing gum in their matches? I hate this. Most of the time it ends up on my canvas. Oh I wish one of these guys could be in the ring chewing their gum with Gene Anderson or Blackjack Mulligan.

Last week, this goof walks up to me, a grown man, he had this small scratch on his forehead. He looks right in my face . . . and I am not making this up . . . brace yourself . . . he says "We both got a lot of battle scars."   WHAT????   I told him after I had been stuck in the head with the original Sheiks pencil, that's going to impress me? Get away from me! Where do these goofballs come from?

Listen, you wrestling fans, there is only one real Anderson that wrestles and that's Brad! Brad Anderson! I can't believe how many people think there is this bucket of Anderson Brothers sitting around.

Last thing, I have been gone for three days, I get home, haven't slept. My first e-mail is from a goof telling me, he doesn't believe I am a real Christian because he heard me "cuss".  WHAT???? Listen, unless you have been watching my Cowboy games with me (and I am sure you are not) you my friend may be biggest idiot of them all. I have let a few cuss words fly in my day, but see, Jesus ain't finished with me yet! He fixes broken things! I am going to heaven, it has been paid for already!

Let me know about prayer, ring rentals, training. See you next month. God bless !


MARCH 2009

Were did last month go? Most of you that read this will think I have been hit in the head a few too many times, but as I write this, we have about six inches of snow here on the Headlock Ranch!  What I love about snow is, everything is so '' fresh'', so clean, new almost, ever notice how snow seems to just cover up all the '' dirt'' ? Well, that's what the '' blood '' of Jesus has done!  His blood has covered me, cleaned me, even signed my ticket to heaven. The Sotos and El Rayo, plus Ole and Gene (these dogs that ain't mine really and don't like me!) have all their stuff laid out for tomorrow!  They are so excited, gloves, boots and hats are everywhere. That's how I feel about Heaven. I cant wait to see the face of Jesus!

  Last week I went to this little place above the house for a late supper, I always try to get there right before closing, because any earlier and some goof always wants to tell me how he was a masked Bolo or Mr. Wrestling!  Well this night, I notice two woman, one was sitting and other was moving her hands, talking very loud!  (Almost like me, come to think about it.) But waiting on my food, I heard  the one lady standing say she could, "know the furture"  and  pray with this lady  and her cancer would be gone! I thought ''oh boy'', and people think I am nuts! Well what happened next, the future teller lady reach for her drink, and said "I guess all this telling of the future makes one thirsty, but she grabbed the other ladies drink, I mean one of them big ''Gulp '' drinks. The lady sitting, yelled, hey, that's mine! I laughed my backdropping tale off, you mean this lady could tell what is going to happen tomorrow, but cant figure out which drink was hers! My point is this, everyone is looking for a ''quick fix'' , anything to take care of any pain or hurt they have.  Jesus is the only answer. It may be that pain won't go away here, but I promise, one day it will. Just as sure as I knew as a kid that Johnny Valentine wasn't losing his silver dollars, I know Hope is coming very soon! Remember, you are either for Jesus, or against him!

I spoke to Brad Anderson this week, we are going to start training some together!  I don't think fans really know all Brad has done in wrestling. I will never forget that night a few years ago in the dressing room, a news reporter was interviewing some guy you all know who calls himself an Anderson about the Anderson Brothers.  WHAT????  The only problem was the true Anderson, Brad was also sitting right there! ASK HIM!! Don't worry, me and my big mouth fixed it. I nearly ran that goof reporter out of the dressing room.

  • I also see Abe Jacobs around town almost every week. He looks in great shape even today.

  • I hope everyone saw Ric Flair on CBS Evening News. He hand picked my guys to do that wrestling piece. I was so happy for them.

  • My second annual Paul Jones training day is this month, if you ever wanted to get in the ring, have fun and be part of a show. Be sure and sign up fast!

  • My grandbaby is getting so big, her new pictures will be up soon.

  • Next month Ricky Jr. comes home from Japan. He is very excited about seeing all his fans here in the EWA. 


 OK because it is getting late, and I am running out of Mountain Dews because Vicki is falling down on the job, here comes my favorite part - The Anderson Slam!

As you folks know, I do not make these things up. Heck, you couldn't make them up! Three main things this month. First, one guy asks how I could talk about Jesus at the beginning of my letter, and end it by calling everyone a goof. Simple. Because there are goofs in this world. Listen, if Jesus had met some of you people, he sure would have known when they try and sneak in my back door at my shows!

Second, I don't expect all of you to like me, that's your choice, but don't get on my guest book, saying all this bad stuff, and then be dumb enough to leave your name! SCOTTY BROOKS!  You may be the biggest goof I have ever met - period. And that is is saying a lot. It's one think to be an idiot, but an idiot that can't work is real bad!

Now, third and last. Let's say, you cut grass for a living, maybe have about thirty years of grass cutting experience behind you. You have your yards set, maybe even booked for six months. You load up your mowers, get ready to go to work, and two days before, you get a call, they have found some one else, a guy is going to cut the grass for almost nothing. Oh yea, you can come and watch this new guy cut if you want to! WHAT??? This is what a fellow tried on me, and I say tried to happen, my ring rentals feed all these babies I got, you idiots think I am going to just let you under bid me like that? I will shut down the whole town.  I am sure this goof knows who he is, sitting there in his drawers eating cheese puffs, looking on the computer to see where I have shows booked and then trying to undercut me. Not going to happen. I showed up got my money, and this goof, you know who you are, were too scared to show up. Leave my shows alone! Find your own!

Man I feel better now.

Pray for me folks, I will do the same. Email me if I can do anything. God Bless , see you next month!




Jesus is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me! I cannot think of a better way to start off my new letter. I am going to heaven when I die, period! It ain't even because of how good looking I am, how nice I am to the fans, or even because I love the Dallas Cowboys . It is because of the blood of Jesus! That's it! I have confessed my sins, been forgiven and am ready for the greatest comeback this world has ever seen! Do you know that if you read the bible, this world is acting just as the days of Noah's flood? Can anybody tell me what is considered a ''sin'' now? Really, what does this world say is wrong? Even if you want to go to Hell, you have to climb over Jesus hanging on that cross! He died for everyone of us!  But that ain't where it ends! Jesus is alive, death don't win, we do!

I recently showed Jerry Lawler a 25 year old picture of me and him, back in the hallway at Techwood drive in Atlanta. It was so cool, can you believe it was his idea to take one just like it? I was getting ready to ask him, and he suggested it! We thought we were through, but then he takes Dick Bourne's camera and says "Let me look at these and make sure we got it right." Makes him flip through the pictures on his camera screen three times before he says "That's the best one, use that." That was a cool little moment.

These two dogs ''Ole and Gene'' are sitting here looking at me. They just growl at me. I ain't getting up from here to feed them! Remember how Sylvester the cat used to look at Tweety bird ? Well I hope them dogs don't think this is a 230 pound turkey with a Paul Jones Gateway t shirt and claw glove on!

  • I trained with Reid Flair again last week. You ain't been nervous until Ric Flair watches you and his son lock up! Ric did tell me a neat story: Last week while he was at a Charlotte Bobcats basketball game, and a young man walks up to him and say hello. It was Bruiser Brody's son! How cool is that?

  • What a great Super Bowl this past Sunday. Now, only a few more months before my Cowboys begin again and back to Smokey Bones!

  • Little Ricky is doing great. Japan was the best thing for him. Being his trainer is something I will never take for granted! Thank you big Ricky for trusting me.

  • Blackjack is doing great, he is so full of life. I'm trying to get him to defend that EWA Florida title soon!

  • The only true REAL Boogie Man Jimmy Valiant is very excited about our first ever "Boogie Man Jam" coming to Charlotte this spring. Details coming soon!

Now time for my Anderson Slam. Or should I say Anderson Slams . I got so many slams this month, it's going to take Gene, Ole, Brad, Bryant, Lars, and even Edie Anderson to handle them all!

Being around wrestling rings all my life, sometimes there are problems getting the ropes really tight. Doesn't happen often. Two weeks ago I go into the dressing room five minutes before bell time, I tell all the guys, just be careful, nobody on the top rope. The ropes may be a little lose, but who needs them anyway? My students can have their best matches without them. The show starts, and guess what? This 350 pound guy looking like Kamala's baby, climbs to the top rope! Can you believe what is next? Missed moonsault, big surprise! Folks, I can always fix my ring, I was worried about Kamala! This guy almost killed himself! I can't make this stuff up!

When I was about 11 years old, going in the Piedmont News Stand to get my wrestling magazines, their was this grouchy old man, (sounds like Ole Anderson, right? wasn't him)  that would yell at me for just looking at magazines all day, but not buying anything. "You ain't looking and and not buying!" I used to think he was so mean until I got in the wrestling business. Listen, you goofs, you cant pick up my books on my gimmick table, read them, and then put it back down! And then telling me you will come back later don't get it either. Please. Maybe I will get one of them big third grader rulers Mrs. Hoke used to hit me on the wrist with. Of course, if I do that, I may hurt one of these goofs trying to give me the wrestler handshake. Last Saturday in Seagrove, this guy tries to shake my hand with two fingers. I grabbed and squeezed as hard as I could. This goof leans over my table, closer than me and my wife have ever been, whispers in my ear and says, "Don't worry, I'm a wrestler."  WHAT????? I stood up in my chair and yelled, everybody in this stinking building thinks he is a wrestler!

I have to hang these signs on each side of my ring before shows. All these "wrestlers" want to climb in early and rehearse. You think Gene Anderson and Wahoo McDaniel got in the ring early to rehearse!? Please! Boogie loved it, asked me if he could take one back to his school and hang it on the wall.

Now for last one before my head explodes. Just to show you anyone and everyone can make my Anderson Slam: after setting up my ring in Seagrove, I had arranged this wonderful pizza place through Tim Blaze to feed my guys. Tim was nice to do it for me, and I was trying to be nice to my guys. Well, I stayed back at the building with my ring, making my now famous ''stay out of my ring" signs. I told my guys to just bring me back something. Well after being gone for over two hours, they bring back the smallest pizza box you have ever seen, about the size of a small paper plate. This pizza looked like an English muffin. Now, besides Jesus, Mt. Dew and my babies, I love pizza. Especially free pizza! I was so mad, and I still am! They fed their big bellies off of my hook and then brought me a biscuit size pizza with a little cheese on it! I may never get over this. I promise I will never send them again! Listen George South's guys, I come first. Period. Thirty Years in wrestling says I do!

WHEW, I sure feel a lot better now.

Remember - Feb. 14th is Valentine's Day. That don't mean go out and by roses and candy and dinner for your sweetheart, it means stay in and watch old tapes of Johnny and Greg Valentine matches.

I need lots of prayer after that Anderson slam. If you need prayer, ring rentals, youth events, let me know. God Bless, see You Next Month, so long for now.





Happy New Year! Thank You Jesus for letting us have a new start, a new year to begin again! Folks it doesn't matter what you done last year, it is gone, confess your sins and start all over. Jesus says, ''your past is now wiped clean, my blood made sure!"

The EWA ring is GONE, thank all forty plus that called about it. I had two great guys from Texas come and pick it up. It now will be used in a training center there in Texas. Who knows, maybe that one ring can bring back all that Von Erich Glory!

To say my Cowboys got beat would be ''saying it nicely'', I still haven't gotten over it! Their has been a black flag hanging low over headlock ranch this week! But, one good thing, I have already found me three new Cowboy jerseys half price!

I am really going to try and get closer to Jesus this year than I have ever. It starts with my bible reading, I was going to Hell '', a real place, not what we see in the movies, but a real place, were people are burning, no laughing, no talking, just crying! Jesus pulled me from that!

Anyone that has ever made a road trip with me knows, the only music CD I have is '' Best of Journey '' , well for Christmas, my babies got me this new Journey 3 disc set, only with a new singer, and about 10 new songs plus my old favorites redone. WHAT??? No Steve Perry??? What has the world come to? Well, for three days , I couldn't put it in, I mean, all those road trips, me signing backup to Steve Perry. But ain't it funny what two beautiful twin girls can make their daddy do? Yes, I listened , and it was GREAT, I mean this new lead singer is good. Maybe, a little change ain't so bad! Cant believe I said that! 

We are putting shows together already for this coming year, this weekend I will be saying good bye to Little Ricky Steamboat who will be moving to Japan for the next year. To say I am going to miss this kid, will not be fair. He is one of very few! He has worked his tail off, has done everything I have asked, if anyone, ever says ''he got here because of his name" I am coming to your house and bringing Ole and Gene with me! It is so exciting to see what the Lord has planned for him.

My new training center t-shirts are in now, please take a look. TRAINING T-SHIRTS 

Blackjack is doing great, he had a great Christmas. Also Susan Green, who is my all time favorite woman wrestler, called, after having a knee replaced, is getting back into training some. Brad Armstrong had Christmas with all the family, his  Dad all the Armstrong brothers. I tell you folks again, any Armstrong, Bullet and Grandma included, can out work anybody. PERIOD!

The Masked Superstar Bill Eadie will be returning to the EWA soon.

Now for my favorite part of my letter. You can say, it's the first of the year, surely there is no Anderson Slam yet! Wrong! Here we go! Are you guys nuts? In three days, six guys have called me, they have all paid up to $800 dollars to some one else to train them. Then to only find out, it was the wrong thing to do. Now, they are out of money, no place to train, no shows to work. SO they have this great idea, let's call George! WHAT?? I mean, he has been around 30 years, runs three shows a week, trains with Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat and Bobby Eaton, and he will train us for free! I guess my crew here at the headlock ranch ain't got to eat! You goofs!! What I really can't understand, you give your money to people that nobody has never heard of, they have not done one thing in wrestling! At least give it to some old timer, if nothing else, just to hang out with them!

If you need prayer, ring rentals, youth events, let me know. God Bless, see You Next Month



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